Chapter 659: Back Then, The Face Of The Encountered Woman

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Han Bing’s eyes were as clear as snow. The beauty of her True Body as a “Snow Woman” was unreal.

Seeing that Su Xing’s strongest magic weapon was destroyed and that his Flying Swords were entangled with Li Taisui, Han Bing felt she had no need to fear the current Purple Thunder Monster. The only thing she worried about was the lurking Lin Chong.

But even if Lin Chong was to emerge from the Star Nest right now, she could not possibly intrude into this battle at this moment.

In this Star Duel, Han Bing saw her greatest hope to get rid of Su Xing – I must get rid of this man!!

Liangshan Continent had a saying.

Hope is the greatest greed!

Han Bing used Walking On Thin Ice, transforming the surrounding area into a world of endless ice. The Snow Woman’s every step froze the surrounding space with a cold that was not inferior to Ten Thousand Year Black Ice, making most abilities lose their usefulness. Even Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and Purple Rose Transforming Qi had been frozen by Walking On Thin Ice.

“Die.” A dense cold followed Han Bing’s Terrified To The Bone.

Han Bing saw that she was about to kill Su Xing’s hope. On the contrary, Li Taisui had a vague premonition. “Zijin, quickly go stop the Monster.” The old man said in a low voice. Han Bing was the Star Master he favored and appreciated the most, otherwise, he would never have given the Birth Treasure Outline to her. The Purple Thunder Monster was very cunning. He absolutely would not impulsively challenge Han Bing’s absolute zero.

He definitely had a trick up his sleeve.

Li Taisui urged on his thunder magic while Yang Zijin drew her saber and teleported.

“Hey, don’t interrupt the love between my man and that woman.”

The heavily injured Dong Junqing shakily raised her Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spear. The Steadfast Star showed an evil grin as she faced Li Taisui and Yang Zijin. Dong Junqing slashed with her double spears.

The spears unleashed a dragon and a phoenix. Under Dong Junqing’s attack, the dragon and phoenix flipped and intertwined, showing their full splendor.

Sensing this dragon and phoenix’s strong killing intent, Li Taisui and Yang Zijin had no choice but to stop and use each of their abilities to ward off the dragon and phoenix. That dragon and phoenix were far beyond an ordinary Star General’s trump card. This seemed full of beauty.

Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill?

Li Taisui was stunned. The two of them were contrarily repelled.

No mistake. This was none other than Dong Junqing and Zhao Hanyan’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill Top Luan Inverted Phoenix – a phoenix never dies!!

The Ghost Cavalry King had ambushed and killed Ling Feixue. Just as he planned to then kill Han Bing, the woman surprisingly revealed her Snow Woman True Body. Even he could not easily approach. Seeing that Su Xing would not surrender, he thought to himself, this man’s death would free him. Therefore, he retreated to the side, once again fading into thin air using his Supreme Ghost Body magic.

Su Xing and Han Bing would settle this one-on-one.

Stepping into Han Bing’s Snow Woman zone, she unleashed her ability at full power, trying to freeze Su Xing, but at this time, a pair of beautiful fire wings suddenly sprouted from Su Xing’s back. Those wings were as bright as flame, resplendent and flaming. Surprisingly, her Black Ice zone was unable to freeze it.

Upon careful inspection, how were those wings on Su Xing’s back. Clearly, they were twelve hovering Flying Swords.

These Flying Swords were neither iron nor metal. They were forged from magnificent feathers. As a result of their featherly elegance, at first glance, they were like burning feathers. Their arrangement formed wings.

“Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian feathers?” Han Bing was shocked.

As the coldest Snow Woman, how could Han Bing be unaware of what fires posed the greatest threat to her.

Su Xing surprisingly used this type of Ancient Divine Beast’s feathers to forge a Flying Sword. Han Bing never imagined this. Even in the previous battle, she did not see him summon this kind of Flying Sword while at a disadvantage facing Li Taisui. If he used the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire Flying Swords against Li Taisui, he would not be so pressed.

This man was completely aiming for her!!!

A terrifying and resentful thought crossed Han Bing’s mind.

