Chapter 662: Respect

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“Chai Ling, Lu Xiao? Why have you come?” Su Xing asked, flabbergasted.

“Three Stars fell in that direction. Could it be that you killed them, Jade Qilin?” Zhao Hanyan was very surprised the strongest martial general would make an exception and kill a Star Master before the Heavenly Books, however, the Ling Yan Princess forgot that Lu Xiao had previously dispatched Xiang Chenxing back at the Crystal Dragon Palace with a thrust of her lance. But Xiang Chenxing had manifested his Demonkin True Body at the time. Strictly speaking, he did not count as a Star Master, so Lu Xiao occasionally would not be so pedantic.

“Who knows. Xiao’er is also perplexed. Xiao’er had thought Yingmei or Siyou would have done it, but that does not seem to be the case.” Lu Xiao shrugged.

Her words made Su Xing increasingly puzzled. Just what Star Master came to the White Tiger Territory. Other people should not have stupidly walked into a trap. The only possibility was the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars’ other three Stars? At the moment, he was in no mood to mind this. His battle with Li Taisui had only just truly begun.

With Han Bing dead, Su Xing also resolved the worry in his heart.

According to what they planned earlier, Su Xing did not want to face Li Taisui at all. He was prepared to kill Han Bing and then leave using the Jade Pendant. As for whatever trick the Liao Emperor wanted to play on Maiden Mountain, there was that Chao Wuhui standing guard anyways, why should he care. But Lu Xiao and Chai Ling’s appearance had thoroughly ruined his plan.

These two girls did not have a Jade Pendant. How could they flee Li Taisui’s wrath.

Chai Ling knew what Su Xing was worried about and concealed her smiled: “Elder Sister Xiao’er, Xing’er seems to be underestimating us.”

Lu Xiao chuckled and grabbed the Golden Qilin Lance.

“Today, you will all die here!!” How could Li Taisui ever allow Su Xing to leave like this. The old man was truly furious. His Thunder Magic threaded through the heavens above, sweeping in all directions.

Yang Zijin’s brows rose, and she brandished her Vast Blue Emperor Saber with Tooth Extraction.

Lu Xiao galloped forth, similarly using a Yellow Technique.

The Four Star Qilin Lance and the Five Star Blue Emperor Saber crossed. At the instant their killing intents clashed, Yang Zijin’s saber slashed horizontally. Lu Xiao loosened her wrist, letting go of the lance. Then, she made a gorgeous spin and caught another section of the spear, sweeping away.

The weapons rang with savage merriment.

Yang Zijin caught Lu Xiao’s counterattack. The woman with a calm face let out a shout. Blue light glowed, and the saber-light dispersed.

“Good martial arts.” Lu Xiao praised.

As expected, Yang Zijin was worthy of being called the strongest martial general in this generation. Even after using her Earth Rank, she still had room to fight. Lu Xiao was impressed. But despite this, it was only by facing such a powerful martial general and Star Master combination could the Strength Star’s strongest battle potential be excited.

The two of them traded blows in midair.

Rays of saber-light and lance-light flashed before their eyes. Each collision released powerful killing intent so overwhelming it made others incapable of interfering.

“Truly irritating.” Dong Junqing said.

The unable to continue battle Hua Wanyue glanced at her, not saying anything, but there was a slightly helpless feeling in her eyes. She, Dong Junqing, and Yan Yizhen together were unable to take down the Blue Faced Beast. In addition, they were completely defeated by the Dark Star in the end.

Now it appeared that the injured Yang Zijin could still evenly match Lu Xiao. This was the formidable aspect of a contracted Star General. As long as they had a Star Master’s Star Energy, they would not be exhausted. That Star General need only fall into the Star Nest to be able to fight without limit, and to maintain Yang Zijin’s first rate martial general Star Energy expenditure, just what level was that Demonkin old man’s cultivation?

Hua Wanyue could not imagine it.

Meanwhile, Li Taisui spotted Noble Star Chai Ling, and his eyes flashed a sinister glint.

The old man’s fan moved.

A serpent of thunder crashed towards her.

The Star River Qilin spat out a stream of stars, but Li Taisui formed a hand seal. The Thunder Magic condensed in midair into a gigantic beast that covered the heavens.

“Life And Death Destruction!!”

Li Taisui used two abilities in succession against Chai Ling. When An Suwen saw this, she hastily beckoned the Essence Swallowing Dragons to devour that thunder and lightning, but Li Taisui’s fan moved. As if by an invisible force, all of the Essence Swallowing Dragons were paralyzed in the air. The fan was then tossed, attacking the Essence Swallowing Dragons like a sharp sword, moving towards An Suwen.

