Chapter 668: End Of The Road?

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Li Taisui the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond was already about to absolutely crush everyone. According to his Supervoid Late Stage Peak cultivation, he should have posed no threat to Lu Xiao, however, the old man’s True Body nevertheless was not an ordinary cultivator but a transformed Divine Beast from Star World.

Since he came from Star World, he naturally possessed a superb ability to resist Star Generals. Even Lu Xiao’s Earth Rank “Qilin Descends Into World” was unable to take him down. “Purple Thunder Monster, This Old Man shall make you regret being here today.” Li Taisui had never treated a single on of Liangshan Continent’s cultivators as an opponent. These lowly ants from a lower world were unexceptional. Thus, Li Taisui had a kind of aloofness towards Liangshan at all times.

But this kind of superiority nevertheless crumbled when Su Xing forced him into his True Body.

Then came resentment.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond began to wreak havoc. At this time, no one could oppose him.

He opened his mouth and let out his thunder breath. The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond formed chain-like brilliance, an arcing light that brought silent terror towards Su Xing’s high-speed figure. Wherever it passed, the earth split and stones flew. Its might overflowed the heavens, clearly showing the formidable attack power of the immemorial thunder breath.

Evading cautiously, Su Xing’s figure abruptly accelerated. Under the Chaotic Tail Escape, he had already reached frightening speeds. The afterimages behind him were already linked together into a line. He had moved to a hundred different positions within the array in an instant.

But Li Taisui’s thunder seemed to have grown an eye and tracked Su Xing like a shadow. It endlessly adjusted its attack angle, following closely behind Su Xing the entire time. Not only did its power not weaken at all, it actually amplified along the way.

Su Xing suddenly spun around during his high-speed maneuvers. The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s thunder breath suddenly caught up. That terrifying light behind him was already viciously nipping. In such a short time, the blue thunder was surprisingly already approaching a bucket in thickness. Just from its appearance it was obvious the astonishing might it contained. The ground was already completely ruined, as if an enormous rake had been dragged across it, leaving deep trenches everywhere.

Just as it was about to devour Su Xing.

A Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow shot over from the flank, piercing through the Thunder Pond with a roar. Killing intent and thunder exploded, but Hua Wanyue’s Dark Rank did not bring too great an injury. On the contrary, the Hero Star began to wear down.

But it nevertheless reduced Taisui’s speed.

Having chased too long, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond gave up the pursuit. Although his thunder was very fast, the old man immediately noticed this chase was only a waste of time. This man was risking heavy injury to delay the array.

How can I let you have your way.

To play such a trick on This Old Man, this is extremely ridiculous.

Li Taisui turned his assault towards his true target, Lu Xiao.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s whole body flashed with lightning. A dazzling clap of thunder exploded, leaping off his body directly towards Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao possessed the Strength Star’s strongest pride, but today, she nevertheless met with unexpected failure once again. Let alone depression in her mind, the Earth Rank already left her terribly exhausted. It was obvious that a top-notch Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques could not be used arbitrarily. If it was not for refining the Thousand Year Tears from Empress Wa’s palace to bolster her own Star Energy, she would have already been a fish on the chopping board.

But Li Taisui’s thunder breath was too strong.

Lightning flashed, exploding against Lu Xiao’s hand.

Another clap of thunder twisted towards Lu Xiao when a blood-shadow barely brushed by.

“To be saved by you truly costs Xiao’er a lot of face.” Lu Xiao heaved.

“Now is not the time to be talking about this.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

Lu Xiao nodded. “But this brute is too strong.”

As the two conversed, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond again released a hundred bolts of lightning. Su Xing’s Chaotic Tail Escape honestly was too abnormal, leaving Hua Wanyue and the others looking aghast at Su Xing evading through a sky filled with lightning. His red light and lightning twisted around each other, a frightening sight to behold, especially for Hua Wanyue who was already aware that the side effect of each use of the Chaotic Tail Escape added another injury to Su Xing. Her heart was even more distressed.

She could not help but recall Chai Ling’s words.

Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

If I can use a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with him, we would not be in this state. Hua Wanyue painfully clutched at her head. On one hand, she ingested the Jade Lake Moon Dew, yet she was regretful that this did not change the situation. On the other hand, she underwent the Thousand Year Double Sevens with Su Xing and blamed herself for not having a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. These two extremes of guilt now came together. Even the most graceful woman was in an unbearably wretched state.


Hua Wanyue suddenly heard Su Xing call out.

She raised her head to see a bolt of lightning attack.

