Chapter 664: Taisui’s True Body, Cloud Dream Thunder Pond

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An ancient roar ripped open the sky.

Chai Ling’s Richest In The World was already completely broken, and a never-before-seen Demon Beast appeared in front of them.

Everyone had previously made myriad guesses as to just what terrifying form Li Taisui’s True Body would be, but they were still shocked at the clear sight of his True Body.

This beast was built like a hill. He was shaped like a hedgehog, with fur and scales, no horns or fangs. His entire body crackled with radiant lightning. He possessed a long tail that was like a sharp blade. A pair of beast eyes were as enormous as bronze bells. A circular area of hair opened upon his back, and his mouth emitting lightning. This was an unimaginably violent posture. At first glance, this felt unreal through that blurry lightning.

“What manner of Demon Beast is this?” Zhao Hanyan shouted in astonishment.

Everyone’s eyes widened. They were unable to discern the background of Li Taisui’s True Body.

“Impossible…No way…” Chai Ling’s tone shuddered.

“Chai Ling, you know?” Su Xing promptly asked.

“Cloud Dream Thunder Pond??”1 Chai Ling did not dare believe it.

“Cloud Dream Thunder Pond?” Su Xing had never heard of this.

That he never heard of this was normal. In actuality, very few people would know of the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s name. To be a bit more precise, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond was not a Demon Beast of Liangshan Continent at all. This beast originated from the legendary Star World and was known as a Thunder Divine Mount. Its greatest characteristic was that it did not have the terrifying aura of a normal Demon Beast, but it nevertheless could draw the world’s spiritual power together, making the place wherever it was like a dreamland.

The reason why Chai Ling knew of the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond was because she had seen it occasionally while she was investigating the Prehistoric Liao Emperor. Because it was described as “seemingly bestial, seemingly animalistic; consuming the world’s qi as sustenance, creating thunder from its body,” this left a very deep impression.

Of course, the most important point was that the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond was the Liao Emperor’s personal mount!2

“No wonder why he’s so strong, he’s unexpectedly the Liao Emperor’s mount transformed.” Su Xing said in disbelief.

“To make This Old Man reveal his True Body, you will all pay the price today.” Li Taisui said. The old man had been arrogant his whole life. He had never treated any cultivator in Liangshan Continent as an opponent, but as of today, he had been suppressed by Su Xing and Chai Ling’s teamwork. However, Li Taisui using his True Body actually was not because he was at an impasse.

The old man’s subtlety nevertheless was on planning to kill Strength Star Lu Junyi and Noble Star Chai Ling in one fell swoop.

Li Taisui was very clear that the power of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars was gone. Without Lin Chong or Wu Song, the Purple Thunder Monster had surprisingly still managed to push him this far. If they had been here, he could not imagine what would have happened. When he saw the instant that Chai Ling and Lu Xiao appeared, Li Taisui had the thought that he must take these two girls down.

If he killed Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Junyi and obtained her vast Star Energy, qilin, and her Innate Skill; if he killed Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin and obtained her Red Ink Iron Certificate, he would have no need to fear the Purple Thunder Monster in a direct confrontation in the future with these two items. When he was suppressed by the Richest In The World, Li Taisui saw that Chai Ling already had the impulse to sign a contract with the Purple Thunder Monster. If the Noble Star signed a contract, the Red Ink Iron Certificate would become trash. Furthermore, there would be no meaning in killing her. Because of this, Li Taisui finally was left with no choice but to manifest his True Body.

He had to stop them from signing a contract right now.

As for whether the Purple Thunder Monster used the Jade Pendant to flee, Li Taisui did not care at all.

“Today is the day you die.”

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond abruptly opened its mouth.

The lightning over its whole body suddenly burst forth, spreading as far as the eye could see. At this moment, the old man’s cultivation had already reached the peak of Supervoid Late Stage. This emission of spiritual power swelled wildly, blowing all of the girls into disarray.

An intense feeling of danger rushed through their hearts.

Su Xing’s expression was grave. He immediately controlled his Flying Swords.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond moved.

