Chapter 658: Simultaneous Fall Of Four Stars (Middle)

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The stone woman Xin Lao did not bat an eye at Sikong Chuhe’s heroic sacrifice. The tall woman did not hesitate at all to tap her foot. Yellow dust rolled, scattering about.

Sikong Chuhe controlled her Flying Swords to form a Heavenly Water Sword Array. Sword-light glowed brightly, flowing like a waterfall, cascading onto the yellow dust. Upon contact, the yellow dust released a yellow light. There was a flash, and then it became countless swords of dust. Sikong Chuhe was only Supercluster Late Stage. Her Flying Sword abilities had no way to contend against a Supervoid Cultivator’s power.

Under the water-light, many of the yellow rays still stabbed forth, cutting open wounds all over Sikong Chuhe’s body.

General of Sacred Water Shan Meng’er was no longer gentle. Her expression turned furious. She dashed over, but along the way, she was stopped by General of Heavenly Vision Peng Fei. Her golden hair billowed. The woman who was like a divine general was as gentle as water, facing off against the magnificent woman in front of her. The Four Star Bright Moon Without Border and the Flying Shower Falling Star clashed with brilliant sparks. Spear-light flashed, clashing to and fro.

General of Sacred Water Shan Meng’er activated her Innate Skill “Water Creation.” The yellow dirt immediately flowed past the knee. In the water, Shan Meng’er immediately forgot about her previously exhausted energy and her heavy wounds entirely. The girl swiftly wielded her spear, each thrust splattering countless stars like a waterfall, an absolutely beautiful scene. Shan Meng’er’s martial arts far surpassed the General of Heavenly Vision. After exchanging blows a hundred times, she had already seized the advantage.

Suddenly at this moment, a pair of golden wings sprouted from Peng Fei’s shoulders. These wings were like gold, their edges like swords. The wings flapped, sending Peng Fei soaring into the air, away from the range of the water. These wings attacked like weapons.

This was Peng Fei’s Star Beast “Mallard Wings.”

By relying on the Mallard Wings, she once again stalled Shan Meng’er.

Shan Meng’er watched helplessly as Sikong Chuhe fell into a deathly situation she could not recover from. How could she bear to sit and watch from the sidelines. The girl shouted, and the water within a range of a hundred meters launched over. The girl first retreated, then rushed with her spear.

She once again used her Earth Rank “Water Flowing Past Thousand Years.” 

Peng Fei’s martial arts were average, but with her third Heavenly Eye open, she was more alert than the average person. Although she was shaken by the raging waters, the Heavenly Eye’s quick glance spotted General of Sacred Water Shan Yangui’s Earth Rank. She did not hesitate to dodge.

A cut opened across her chest, grazing by.

But Shan Meng’er’s target was not her at all, rather, it was Xin Lao!!

Beforehand, Su Yixiao knew this was an unavoidable disaster the moment she saw Xin Lao emerge. This enemy was clearly alarmed by Cang Feng’s death and came prepared. Xin Lao felt no emotion. So long as they were an enemy, she would never show mercy.

Her first task was to strike Sikong Chuhe into her grave. Afterwards, Sikong Chuhe relied on her Flying Swords and her last abilities to stake everything into blocking Xin Lao’s attack, but the only question was when she would collapse.

Su Yixiao heard Sikong Chuhe’s words and subconsciously brought out her Jade Pendant, but she was unable to use it. If she used her Jade Pendant, Sikong Chuhe would be dead without doubt, and they were too far from the Purple Thunder Monster. The Purple Thunder Monster was also entangled with the strongest of the White Tiger Demonkin. To think of being saved by him was a cripple’s dream.

The quiet Heaven Earth Shears on the ground slowly rang, as if they were transmitting Sikong Chuhe’s words – quickly run.

Quickly run.

Quickly run.

According to the rules of the Star Duels, no one could feel that Su Yixiao fleeing at this time was reprehensible at all. This was a matter of course. The Star Duels would never live in an eternal ally, but Su Yixiao found she could not follow through with this matter-of-fact way of thinking. When she saw Sikong CHuhe stake everything to buy her time to escape, her body already could not be controlled.