The Hero Star’s reactions were extremely quick. She immediately moved away. Just as she was about to fire an arrow, she found she was already without energy.

“Wanyue, do not bash your head against a wall. If you are worried, then you will be unable to comprehend your Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.” Noble Star Chai Ling was also concerned. Now that Hua Wanyue and Su Xing had gone through the Double Sevens, their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow could be said to be their final trick that could subdue the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond. If Hua Wanyue had a problem, they would lose their last chance at life.

But Li Taisui would not give Hua Wanyue a chance to compose herself.

If they had An Suwen’s Earth Rank Heart Like Still Water, perhaps Hua Wanyue could succeed, but Li Taisui continuously used his Immemorial Thunder Breath to suppress everyone. By doing so, let alone a heart as calm as water, even defending against the thunder breath was somewhat difficult.

The Dream Cloud Thunder Pond’s lightning was discharged. The myriad bolts not only attacked Lu Xiao, they also faced the Chai Ling shielded by the Earth Book. This multitasking left Su Xing, who was used to playing the hero that saves the beauty, somewhat at wit’s end.

“Purple Thunder Monster, show This Old Man just how many people you can save.” Li Taisui coldly declared. His tail rose. In the sky, the incomparable majesty of ten thousand thunderbolts ravaged the earth.

In an instant, in a mere instant, Li Taisui’s pupils suddenly contracted. His whole body made an almost imperceptible shudder. A tyrannical, completely destructive force frantically gushed out of his body, rolling in all directions.

An abundance of lightning and astral wind spontaneously formed beside him. The shrill noise was ear-piercing. His eyes were already glowing.

Thunder Calamity Upon Life!1

Yan Yizhen was consumed by lightning, yet the girl’s expression was still unperturbed.

Su Xing’s heart hurt.

But the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s sadistic slaughter was far from finished.

Other Thunder Calamities already attacked all Star Generals present. It was the strongest ability that gathered all of Li Taisui’s magic energy. Gongsun Huang flew about in the sky, using her Star Magic. The thunder relentlessly pursued her, so Su Xing wanted to rescue her with the Chaotic Tail Escape.

But the other Thunder Calamities were already about to attack Dong Junqing, Lu Xiao, Hua Wanyue, and Chai Ling.

“Your Highness, do not mind Little Huang.” Gongsun Huang calmly said. The Pinebrand Ancient Sword used Star Magic, devouring the thunder.

Su Xing grit his teeth.

“Quickly put down Xiao’er. Do you want them all to die?” Lu Xiao was worried.

“Empress Tu!!” Su Xing shouted.

The absolute Heavenly Immortal Empress Tu raised her sleeves. A wall of Earth Qi rose. Then Empress Tu spun, and suddenly, her body became a swarm of butterflies, fluttering over the earth. These butterflies fluttered around all of the Star Generals. Following Su Xing’s hand seals, they suddenly shook. THe butterflies became an enormous wave of Earth Qi that surprisingly shielded all of the Star Generals present within.

The powerful thunder devoured all of space.

The Earth Qi did not shake nor did it disperse.

By the time Li Taisui’s strongest ability Thunder Calamity Upon Life ended, surprisingly not a single Star General had Starfallen.

“This is impossible.” Li Taisui was shaken.

Looking closely, he then noticed that SU Xing had unexpectedly sacrtificed the Earth Book True Spirit Empress Tu. The Empress Tu Earth Book’s spiritual power was destroyed, becoming a dim ray of yellow light entering Su Xing’s Astral Bag.

“You truly make This Old Man take notice of you.” Li Taisui said in amazement.

To unexpectedly still be able to block his power at this time, could this insignificant Supervoid Middle Stage Purple Thunder Monster be a monster of Star World? “However, you have made a stupid mistake.” Li Taisui smiled. “Noble Star, This Old Man shall take your Red Ink Iron Certificate.”

Thunder flashed, and he vanished.

Chai Ling’s face changed.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s thunder breath descended.

Without the Earth Book’s protection, the Noble Star in Li Taisui’s eyes was food he could eat any time.

But is thunder breath nevertheless slowed for an instant along the way. A terrifying power behind Taisui pulled him away. Li Taisui turned his head back to look and was immediately startled.

A giant mountain swelled in size, releasing thousands of rays of golden light. Each ray of golden light had the power of a thousand catties. Its pressure was suffocating. Even the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s Immemorial Thunder Breath was pulverized under the golden light.

