Chapter 660: Qin Mingyue’s Thunderclap Intimidation

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In Liangshan Continent’s west, there was a glistening yellow prairie. This prairie reached above the knee, with golden yellow grasses, soft as silk. With the slightest breeze, the prairie would release golden light. Even the dark night would be as brilliant as a blank sheet, a stunning scene.

The people of Liangshan Continent named the Continent’s Five Wonders according to the “Five Elements, Wood element “Green Shu Forest,” Water element “Black Ice Abyss,” Fire element “Yellow Springs Cave,” Earth element “Cache Mountain,” and the Metal element was named none other than for this place, “Ruler Remonstrating Plain.”

Ruler Remonstrating Plain grew the “Good Speech Golden Grass.” This grass could be made into medicine, maintaining clarity in mind, separating right from wrong. Over a long period of time, the roots of this grass could even ferment and condense a kind of golden jade called “Good Speech Golden jade.” The artifacts and magic weapons refined from this jade could be used as protection capable of making a cultivator’s thoughts clear and reasonable.

But the reason this jade was most famous for was because of the Star Duels. The absolute majority of Star Generals would use “Good Speech Golden Jade” to forge Star Weapon upgrade material. The more a Star General upgraded their Star Weapon, the more rare materials would be needed. Other jades simply were impossible to find, so Star Generals’ Five Star was a threshold. But Ruler Remonstrating Plain was boundless. The Good Speech Golden Jade deposits were abundant and did not need to worry about this problem. Most Star Generals would use the Good Speech Golden Jade as their Five Star, even up to Seven Star, material.  

Oftentimes, when the Star Generals reached this stage, cultivators would very rarely venture to the Ruler Remonstrating Plains, so as to avoid meeting with a Fiend Star and provoking senseless disaster.

However, although Ruler Remonstrating Plains’ Good Speech Golden Jade was plentiful, harvesting it was very difficult. The Good Speech Grass and the earth were closely linked together. Ordinary methods were completely unable to excavate it, and because the Good Speech Golden Jade could not be so arbitrarily harvested, to obtain Good Speech Golden Jade was not a simple task.

At this time, there were three young girls searching for Good Speech Golden Jade at the Ruler Remonstrating Plains. The leader was Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu riding upon a White Jade Treasure Horse. Its skin was sparkling and clear, its pupils jadeite. Its mane was as bright as a ruby, its tail as wispy as smoke, like lantian jade. Under the golden light, it released an indistinct luster.

At first glance, it was not like a Spirit Beast, rather, a sculpture carved from every kind of precious stone.

Accompanying her were another two girls. One was wearing multi-colored clothes, shorts, long boots, and a heedless expression, but her conduct was far from that; the other was petite in build, wearing a gorgeous white battle outfit. She appeared tiny, but her expression released a biting-cold savage presence which made others unable to help but keep their distance. Their identities were not simple. One was an Earthly Star Four Heavenly King, “Sick Yuchi” Sun Yueying, and the other was a Heavenly Star Five Tiger General, “Fiery Thunderbolt” Qin Mingyue.

With two powerful martial generals in the Ruler Remonstrating Plains that Star Generals often visited, there was no need to worry even if they encountered Strength Star Lu Junyi.

So as to give the Sisters their Star Weapon upgrades as the important method to face the Purple Thunder Monster in the future, Jin Qiongyu had already stayed more than half a month at the Ruler Remonstrating Plains. She had the Dragon Carving Hammer and the Phoenix Engraving Nail, so her success in finding Good Speech Golden Jade was much higher than anyone else’s. But she was recently somewhat gloomy. She discovered that a large hole had been excavated in the Ruler Remonstrating Plains. With her perception of jade, she could clearly sense the fine jade this hole contained.

“Just who could be so obstructive. Even I could not possibly find Good Speech Golden Jade so accurately.” Jin Qiongyu muttered to herself, her heart increasingly agitated towards that unknown enemy.

“Probably they have some magic weapon or Spirit Beast?” Sun Yueying shrugged. “I heard there is a monkey that is most adept at finding precious stones. In the past, there was a senior that used it to upgrade her Star Weapon to very high levels.