I can’t do it.

I can’t do it.

I can’t do it.

We definitely can make it through this together.

Su Yixiao grit her teeth. She caught a glimpse of Shan Meng’er’s surprise attack and immediately fished out an Astral Stone and softly chanted: “Talisman without true form, activate with qi!”

Her last Supreme Grade Talisman “World Lamp Convergence Talisman” activated. This talisman became a wisp of clear qi, concentrating into a lamp shape. Worldly qi poured in and out of the vessel’s mouth. This was the Convergence Talisman’s ability, absorbing the world’s pure spiritual power and giving it to the talisman user, temporarily raising their Realm. Su Yixiao had astonishingly broken through to Supervoid Stage.

Once Su Yixiao entered Supervoid Stage, her power suddenly changed.

Sikong Chuhe and Xin Lao were stunned.

Just at this moment, Shan Meng’er raised her spear and attacked with Water Flows Past Thousand Years. Xin Lao could only step back, saving Sikong Chuhe. This was the perfect chance that Su Yixiao had been waiting for.

“Chuhe.” Su Yixiao shouted, gathering all of her magic energy into the Heaven Earth Shears.

The already spent Heaven Earth Shears recovered their light. Black and white lights intertwined, becoming two rays disappearing into space. Sikong Chuhe understood tacitly and formed a hand seal at the same time, moving her Divine Intent.

The girls’ teamwork was the peak of perfection. There was no other more perfect steadfast loyalty to be found in the world. It did not lose out to her tacit understanding originally with Sikong Dangniu. This instant, the Heaven Earth Shears were connected under their minds, far more fierce than usual.

The spiritual power in the world thereupon was stirred. As if by invisible chains, Xin Lao immediately sensed her body was trapped, unable to budge.

Before she could activate the All Things Bracelet, the Heaven Earth Shears’ even faster speed twisted to Xin Lao.


Yellow dust rolled, earthly qi spread.

Xin Lao’s mountain-like, suffocating presence finally vanished…

Bright Moon Longevity Palace. 

White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi sat next to bed of her Elder Sister’s contractor, Xi Yue, looking worried. The white python next to her sensed its mistress’ concern and maintained a vigil.

As the one who stayed behind to guard Xi Yue, Zhang Yuqi was unable to participate in the Star Duel against Li Taisui. But she knew that even if she did join in, she would not be too useful. She was a Water General, an expert in water magic. Going would instead help Li Taisui turn his Thunder Magic into an even greater threat.

Against those unfathomable Demonkin, Zhang Yuqi was considerably worried for Su Xing.

Just as she thought this, the palace suddenly shook with an earthquake.

Zhang Yuqi suddenly stood up and rushed outside.

The currently chatting Lianxin and Shi Xiuxiu also sensed the jolt.

Somewhere extremely faraway, an explosive killing intent came from faraway. This killing intent made the entire Bright Moon Longevity Palace shudder.

“If that man wants to save her, he will first have to face Zijin. Without Lin Chong or Wu Song, he basically has no chance of victory against Zijin at all.” Shi Xiuxiu’s sharp brows rose. “He is indeed too impulsive.”

“You don’t understand Young Su. Since Yang Zijin has used her Earth Rank, that Han Bing is dead for sure.” Zhang Yuqi was full of confidence.

Shi Xiuxiu did not understand.

“Perhaps Li Taisui is a crafty fox and will stall Young Su, but no matter what, Young Su will put saving Xi Yue first.”

“White Stripe in the Waves, your meaning is?” Daredevil Third Brother had vague understanding.

“The blow that decides victory or defeat is often done when least expected.” Zhang Yuqi retracted her smile and leapt onto the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python: “Young Su, oh, Young Su. Yuqi certainly does not want to guard an empty bedchamber alone. Lianxin, I’m leaving Elder Sister to you to protect. Bai Lang’er, let’s go.”

The White Spirit Python hissed, and its figure flashed like white lightning. When it broke free of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, it made a beeline towards Kaifeng.

