Chapter 663: Chai Ling’s Slightly Moist Urges

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When Su Xing was on Earth before, he was aware of a particularly famous saying – money will make even the Devil turn millstones. However, ever since he came to Liangshan Continent, the power of this saying clearly did not match up to cultivation.

Although most of Liangshan Continent’s treasures would be weighed against gold, the fact was that against a top-notch cultivator, even the most vast hoard of wealth offered no protection from being smacked dead. Furthermore, for top-notch items, gold was merely an arrangement. In a cultivator’s eyes, gold was no different from dirt.

Su Xing also felt like this, but as of this moment, Noble Star Chai Ling gave a very vivid interpretation of: “Gold is not all-powerful, but inside the Noble Star’s pockets, it may as well be.”

“Bestow gold ten thousand liang.”

“Bestow gold hundred million liang.”

“Throw Money Away Recklessly!”

Chai Ling held the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast. She continuously urged the Star Beast into firing its golden attack. Golden light filled the skies, covering a hundred li area with its golden radiance. Countless golden particles scattered. The powerful “Golden Ten Thousand Liang” unbelievably drove back Li Taisui’s frightening thunder magic.

“This…” Su Xing was flabbergasted.

Using endless gold in this way to create a powerful technique, Su Xing felt his own Purple Qi was suddenly a bit unpresentable.

“This Palace is not lacking in money, wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…” Chai Ling laughed in delight, and it was no wonder. She, the Noble Star Little Whirlwind, was someone ranked in the first ten, but because of the Red Ink Iron Certificate, she had instead become the laughingstock of all nine generations of Star Duels. Although she was known for having wealth equal to that of a nation, she could not possibly join the Star Duels and was thus no different from dirt in the eyes of other cultivators.

Now that she had the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast, the arrogance that Chai Ling had been repressing for so long was flowing out in full force.

The Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast spat out beam after beam of golden light endlessly, as if it was a river in the heavens.

Su Xing could not help but ask her: “Just how much did you feed it?”

“This Palace specially made Jinzhi and Yuye stuff Xing’er full, probably a trillion…” Chai Ling said disdainfully. The queen opened her fan, her expression charming: “Xing’er, you just watch how This Palace helps you face this old man. How about it, compared to your wives, This Palace does not fall behind.” The queen proudly stuck out her chest.

Her towering breasts stretched her snow-white bodice tight, showing dazzling capital like the whole person herself.

Too impressive.

Su Xing shifted his gaze.

A trillion…he was in a cold sweat.

“Be careful that you don’t celebrate too soon.” Su Xing warned her to not be too careless.

“Yang Zijin is not here, This Palace fears only her.” Chai Ling disdained this as beneath her.

The Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast continued to consume money as an attack. Due to its intensity, Su Xing’s Purple Qi and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder were all completely obscured. He was completely without a way to interfere. He may as well not do anything and instead wholeheartedly stand guard against this queen’s surroundings.

Just let her be complacent then, just monitor her yourself.

In contrast to the Li Taisui suppressed by cold, Su Xing was even somewhat sympathetic, who thought that his Thunder magic abilities were unsurpassed. He never imagined they would be unable to best ten thousand liang of gold. Money, huh, it really is a good thing.

Li Taisui’s face was extremely unsightly. Even the very shrewd old man had been slapped in the face by Chai Ling so condescendingly using money.

Continuously urging on his Thunder magic, astral thunder wildly rolled, but wave after wave of gold washed over them, destroying them in seconds. In actuality, Chai Ling’s “Gold Ten Thousand Liang” was not very strong at all. It was merely endless, basically not giving the enemy any chance to breathe.

Li Taisui’s fingers clawed the air. With the paper fan in his hand, the old man warped and urged on his thunder magic. The golden light continued to pound fiercely, once again smashing the old man back.

“This Palace’s conferments are pleasing.” Chai Ling covered her mouth and laughed.

Li Taisui’s tongue split with spring thunder, blasting their ears.

The incoming Gold Ten Thousand Liang had an opening suddenly blasted into it. Li Taisui’s body techniques instantly slipped through.

“Look out.” Su Xing controlled his sword chant. Jian Feather and Heaven Tearing each twisted about.

