Chapter 670: Heavenly Book

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“Xiuxiu, what are you doing?” Su Xing suddenly had a bad feeling.

Shi Xiuxiu did not answer. She merely smiled and brought out the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber.

Li Taisui felt this was ridiculous. Daredevil Third Brother’s martial arts were indeed exceptional, but he originally could make even Yang Zijin swear fealty to him, let alone this Daredevil Third Brother who was only good at martial arts. “Very good, seeing as how you do not have a contract, then This Old Man shall take you as well.”

Taisui opened his mouth.

Roaring lightning pierced the heavens.

Shi Xiuxiu breathed calmly. At this moment, everyone finally noticed that Shi Xiuxiu’s body burned with a bright flame. The Shi Xiuxiu who should have been debilitated from losing her virginity was actually uncharacteristically powerful. Not only did she not show any sign of weakness, on the contrary, she was full of a kind of unprecedented aura of power. This kind of presence stunned even Lu Xiao.

The burning flames made Shi Xiuxiu fall into an absolutely beautiful place. A True Phoenix was faintly visible upon her.

True Phoenix Realm??

Lu Xiao gasped.

“Stop this now.” Su Xing urgently shouted. He already discerned the reason for Shi Xiuxiu’s abnormal state – All Out.

Shi Xiuxiu was currently activating her Innate Skill on an unprecedented level.

True to her name as Daredevil Third Brother, Shi Xiuxiu lightly jumped, and her saber cut down the Thunder Breath. The True Phoenix Realm warrior’s martial arts were already at an all new level. Every one of her movements was of supreme quality, as if made by Heaven itself, completely flawless.

Even Li Taisui was shocked. Nevertheless, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond wielded its own powers at an opportune time, madly absorbing spiritual power, wildly releasing Thunder Breath.

Shi Xiuxiu instantly closed the distance, her swordsmanship cutting red lines, her killing intent piercing the clouds and splitting stone as she fought the Thunder Breath. Even the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond that Strength Star Lu Xiao was unable to face head on was being easily suppressed by Shi Xiuxiu.

The old man used everything he had, wielding the strongest Thunder Magic in all of Liangshan Continent to its limit. Thunder pythons, thunder swords and blades, lightning, he put all his spiritual power to use, spurring his thunder on. Shi Xiuxiu unleashed her feral instincts. Each of her slashes revealed the fluid martial arts of a True Phoenix warrior. She somersaulted up and down, forcing Li Taisui back step by step. An overwhelming courage finally made the extremely shrewd old man feel dread and panic. 

“Shi Xiu, are you thinking of taking This Old Man down with you.”

“Is Senior cowering away?” Shi Xiuxiu asked back. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber unleashed a Dark Rank Technique, leaving a frightening wound upon the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s body. Spiritual power burst forth to quickly heal the wound, but several other attacks quickly followed suit.

“Fool, you would surprisingly do such a thing for a man completely unrelated to you.” Because of fear, Li Taisui began to shrink back.

“This is not for him, rather, this is for Maiden Mountain’s Sisters.”

“What nonsense is this.”

“Senior, look clearly.”

“Shi Xiu!!!”

The lightning covering the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s whole body formed an immense black hole, “Cloud Dream Realm, Devour All Things!” This time, the old man finally used an ability that debilitated his own cultivation. That black hole was like the maw of a beast, attempting to devour Shi Xiuxiu. It was unimaginable that this old surprisingly still had one last trick up his sleeve. Perhaps he had prepared it specifically for if Su Xing signed a contract.

But at this time, Li Taisui already was forced to use it on Shi Xiuxiu’s All Out.

This time, the old man truly cut a sorry figure.

Shi Xiuxiu’s whole body was brilliantly beautiful. That figure like a phoenix dancing through the Nine Heavens would enthrall anyone, regardless of the strongest martial general Lu Xiao or Su Xing. Saber-qi poured swiftly out of her sabertip, cutting the world in a flash. The saber-qi wove into a net of killing intent in midair, catching Li Taisui like a moth in a net.

Li Taisui’s expression changed. The Cloud Dream Realm, Devour All Things converted ambient spiritual power into most powerful killing intent, but it was surprisingly unable to devour Shi Xiuxiu’s saber-qi net. Was this the power of a True Phoenix Realm martial general?

The corner of Shi Xiuxiu’s lips curled, and a wild smile blossomed.

Then, her figure warped, and the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber hacked straight at the old man.

Dark Rank Saber Technique.

Heavenly Punishment Earthly Destruction!!1

Shi Xiu shouted. All Out already burned at its climax. The True Phoenix Realm was unfathomable, her saber-qi cutting the world, shredding Li Taisui’s abilities. The trapped Li Taisui had no way to withstand this. He watched helplessly as her killing intent descended upon his whole body. Lightning exploded, and spiritual power writhed.

