Chapter 665: Jade Lake Moon Dew

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“However, Taisui surprisingly is This King’s mount. To hide away This King, this really is unfair. He ought to be punished. Chao Gai, if you go kill him, This King will not oppose.” Yelü Wuxin was arrogant. To see Chao Gai was surprisingly so conflicted, she was delighted.

Chao Wuhui remained indifferent, “If Su Xing is unable to overcome even Li Taisui, then this is his fate. This One can only feel regret for him.” Saying this, she struck a hand seal, forming dhyana light.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda spun, its Buddhist light shined gloriously, attempting to suck Wuxin in.

Yelü Wuxin’s smile vanished. Her eyes showed a dark expression. As if she had foreseen this, she had a countermeasure. She extended her hand, and four rainbow lights fired towards Chao Gai’s head.

These four lights became four magic weapons. They were split into the Green Hills Clear Waters ink painting, a gorgeous fan made from the feathers of a peacock, a white and black coiling dragon bottle, and a lantern fashioned in the shape of nine palaces.

When these four treasures appeared, the corpses of the four Great Demonic Kings inside the pagoda’s array simultaneously resonated and moved. These four weapons were none other than their strongest magic weapons, “Mountains And Rivers As Paintings,” “Peacock Dream Weaving Fan,”1 “Black And White Dragon Corpse Bottle,”2 and the “Nine Palaces Lantern.” Yelü Wuxin killed the four Great Demonic Kings to take their strongest magic weapons, turning them into countermeasures for this situation.

The Mountains And Rivers As Paintings manifested its scenery to suck Chao Gai in. The Peacock Dream Weaving Fan waved in the air, and seven colored light flew out of the fan. These rays appeared magnificent and light as silk, but in actuality, they were extremely heavy. Upon touching Chao Gai’s powers, they stalled it and automatically refined themselves.

The Black And White Dragon Corpse Bottle emitted a dense corpse qi. This bottle contained the refined souls of forty-nine dragons, a ferocious corpse qi capable of tainting all kinds of powers. A cultivator would be completely destroyed in mind and body upon contact. Finally, the Nine Palaces Lantern hovered above Yelü Wuxin. A golden phantom nine palaces magic circle unfolded around her, revealing a Nine Palaces Formation. Nine lanterns ignited, forming an impenetrable defense.

The four Great Demonic Kings’ first-rate magic weapons were top-notch works across all of Liangshan Continent. If Yelü Wuxin had turned them over to Li Taisui beforehand, Su Xing would have suffered. Chao Gai was unflustered, attacking with the radiance of Buddhist light. She turned her palm over.

A grain of golden sand appeared.

This sand sprinkled and Kaifeng City disappeared, turning into a swirling Buddhist Kingdom. Thousand Buddhist monasteries appeared out of thin air, occupying the world and swaying endlessly.

“Buddhist Kingdom In Palm?” Yelü Wuxin’s voice sank.

“Go.” Chao Gai shouted.

Su Xing, Lu Xiao, and Zhao Hanyan worked together to face Li Taisui’s True Body Cloud Dream Thunder Pond. More than a hundred Flying Swords glowed brightly, displaying a beautiful scene of birds and dragons, and even Zhao Hanyan’s Outer Void Flying Immortals. A hundred of those True Immortals danced, their sleeves fluttering, their blades sharp.

How could an ordinary person face this kind of scene.

But Li Taisui’s True Body was honestly surly.

When he descended worlds, he was no more than Supercluster Stage. After a thousand years of cultivation, his magic energy was frightening. The Immemorial Thunder Breath he expelled, was far from comparison to any of Liangshan Continent’s Thunder Magic and was even unlike Li Taisui’s previously powerful Thunder magicks. These Immemorial Thunder Breaths were formed of spiritual power. Only a True Body on the Thunder Pond’s level was able to use it.

As he breathed, the world was filled with Li Taisui’s power, making Su Xing’s group unable to move.

Zhao Hanyan’s face was increasingly unsightly. Several dozen True Spirit Sword Immortals were destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Li Taisui was teamed up on by Lu Xiao, Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan together, but the three of them were helpless against the old man. As the Thunder Pond breathed, he attacked with Immemorial Thunder BReath.

“Watch this.” Lu Xiao’s lance stabbed.