“What is this?” Li Taisui was shocked. He sensed the frightening might of this mountain’s golden light and hastily rolled himself up.

Su Xing perspired endlessly. These was no question his final trump card had been played.

Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.

Ruler Remonstrating Plains.

A golden lion yelped. Having been slain by Sun Yueying, the golden lion shattered. Sick Yuchi lived up to her name as the head of the Four Great Heavenly Kings. Her martial prowess was the same level as a Five Tigers General. The lance in her hand swirled with multicolored light as the woman dully shrugged her shoulders: “Little Sister Youyun, are you satisfied?”

“To be able to survive on your own to the Three Heavenly Books, and to be able to forge a Seven Star Star Weapon on your own, Little Sister must have suffered great hardship? Why not unite with Elder Sister for our Uprising, for a gathering of Sisters in the future and ascend Liangshan?

The Beast Star was silent.

As Sun Yueying had thought, Beast Star Huangfu Youyun from the inception of these Star Duels had kept away from every city that cultivators would gather at. She had scaled the Earth Element Cache Mountain, she had crossed the Ten Thousand Li Bear Mountain that people had called unconquerable, and she had done so by the skin of her teeth.

Crossing Cache Mountain by herself, she had raised her Star Weapon to Two Star.

The Wood Element Green Shu Forest,2 the serene bamboo forest could be said to be the most beautiful sight in the world, but it such a peaceful place, she had seen a wretched Star Duel and a Star General’s Starfall. Therefore, she borrowed the Ten Thousand Beast Hibernation Flute and her Innate Skill “Beast Selection” to draw support from every kind of beast and barely survived. Through the green forest, she upgraded her Star Weapon to Three Star.

The Water Element Black Ice Abyss and the Fire Element Underworld Cavern had topography that was too vile. These were places a single, insignificant Earth Star could venture into, but Liangshan Continent’s other mountain ranges lacked any trace of her.

West Lun Mountain’s “Silver River Precious Jade,” an upgrade to Four Star.

Beast Tomb Valley’s “Beast King Soul Sand,” upgrade to Five Star.

When she broke the Six Star level, she had faced a narrow escape from the Azure Dragon Territory, successfully stole every kind of jade and spirit sand before finally accomplishing this. And now here, she used several months to have a Golden Jade Rat dig up every inch of the Ruler Remonstrating Plains to finally upgrade to an unprecedented Seven Star.

In the past Star Duels, the highest Destined Weapon level before the Three Heavenly Books was only the previous overlord Wu Song’s Six Star.

Perhaps Beast Star Huangfu Youyun’s Seven Star was vastly inferior, but this still was an unparalleled feat.

For this, she had endured unimaginable pain and torment, spent countless nights shivering at every unknown danger and reassuring herself.

She, Huangfu Youyun, had no need for burdens like a Star Master that would only encumber her.

But, there was someone that was explaining an Uprising to her.

How ridiculous.

“I suffered through so many hardships. You think I would become fodder for you? Ridiculous.” Huangfu Youyun held back her tears, infuriated. “I will become Overlord, the Star Duels’ strongest Overlord.”

“Please die, thank you.”

Huangfu Youyun once again played the flute, but Sun Yueying nevertheless could clearly sense Beast Star Purple Bearded Count’s pain and resolution. Sun Yueying applauded the courage of this Earthly Star Little Sister standing before her: “If we are to speak of fodder, then I would have killed Song Jiang at first sight. But we are Sister…”

“Then be a dear Elder Sister that thinks of her Little Sister and die.”

Earth Rank Summoning.

Water Element Manifestation.

A white wolf of snow-white body and frosty eyes and a pair of wings on its back appeared out of thin air. Astonishingly, this was the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast. Sun Yueying was stunned. This seemed to be the Majestic Star’s Star Beast.

Behind the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast was a long trail of cold, as if it was about to stain the entire heavens an ice-cold color, and that ice-cold body’s sharp teeth and spittle descended like ice, dominating Sun Yueying’s entire field of view. 

All of a sudden, a giant ice-ball shot out from the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast’s mouth. An ice-cold feeling, mixing with the wind of a bellowing roar, once again dragging the Ruler Remonstrating Plains to an ice-cold extreme.

That dazzling light was like a shooting star, dragging a bright tail. It plowed open an ugly scar over the earth. The second and the third shooting star followed close behind. Flowers of ice-cold suddenly blossomed on the earth.

Sun Yueying evaded through hailstone bombardment filling the skies. Her figure manifested an illusory shadow. Such a “real” figure tricked the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast’s eyes. 

The Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast’s light wings wildly emitted frosty flames.

Its ice-cold breath tore apart atmospheric obstruction. Sun Yueying was like a leaf in the wind, shaking in the tremulous flow of air. Her Star Energy defense was instantly smashed to pieces by the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast. The snowy flame surrounding its body of ice and frost let out a hissing sound.

As the head of the Four Heavenly Kings, Earthly Brave Star Sun Yueying braced against the screaming air pressure and bone-chilling cold to raise her head and search for her target. When she returned to her senses, wings of light had instantly passed by, and an ice-cold body was already in front of her.

A black shadow flit by her.

In that exchange, an intense sonic boom occurred, instantly piercing her eardrums.


“How is this possible.” Huangfu Youyun was shocked to see the Star Beast she summoned be injured by Sun Yueying’s lance.

The Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast fearfully looked at the woman’s easygoing spearmanship that had cut down its sharp claws.

“A Star Beast is a very good companion, but leave the fighting to us.” Sun Yueying easily said.

The Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast’s eyes flowed with an ice-cold light, and the ice-cold air enveloping its whole body diffused. The Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast’s pure white body flashed with a crystalline luster. Blinding, ice-cold lightning cut open the weak atmosphere. That silver-white light was like an infuriated viper, pouncing towards Sun Yueying without restraint.

Sun Yueying promptly evaded, but that thick lightning very quickly bit over. Sun Yueying raised her spear to block not the lightning, but a kind of chill entering her bones and organs, making her body unable suppress her shivering.

This is bad!!

The Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast’s other claw scratched at Sun Yueying, towards what it felt were this woman’s hopes.

However, just before it made contact with Sun Yueying, the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast’s claws suddenly were forcibly stopped. A crimson light pounced towards it, stirring up a strong gust of scorching flame that became a bird of fire.

The firebird slammed into the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast, creating an explosion of fire and ice.

Dark Technique.

“Hundred Birds Devouring Clouds Slash!”3

Sun Yueying’s spear slashed with a magnificent strike. The next instant, a gorgeous light swept by that carried Sun Yueying into the air. Following the phoenix cry, another fire bird rocketed into the sky, climbing into the icy heavens above the mountains. 

Endless ice and frost encroached and immediately destroyed this firebird.

Sun Yueying subsequently turned in the air, sweeping aside the icicles, but the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast was already attacking.


The Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast suddenly discovered that the woman before it had vanished without a trace. By the time it noticed, she had already appeared to its flank. The spear wrapped in burning hot killing intent suddenly slashed down. The Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast howled. A deep wound appeared, and its blood became chunks of ice.

“Alright, let us end this dance.”

Spear-light flashed, finally cutting down the Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast.

Su Yueying landed, spear upon her back, dazzling.

The Earthly Brave Star’s famous Destined Weapon “Ten Thousand Clouds”4 reportedly had another Star Weapon that was a club known as “Thousand Snowpiles.”5 Huangfu Youyun was very calm, not feeling any fear at all when Sun Yueying killed her Earth Rank Summon.

Sun Yueying nodded.

“If Little Sister wants to see the other Star Weapon, I am not opposed.”

“Of course I want to see.”

Huangfu Youyun smirked.

The Ten THousand Hibernating Moon Flute sparkled with millions of starlights. Several teleportation arrays opened one after another upon the ground.

Earth Rank Summon.

Guanghan Red Hare.

Earth Rank Summon.

Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

Earth Rank Summon.

Green Cloud Azure Dragon.6

“Three Earth Ranks?” Sun Yueying’s brows rose. But that was not all. Huangfu Yueying drew upon her Seven Star Destined Weapon’s support, continuing to summon several dozen Star Beasts. Among them was a red peacock that was actually Sun Yueying’s own Star Beast.7

Sun Yueying’s left hand shook, and the “Thousand Snowpiles” club appeared. That was a club that was white as snow, brilliant and sparkling.

“Now, experience the stage I have set for you.” Huangfu Youyun extended her hand and arrogantly said.

The Star Beasts attacked together.

Sun Yueying entered the center of their formation.

Spear-light flashed, a rain of blood fell!

Meanwhile at Kaifeng, Su Xing and Li Taisui’s battle had reached a breaking point. After Li Taisui’s strongest ability was dispelled by Su Xing, Su Xing also no longer held back. He used his final, yet-to-be-fully-matured trump card.

Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.