Thunder magic flit by, inaudible, invisible.

The first to fall was Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Suwen. An Suwen had already used the Essence Swallowing Dragons to form an array. The Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles’ Star Magic was fully charged and waiting. Among the women, she was considered the most safe, but they never imagined the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s escape magic was so abnormal.

In a flash, it was in front of An Suwen. The Essence Swallowing Dragon sensed the presence of the Divine Beast from Star World and were surprisingly frozen in place. The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s eyes flashed with light, and Heavenly Thunder magic crashed down.

“Big Brother, Sisters, run.”

An Suwen could not withstand this at all and fell into the Star Nest.

Efficacious Star Divine Physician was a variable, and Li Taisui’s first objective was to kill this variable. “Hè.” Yan Yizhen brandished her fists, using Swallowflash Samsara. Her fists were boundless, the Double Carps swimming, flashing yin and yang.

But the spiritual energy surrounding the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s body was like an invisible wall. No matter how Yan Yizhen’s fists attacked, there was no effect. The old man breathed lightning, destroying Yan Yizhen. Su Xing would not allow him to do as he pleased.

Worriedly, he arrived with an escape technique. Jian Feather and Heaven Tearing each formed rainbows, twisting one after another.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s eyes flashed with light. Li Taisui had been waiting precisely for this moment when Su Xing left Chai Ling.

“Cloud Dream Realm, Thunder Magic Doppelganger.”

Flying Swords ground apart the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s doppelgangers. The real Thunder Pond was already in front of Chai Ling. Like a hunter waiting for its prey to show a weak point, he pounced.

“Immemorial Thunder Breath!!”

A soundless breath suddenly attacked Chai Ling.

“Xing’er…” Chai Ling’s gaze turned to Su Xing, her face ashen.

Her Star Beast had already exhausted all of the gold and was no longer able to continue battle. The sole Moon Seizing Star Taking that she had turned into feed for it as well. The Immemorial Thunder Breath instantly left Chai Ling undoubtedly dead.


Li Taisui could not help but impulsively shout.

But just at the instant he used the Thunder Breath, a shadow already waiting for this moment directly rushed straight for the Thunder Pond’s chest. Black qi pierced through, warping the aura surrounding the Thunder Pond, running through Li Taisui’s body. Li Taisui’s complexion changed. He opened his mouth, repelling the shadow with his Immemorial breath.

The Ghost Cavalry King had secretly received Su Xing’s orders. He had long been hidden in Chai Ling’s surroundings. Li Taisui’s planned victory was instead Su Xing’s trap. The Ghost Cavalry King’s martial arts did not lose out to a Star General’s, and that “Ghost’s Godsbane” he wielded was comparable to a Star Weapon. Even so, he was still blasted in the face. This was the first ability aside from Langya’s clear light that had injured him. His heart was endlessly shocked. He promptly hid away, keeping a distance away.

An Earthly Qi gathered around Chai Ling and shielded her from the incoming Thunder Breath.

The Earth Book had at some point flipped open behind Chai Ling, revealing an absolute True Immortal.

Su Xing then arrived beside Chai Ling.

Chai Ling was still in a panic. Her life had hung by a thread, truly frightening her quite severely. It was reasonable to say that she did not fear death, but she did not know why when that deathly air swept over her, to think she would never see this man again frightened her.

“Ling’er, Xiao’er, be careful. You two are Li Taisui’s targets.” Su Xing said in a low voice.

Chai Ling calmed down with difficulty. When she heard these words, she could not help but be angry. This Xing’er had known all along about this old man’s plans and deliberately used her as bait to create an opening. TO surprisingly exploit This Palace, she had originally wanted to hurl a few words of abuse at him, but then she raised her head and saw Su Xing’s serious expression. How could An Suwen being killed into the Star Nest be something he wished for.

His going to save Little Yi just now was inevitable.

Her heart could not help but solemnly sigh.

“Xiao’er will not show mercy.” Lu Xiao arrived at Su Xing’s side, her eyes focused on Li Taisui, not allowing him to move as he pleased.