The Thunder Pond’s blade-like tail rose high and blocked the Golden Qilin Lance. A thunder-light flashed around Lu Xiao, blasting the Jade Qilin. The Thunder Pond opened its mouth, and thunder-light struck Lu Xiao in the chest, sending Lu Xiao flying.

Su Xing activated Instant Frost Flame, but it was completely devoured by the Immemorial Thunder Breath.

The old man’s powers were incomparably strong, completely suppressing Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and Instant Frost Flame. “Purple Thunder Monster!” Cloud Dream Pond’s tail swept, its thunder-light like a blade.

It completely knocked aside Heaven Tearing, and a bolt of lightning drilled straight for Su Xing’s chest.

Jian Feather unfolded, protecting him like wings. The Ancient Divine Bird’s Clinging Fire did not lose out to the Thunder Pond’s Immemorial thunder. Clinging Fire and Divine Thunder detonated midway. Li Taisui had no interest in wasting time on Su Xing. His body warped.

His speed was extremely fast, and he attacked Chai Ling.

Empress Tu wielded dense Earth Qi. A screen of yellow light enveloped them, melting away the all of the Divine Thunder.

“Do not be too arrogant.” Lu Xiao’s Golden Qilin Lance stabbed. A hundred rays of killing intent attacked.

Killing intent fell on Li Taisui’s body, yet it did not bring him any significant injury. Li Taisui flashed away again. A thunderstorm then fell on Lu Xiao’s head, which the Strength Star blocked with her lance.

Lightning sliced at the girl’s slender waist like a blade.

Bang, bang, bang.

En route, it was destroyed by Sword Spirit True Immortals.

“Heavenly Immortal East Approaches Sword Array!!” Zhao Hanyan used everything she had, forcefully using a sword array she had yet to fully develop.

The remaining sixty Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords turned into sixty True Immortals. They surrounding Lii Taisui and then vanished. Before he could ponder what happened, rays of sword-light fell from the sky, passing by like millions of shooting stars.

Li Taisui took everything.

“Impossible.” Zhao Hanyan panted. The Heavenly Immortal East Approaches Sword Array was surprisingly ineffective.

“Last time, This Old Man did not kill you. This time, you have doomed yourself.” Li Taisui shook. His scales and feathers stood on end. Suddenly ten thousand thunder-lights shot out at the same time. Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords blocked a few before being defeated. Su Xing protected her in the nick of time, using Purple Fiend Lotus Flower to finally block it.

“Qilin-fall Skyflash!!”

A flash of light fell from the lance towards Li Taisui. It struck his body, but it merely caused a small splash.

“This bastard is so strong.”

Lu Xiao was angered.

“Lu Xiao, calm down.” Su Xing warned.

The Thunder Pond’s eyes released light. Two thunder-light dragons cut lines in the air, flying swiftly.

Su Xing’s hands spread open, forming a double defense of Vajra Protective Body and the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.


Bang, bang, bang. A burst of intense explosions erupted in the air once more, spiritual power scattering in all directions.

Flames fell.

Su Xing’s surroundings were entirely filled with scorching thunder. These thunders vanished like smoke the moment they emerged. At the same time, they devoured spiritual energy completely and fed it back to the Thunder Pond. By doing so, it seemed never-ending.

This old man’s True Body was simply unequalled.

“Cloud Dream Realm, Samsara In This Life!” The Thunder Pond opened its  mouth, swallowing the world’s spiritual power. An enormous vortex of thunder-light suddenly opened and then fell.

Meanwhile, Dong Junqing, Hua Wanyue, Gongsun Huang, and Yan Yizhen could only watch from the sidelines. The previous battle left them depleted of Star Energy. Now, even if they recovered a bit, they would be of no help at all. They could only raise their guard, try as hard as they could to not allow An Suwen’s tragedy to occur again.

Especially when Chai Ling was the target that Li Taisui so clearly wanted to kill.

“Which Sister is willing to ingest this bottle of the wine, ‘Jade Lake Moon Dew?'” Hua Wanyue remembered something. Her wrist flipped over, revealing a bottle f wine. The wine inside was colorless and odorless, pure as water, but it emitted a sort of magnificent light.

Jade Lake Moon Dew.