Tearing Li Taisui apart…

A projection?

Not good.

Without any thought, Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape, but the next moment, thunder-light and balls of lightning filled an area of a hundred meters, completely suppressing his Escape Technique. Li Taisui appeared behind them, his fan swinging for Chai Ling’s head.

An enormous Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed behind Su Xing, stopping the old man’s sneak attack. Su Xing hugged Chai Ling and turned, but Li Taisui’s expression shifted. The lightning balls filling the air suddenly plunged straight for Su Xing.

“Xing’er, be careful.” Chai Ling’s face turned pale.

Thunder-fire exploded, smashing against the two of them. Su Xing hugged Chai Ling tight, controlling the twenty-four Flying Swords to continuously ward off the incoming thunder-balls and lightning and fire serpents that reached a thousand zhang in length, exploding incessantly in the area around Kaifeng. The spectating Gongsun Huang and the others were gripped by cold sweat.

Chai Ling only felt a sense of security in Su Xing’s embrace. Though the thundering explosions outside were fierce, this man’s chest was like a tranquil refuge, making Chai Ling’s mind taste sweetness. Is this the taste of a contractor’s Star Duel?

The heart of Chai Ling who had her first taste of the forbidden fruit gushed with boundless emotion. Lovely rivers poured from her eyes, and her body grew hot, her secret place moist. She truly wished to eat this man who threw her heart into disarray.

Su Xing was not so flirtatious. Right now, he was grimacing in pain. Several dozen thunder-balls had broken through the Flying Swords, continuously drilling into his back. If it was not for the Acala Wisdom King Golden Body, he would perhaps have been paralyzed.

“You old man, you surprisingly dare hurt This Palace’s man.” Chai Ling arrogantly extended her hand.

Just at this moment, Yang ZIjin was slain into the Star Nest by Lu Xiao. Li Taisui’s consciousness stagnated, and the man’s face filled with astonishment and distress. Although Yang Zijin had already been killed once by Lin Yingmei back at the Crystal Dragon Palace, that time was about misgivings over the Azure Dragon Territory’s strength. In truth, she held back. Even if she had been killed, that was no big deal. But this time was the extent of his power.

Li Taisui was unable to accept that Yang Zijin had been killed.

He was suddenly angry.

Chai Ling said: “It is too early for you to be angry. First see how This Palace deals with you!” The queen pointed her hand, and that Purple Rose Astral Treasure Moon Taking Star Seizing Brocade turned into a purple light that became feed for the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast. Chai Ling moaned, sticking her plump breasts against Su Xing’s chest. Their peaks teased Su Xing.

Su Xing was startled. Chai Ling’s Astral Treasure bodice had already vanished and become food for the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast.

Having eaten two Astral Treasures, the Wealth Inviting Beast’s loyalty was roused. It then meowed.

A range of a hundred li became splendid as far as the eye could see. Everything was dyed a golden color. In this golden world, spiritual power was replaced with the inelegant and mundane scent of money. Li Taisui’s powers vanished into thin air.

Chai Ling turned behind her, a smirk on her lips.

A formless power directly pushed Li Taisui into the ground. In this world stinking of coin, the old man was helpless. 

Su Xing was dumbstruck.

This was none other than Noble Star Little Whirlwind’s top-notch riches and honor.

Richest In The World!!

Xin Lao sat cross-legged, currently self-cultivating. She could sense that Li Taisui had apparently met with some trouble, but the woman’s face was expresionless. It was not that she did not want to go help. Rather, she had suffered heavy injuries from Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe’s Heaven Earth Shears. Her mind was willing, but the flesh was weak.

However, Xin Lao knew that Li Taisui was very strong, so she was not worried at all.

Gazing at the suddenly descended golden world, Xin Lao wrinkled her brow and noticed the entirety of Kaifeng, other than the Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda of the Liao Emperor, had become gold.

“Dreams of Yuhuan break romantic affairs, silver candle song becomes a statement of riches. Eastern wind tree is jade rouge, twin swallows, seen at the time of opening.”1

Outside the city, she suddenly spotted someone approaching.

The newcomer was clad in golden armor, majestic and awe-inspiring. Her right hand held a golden pagoda, and her left hand held a pearl of wisdom.

