Chapter 666: The Losing Battle Of Lu Xiao And Su Xing’s Teamwork

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The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow struck Li Taisui. The spiritual power surrounding the Thunder Pond’s body became a wall, stopping the arrow, but the killing intent of Hua Wanyue’s Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was honestly too powerful. Even though it did not run through the Thunder Pond, the arrow still staggered Li Taisui, stopping his attack.

Li Taisui did not want to waste any time. Killing an enemy that could run was completely meaningless.

Noble Star Chai Ling and Strength Star Lu Xiao were Li Taisui’s targets.

But these two were not so easy to handle. Chai Ling had the Earth Book’s protection, and Lu Xiao’s martial arts were exceptional, contending even against his True Body. To kill them was not so simple.

With all he had done, how was this so difficult?!

Li Taisui saw that Su Xing was interfering continuously, and anger was rising in his heart. That he would participate in the Star Duels and help the Liao Emperor was only because he wanted to return to that place in Star World known as Dream Cloud. He never cared for Liangshan Continent, but this Liangshan Continent was full of hindrances everywhere. 

This Old Man has not aged to the point you little brats can humiliate me as you please.


Killing intent.

And resolve.

The Li Taisui who had lived his entire life simply had tasted too many human emotions today. The Thunder Pond’s lightning twisted, wildly flashing about in the mini Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array. Boundless lightning manifested in empty space, devouring everything.


Su Xing’s hands formed a hand seal. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower blossomed, and golden lotuses appeared in empty space. Heavenly dragons, vajras, and asuras appeared, and the glow of a colored glass kingdom unfurled. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower possessed the way of Mahayana Buddhism. This “Colored Glass Treasure Sign”1 consumed practically all of Su Xing’s magic energy.

Colored glass, lotus flower, saha tree.

Chanting, incense, Buddhist stupa.

It shook everyone.

Thunder-light and the Colored Glass Treasure Sign endlessly clashed, but the Supervoid Peak Li Taisui’s cultivation was too powerful. Su Xing was completely unable to contend. Li Taisui’s whole body flickered with lightning.

The Buddhist Kingdom rocked.2

The colored glass shattered, the lotus flower wilted, the saha disintegrated, the chanting stopped, the incense vanished, and the stupa toppled.

Su Xing vomited blood. All of his meridians bore the attack and were damaged.

When Li Taisui saw that Su Xing was wide open, showing an enormous opening. He flashed over without any hesitation, appearing above Su Xing. The old man ferociously pounced down, turning his body into a pond to swallow and destroy Su Xing.

Althugh the Noble Star and Strength Star were very enticing, but for a chance to kill the Purple Thunder Monster, Taisui could hardly resist this temptation.

“The Buddha fed his own flesh to a hawk, Your Servant is not capable of such a feat.” Su Xing contrarily smiled under this difficult situation.

Who was he kidding!

The Thunder Pond chomped down, and there was no one able to stop him.


There was someone who could.

A rainbow arrow shot through Su Xing’s chest. This rainbow exploded, immediately forcing the THunder Pond back. Its terrifying bite was completely unable to face this light.

Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow.

Hua Wanyue panted. She and Su Xing shared their five senses. When she realized he wanted to draw Li Taisui into a trap, she immediately charged the Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow and finally caught up.

She suddenly somewhat understood why this bottle of Jade Lake Moon Dew was given to her.

“Die.” Su Xing sneered.


A black shadow flew over. The Ghost Cavalry King once again sneak attacked, slashing with outstanding speed. The black saber qi of Ghost’s Godsbane crackled, and the Thunder Pond shouted. A thunder-light blasted the Ghost Cavalry King away. The Supreme Ghost Body had nearly been destroyed. This time, the Ghost Cavalry King could not get up. “A petty trick.” Li Taisui sneered.

“Aren’t you getting the wrong idea?” Su Xing endured the intense pain throughout his whole body and winked.

Li Taisui was stunned.

His back chilled. A beam of light came from behind him. When he glanced back, it was surprisingly a golden qilin. This qilin emitted a powerful Divine Beast’s presence. Even the Dream Cloud Thunder Pond was endlessly reverent, not just at this kind of Galaxy Dragon Mount character, but rather, that his was a Star World Holy Beast in both name and reality.