“I’ll stall Taisui. You two immediately run to the Longevity Palace.” Su Xing ordered at this moment.

Li Taisui’s True Body was honestly too powerful. Compared to the previous overlords, he was considerably more menacing. Without any fancy movements, just his breath was deadly. Su Xing knew that even if they worked together, that would be futile. The top priority was to first allow Chai Ling to lay low at the Longevity Palace. Once she was inside the Longevity Palace, even Li Taisui would be powerless.

Chai Ling’s heart was somewhat dejected. Her awe-inspiring Richest In The World had vanished into thin air. In the end, was she still only a burden upon this man?

“Actually, would it not be better that you and Chai Ling sign a contract?” Zhao Hanyan summoned the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords, raising a suggestion.

Su Xing had thought of this, but signing a contract required time. At that time, both of them would be very weak. Li Taisui was very swift, like an illusion. The old man revealing his True Body showed he was worried that Su Xing would sign a contract with Chai Ling, so he had no choice but to reject this idea.

Su Xing glanced at Hua Wanyue, Dong Junqing and the other girls.

All of the girls knowingly nodded. They were already powerless to continue battle. Staying here, they were not Li Taisui’s opponents, rather, they were Su Xing’s distractions. “Chai Ling, let us go for now.” Hua Wanyue grabbed Chai Ling.

Just at this moment, a golden light descended from Kaifeng.

When it landed, a small formation unfolded.

“Never expected that you were actually This King’s mount. Thus, This King shall lend you a hand.” The Liao Emperor’s voice slowly drifted over.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s eyes glinted.

Shockingly, it was a miniature Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array. Although it could not trap Star Generals like the one at the Crystal Dragon Palace, it was still capable of preventing Star Generals from escaping.

“Purple Thunder Monster, This Old Man shall make you regret not bringing Lin Chong along with you.”

The Thunder Pond opened its mouth.

Immemorial Thunder Breath descended. Although he had been struck by the Ghost Cavalry King’s blade, that merely slowed the Thunder Pond. In terms of cultivation, he was still unhindered.

“He may be without Lin Chong, but Xiao’er is still here.” Lu Xiao shouted. The Golden Qilin Lance attacked.

“Lu Junyi, This Old Man was waiting for you to come die.”

“Don’t be impulsive.” Leaving behind Empress Tu to protect Chai Ling and the others,  Su Xing immediately followed.

Inside Kaifeng.

Yelü Wuxin roared with laughter. “Never expected him to actually be This King’s mount. This King even thought that it had died. Hard to believe he actually cultivated a human form. Impressive, most impressive. This truly is a pleasant surprise for This King.”

“Chao Gai, will you go save that man, eh, or will you stop This King’s ritual?” Yelü Wuxin played with a lock of hair, elegantly asking. Her meaning was very clear. The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond was a Spirit of Star World. How could these Liangshan Continent peasants be capable of facing it. Even if Su Xing was strong, just the few of them were not the Thunder Pond’s opponents.

If Chao Gai did not save him, Yelü Wuxin only felt this man was inevitably dead.

For a time, Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui showed hesitance.

Yelü Wuxin noticed and carefreely laughed: “As expected, you place great value on this man. That this man is capable of contracting so many Star Generals, this is your work, Chao Gai, is it not.”

“Yelü Wuxin, This One will not meddle in affairs of the Star Duels.” Chao Wuhui coldly said. “However, to kill Su Xing is not that easy.”

“Truly heartless. If this is the case…” Yelü Wuxin sneered. The Yellow Court Book flipped open. A ray of light shot out from it, and an array unfolded.

Chao Wuhui could easily discern this was none other than a small Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array.

“His door out is closed. Now, he can only sit and wait for death. Chao Gai, are you still not going to rescue him?” Yelü Wuxin smiled.

Chao Wuhui’s expression immediately chilled.

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  1. Thank you very much for the chapters! Was binge reading once again since chapter 1.

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    1. from one point,it kinda makes sense for her to know he came from outside? and i really do hope it’s not her work on contracts,that would be disappointing

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