Chapter 667: “Beast Star” Huangfu Youyun

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Black Ice Abyss, ninety-ninth floor.

The deepest place in the Black Ice Abyss. There was already no wind, but the atmosphere was full of a dense ice-cold that was even more intense than the previous floors. The walls were covered in thick permafrost, reflecting an ice-blue luster. These “Ice Spirit Light Stones”1 were one of Liangshan Continent’s unique stone materials. It grew in the permafrost of zero degrees. It got its name from absorbing Five Spirits qi and releasing it as light.

The quiet cave was full of the chilly blue light of the Ice Spirit Light Stones.

Wu Siyou’s increasingly struggled to move. Even her breathing was already nonexistent. Each breath required her to use Star Energy. The chill filling the air drilled straight into the pilgrim’s veins. If it was not for Wu Siyou’s superb Star Energy and extraordinary Realm along with her Pilgrim’s Array Innate Skill, the lowest floor of the Black Ice Abyss would perhaps already had frozen her within a few steps.

Lin Yingmei still supported her. She looked at Wu Siyou’s shivering purple lips and showed a concerned expression. “Siyou, you had better go up. This place is too cold.”

“Your Humble Servant is unimpeded.” Wu Siyou said with difficulty. “We must almost be at the place for the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice, yes? How can Your Humble Servant shrink away here.”

“Then be careful, Siyou.” Lin Yingmei knew Wu Siyou’s personality and no longer advised her.

In such an ice city of extreme cold, there were already no traces of any animal life. Even the  “Frost Flame White Wolves,”2 “Ice Soul Blue Eyes Monsters,”3 “Spirit Devouring Cold Bees,”4 “Ice Dirt Giant Beasts,”5 and other Demon Beasts of the Black Ice Abyss’ prior ninety floors that possessed powerful cold resistance were unable to live. It was obvious how severe the environment was.

The chill became increasingly ice-cold. Even Majestic Star Lin Yingmei was feeling more and more fatigued. She tightly hugged Wu Siyou, using each other’s bodies to keep warm. The two were top-notch Star Generals. Their Star Energies were like embers warming each other.

After walking a long time through the passage, the ice-cold world finally opened into a wide cavern.

This cavern was ten thousand mu large. The cave was filled all around with countless Black Ice Stone Fragments. These Black Ice already existed since ancient times, slowly condensing from the underground water of the leyline. Over tens of thousands of years, they formed into this scene. Each icicle had a concentrated, ancient presence. Just at first glance they seemed incessantly cold.

This was precisely the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice that Lin Yingmei was searching for.

Looking carefully, she nevertheless notices that these “Ten Thousand Year Black Ice” were not truly ten thousand years. Their age was far from sufficient.

Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow.

All of a sudden, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast gazed at a tunnel inside the cavern and growled. Its light wings unfolded and fired cold qi.

A powerful presence came from that direction.

“Be careful, Yingmei.” Wu Siyou tightly gripped her Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, Star Energy gathering over her whole body.

The presence drew closer and closer. A Spirit Beast more than three meters tall emerged from the cave. This beast’s whole body seemed to be wrapped in Black Ice. Its surface was a layer of scales like ice, lustrous and full of light. Two gorgeous horns grew upon its head. It looked like a horse and a dragon. With each step of its hooves, the ground became permafrost. This beast’s eyes were remote, a fleeting blue flame.

This magnificent and graceful Black Ice creature far exceeded any Demon Beast from the ninety-nine floors of the Black Ice Abyss that Lin Yingmei had passed through.

It was none other than the ruler of the Black Ice Abyss’ last floor.

Black Crystal Ice Qilin.6

Upon seeing two intruders, the Black Crystal Ice Qilin immediately showed powerful fury. It opened its mouth, and icicles burst forth from the earth. Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou flipped backwards, evading the icicles.

“Should this Black Crysal Ice Qilin not be in hibernation?” They had already researched the Black Ice Abyss before coming here. The Black Crystal Ice Qilin had a period of hibernation. According to their departure date, they should have arrived during that time.

But at this time, the Black Crystal Ice Qilin nevertheless was extremely infuriated.

Its figure moved.

Ice flames unfolded like a ribbon.