Upon closer inspection, it really was not an actual qilin descending into the world. Rather, it was Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Junqyi raising her Golden Qilin Lance and rushing over. The girl’s eyes released golden light, and her powerful aura made her look like a true qilin.


In a thousand years, this was the first time Li Taisui felt fear.

The Thunder Pond bellowed, its feather and scaled hardened, releasing spiritual power.

Lu Xiao shouted. Her legs kicked, and with a bang, the earth split apart. Then, the girl leapt high up, her hands firmly gripping her lance. Golden light radiated, and the warrior’s most powerful fighting spirit gathered upon it.

That was power no one could possibly contend against!!

There was no doubt this was the Earth Rank Technique of the number one martial general Star Maiden.

Qilin Descends Into World!!3

Thunder and lance clashed.

Spiritual power and killing intent mixed together.

The powerful force blew Su Xing and the others back. Lu Xiao was just like an enormous qilin, and her lance was like an enormous claw gripping a pitiful bug. The qilin coldly glared, looking down with arrogance and awe-inspiring might.

Li Taisui screamed.

The Golden Qilin Lance finally ran though the Dream Cloud Thunder Pond’s nearly invincible wall of spiritual power, and this blow pierced deep, straight to his heart.

Such power.

When Su Xing saw the Jade Qiling’s Earth Technique, even if he was any more haughty he would feel tiny in front of her. This was the Earth Rank of the Strength Star, the strongest martial general.

At this time, Yan Yizhen had already rushed to her master’s side. The maid was somewhat distressed. It was a pity that An Suwen had fallen into the Star Nest first, otherwise, Su XIng should not have been cutting such a sorry figure.

This lance attack lasted for a while.

Lu Xiao’s qilin aura finally faded. All of the girls worriedly squirmed, unsure of whether or not the Strength Star’s Earth Rank could dispatch Li Taisui. This old man was honestly too strong. Even Su Xing did not have certainty.

All of their hopes were placed on Lu Xiao alone.

“Elder Sister.” Chai Ling’s chest could not help but tighten. The Xing’er in her bosom was choked out, its eyes rolling backwards into its head.

Lu Xiao panted. Beads of sweat slid down her forehead.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond had been run though without any resistance, showing no response.

Is he dead? Chai Ling was delighted.

“Look out.” Su Xing shouted.

Lu Xiao was shocked. The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond opened its eyes. Lightning flashed, and Lu Xiao was flung backwards with a gasp. The Thunder Pond flashed, and before Lu Xiao landed, its tail swiped at her, leaving a gash deep enough to show bone on the girl’s body. Even the Golden Qilin Lance had been knocked away. Thunder rolled, about to kill Lu Xiao.

All of a sudden, scarlet light flashed by.

Su Xing activated the Chaotic Tail Escape, finally saving Lu Xiao the moment the lightning was about to consume her.

“Lu Xiao.” Su XIng saw that Lu Xiao had sustained heavy injury and was extremely concerned.

The other girls were also endlessly astonished.

The Thunder Pond pounced along, its Thunder Escape abnormally fast.

However, a Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow shot into the Thunder Pond, knocking Li Taisui aside.

Only then did the suffocating atmosphere finally dispel.

“What a formidable beast.” Lu Xiao’s whole body shuddered, not because of fear, but because Li Taisui’s thunder magic was too strong. The leftover magic energy was still jolting Lu Xiao’s body.

If it was not for Su Xing’s rescue just now, the Strength Star would have already Starfall now.

“Even the Strength Star’s Earth Rank is unable to kill him?” Chai Ling could not believe this.

Li Taisui hovered in the air. Compared to his initial unfathomable calm, the current Li Taisui actually was already very haggard. The ancient thunder over Thunder Pond’s whole body was incomparably weak. Lu Xiao’s lance had given Taisui heavy injury. If it was any other Demon Beast of Liangshan Continent, it would undoubtedly have died, but the Dream Cloud Thunder Pond fortunately came from Star World.

To think of killing him with an Earth Rank, this truly was the biggest joke in the world.