“That White Treasure Monkey, right? But it cannot possibly dig so efficiently.” Jin Qiongyu shook her head. “Ma Yuyu1 tells me this could be an Earth Spirit Beast’s work. These traces are surprisingly like her’s.” Ma Yuyu was the name of Jin Qiongyu’s Star Best, “Priceless Jade Divine Colt.” It consumed precious stones as food and was very sensitive of jade.

“She is?” Sun Yueying’s brows rose.

“Beast Star Huangfu Duan. As far as Qiongyu knows, she is the best at controlling Spirit Beasts. If she is controlling this palce’s Demon Beasts to dig for the jade, that is as easy as flipping her hand.”

“Who cares. If she is an enemy, then Mingyue will crush her.”

“The Beast Star is extremely weak in martial force, so Qiongyu does not know if she could have lived up until now.” Jin Qiongyu was actually very doubtful. Although the Ninth Star Duels had made Star Generals learn how to last until the Three Heavenly Books, the Beast Star’s Star Weapon was the peculiar “Ten Thousand Beast Hibernation Flute.” It could control all of the world’s Spirit Beasts, a so-called coveted item. Just like how Jade Armed Craftsman’s Star Weapon could carve jade and stone into sand, if she did not have the backing of an Elder Sister like Qingci, she would inevitably die encountering a Star Master.

For support and spiritual energy type Star Generals, danger was always magnified.

“I hope she still lives.” Yueying sighed from her heart. Sick Yuchi did not want to kill her. If a Sister had Starfallen before they had even met, that was too lamentable.

Qin Mingyue suddenly shouted: “Got something.”


The ground suddenly bulged, and then a Demon Beast burst out.

“Where are you running!!” Seeing the Demon Beast that had excavated the Good Speech Golden Jade, Qin Mingyue barked and straddled her Fire Jade Thunder Beast, giving chase with the aggression of raging flames. 

“Let us go look and see just who is being a hindrance.” Jin Qiongyu patted her Priceless Jade Divine Colt.

Sun Yueying indifferently followed along.

“Strange, has all the Good Speech Golden Jade been extracted?” Wu Xinjie was very depressed.2

After receiving the White Treasure Monkey from Shi Yuan, she had originally thought to borrow this Spirit Monkey to harvest the entire Ruler Remonstrating Plains, but after staying for five or six days, the Good Speech Golden Jade she harvested that could actually be forged into Star Weapons amounted to a mere few dozen pieces. As she searched, she found there were already numerous holes previously excavated. It was very clear someone else had done the same before.

“We do not get to take the stage so easily, but to have such a small harvest, how can we return with this to the others.” Wu Xinjie looked at the girl beside her.

Hu Niangzi’s pupils were like a great sea hiding grief. She softly said: “Elder Sister, there is no need to feel guilty. Dear Husband will understand Elder Sister.”

“The Seventh Hu Sanniang’s Star Weapon reached Seven Star. When the time comes for her to test Young Lord, we cannot possibly allow these seniors to look down on us.”

“Does Elder Sister’s Star Weapon not need ascension?”

“Never mind the Concealing Heaven Stars Fan. Xinjie is not clear where the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s materials are located. That ‘Bagua Sand’ is completely unheard of.”

“The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain is Elder Sister’s secret Star Weapon. Compared to Niangzi’s Golden Wind and Jade Dew double sabers, it is far stronger. It is unavoidable that its upgrade process is more difficult.”

“A pity that Earth Rank is too difficult. Xinjie currently has yet to comprehend it.” Wu Xinjie was helpless. This was probably what they meant by win some, lose some.

Niangzi gently said: “Niangzi remembers that Mount Dingjun has a ‘Wuhou Bagua Tomb.’ Elder Sister, why not let us go there and look.”

“First, Xinjie helps you find enough Good SPeech Golden Jade for your Six Star upgrade. We are still off fifteen pieces for the sixty-four needed. We have three hundred twenty liang of Di Nü Sand. Another two days should be it. Young Lord has waited a very long time for us…” Wu Xinjie smiled sweetly and looked at Hu Niangzi: “Niangzi must miss Young Lord very much.”