Rat Star Daylight Rat Bai Yutang had used all of her Star Energy to create this Earth Rank Wine. This wine had a capability that would stir the jealousy of all Star Generals. It was able to instantly restore all of the Star Energy of a single Star General, but each bottle required the little loli to use seven days of time to recover her own Star Energy.

And now, we must discuss about a Star General’s Star Energy.

Star Energy was where a Star General’s battle strength was, whether it be a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow or some ordinary fight, they all required the expenditure of Star Energy. If their Star Energy was depleted, a Star General would be hard-pressed to continue. This was the one best way an Earthly Star could prevail over a Heavenly Star in battle. Star Generals would sign Star Duel Covenants for this reason, to exploit the sharing of magic energy as according to the contract. The stronger the Star Master’s cultivation, the more abundant the Star General’s Star Energy.

However, Su Xing was a bit different.

He had contracted with too many Star Generals. On the contrary, because all of the Star Generals’ Star Energies were averaged, the Star Energy of Lin Yingmei and the other like her did not really increase too much at all. Although Su Xing’s cultivation was greatly bolstered, this perhaps was the only thing he regretted.

Of course, a Star Master’s resonance could also supply their own Star Energy to the Star General to aid in recovery. However, the Star Master was very vulnerable while in resonance. Star Energy recovery was not very fast, and the majority of time in the Star Duels was spent in battle. A Star Master’s sudden resonance could allow a Star General’s Star Energy to increase explosively, thereby allowing their Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow attacks to be displayed at an even more frightening level.

The reason this needed to be mentioned was that even if Tangtang was completely without any martial force, so much so that she could not even beat a rat, the Earth Rank wine she could brew was the unparalleled wine of Star Generals.

“Which Sister wants to ingest it?” Hua Wanyue asked.

Right now, Su Xing’s situation was critical. They stepped forward bravely to lend a hand. What a pity there was only one bottle of Jade Lake Moon Dew, which created a conflict.

Hua Wanyue’s bow and arrow were absolute. Her technique could not be defended against.

Dong Junqing was a Five Tigers Great General. She also had the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. Against the THunder Pond, she would be enormous help.

Regardless, Yan Yizhen’s boxing and body techniques were superb. Her Nine Yin Nine Yang Earth Rank was even more formidable. She also had great skill in defending against Li Taisui.

There was also Leisure Star Gongsun Huang, the number one in magic energy. Even that Demonkin would suffer under her Phoenix Execution Sky Break.

Each of the four had their own unique qualities, each of them were partners any Star Master would pursue. Now, they united together for one single man. No wonder Liangshan Continent hated Su Xing to the bone.

“Since Master has handed the Jade Lake Moon Dew to you, Slave Servant shall believe in Master.” Yan Yizhen said directly.

“En. This General also agrees.” Dong Junqing nodded. She saw that even Lu Xiao could only barely able to manage a stalemate. If she went, she perhaps would not be of any help.

Hua Wanyue looked at them. She glanced at Gongsun Huang. That little girl in Phoenix Perch Red Cloud Clothes floated in the air. Her body glowed with bright multicolored light. Her eyes were extremely indifferent, the meaning was that she also declined.

“Dong Junqing, I had better give it to you. My bow and arrow perhaps cannot injure the Thunder Pond. Milord and I have already gone through the Double Sevens. Although we do not have a contract, I can sense him as long as Milord is nearby. My Star Energy Recovery is actually very fast.” Hua Wanyue said.

“Sisters, any further discussion, and This Palace fears it will be too late.” Chai Ling’s tone was anxious. “This Palace feels it should be you, Wanyue. Your archery is outstanding. With Su Xing and Lu Xiao, teamwork at both long and close range surely can suppress Taisui.” Chai Ling said to herself that if she had known she would become a burden to Su Xing, she would have convinced Konghou to come over as well. However, even if Konghou came, she probably would not lift a finger against Li Taisui.

All of the girls watched. The situation had already greatly changed.

The Immemorial Thunder Breath made Su Xing and Lu Xiao cut sorry figures. Hua Wanyue could decline no longer, “I understand.” Saying this, she drank the Jade Lake Moon Dew.

The wine entered her throat and chilled her body.

Her weak body brimmed with strength in the span of a breath.

The woman gracefully drew her bow, curving it back beautifully. The arrow was loosed, the pinnacle of perfection.

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  1. 孔雀織夢扇
  2. 黑白龍屍瓶

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