Chapter 661: Simultaneous Fall Of Four Stars (Latter)

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Hu Niangzi’s double sabers clashed against Qin Mingyue’s Wolf Tooth Fire Beacon Mace. The little loli swiftly bowled her over with her arrogance. Blood gurgled Hu Niangzi’s chest forcing her away. The Yellow Rank Hate Transmission had reached past the Wolf Tooth Mace to Qin Mingyue’s chest. Fiery Thunderbolt was also nearly numb with pain.

Their exchange was considered equal, but Hu Niangzi had used a Yellow Rank while Qin Mingyue merely used an ordinary strike. The Qin Mingyue originally unwilling to fight an Earthly Star little sister was irritated. She instantly stirred her resolve. “Little Sister, watch this!!”

Thunder rolled, booming.

Qin Mingyue’s mace violently smashed. Each strike shook the Ruler Remonstrating Plains, and holes appeared in the ground, breaking off countless fragments of jade. Several pieces of Good Speech Golden Jade were even smashed to smithereens.

Hu Niangzi continuously fell back. Her double sabers were completely unable to oppose the little girl’s terrifying arm strength. Qin Mingyue barbarically smashed while Hu Niangzi danced away, continuously evading gracefully, but the killing intent from the Wolf Tooth Mace still endlessly swept over the Bright Star. Several holes were opened in her water blue bodice, and her delicate, snow-white skin was cut.

Flying Star Magpie Dance!

Amidst her continuous dodges, Hu Niangzi saw the openings when Qin Mingyue swung her mace. She suddenly used her Dark Rank.

Her beautiful figure passed through the heatwaves like a magpie, and the shockwave from the mace’s impact was also easily avoided. In the blink of an eye, Hu Niangzi was behind Qin Mingyue. Her double sabers stabbed directly towards the girl’s ribs.


The Fire Feather Thunder Beast bellowed. That Eyed King Snake Tail at this time opened its mouth and bit at Hu Niangzi.

Hu Niangzi had no choice but to swing her sabers, crossing them to cut down the Fire Feather Thunder Beast’s fire snake tail, but she lost her chance. Qin Mingyue’s speed was not fast, but because she was mounted atop the Fire Feather Thunder Beast, she quickly turned around. The little loli raised her club and swung, forcing Hu Niangzi back.

“Watch this.”

Qin Mingyue violently swung her mace, using Yellow Technique Fire Beacon Reaching Sky. 

The Wolf Tooth Mace unleashed a fire beacon, launching towards Hu Niangzi as if it was ten thousand ren. The fire’s intensity was great, without any room to dodge. Just as the Fire Beacon Reaching Sky was about to reach Hu Niangzi, a net of chains intersected at this moment. Layer upon layer obstructed the Wolf Tooth Fire Beacon Mace.

“Niangzi, quickly get away.” Wu Xinjie shouted.

“Watch this again!!”

Qin Mingyue’s qi and blood boiled with spiritual power. Without any thought, her second Dark Technique “Flames Swallowing Mountain Rivers” followed right after. Besides Qin Mingyue’s undisciplined fighting technique, she carried an inflated sense of her own abilities. But her execution was nevertheless a display of true power, demonstrating the dominance of a Five Tigers General. This second technique her precisely located the opening for Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi, the Flames Swallowing Mountain Rivers crashed down, about to destroy the two girls. 

Wu Xinjie had no choice. She waved the Heaven Concealing Stars Fan.

Stars glittered.

Earth Technique.

The Stars Have Moved!

The incoming violent flames were blown by the wind, reflecting them. Qin Mingyue was shocked and suffered her own Flames Swallowing Mountain Rivers head-on. There was a loud rumble, and giant plume of fire and smoke exploded in the sky.

Qin Mingyue crashed into the ground like a meteor. THe little loli grit her teeth, tears in the corner of her eyes: “Last time, you killed me. This time, you kill my Cai Yun…Mingyue shall smash you to pieces.”

Wu Xinjie bitterly smiled. This little loli was honestly too savage, to surprisingly force her to use an Earth Rank so quickly, and she had only managed to kill the Star Beast. “When the bright moon is here, it shall shine upon a return to the rosy clouds!!1 Xinjie never thought that Little Sister would choose such an elegant name for a Star Beast.” Wu Xinjie diverted her Star Energy and glanced at Hu Niangzi. 

