Chapter 669: So Many Potential Lovers, He Chose Them All

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Solitary Star Tang Lianxin sat on the palace terrace, gazing into the far-off White Tiger Territory shrouded in mist and lightning. Her hand held an incomplete piece of Black Iron.

“Lianxin? Where is that Shi Xiuxiu?” After Shi Yuan put the sleep Bai Yutang inside her room to rest, she walked over. Seeing the bewildered Tang Lianxin, she then asked the question.

The Wisdom Star who was currently recuperating in the Longevity Palace had been chatting Tang Lianxin up about everything regarding Su Xing. From how he met Lin Yingmei up to the Double Sevens with Hua Wanyue, the feral woman solely devoted to martial arts was apparently quite interested in gossip. She must be thinking of marrying Su Xing after giving her virginity to him, Shi Yuan indignantly thought.

She, the Thief Star, had been with Su Xing through thick and thin. She was the third Star General to sign a contract with Su Xing, yet at this point she still had not lost her virginity. Instead, the later Sisters cut the line. The ranked one hundred and seventh Shi Yuan gloomily wanted to bang her head against the wall when she realized she had fallen behind in even this area.

“She left.” Tang Lianxin softly said.

Shi Yuan was astonished. “Isn’t she still very weak right now? Where can she even go.” Flea on a Drum angrily said: “Su Xing already is make us two very worried, now this Elder Sister is causing trouble.”

“Shi Xiu said she is very thankful that Elder Brother saved her. She has gone to return this favor.” Tang Lianxin answered.

“What does that mean? Su Xing doesn’t want her to pay him back. Does she think that Su Xing has an ulterior motive?” Shi Yuan scoffed.

Tang Lianxin shook her head.

“This Young Lady cannot wait any longer. I am going to see how Su XIng is doing.” After Shi Yuan finished speaking, she turned into a black shadow and instantly left the Longevity Palace, slinking stealthily towards the boundless White Tiger.

Tang Lianxin stopped.

Su Xing brainstormed for countermeasures, considering how to defeat Li Taisui.

Now, it seemed that his only hope apparently was in a helpless method. Su Xing subconsciously glanced at the nearby girl.

“I will go.” Lu Xiao pursed her lips and leapt backwards several steps.  “Do not think of kissing Xiao’er.” Jade Qiling covered her lips, warning Su Xing with a glare. This made the latter quite hurt.

“Was I so obvious.” Su Xing was speechless.

Lu Xiao gravely nodded.

“You can go find the Noble Star if you want that. All she did along the way was drone on and on about you.” Jade Qilin pointed her lance at Little Whirlwind.

Chai Ling’s cheeks faintly blushed. She fanned with the Golden Thread Feather Fan.

Everyone was very clear in their minds.

Right now, the only way they had was to sign a Star Duel Covenant. As long as Su Xing could replenish his Star Energy with any one of the Star Generals present, facing the completely spent Li Taisui was no different than putting this Divine Beast from Star World onto the chopping board.

If they thought of this, Su Xing’s hidden trump card would make any enemy despair.

But Li Taisui sneered.

“Purple Thunder Monster, are you preparing to sign a contract. Very well, let This Old Man see that art of yours that can sign an unlimited number of contracts…However, just do not die while you are signing that contract…” As he said this, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond opened his mouth and madly sucked in the White Tiger Territory’s ancient spiritual power. The old man that was originally about to collapse at any moment was suddenly bursting with spiritual energy. He had surprisingly restored his magic energy rapidly.

This was the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s ability.

Absorbing the world’s ancient spiritual energy into its own body and combining its body with the world, by doing so, the old man’s magic energy was limitless, absolutely limitless. From the moment Li Taisui manifested his True Body, in this ancient White Tiger Territory, the old man already stood at an undefeatable realm. Thus, he was sure he could take the Noble Star and Strength Star. 

Everyone stared dumbstruck.

They had fought for so long, Su Xing had fought for so long, yet in the end, this old man simply took one breath of spiritual power and surprisingly began to restore his magic energy. Everything before was wasted.