Su Xing was heavily injured. Lu Xiao was heavily injured. The two most dangerous enemies were already posed no threat. Although Taisui was also heavily injured, he was fortunate this was the White Tiger Territory which possessed unparalleled ancient spiritual power. The Thunder Pond absorbed the ambient spiritual energy to recover. It still possessed enough energy to kill the enemies.

“Purple Thunder Monster, run now. This Old Man shall take the Strength Star and Noble Star’s lives.” Li Taisui indifferently said.

“Old fart, it is still far too early for you to be so pleased with yourself.” Chai Ling pointed her fan.

All of the girls saw that CHai Ling had planned in advance, and their hearts were slightly eager.

“Wanyue, quickly use your Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with Su Xing. This old fart will not last much longer.” Chai Ling promptly said.

The spirit of Hua Wanyue after using her Earth Rank was willing but the flesh was weak. Hearing Chai Ling’s words, her head leaked sweat. “How would I have a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow with Milord.”

Chai Ling was shocked, “Wanyue, are you serious?”

Hua Wanyue nodded. If she had a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, she would have long already used it. How would she ever let this old man run wild. “Impossible. This Palace had checked before that a Star Master and Star General that had undergone the Double Sevens can comprehend the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.”

Hua Wanyue shook her head.

“How can this be. So long as your hearts are linked, you must be able to. Wanyue, are you hesitating about something?” Chai Ling promptly asked.

Hua Wanyue still shook her head, slight pain flashing past her eyes.

Chai Ling was dumbstruck.

Li Taisui sneered: “This Old Man said before that he would make you regret not bringing Lin Chong along.” As he said this, he spat a ray of thunder-light. The Earthly Qi dispersed, surprisingly decreasing by more than half. Even Empress Tu’s complexion was strained.

“Your Servant does not want to make Lin Yingmei blame herself, so I will not be regretting things here.” Su XIng calmly said.

“Very courageous. As a human, this is your final dignity. This Old Man is impressed…Very well, This Old Man shall make you personally watch them die.” The Thunder Pond took a deep breath, sucking the world’s spiritual energy into its mouth. With the pleasantries finished, everything would end with the next move.

Black Ice Abyss.

The north wind was like a blade, and the ice and snow were bone-chilling.

The winding cave tunnels spiraled into the bottomless abyss. A cold wind that blew from parts unknown scraped down to even bone. In the wind, two young women were currently descending the cave’s path.

The deeper they went, the colder they felt.

Wu Siyou pulled her cloak tighter around herself. Star Energy protected her body, but the cold of the Black Ice Abyss already was an abnormal level. Even the Pilgrim’s every step felt unbearable. Little White was already unable to continue and had been frozen into the Star Nest.4

“Siyou.” The other was a long-haired girl, dressed in snow-white satin. The wind blew past her short skirt, revealing snow-white thighs, but compared to Wu Siyou’s shivering, the girl was actually very tranquil. 

Lin Yingmei’s hand gripped the Arctic Star Serpent Spear to withstand the cold and wind; she was much more adapted compared to Siyou.

“I am alright. Your Humble Servant can still bear this much.” Wu Siyou took a deep breath and once again strode forward.

Lin YIngmei’s hand drew Wu Siyou into her embrace. The girl’s chest was very warm.


Wu Siyou raised her head to see Yingmei’s warm gaze. Her heart melted and forgot about the cold. The Panther Head untied her own cloak and wrapped it around Siyou. Although this cloak was not an Astral Treasure, because it had been with Lin Yingmei for so long, it was very capable of warding off the cold. “Yingmei, you need this more than I do. Lord Husband’s Ten Thousand Year Black Ice will still need you in the end.” Wu Siyou clearly knew this point.

“Young Master needs the both of us.” Lin Yingmei’s smile was warm and bright, like a spring breeze.

Wu Siyou’s heart filled with warmth. The Pilgrim smiled and nevertheless wrapped herself in the cloak.

In the cold wind, with each step the girls took, the temperature of their footprints melted the ice and snow.

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  1. 琉璃寶相
  2. Not the actual one, the representation this attack summoned.
  3. 麒麟降世
  4. Wu Siyou’s apparently.


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