Wu Siyou slowed down a bit, and her shoulder was immediately frozen, as if she had lost awareness.

“It is too violent, let us first subdue it.” Lin Yingmei raised her spear and walked on air, her body techniques were swift to the extreme. The Five Star Destined Weapon cut down the Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s “Ice Qilin Blue Flame.” A spear-light pierced through. Blue blood spurted from the Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s flank, freezing the ground it touched. 

Crying Frost followed up its mistress’ attack with claws and a blast of cold-light.

“Long Blizzard Nights!”

“Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces!”

So as to Wu Siyou encountering greater trouble, Lin Yingmei’s attacks were very fierce. The two techniques attacked the Black Crystal Ice Qilin. Powerful killing intent made the Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s blue blood fly about. This qilin appeared to have previously injured. Its powers were far from being as mighty as one that had inherited the bloodline of the qilin.

Countless ice arrows posed no threat to Lin Yingmei. Its rushing, chilly charge was also very weak.

The Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s hooves stamped. A blue jewel in its forehead released a line of blue light, like a sharp sword, cutting a line through the cave. Crying Frost could not evade in time and was struck by the blue light. It painfully collapsed onto the ground, already incapacitated.

Lin Yingmei’s expression turned cold.

“Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.” Wu Siyou exhausted all of her body’s energy in one Dark Technique.

Two deep gashes appeared on the Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s neck.

Its hooves shook. Ice and flame burst out. This time, one of the Pilgrim’s hands was frozen. Lin Yingmei’s expression turned penetrating. All of a sudden, her whole body glowed with ice-cold light, far more chilling than that Black Crystal Ice Qilin. Her hair flowed and became frost. A speck of light fell from her spear, falling directly onto the Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s head.

Earth Technique.

Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon.

The Black Crystal Ice Qilin howled in grief and staggered. The ice over its whole body shattered, and blood flowed directly. The Ice Qilin could not continue and knelt onto the ground. That pair of blue, flaming eyes nevertheless were not extinguished. It emitted a concentrated menace.

Lin Yingmei walked towards it.

The Ice Qilin spat out an Ice QIlin Blue Flame. The girl nonchalantly used the Arctic Star Serpent Spear to smash it to pieces. The Majestic Star arrived directly in front of the Black Crystal Ice Qilin. The spear pointed directly at the Black Crystal Ice QIlin’s head.

Lin Yingmei raised her hand and was just about to stab.

All of a sudden, a panicked woman’s voice came from another passageway.

“Is it possible for the two of you to show mercy?”

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou turned their heads to see two young women walk out.

Palace dress as white as snow, a wonderfully swaying figure and that immaculate dignity. Inside this ice cavern, she could truly be described as a beautiful woman of ice.

 Her killing intent vanished, for Lin Yingmei recognized these two girls.

Immortal Hero Princess Gong Caiwei and Leader Star Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha.

Ruler Remonstrating Plains.

Qin Mingyue’s sudden Heaven Falls Earth Rends made Xie Chang’an utterly shocked. This girl was truly impervious to reason, for someone who bore the name of Five Tigers Great General to surprisingly use a sneak attack. With astonishment in his heart, Xie Chang’an still immediately used his Eight Legions Of Naga And Deva Protection. 

With Qin Mingyue as the center, a range of ten li of the originally indestructible Ruler Remonstrating Plains was already a tract of scorched earth.

The powerful Earth Rank shook Xie Chang’an nearly to the point of death. In an instant, the Eight Legions Of Naga And Deva Protection broke one after another. Finally, with a rumble in his ears, his eyes dimmed, and he fainted.

Huyan Shuang broke off her attack, but her first thought was to go save Xie Chang’an. She rolled her double clubs and pulled the man back. She sneered: “Qin Ming, you are still so unreasonable and brainless.”

Heaven Falls Earth Rends exploded, blowing Huyan Shuang’s sneer away.

Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi were also caught up, however, because they were prepared, they were far better off than Xia Chang’an. Xie Chang’an had never imagined that Fiery Thunderbolt would renounce “fair Star Duels” and contrarily use her Earth Rank. Wu Xinjie was very aware that the violent little girl was already unable to die another time. If she had been truly entangled with Huyan Shuang, and without a jade pendant to flee with, then Qin Mingyue would be ill-fated.