“Can you talk about how White Stripe in the Waves signed a contract?” Shi Xiuxiu turned back and asked.

Tang Lianxin nodded.

Before Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe’s unparalleled coordination of the Heaven Earth Shears finished off Xin Lao, Su Xing’s war against Li Taisui finally found a chance. Blue Faced Beast used her Earth Rank “Depleting Heaven Shattering Earth” to kill Hua Wanyue and Dong Junqing’s Star Beasts, heavily injuring the two girls at the same time, and her Blue Vast Emperor Saber’s worldly killing intent washed over Su Xing.

The killing intent flowed, and even Su Xing and Li Taisui’s powerful battle could not help but be interrupted.

Then, An Suwen summoned the Essence Swallowing Dragons to suppress Li Taisui’s Thunder Magic. Su Xing immediately changed his battle strategy. Instead, he used the Chaotic Tail Escape to attack Han Bing.

Han Bing was currently engaged in a Flying Sword duel with Zhao Hanyan.

Thirty-three Outer Heaven Black Frost Swords and the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords were both famous ancient sword chants. The two women wielded their sword chants to perfection. Han Bing used her “Walking On Thin Ice” while she bided her time for a chance to attack Zhao Hanyan with Terrified To The Bone.

The Ling Yan Princess activated the Double Sword Innate Skill. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords became more than a hundred beautiful fairies. The sword-spirits danced, a wonderful scene.

The Evil Cleanup Knife and the Yin Yang Bracelet occasionally smashed into each other with blinding sparks.

Heaven Shaking Thunder Ling Feixue assisted her master. Without the Steadfast Star’s support, Zhao Hanyan was at a disadvantage.

As Han Bing fought, she brought up Zhao Hanyan and the Purple Thunder Monster’s peculiar relationship. To think that the magnificent Steadfast Star would abandon her own contractor, this was unprecedented. Suddenly, Zhao Hanyan finally seemed to be exhausted when Ling Feixue’s Dark Rank Thunder Clap Fire Rain breached her defenses.

Han Bing immediately seized her chance, using Walking On Thin Ice, tapping Terrified To The Bone against Zhao Hanyan’s chest.

“Your greatest mistake was following the Purple Thunder Monster to the White Tiger Territory.” Powerful energy pierced through Zhao Hanyan’s meridians and limbs. Han Bing thought that the Ling Yan Princess was undoubtedly dead.

But before she finished speaking, she heard Ling Feixue’s alarmed shout. “Han Bing, look out for the Monster.”

Su Xing’s figure sneak attacked her from behind.

Just as Han Bing was about to respond, she heard Zhao Hanyan smirk: “This Princess deliberately let you taste a treat and you are already so conceited?”


Han Bing looked, only to see that the Zhao Hanyan covered in frost had similarly poked a finger into her chest.

True Immortal Hall’s Ultimate Technique.

True Immortal Finger!!

Although True Immortal Finger was not as strong as Han Bing’s Terrified To The Bone, it similarly imbued a cultivator’s magic energy into one finger. Using the cultivator’s own powerful cultivation to display the might of the “True Immortal,” under this finger, Han Bing’s organs were overturned.

“Han Bing!!”

Su Xing rushed over at this time, his eyes ice-cold. His hand gripped the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber and slashed.

“Watch my Earth Rank.” Ling Feixure shouted, preparing to attack.

But just at this moment, a specter drew near. This figure’s attack was perfectly coordinated, catching Ling Feixue off guard. A long, frightening blade hacked over her body.

Several slashes later, Ling Feixue basically could not resist any longer and resentfully fell into the Star nest.

And what killed her was not a person or a ghost, but some sort of grotesque monster.

“This death was too ugly.”

Ling Feixue complained.

“Su Xing!!” When Ling Feixue fell, Han Bing let out a piercing screech. Her white hair released ice and frost. Every inch of her delicate skin seemed to be made of ice, her whole body the color of ice and frost. The surrounding snowstorm intensified. She had astonishingly revealed her True Body, “Snow Woman.”

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