This was the first time Su Xing had encountered such an abnormal opponent. He may as well have thrown a piece of tofu at him – he can’t break the rules so badly like this, can he. Su Xing had entirely forgotten that he himself was the king of breaking the rules.

“Not on my watch.” Hua Wanyue had recovered a bit of her Star Energy. She did not hesitate to draw her bow, and a second Star Piercing Arrow appeared on the string.

“Milord, quickly sign a contract with Chai Ling.” Hua Wanyue shouted.

Her hand slackened.

The bowstring snapped to.

The Star Piercing Arrow emitted a brilliant starlight, vanishing into thin air.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s expression became stern.

Its immemorial thunder breath became a dragon.


The Star Piercing Arrow was twisted by the thunder breath, but it disintegrated the thunder breath. The remaining force of the arrow shot straight into Taisui. The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond let out a scream. Spiritual power poured madly into its body, making Hua Wanyue’s Star Piercing Arrow completely harmless.

How could Taisui allow Su Xing to actually sign a contract. The old man’s mind was very clear that if he allowed this Purple Thunder Monster to recover his magic energy, another long battle would ensue, the array would vanish, and everything would be ruined.

The thunder breath became two flying dragons.

They first flew towards Chai Ling.

Su Xing bravely dashed forward to hold the thunder dragons back. After a terrifying bite, Su Xing cut an exceptionally sorry figure. The radiance of that Yellow Gown of Coronation had also dimmed.

Now, it was Su Xing’s turn to be unable to last much longer.

“This Old Man finally can understand how you are able to have so many Star Generals follow you.” Li Taisui said, “A pity that the Star Master would stick his head out for his Star General. That only leads to a dead end.

Thunder and lightning swept.

Li Taisui once again absorbed ancient spiritual power. The White Tiger Territory’s prehistoric atmosphere had been mostly absorbed by him, unexpectedly making millions of Demon Beasts feel fear in an instant.

But just at this moment, the ground suddenly quaked. The crashing of water could be heard all around.

Everyone was taken aback, and even Li Taisui felt this was outrageous.

All of a sudden.

A water sword descended from the sky into the mini Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array’s center. This was a blade massive beyond compare, as if it had been born from the world. It carried a heavy pressure that shot directly into the center of the array and then on towards the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond all in the same attack. There was a massive noise. A blooming water flower shook everyone back, and the array exploded with a boom.

The Spherical Heaven Form Array had broken.

Li Taisui was shocked then furious. He glanced at the young girl who broke the miniature Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array.

“Yuqi has arrived.”

The Zhang Yuqi whose skin was as delicate as snow attracted attention wherever she went. The Urgent Seas White Spirit Python sprayed a wave of water towards the sky. When these water droplets landed, they appeared light, but the ground they fell on rumbled as if with the heavy power of a mountain.

Weak Water?1

Li Taisui immediately realized what had happened.

Zhang Yuqi knew that her Earth Rank “Heavenly Sword” could not possibly break the miniature Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array. Therefore, she specifically made the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python absorb “Three Thousand Weak Water.”2 Because Zhang Yuqi wanted to use the Weak Water to augment the Fish Intestine Sword, she fortunately knew where the Three Thousand Weak Water was. She very easily had Little White Wave gulp down a lot to store in its stomach, but each droplet of the Three Thousand Weak Water was extremely heavy. Just storing the Weak Water in its stomach made Little White Wave suffer serious injury. By the time this spray was finished, it had nearly collapsed, but for the sake of saving Su Xing from the array, Zhang Yuqi could only sacrifice her.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond that was struck with the Heavenly Sword still displayed powerful pressure.

Zhang Yuqi then used “Wild Bee Butterfly Wave.”

She turned the Weak Water into arrows, their might formidable.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond opened its mouth and attacked with Thunder Breath.

“Young Su, quickly make the Sisters blow…oh, quickly return to the Longevity Palace.” Zhang Yuqi promptly said.

“Run as fast as you can, This Old Man shall see just how many you can save.” Li Taisui was furious.


This old man’s plans ran very deep.