“As Niangzi should.” Hu Niangzi said matter-of-factly.

“Little Sister is so outspoken, no wonder Young Lord loves you so much.” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth.

“Dear Husband also loves Elder Sister very much.” Hu Niangzi said.

Wu Xinjie smiled.

Not long after, the White Treasure Monkey jumped onto Wu Xinjie’s shoulder from the ground, “Now, only fourteen left.” The Knowledge Star pointed, and the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain manifested.

All of a sudden, Hu Niangzi quickly drew Golden Wind and Jade Dew, spinning around. She coldly glared in a certain direction.

“Elder Sister, other Sisters are coming.”

Wu Xinjie’s gaze followed. An imposing and violent flame approached, very quickly arriving above them. That beast snarled, spitting flames. Its whole body was covered in red scales and feathers. Its tail was a Fire King Snake that flicked its tongue.

This beast was ill-tempered, and the little loli riding on top of it was also not too patient.

“Qin Mingyue.”

Wu Xinjie recognized this little girl was surprisingly the thunderbolt of the Five Tigers Generals.

Qin Mingyue resentfully grit her teeth. That day at the Crystal Dragon Palace, being slain by Lin Yingmei was the greatest humiliation of her life. Treating Wu Xinjie as an enemy on sight, she was equal parts furious and envious. “Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yong!!”

Jin Qiongyu also rushed over. When she saw the White Treasure Monkey, her expression immediately sunk. “So it turns out the one who cleaned out the Ruler Remonstrating Plains’ Good Speech Golden Jade is you. Hmph, Elder Sister truly took to a lot of trouble.”

“Xinjie actually feels that would be you. If it is Jade Armed Craftsman, it is not impossible that you would want to excavate all the jade here.” Wu Xinjie chuckled.

“Has that man abandoned you?” Jin Qiongyu did not see Su Xing or Lin Chong, and her heart sighed in relief. She gazed at Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi with a not so friendly expression.

Without Lin Chong, and with just the Knowledge Star and Bright Star, she could completely make them suffer a bit of hardship.

Without any indication from Jin Qiongyu, Qin Mingyue already impatiently swung the Wolf Tooth Fire Beacon Mace, spurring her Fire Feather Thunder Beast to crush Wu Xinjie.

“Little Sister, watch this!!!”

The Fire Feather Thunder Beast worked with her own Innate Skill Thunderclap Intimidation. Qin Mingyue’s swing was very swift and fierce.

“Little Sister has no manners.” Wu Xinjie pointed. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain formed a net in midair to catch the club.

With a clatter, the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was shattered by the Wolf Tooth Fire Beacon Mace. Wu Xinjie hastily withdrew. There was a rumble, shaking Wu Xinjie’s balance. A giant hole appeared in the ground. This Ruler Remonstrating Plain was difficult for normal magic weapons to damage, but Qin Mingyue’s mace easily broke through. It was obvious how fierce the little loli was.

“Four Star Destined Weapon?” Wu Xinjie took a deep breath.

Qin Mingyue shouted. The Fire Feather Thunder Beast spat a giant fireball, and she swung the mace to strike.

But before she could land the blow, a lasso caught her wrist.

Hu Niangzi used the These Feelings Are Endless Lasso.

The little loli was acclaimed as a Five Tigers General, and Thunderclap Intimidation was formidable. With just a flick of her wrist, she sent Hu Niangzi flying. Wisdom Star used Light Smoke Dance Steps to delicately land.

“Mingyue does not want to bully an Earthly Star Little Sister. Where is Lin Chong!” Qin Mingyue held her hundred jin heavy ornate mace in one hand, baring her teeth.

Hu Niangzi gripped her sabers tightly. Before she could attack, she was shaken by Qin Mingyue’s Thunderclap Intimidation just now, leaving her slightly injured. A Five Tigers General was very formidable, as expected.

“Mingyue, take them down. The Purple Thunder Monster will naturally come.” Jin Qiongyu said.

“Little Sister, watch this!!”

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