Su Xing’s ice-cold and resolute eyes proved her guess was correct. The Fire Element Flying Swords “Vermilion Jian”1 was simply the bane of the ice-element Han Bing, but if he had given the girl time to prepare, then he would have lost the advantage. Su Xing had waited for this moment to catch her off-guard – to quickly kill Han Bing and not give her any chance to escape.

Han Bing shouted. The thirty-three Black Sky Star Frost Swords flew over. Her chest hurt; Zhao Hanyan’s True Immortal Finger just now was showing its effects, making Han Bing’s abilities not as strong as before. This damned couple, the icy woman flew into a rage.

Vermilion Jian unfurled at Su Xing’s sides like wings, melting all of the Snow Woman’s space. Her endless snowstorm, ice and frost basically could not touch Su Xing. Su Xing raised his hand, and the twelve Heaven Tearing first intercepted Han Bing’s Dark Frost Flying Swords. Then, Vermilion Jian converged, combining into a long sword.

Flames ignited.

Drawing a long trajectory.

Easily breaking Han Bing’s world of snow.

Han Bing had a sense of foreboding. She prepared to escape using the Jade Pendant, but at that moment she decided to kill Su Xing’s hope, she had already lost the chance. This damned man had trapped her. Han Bing could only use her fill power, use her Snow Woman True Body, to make a last stand.

A senseless death struggle.

Vermilion Jian twisted, and the light of Clinging Fire gracefully dances, destroying Han Bing’s protective abilities. Su Xing followed close behind, the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber piercing through Han Bing’s body.

Han Bing grabbed Su Xing’s shoulder, her fingernails digging deep into his flesh. The woman’s eyes were full of indignation, her snow-like pupils staring fixedly at Su Xing, burning this man’s face into her mind.

“So loathsome!!”

Almost able to feel her breath, Han Bing spat out two words from between clenched teeth.

The woman’s expression was so beautiful. With a closer look, behind her ice-cold mask was a warmth that was out of this world. Even a person made of stone would find it hard to remain unmoved, right? Su Xing stabbed the blade in further, straight until Han Bing was stuck against Su Xing’s chest. The girl’s killing intent was plummeting, the snow-white brilliance of her eyes dimming before finally extinguishing forever. She struggled indignantly a few moments longer before Han Bing finally slumped against Su Xing’s shoulder, her hands powerlessly drooping.

Her body turned into snowflakes, scattering like butterflies.

A Crimson Star fell from the sky.

Receiving the power of Ling Feixue’s Crimson Star, Su Xing’s face did not have any victorious expression at all. He rushed to Zhao Hanyan to inspect her injuries. The Ling Yan Princess somewhat sorely said that this Snow Woman’s death was too eye-catching. “She died in your arms. You have made it so neither she nor This Princess won.”

Su Xing smiled and pecked Zhao Hanyan on the forehead.

Zhao Hanyan very wearily curled up tightly in Su Xing’s embrace. Though Terrified To The Bone was dispelled with Han Bing’s death, she was still powerless to continue battle, but the battle was not over yet. Dong Junqing finished using her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. Su Xing saw that she had trouble and was about to rush over to assist when suddenly, on the other end of Kaifeng, two Crimson Stars fell from the sky.

Like the one Crimson Star from before, that direction surprisingly had three Crimson Stars fall.

Add on Han Bing’s Starfall, this meant that in just a short time, four Crimson Stars had fallen in the vicinity of Kaifeng. This was extremely rare before the Three Heavenly Books. The entire Liangshan Continent was suddenly shaken.

A moment before Su Xing unleashed the Vermilion Jian, on Su Yixiao’s side of things.

Relying on Su Yixiao’s incomparably resilient battle sense, the two girls were poised for a reversal. They united for an absolute counterattack, utilizing the Heaven Earth Shears at their highest level.

The Heaven Earth Shears twisted by.

Sikong Chuhe was about to emotionally rush to and embrace Su Yixiao when yellow light surrounded them, trapping the two women.

Before Su Yixiao and SIkong Chuhe could feel surprise, they were immediately pale in the face.

Yellow dust rolled, and earth qi scattered.