The Cloud Dream Thunder Pond continuously absorbed the ambient spiritual power to recover his injuries, but Shi Xiuxiu’s Earth Rank attack was extremely powerful. Then, the True Phoenix Realm warrior’s attack was swift as flowing water, dazzling.

Ray after intersecting ray of saber-qi flashed onto the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s body.

The speed of her slashes was already completely beyond the absorption speed of the old man. Not long after, at last, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s absorption stance thoroughly disappeared.

In midair, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond’s body was full of wounds, already devoid of any spiritual power.

Shi Xiuxiu finally sheathed her saber.

“Impossible…Impossi…ble…This Old Man will die in this world…The Cloud Dream Pond…Cloud Dream…This Old Man will not be able to go back…” He took one last breath, “…Zijin…Save me…” Li Taisui’s breathing stopped.

In the sky.

A final brilliant Crimson Star suddenly fell.

“Xiuxiu.” Everyone stepped forward, sorrowfully looking at the woman who converted her own life force into the pinnacle of martial arts.

Any words were already meaningless.

Shi Xiuxiu looked back, gazing at the Sisters.

“Shi Xiu, Xiao’er still has not fought a bout with you. Are you thinking of running first? Su Xing, quickly sign a contract with her…” Lu Xiao said gruffly.

“Your Humble Servant was really looking forward to a battle with the strongest Elder Sister.” Shi Xiuxiu slightly smiled. Her gaze finally fell upon Su Xing.

“There is no need for you to feel guilt. This is the best ending for Your Humble Servant.” Her life force was dissipating bit by bit. The girl’s body was gradually turning transparent. No contract could possibly save her from this consequence.

But Shi Xiuxiu was not afraid at all. On the contrary, she stared at Su Xing with exceptional satisfaction. “Your Humble Servant has heard all about you from Tang Lianxin. Your Humble Servant has never admired any man, but you are the only one…If…” She said if: “If you can climb up Maiden Mountain, then Your Humble Servant shall accompany you then.” No one knew for sure just what Maiden Mountain was, nor what became of Starfallen Star Maidens. Everything was unknown, but at this moment, this was little comfort.

“I will come to pick you up.” Su Xing solemnly promised.

Glancing profoundly at Su Xing, as if she wanted to commit him to memory, she wore a final feral smile and then looked up to the Crimson Star in the sky above. 

Finally, the burning stopped.

In the sky, the Crimson Star representing the Wisdom Star vanished.

All of the girls wiped their tears while Su Xing was speechless.

“Caiwei, did you say that the White Tiger Demonkin have already taken the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice?” At the Black Ice Abyss, Lin Yingmei watched Gong Caiwei tend to the Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s wounds, posing the questing to her.

Only after hearing Gong Caiwei’s words did she finally realize the reason they had not seen a piece of Ten Thousand Year Black Ice. As it turned out, the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars had already been here. It was no wonder. How could that Han Bing of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars let this place go. The previous Black Crystal Ice Qilin that guarded the Black Ice Abyss had already been slain by Han Bing, and this one was merely a child. This was the same as the information that they had researched. How could a hibernating Black Crystal Ice Qilin ever emerge, let alone one so weak. It did not have the manner of one of Liangshan Continent’s strongest Demon Beasts.

The Black Crystal Ice Qilin’s guard was completely down, whimpering as Gong Caiwei treated her wounds.

The girl showed a smile and stroked the Ice Qilin’s head.

Seeing this gesture, Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou smiled at one another.

It seemed this trip was not futile.

Huangfu Youyun stared in shock as her fifth Earth Rank Summon Star River Qilin was slain by Sun Yueying, who attacked with both spear and club in the Earth Rank “Instantaneous Rise And Fall.”2 Her five Earth Ranks were completely defeated, and at this time, the Earthly Star’s strongest Heavenly King Sick Yuchi was covered in bruises, as if she was somewhat unable to continue. 

These were five of the strongest Star Beasts that would have given even the Strength Star trouble, yet Sun Yueying did not run. Instead, she fought with all her might.

“You clearly had a chance to kill me. Why did you not?” Huangfu Youyun knew that Sun Yueying had closed the distance several times, but she did not deal any finishing blows. “Do you think this will make me listen to your words?” The girl played her flute.

Teleportation arrays once again formed, and another several dozen Star Beasts were summoned from Evil Smiting Hall. Although they were not top-notch martial general Star Beasts, they were fully capable of killing Sun Yueying.

“You are My little sister, not an enemy.” Sun Yueying panted.

Huangfu Youyun was shaken, having sustained an unprecedented blow. This type of warmth was complex and unfamiliar to the remote Huangfu Youyun. “Then die!!!!” Huangfu Youyun sorrowfully launched an attack. 