So long as he could take either the Noble Star or the Strength Star, these Star Duels would still be Li Taisui’s victory. In actuality, Li Taisui nevertheless did not realize that Hua Wanyue did not have a contract. In this way, how could Su Xing leave behind three women so he could run away himself.


This was the only way.

Su Xing glanced at the closest Chai Ling. He quickly stepped forward and came before her. But Li Taisui was extremely cunning. He first knocked Zhang Yuqi away. With the power of his Thunder Breath, Zhang Yuqi’s Water Element Star Magic could only enhance his Thunder Magic’s power. Defeating this girl was no longer of interest to him. Seeing Su Xing was about to sign a contract, Li Taisui thus used his own Thunder Escape, but not to stop Su Xing.

Instead, he attacked Strength Star Lu Xiao.

The old man had already seen through Su Xing’s weakness – This man was a complete master of unfaithfulness.

Just as expected, Su Xing embraced Chai Ling. Just as he was about to kiss her, with the queen’s eyes already shut, in the middle of a sensual pose, Su Xing nevertheless saw Li Taisui go attack Lu Xiao. Su Xing could not help but use another Chaotic Tail Escape.

The Chaotic Tail Escape’s speed while under heavy injury was even faster than the thunder, and he was able to rescue the powerless Lu Xiao.

Li Taisui laughed.

This man was quick enough to switch girls, as expected. He was trying in vain to save all of the Star Generals.

In the words of the Azure Dragon Territory – So many potential lovers,3 this man surprisingly wanted them all.

Truly hateful.

“This Old Man even thought you were a man of ambition and ruthlessness. As it turns out, you are merely a romantic!!” Very good, today, this Purple Thunder Monster must die here, Li Taisui was even more confident.

The Thunder Escape rose. Not giving Su Xing any chance to sign a contract with Lu Xiao, the old man again attacked Chai Ling.

While Su Xing hugged Lu Xiao, Xiao’er was somewhat flustered, fearful this man would actually force a kiss on her or the like. At this moment, if this man wanted to push her down to force, whether by passion or by reason, Lu Xiao herself could not find a reason in the bottom of her heart to refuse.

The two stared at one another for a brief instant. Complex feelings flashed past Lu Xiao’s eyes. However, Su Xing did not have even the strength to lower his head right now. An activation of the Chaotic Tail Escape like this already completely relied on his willpower to sustain it. The other girls wanted to help Su XIng, but the pervasive thunder breath left them only able to watch helplessly.

“Purple Thunder Monster, today, on behalf of Liangshan Continent, This Old Man shall rid these Star Duels of the scourge that is you.”

He saw that Su Xing had finally ran out of energy.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s lightning charged.

Powerful immemorial breath completely fell, full of enough force to turn Su Xing into slag. Su Xing weakly formed a hand seal, to use his Gown of Coronation to counterattack. When Lu Xiao saw Su Xing’s heroic spirit, her heart felt distress.

It was very difficult for Su Xing to sign a contract with her, but it was much simpler for the Jade Qilin to sign a contract with this man.

Lu Xiao bit open her lip when suddenly at this moment.

The figure of a phoenix flew in front of Su Xing, completely destroying the incoming Immemorial Thunder Breath.

“If you describe him as a scourge to Maiden Mountain, then Your Humble Servant could not agree with you more.”

A voice filled with a heroic spirit that reached the clouds broke through the haze.

Everyone was astonished.

The one who appeared in front of SU Xing was none other than Wisdom Star Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiu.

Shi Xiuxiu wore a forthcoming smile and said to Su Xing: “You saved Your Humble Servant’s life, so Your Humble Servant shall repay you with this life.”

“Just you alone, Daredevil Third Brother?! Have you forgotten how many times This Old Man let you go?” Li Taisui sneered.

Shi Xiuxiu nodded.

“Your Humble Servant is very grateful to Zijin, so this time, Your Humble Servant shall use the title of Daredevil Third Brother to repay Senior.” Shi Xiuxiu bowed, respectfully displaying the warrior’s etiquette.

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  1. 弱水
  2. 三千弱水
  3. 弱水三千, the very same phrase as the Three Thousand Weak Water above.

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