A tall woman suddenly appeared in front of them, but she was not like before. All of Xin Lao’s sken seemed as hard as vajra jade, a translucent yellow, and on Xin Lao’s side was a ghastly wound. This was from the Heaven Earth Shears.

Su Yixiao did not dare believe this. Those Heaven Earth Shears had instantly killed a Supervoid Middle Stage just a moment ago. It was impossible for her to surprisingly still be able to stand like that in front of them. The girl hastily formed hand seals, and the Heaven Earth Shears proceeded to attack. Intertwining black and white lights twisted over Xin Lao’s body, ravaging her, but her skin merely suffered small cuts. She nevertheless did not die.

“What Demonkin is this.” Su Yixiao was shocked.

Besides her hardened skin, the Xin Lao who revealed her True Body was very different from normal. Her clothes fluttered, as beautiful as a heavenly immortal. She did not bat an eye facing the Heaven Earth Shears, a true stone woman.

The Heaven Earth Shears were not at all useless. Even with Xin Lao’s innate powerful defensive power, this kind of weapon that could instantly kill a Supervoid Cultivator still heavily injured her. Xin Lao beckoned with her hand.

Yellow light flew out from her wrist.

Any more mention of escape was already futile.

The All Things Bracelet rose, freezing the Heaven Earth Shears in place. Then, Xin Lao used a “Inscribed Circle Of Confinement,” trapping Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe inside. When the two of them wanted to use their Jade Pendants, Xin Lao’s last ability fired from her brow.

Above Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe, a Heavenly Eye opened.

The Heavenly Eye opened, and Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe immediately fell into a world of serenity.

“Trichiliocosm,2 Dream Of Golden Millet!!”

Sikong Chuhe slowly collapsed, a smile on her face. Her eyes held no anger, and her breath ceased.

“Chuhe.” Shan Meng’er painfully wailed, launching a final attack against Xin lao. Without her contractor’s support, although the Sacred Star’s spear injured Xin Lao, Peng Fei killed her within seconds.

In the end, Su Yixiao seemed to last relatively longer in the Dream Of Golden Millet.

Her thoughts drifted from the princess who fled the Su Kingdom to the tavern at the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Five Colors Mountain.3

The tavern had a very witty couplet that stumped countless literati of the Vermilion Bird Territory.

First line: Green Ping Mountain has timely clouds showing Shi Xiu.4 

Su Yixiao stopped in her tracks, staring at it with interest for the longest time.

“Can you counter it?” A beautiful voice drifted over.

There was an elegant, long-skirted young woman, her face elegant and calm, her eyes carrying a special eagerness.

“Do you think Yixiao can counter it?” Su Yixiao thought and asked back.

The girl thought and then nodded.

Su Yixiao pondered for a moment and prepared to write her response in the blank space below. The girl handed her a wolf-fur brush. The Su Yixiao who grew up in the Su Kingdom imperial court felt this wolf-fur brush was far superior to every brush in the world.

Taking the wolf brush, Su Yixiao’s body relaxed. She wrote freely, her calligraphy beautifully composed.

This seems to be a couplet pertaining to the Star Duels?

Su Yixiao panted. The girl wiped her sweat for her.


The young woman’s complexion was still calm. She looked at the couplet Su Yixiao wrote.

First line: Green Ping Mountain has timely clouds showing Shi Xiu.

Second line: When Cool Breeze Stronghold rains, then appears Hua Rong.

Nodding, that calm face showed a slightly hopeful radiance.

“I am Literature Star Sacred Handed Scholar Xiao Rang, True Name Qingyan…”

“Su Yixiao, a Su Yixiao who wishes to be an innkeeper…”

The girls smiled at one another. Immediately, this was a smile that showed they had found themselves. 

That was the first time Su Yixiao and Xiao Qingyan met.

This was a promise she would not betray even in death.

She had signed a lifelong contract…Su Yixiao finally closed her eyes in satisfaction.

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  1. Well, it was Jian Feather.
  2. 大千世界 A Buddhist concept also known as the “billionfold universe”
  3. Well, it seems we found our prodigal princess.
  4. 翠屏山有巧雲方顯石秀 No English translations as far as I can find. This is the best I can try.

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