From a faraway corner, Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi silently watched everything.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, View Of Buddhist Kingdom.” Chao Wuhui’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda activated and broke the Liao Emperor’s magic weapons, directly entering the array. “Yelü Wuxin, do you think you can destroy the Star Duels with this much?? You have dug your own grave.” Chao Wuhui said in a low voice.

“Is that so? Then how about if This King does this?” Yelü Wuxin waved her hand, sending that book into the array. The Yellow Court Book shimmered with light. Only now did Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai finally get a clear look at this book’s name. Chao Gai was shaken.

“Heavenly Book!”

“Three Heavenly Books, you surprisingly have one of the Three Heavenly Books!!” Chao Gai’s complexion changed.

“If this is the case, Chao Gai, do you still believe that This King is unable to destroy Star Duels? Then let This King test your conclusion.” Yelü Wuxin laughed freely at the sky. Chao Gai had a ill feeling of foreboding. She quickly moved to stop her, but she was already too late.

The Heavenly Book rose, glowing with brilliant light. The Heavenly Sacrifice Pagoda’s heaven reaching light immediately shot into the clouds and vanished from sight.

This is not good. Chao Wuhui’s expression was extremely unsightly. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda flashed and also easily sucked in the Yelü Wuxin who had lost her Heavenly Book. She gazed at Maiden Mountain, but just as she was about to rush over, she spotted Su Xing.

Gritting her teeth, she was unable to say anything to the Wisdom Star who had exhausted her life force, and her figure vanished.

Maiden Mountain.

The Maiden Mountain out of reach of people. In actuality, it was no different from any other mountain. Aside from its height that reached into the clouds and its unsurmountable summit, there was also an invisible barrier that prevented intrusion by any cultivators. Legend said that only a Star Master and Star General that were recognized could enter.

And in the hundred li vicinity of Maiden Mountain was a paradise of birdsong and fragrant flowers. Owing its name to its reputation, it contrarily had many scattered villages upon it.

On this day, the villagers of Seven Worthies Village suddenly discovered several light fly out from the nearby Seven Worthies Bamboo Grove. The depths of the Seven Worthies Bamboo Grove was considered to be within Maiden Mountain, so when the villagers saw this phenomenon, they lowered their heads and prayed.

Four lights rose into the nine firmaments. Inside the lights were four women, one dressed in fish-patterned armor and draped in a large phoenix robe. She was tall and slender in figure, and with her narrow eyes, she seemed to be always smiling.

One was dressed in a dark blue tunic and a long skirt. She wore no undergarment to cover her lofty chest, of which half was exposed, an erotic sight. Her right leg had a black see-through dragon-pattern stocking while her left leg was as white as snow. White and black, the contrast was quite alluring.

Her clothes were like two pieces of different fabric, completely highlighting the girl’s mature and beautiful figure, and extraordinarily beautiful at that.

The woman had crimson eyes, and her hair was tied in loops. Around her were countless white dragon phantoms darting back and forth, sticking together.

The third woman was dressed in simple and unadorned Buddhist clothing with her hair tied in a braid. She carried a string of prayer beads. Her right hand gripped a Spirit Beast “Great Wisdom King Peacock” while her left hand arm was bound in shackles. She faintly emitted the bloody scent of a demon.

Compared to the previous three beauties, the fourth was very plain. Her figure was slender, even somewhat frail. She wore a wide skirt, and an enormous bow and arrow was upon her back. Her upper body was dressed in black skintight clothing, outlining her flat chest. 

“That Immemorial Liao Emperor is surprisingly still alive. How truly troublesome.” The pretty and mature woman who was like a ripe fruit licked her lips.

“Hee, hee, let us finish them off then.” The flat chested woman giggled.

“Amitayus.”3 The Buddhist woman took a big bite out of the Wisdom King Peacock’s flesh, washing it down with a swig of wine.

The narrow-eyed, benevolently smiling woman gazed into the distance. Suddenly, she drew a broadsword of magnificent Essence Steel out from thin air. Her finger traced the talisman script upon the sword, and the tip of her finger was cut open by the blade’s edge. A droplet of blood flowed the sword’s edge onto the script, making the blade flash a blood-colored light. The woman smiled and said: “Flip open the last page of the Star Duels. Allow me to write upon the last page on behalf of Her Highness – The Star Duels end this generation…”

The blood-colored sword-light passed.

Maiden Mountain’s unbreakable barrier suddenly tore open.

An indistinct, mysterious woman that would cause people to only revere her slowly strolled down from Maiden Mountain’s main court…

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  1. 天誅地滅
  2. 頃刻興亡過手 This was formerly translated as “Instant Flourish And Decay Past Hand.”
  3. Another name for Amitabha apparently.

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