Hu Niangzi gripped her double sabers, mulling over her murderous aura.

“This was chosen by Elder Sister Qingci. She seemed to have said this before…That’s not right, who told you this. You killed my Cai Yun. I absolutely will not let you go!” Qin Mingyue shouted, Thunderclap Intimidation once again booming.

Her Innate Skill’s imposing appearance was incomparable. Against Star Generals, before she even acted, her aggression already seized the advantage. If the enemy’s martial arts were not too strong, they would often lose the initiative. Hu Niangzi’s nimble body techniques were restrained, with no chance to take down the violent Elder Sister. 

On the other side, Jin Qiongyu was enthralled by Hua Xue’s illusion. Jade Armed Craftsman’s eyes looked around, yet she did not find Sick Yuchi Sun Yueying’s figure. What was this Elder Sister doing? A surprise attack?

Qin Mingyue engaged Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi alone. The Fierce Star’s swift qi flames made the two of them unable to cope.

A hundred bouts later, Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi were covered in wounds. Qin Mingyue had been slashed several times by Hu Niangzi using Light Smoke Dance Steps.

“Truly boring. You are better off making Lin Yingmei come. Mingyue does not want to fight you.” Qin Mingyue grit her teeth. Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi endlessly evaded, basically leaving her unable to find a way to vent the surging destructive desires in her body. The latter Bright Star’s wonderful smoke-like body techniques was truly as senseless as punching cotton.

“Just almost.” Wu Xinjie craftily winked.

Qin Mingyue was taken aback.

“Elder Sister do not be deceived. She is using the White Treasure Monkey to gather Golden Jade.” Jin Qiongyu hurriedly reminded from the side.

Qin Mingyue’s face turned a thorough red. She flew into a rage.

“How is this deception. Little Sister has smashed the Good Speech Golden Jade to the surface. Xinjie is merely collecting some along the way, that is all.” Wu Xinjie corrected Jin Qiongyu’s wording, however, this honestly was convenient. Qin Mingyue’s power was too strong. One strike could smash a hole several dozen meters wide. Although many pieces were shattered, there were still a lot of jade that could be used for forging.

“You can all go die!!!” Qin Mingyue was truly enraged. She gripped her mace in both hands. The mace’s imposing aura froze, and then the surrounding air ceased its flow.

“Shit. She is about to use her Earth Rank.” Wu Xinjie was astonished.

This violent little sister’s Earth Rank was considerably tyrannical. She and Hu Niangzi would suffer if not die.

Just as she was about to unleash her Earth Rank, Qin Mingyue suddenly stopped. The little loli wrinkled her brow. A Snow Kicking Ebony Piebald whinnied and galloped over. Upon the horse were a man and woman, the woman in front and the man behind.

“This position is intimate. I will have to try it with Young Lord later when we return.” Wu Xinjie thought to herself.

“So it turns out to be you all sloppily excavating the jade here.” The stern woman on the horse was none other than Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Shuang. The man naturally was her Star Master, Xie Chang’an.

“Go ahead and fight first. This General will spectate. You can fight This General once you win.” Huyan Shuang smiled.

If she used her Earth Rank, her power would be too depleted to fight against a Heavenly Star martial general’s Star Energy. Qin Mingyue was not so stupid to be taken advantage of at that time.

“Xinjie feels we can Star Duel again after the Three Heavenly Books. For now, we each take what we need.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“The famous Knowledge Star surprisingly says we each take what we need, I do not believe you.” Huyan Shuang smiled.

“That must be the Bright Star? As expected, she is the most beautiful in the Ninth.” Xie Chang’an could not help admire Hu Niangzi. “This Purple Thunder Monster is truly fortunate. Not only do you have the Knowledge Star giving advice, but you also have the most beautiful Star General serving you…Truly you can die without any regrets…Heh, heh. Of course, Chang’an can die without regrets, having Shuang’er.”

Huyan Shuang slightly smiled. “Did the Purple Thunder Monster not come with you? That is not unreasonable. He has so many Star Generals, he should be very exhausted.”

“Little Sister Shuang’er is worried for Young Lord. I shall thank you in his stead.” Wu Xinjie fanned herself and nodded.

Three major powers were present. No one dared make the first move.

Jin Qiongyu broke free of Hua Xue.