An Earth Rank was the inevitable choice.

But Wu Xinjie was still a bit mistaken.

Qin Mingyue’s club turned a ten li radius of the Ruler Remonstrating Plains into scorched earth. The little girl savagely smiled. “Sick Yuchi, what are you hiding for. Seize the chance to kill them already.”

Heaven Falls Earth Rends terminated, but Sun Yueying’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

“Qin Ming, what are you bluffing.” Huyan Shuang coldly said. She shook off Wind And Moon Unmatched.

“Elder Sister, let us go for now.” Jin Qiongyu did not dare delay. She pulled Qin Mingyue onto Ma Yuyu and immediately fled.

“Where did that damned Sick Yuchi run off to.” Qin Mingyue shouted in vexation. She had deliberately used her Earth Rank to give the Four Heavenly King Sun Yueying a chance to loot the burning home.

Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi also left the Ruler Remonstrating Plains, wounded. They had nearly used their Three Realms Immortal Movement Pendant, but Qin Mingyue had fortunately used her Earth Rank. “Never expected to run into Qin Ming and Huyan Zhuo. To be able to escape is already very good. Hu Niangzi honestly said.

Wu XInjie shook her head. “Xinjie feels this is strange. The Ruler Remonstrating Plains are so vast. How can two Five Tigers just coincidentally meet like this.”

“Elder Sister’s meaning is?” Hu Niangzi was confused.

“Someone deliberately drew them into meeting us.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Who is capable of doing such a thing?” Hu Niangzi did not understand.

“If it was that Little Sister who can control all manner of beasts, then perhaps she could achieve this.”

“Beast Star Huangfu Rui?”7 Hu Niangzi’s brows were creased very deeply.

Fifty li away.

Upon golden grass, atop an enormous golden rock.

A young girl mounted a bear monster with a body covered in gems and a horn atop its head. She was dressed in glistening blue clothes, a pleated skirt of green. Her body was wrapped in light blue silk, a petite and graceful figure. She was barefooted, and her only adornments were patterned with beast motifs.

The girl’s purple hair was particularly beautiful, a princess’ style. Her fine, long hair spilled past her shoulders and was bound in a braid, neat and tidy, orderly and graceful. If it was not for the girl’s embittered expression, this perhaps would be the bearing of a beautiful princess.

She played a flute. This flute was carved vividly like a living beast. Its body was like a full moon, surprisingly flowing with the movement of seven stars.

The girl suddenly put the flute down, and her eyes chilled.

“Beast Star Purple Beaded Count Huangfu Rui, I thought it was you.” A warm and gentle voice said. Sun Yueying jumped down from the sky. “Only the Star Beast ‘Brown Bear Of Gems’8 of the Beast Star can excavate precious stones so easily.”

“Do not address me with such an unpleasant name as Huangfu Rui. My True Name is Youyun,9 Youyun of quiet and deep clouds,10 or perhaps Youyun of peaceful flowers and moving grass…11 Lan Xingcao12 is its name.” Huangfu Youyun coldly said.

“Your Servant is Sick Yuchi Sun Li. True Name Yueying.” Sun Yueying smiled.

Their names were very imaginative.

“You sought me out for what purpose specifically?” Huangfu Youyun did not need her answer. “To rob me? This death has no creativity.”

“Little Sister does not have a contract. On behalf of Leader Star Song Qingci, I would like to invite Little Sister Youyun to join us.” Sun Yueying said amicably.

Huangfu Youyun pondered for a moment then nodded.

“Leader Star Song Jiang’s Uprising…Very interesting. I agree. But I have a request…”

“This request is?” Sun Yueying thoughtfully smiled, as if she had already guessed what was going to happen.

Huangfu Youyun played her Seven Star Ten Thousand Beast Hibernating Moon Flute.

There was no music, only a strange quaking.

A golden lion was then summoned.

“Please die. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Huangfu YOuyun gracefully bowed, as if this was a curtain call.

As expected.

“The path of righteousness never goes smoothly, huh.”

Sun Yueying smiled.

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  1. 冰靈光石
  2. 霜焰白狼
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  4. 噬靈寒蜂
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  10. Her name’s literal meaning
  11. The literal meaning of her Star Beast’s name
  12. 蘭行草

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