“The Noble Star has surprisingly joined the Star Duels. This is interesting.” The woman muttered.

Xin Lao’s cold expression shifted. “Chao Gai?!” The woman was grave. The Heaven Earth Shears and the All Things Bracelet rose into the air. General of Heavenly Vision Peng Fei was even more wary.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui cast a glance at Xin Lao and nodded in acknowledgement. She then looked to the Heaven Earth Shears and other magic weapons, saying nothing.

“Although you are a Demon Cultivator, This One shall not meddle in your affairs.” Chao Wuhui smiled and said.

Xin Lao noticed that her own body was completely restricted. Her feet seemed to be nailed in place, unable to budge.

Chao Wuhui paid her no mind and directly entered Kaifeng, moving towards the Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda.

Only after Chao Wuhui left was Xin Lao finally able to take a step.

Atop the pagoda.

Light flowed, reaching directly into the nine firmaments.

“Yelü Wuxin, just what trick are you playing this time. Were you so resolute last time?” Chao Wuhui lifted her head to gaze at the center of the array.

“Guard dog of Xuan Nü, must This King ask your permission for anything?” Yelü Wuxin’s eyes were closed. The Yellow Court Book moved by itself, page after page flipping by. Endless characters hovered, entering that beam of light.

Chao Wuhui was not frustrated. She smiled and said: “You suffered crushing defeat already at the Crystal Dragon Palace. It would be better for you to quickly enter This One’s pagoda. By the time the Star Duels finish, This One will hand you over to Xuan Nü to deal with. Perhaps she can spare your life.”

“Is This King so easy to deceive? You babble on about Xuan Nü, but do you not sacrifice yourself for that Empress. This King will not all you all to do as you please.” Yelü Wuxin shouted.

The Yellow Court flipped, and an array suddenly enclosed Chao Wuhui.

A thousand pagodas appeared behind Chao Wuhui. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda rose into the air. Yelü Wuxin immediately raised her Great Liao Treasure Book. The book and pagoda shuddered, revealing every kind of scene. Chao Wuhui was stunned.

“This is an array for a passage to Star World?”

The Liao Emperor laughed. The Emperor’s eyes flowed with satisfaction.

“This King shall complete your Star Duels in this world…Ah-hahaha…Hahahahahaha…”

Su Xing looked at the golden world, feeling more and more incredulous.

“Xing’er.” Chai Ling put on clothes and softly spoke.

“This Palace is calling you.” Chai Ling was somewhat angry when she noticed Su Xing did not react.

“I thought you were calling for your cat.” Su Xing twitched his lips.

“How do you feel about This Palace?” Chai Ling asked.

“Very extravagant.” Su Xing only had two words.

He had never seen such extravagance, to surprisingly use a Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure as feed.

Chai Ling charmingly smiled. Inside the realm of Richest In The World, with the number one martial general Lu Xiao, and being cherished by this man, was this not the scene the Noble Star wanted the most to form a contract under? The queen’s eyes were unfocused, and her heart had the impulse to sign a contract, “I want you…”

Su Xing was taken aback.

Before he could react, suddenly, the world of riches suddenly shook. Layer after layer of gold was peeled away, revealing the original world underneath.

Chai Ling turned her gaze.

The place Li Taisui was at frothed with spiritual power, blowing away her Richest In The World.

An enormous power arrogantly descended into this world.

Everyone changed.

“This is bad. That old man has revealed his True Body.” Su Xing said.

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  1. 玉環夢斷風流事,銀燭歌成富貴詞。東風一樹玉胭脂,雙燕子,曾見正開時 This is a poem by Xu Zaisi. As usual, there is no existing English translation for this one, so I tried my best at this. Tbf, it sucks. 😛

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  1. A mechanic that used money and assets to deal damage? Only a few games I know use it, but damn was it affect8ve!

    Traditi9nally, inbwar and combat, quantity trumps quality given enough time… and tossing a TRILLION liang’s worth of gold on top of rare items would normally be unthinkable and pointlessly wasteful… but damn Chai Ling! ‘Wealth equal to a nation’ indeed! I’m glad she got her time to shine, but I hope things work out now that Taisui revealed his True Body!

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