The Heaven Concealing Thunder Beast swallowed the Star River Qilin. The Qilin was hailed as a Holy Beast, but in the end, it was merely a True Spirit of Evil Smiting Hall, a far cry from that ferocity of legend. But regardless, it was still the mount of the Strength Star. The Star River Qilin opened its mouth and fired a blinding golden light, fully imposing. 

“A tiny, insignificant qilin dares be impudent in front of This Old Man.” Li Taisui’s tone was full of disdain.

His fingers pointed.

The Thunder Beast devoured the qilin.

“For the Noble Star to dare come to die, This Old Man shall oblige you.” Li Taisui snapped his fingers.

A world of thunderbolts cut off Chai Ling’s escape routes.

Not good.

Chai Ling’s Purple Rose Astral Treasure Moon Seizing Star Taking simultaneously glimmered with the light of stars, protecting its master. Xing’er then fired a beam of golden light. The qilin was still struggling with all its might when Li Taisui used a thunder escape magic, instantly appearing in front of her. The old man’s apparently frail body was nevertheless as imposing as the five Sacred Mountains. He curled his hand into a claw, completely ignoring the qilin’s august aura and pressed down on the Star River Qilin’s skull.

Instantly, the Star River Qilin surprisingly died.

Li Taisui immediately turned to seize Chai Ling. The Noble Star’s Red Ink Iron Certificate was the strongest Astral Treasure1 of the Star Duels. As long as he could obtain this Astral Treasure, he could completely make up for the loss of Han Bing.

Chai Ling watched helplessly as Li Taisui approached, completely unable to fight back.

But the queen was not afraid at all. She maintained her haughty attitude, her mocking grin.

This source of this self-confidence very quickly presented itself.

“Your opponent is me.” The Fire Element Jian Feathers and the Metal Element Heaven Tearing simultaneously attacked, finally breaking open Li Taisui’s lightning barrier. Li Taisui’s palm strike extinguished the light of Chai Ling’s Moon Seizing Star Taking. Just as his other palm was about to strike, Su Xing’s palm intercepted.

Arcs of lightning twisted, and Su Xing used Purple Rose Transforming Qi and Purple Fiend to counter.

Li Taisui’s Divine Intent moved.

Two thunder serpents extended out from the space behind him. This old man’s magic was honestly immeasurable. Su Xing grabbed Chai Ling and evaded with an escape technique. “Xing’er, This Palace did not misjudge you.” Chai Ling whispered into his ear.

“What are you doing coming here. Don’t you know that it’s very dangerous since you used the Red Ink Iron Certificate at the Crystal Dragon Palace?” Su Xing’s tone sternly rebuked her.

Chai Ling’s expression resentfully glared. Her heart was saying, “This Palace knew that you came to the White Tiger Territory and was worried you would stir conflict with the Demonkin. This Palace specially drew in the Strength Star beforehand for aid. Seeing as your anger is definitely out of great concern for This Palace, never mind.

“Where are you running!!”

Li Taisui blocked in front of Su Xing.

So fast.

Su Xing was startled. This old man’s thunder escape appeared to be equal to his Chaotic Tail Escape. Li Taisui formed a hand seal, and formed a claw-like thunder. Su Xing’s hands clasped together, and purple qi attacked.

Thunder and purple qi clashed.

Chai Ling extended a pure white finger: “Xing’er, give him a bit of color.”

“Chai Ling, do you think I would throw this fight?” Su Xing was speechless.

“This Palace is speaking to the other Xing’er.” Chai Ling smiled.

Su Xing was speechless.

“To surprisingly flirt in front of This Old Man, This Old Man shall send you off to a married couple’s death.” He urged on his thunder magic, and tens of thousands of thunders surged.

“Look at This Palace’s reward, Golden Ten Thousand Liang!” Chai Ling arrogantly commanded.

The Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast’s whole body glowed with golden light. It opened its mouth, and a blinding gold light flooded the entire area. All Su Xing could see was gold, at least in the hundreds of millions, honestly treating money as if it was dirt.

“You killed my Lin’er. Xiao’er is really mad now.”

As she fought Yang Zijin, Lu Xiao caught sight of her own Star Beast surprisingly being destroyed by the old man, leaving her endlessly heartbroken. The Jade Qilin’s eyes showed indignation, and she used Cavalry Breaks Apart Thousand Militaries. The Golden Qilin Lance loosed a blinding attack, overwhelming Yang Zijin with the power of tens of thousands of mounted soldiers.