Su Xing obtained this peak when he faced off against Great Saint Starkiller. Originally damaged by the Five Dragons Lantern, it was barely restored by Tang Lianxin later, but the reason why the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was labeled immature was because Su Xing had tested imbuing it with his Divine Intent. Although he could control it, he always felt there was some sort of feeling he was unable to completely control it, as if the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak contained something else within. Thus, Su Xing did not want to use it up until now.

But at the moment, Li Taisui’s True Body was honestly too strong.

With no choice, Su Xing finally could only activate the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak suddenly grew in size. Indeed, its Golden Magnetic Divine Light was formidable, and even the immemorial thunder breath was inhibited. The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond was also unable to budge. Just as it seemed able to kill the old man in one blow, Su Xing had still underestimated this thousand year old cultivator monster from Star World.

Li Taisui roared and spat out a painting.

This painting featured the scenes of mountains, rivers, and people.

Shockingly, it was the Along The River During Qingming that had originally trapped the Liao Emperor. That day when they freed the Liao Emperor, Li Taisui had naturally kept this painting for safekeeping. However, because of his Good Fortune Prayer Mat, Li Taisui had thrown the Along The River During Qingming to the side and never used it. Now, against the Purple Thunder Monster, starting from the very moment the number one magic weapon clashed against the Heaven Rank magic, this was a battle filled with a sequence of counters.

Neither was willing to be the first to show their final trump card.

For Star Masters the likes of Su Xing and Li Taisui, each of them was very aware that this battle had a bottom line. The very first to exhaust their tricks would inevitably become the loser.

Li Taisui had always pressured Su Xing. When Su Xing used his last drop of magic energy to activate the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, the old man immediately knew that the time had come. He activated Along The River During Qingming. Although its power could not compare to the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, with Li Taisui’s Supervoid Late Stage peak cultivation, the painting became a mountain that trapped the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.

Su Xing promptly formed a hand seal.

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak and the Along The River During Qingming struggled. Finally, they each broke away, both sustaining losses.

At this time, even Su Xing had a kind of dejection that he had been defeated by an old man.

The shrewdness of this old monster was honestly too unfathomable.

The Li Taisui who was already at the end of his rope finally caught a glimmer of victory, “Die, Purple Thunder Monster.” Taisui once again pounced towards him. “Su Xing.” Zhao Hanyan immediately controlled her Flying Swords, but she was too heavily injured by the thunder breath attack.


Su Xing at this moment truly did not have the strength to lift even a finger. Continuously using the Chaotic Tail Escape, and having expended all his magic energy, the current him was an unprecedented level of fatigued.

“I, the Strength Star, am here.”

Lu Xiao swept across the countless fluttering thunder breaths, forcing her way towards the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond. Purple sparks suddenly entangled the Golden Qilin Lance. Li Taisui’s tail was like a sharp sword, surprisingly brandishing a several hundred zhang sword-light. It was like a gigantic fang, spreading like arcs. Wherever they passed, the afterimages Lu Xiao had created through her high speed instantly vanished like snow under sunlight.

The ground quaked.


Her figure slashed in midair. Lu Xiao’s afterimages suddenly came to life, twisting several times and suddenly breaking free of Li Taisui’s thunder breath. There was another thunderous explosion, and it rang again in the sky. It seemed distant, yet it was actually much closer.

Several dodges later, Jade Qilin suddenly double back, light as smoke.


A terrifying noise.

Instantly, her hands were shaken. An extremely frightening force abruptly exploded upon Lu Xiao’s Golden Qilin Lance. It suddenly shook the girl’s leaning body backwards. Immediately, it bounced back with even greater speed.

Lu Xiao was slammed into the ground. The outlines of her arms were already a blood-red.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond viciously pounced.

With even faster speed, Su Xing’s last Chaotic Tail Escape once again rescued Lu Xiao, but this time did not create too much distance because his body nearly collapsed as well.

“Purple Thunder Monster, you are already at the end of the road.” Li Taisui declared. His thunder breath was already incomparably weak, as if the gentlest blow could knock it down, but already there was no one left with this capability.

All of the girls grit their teeth, and even the refined Gongsun Huang showed an indignant expression for the first time.

A little more, just a little more to defeat it.

Su Xing pondered for a countermeasure. He had not given up yet.

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  2. 青蜀林
  3. 百鳥吞霞斬
  4. 萬重霞
  5. 千堆雪
  6. 青雲蒼龍
  7. As it seems, she can summon any Star Beast she wants. The author most likely used familiar Star Beasts to help readers know the Earthly Brave Star’s power scaling.

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