“Everyone has been drawn together. I fear that this is not something so simple as fate. Perhaps someone has deliberately added fuel to the fire. Be wary of the fisherman eyeing the snipe and the clam. It would be better for each of us to go our separate ways like this.” Wu Xinjie was somewhat vexed. Huyan Shuang and Qin Mingyu were both Five Tiger Generals. Neither of them were opponents she and Hu Niangzi could possibly face right now.

Sowing dissension was not a bad method, but it was a pity that Qin Mingyue had just gave up on her Earth Rank a moment ago. Clearly, the violent Little Sister was very smart and understood clearly the situation.

Xie Chang’an glanced at her and suddenly smiled: “Knowledge Star, how resourceful, how cunning. No one is better than her at being the fisherman who catches both the snipe and clam. Shuang’er, Chang’an has a proposal to have it both ways. Fiery Thunderbolt and the Knowledge Star had a great battle just now. We shall fight against the Knowledge Star now, this way will be balanced. Afterwards, we will fight the Fierce Star, which will also be fair.”

“Chang’an wonders what this Miss Star General thinks about that.”

This man’s mouth was awfully nimble.

The situation that Wu Xinjie worried most had come to pass.

“Mingyue also wants to rest a bit.” Qin Mingyue smashed her mace into the ground and sat down. She crossed her arms and adopted a spectator’s posture.

Jin Qiongyu wrinkled her brow as she looked at Xie Chang’an but did not say anything.

“Knowledge Star, run.” Huyan Shuang dismounted. Her hands produced Wind And Moon Unmatched. The two beautiful whips were incomparably dazzling. They were surprisingly Four Star.

“You should be the ones running. If you kill us, Xinjie and Niangzi will return to the Star Nest at any time, but you are not the same. Your Star Master is right here, and you are a Five Tigers General. Think carefully. If it was me, I would not foolishly entrust my back to an enemy.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Well spoken, however, killing you will take no time at all.” Huyan Shuang gracefully bowed.

“If you move, the one who will die is you.” Wu Xinjie raised her chin.

Huyan Shuang smiled. These words honestly sounded like a bluff.

Just at this moment, four Crimson Stars fell one after another in the direction of the White Tiger Territory.

The Four Crimson Stars streaked across the blue sky, shaking all who witnessed this.

Four Stars fell simultaneously!!

At this moment, even Qin Mingyue was stunned.

Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi looked at each other in shock. The direction the four stars fell in was none other than where Su Xing was. COuld it be something abnormal was happening at that place. They no longer had any mind to face the two great Five Tiger Generals. Their hearts sunk.

Four stars falling at the same time thoroughly aroused the killing instinct of the Star Generals present.

Huyan Shuang shot forward, wanting to end the battle swiftly.

But just at this moment, Qin Mingyue drew the Wolf Tooth Fire Beacon Mace. She imbued all of her power into her swing. Her powerful arrogance shook the entire Ruler Remonstrating Plains. Countless cracks appeared, the natural spiritual atmosphere vanished, and the world crumbled.

Xie Chang’an was astonished, Huyan Shuang was infuriated, and Wu Xinjie showed a crafty smile.

As expected, Qin Mingyue heard the suggestion in her previous words. She knew that if she killed Xie Chang’an, she could kill Huyan Shuang, too. And she currently had no way at all to Star Duel against both Huyan Shuang and her Star Master. A real Star Duel would inevitably result in her death, so in that moment when Huyan Shuang attacked, Qin Mingyue used her Earth Rank “Heaven Falls Earth Rends.”

“Xinjie said already, the one who dies will be you.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Knowledge Star!!”

White Tiger Territory. Su Xing saw the four stars fall, and the atmosphere instantly became very silent. When Li Taisui saw that Han Bing had fallen, he furiously roared: “Zijin, kill him!!”

Disappointment flashed across Yang Zijin’s face. Ignoring the completely powerless Dong Junqing, she slashed directly towards Su Xing’s chest.

A beam of golden light abruptly attacked, repelling Yang Zijin.

“Xing’er, you truly are incorrigible – Were you prepared to cause a ruckus in the White Tiger Territory this time?” A queen’s voice serenely drifted over. When he looked over, he saw a qilin appear.

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  1. 當時明月在,曾照彩雲歸, from an actual poem, but I’ve translated it in the context of the story. Wu Xinjie is making a pun from the names Mingyue (bright moon) and Cai Yun (rosy clouds)

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