Yang Zijin endlessly brandished the Blue Emperor Saber to block.

But the Jade Qilin’s Dark Technique was inherently a technique whose power was in the manner of an entire cavalry unit. Its tyrannical power was such that even the normally top-notch martial generals would fall to a disadvantage, let alone that Yang Zijin had already sustained significant injury. Although she had Li Taisui’s Star Energy support, she could not ignore injuries of this level.

Yang Zijin’s shoulder, chest, belly, arms, and thighs were stabbed one after the other. Her white robes were already stained blood-red, but Blue Faced Beast still remained apathetic. Those beast-like eyes gave off a terrifying calm.

Her thumb gripped her sword hilt, continuously dodging and evading.

To be able to face the Dark Technique of the number one martial general, to dodge based on pure reactions, this level was shocking. After one Dark Technique, Yang ZIjin was already covered in injuries.

“Little Sister, dare I ask your True Name!” Lu Xiao’s fury was mostly dispelled by Yang Zijin, so she respectfully asked.

“Zijin!” Yang Zijin answered calmly.

“Zijin, Your Servant is Jade Qilin Lu Xiao. Next time, let us continue our hearty war.” Lu Xiao said.

A weak smile flit across YangZijin’s lips, as if the Blue Faced Beast was saying.

Why not right now.

Lu Xiao’s pupils shrunk, and her lance thrust.

Yang Zijin’s instantly drew her saber.

Incomparably intense killing intent, in the split second before her sword was unsheathed, rolled over everything within a range of several hundred meters, as if a dragon’s claws were ripping at Lu Xiao.

Heavenly Dragon Dancing!!

Now it was Lu Xiao’s turn to focus all of her power into defense.

Inside the hurricane of golden saber-qi, Lu Xiao shouted. Qilin-fall Skyflash headed straight for Yang Zijin.

How could a hearty war finish so dully.

Charging the next move of this enormous killing intent, Yang Zijin swung her saber in contest, slashing empty space. Her Treasure Blade Is Ageless Innate Skill allowed the girl to wield terrifying peak state powers even while injured.

This was a hearty war.

A new Yellow Technique.

Devouring Edge!

The two massive killing intents met in midair, exploding with a metallic howl. Even from faraway, others were shaken, and the two girls at the center could neither advance nor retreat.

As the “strongest,” both of them once again traded blows.

The two of them pressed on with forceful moves. At speeds faster than the eye could keep up with, the next hundred blows were traded. Yang Zijin warded off the majority of Lu Xiao’s attacks, yet she continued to suffer under Jade Qilin’s unpredictable spearmanship. Even her fastest tooth extraction was being suppressed.

But the two of them both knew this was merely the calm before a storm.

Yang Zijin shifted. She bounded a hundred chi, heavily drawing her saber.

Tooth Extraction!

The force of a hundred Tooth Extractions seemed to fall like a torrent. Lu Xiao’s lance pierced the heavens. Forging onwards the force of Jade Qilin, the lance’s killing intent then rocketed into the sky.

Countless qilin flashes fell.

The two of them had surprisingly wielded their Yellow Rank Techniques to such terrifying levels.

This stunning beyond compare battle captivated Dong Junqing.

“How incredible, is this the Strength Star?” Zhao Hanyan muttered.

“What is even more incredible is that Blue Faced Beast surprisingly able to face her.” Dong Junqing was powerless and indignant.

The world finally recovered its calm.

The two of them faced each other like opposite mountain peaks. Yang ZIjin’s white robes fluttered. Her right hand gripped the Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber. Blood rolled down the blade from her fingertips, dripping beside her foot. Lu Xiao’s breathing slowly quieted. Her face was flushed, her spear pointing straight. 

Time, between the two of them, had lost its significance.

“What do you think of him?” Yang Zijin slowly said.

From her clear eyes, the fighting figure of Su Xing was reflected.

“The man who can anger Maiden Mountain.” Lu Xiao answered in what could be considered the highest assessment.

To be able to make your enemy angry indicated that they were afraid, afraid that he could actually overthrow it.

Perhaps this was the best solution.

Yang Zijin nodded and sheathed her blade. She respectfully and gracefully demonstrated the warrior’s etiquette.

Manners which Lu Xiao returned.

Then, Yang Zijin’s figure faded into smoke.

Disappearing from here.

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