Chapter 671: I Want To Become Your Wife

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The battle of the White Tiger’s Kaifeng exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The strongest Star Duel in the Ninth Generation had thoroughly collapsed the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars. The transformed Divine Beast from Star World, Cloud Dream Thunder Pond Li Taisui, fell in this battle. To say this was a victory, from an outsider’s perspective, the Purple Thunder Monster was able to disintegrate the power of the White Tiger Territory’s Star Masters without the four great Star Generals Lin Chong, Wu Song, Wu Yong, and Hu Sanniang; it was more apt to say this was a decisive victory.

Five Stars fell in succession in the White Tiger Territory, and one Star was lost. This Star Duel would someday inevitably become another terrifying legend of Liangshan Continent’s Purple Thunder Monster.

But as of this moment, Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

The victor was nevertheless not the least bit happy, and Su Xing did not feel he had won at all. On the contrary, since he had come to Liangshan Continent and passed through Stone Tablet City, Five Poisons Mountain and the Dragon Palace Banquet, this was the first time he felt truly defeated.

“Huh, Ten Thousand Year Black Ice.” Shi Yuan was currently inspecting their spoils from the White Tiger Territory.

It was a pity that whether or not Li Taisui was supremely self-confident in his own power or the White Tiger Territory was actually very deficient, his Astral Stone contained nothing amazing aside from his “Cloud Dream Fan.” When she saw Han Bing’s Astral Stone, she discovered a Birth Treasure Outline and a Twin Stars Button. Then, Shi Yuan used her Divine Intent to scan the stone and suddenly froze, nearly fainting.

When she returned to her senses, she discovered these were surprisingly the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice that Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou had already gone in search of.

How were these Ten Thousand Year Black Ice on this Snow Woman. She did not seem to have used them.

Shi Yuan felt this was their sole gain from the White Tiger Territory. Perhaps this could cheer Su Xing up, so she ran in great spirits towards the Longevity Courtyard and bumped into the exiting Tang Lianxin. 

“Elder Sister, This Young Lady found these. Now, Su Xing’s Water Element Flying Swords can be forged, hee.”

“Be careful, these Ten Thousand Year Black Ice have intense cold.” Tang Lianxin wrinkled her brow. As the number one master in tool refinement, she was considered to have seen the might of the legendary Ten Thousand Year Black Ice. Just a scan with using Divine Intent had a kind of brain-freezing pain. To refine this kind of terrifying Flying Sword, it was obvious she was somewhat worried.

“That Han Bing was originally refining these Ten Thousand Year Black Ice. For the time being, we cannot give them to Elder Brother. Leave them with me for now.” Tang Lianxin said. She looked at the struggling figure in the courtyard. “Elder Brother and Elder Sisters are sparring. Their Star Energy has been greatly depleted. Right now is not a suitable time for forging.”

“Oh, This Young Lady knows.”

“Is Su Xing alright?” Shi Yuan then asked.

Tang Lianxin shook her head.

The Golden Qilin Lance and the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber splashed sparks. Lu Xiao’s body techniques were fast, each attack powerful, the pinnacle of perfection. Whenever she attacked, the Jade Qilin could also raise a defensive formation at any time. Regardless of attack or defense, she was undefeatable.

Sparring with Lu Xiao was Su Xing, who handled Shi Xiuxiu’s Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, demonstrating martial arts that did not lose out to a martial general. Compared to the perfection of the Golden Qilin’s attacks, Su Xing’s swordsmanship was desperate.

Each time, he rode along the edge of danger, giving Lu Xiao no small measure of trouble.

Lu Xiao watched Su Xing’s flurry of attacks and recalled Daredevil Third Brother.

A seemingly all-out swordsmanship. He was placing himself in the middle of danger to put the enemy in danger at the same time.

But, from Lu Xiao’s perspective, this was nevertheless not very comfortable.

“Shi Xiuxiu was worthy of Xiao’er’s respect, but Su Xing, swordsmanship to conquer an impasse is but a mistake.” The Strength Star’s eyes chilled, and she suddenly revolted.

Her lance spun, breaking apart the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber’s pressure. From Su Xing’s concentrated attacks, he showed a gap. Following this gap, she stabbed at Su Xing’s neck.

Su Xing’s expression concentrated. He used Light Smoke Dance Steps. The lance brushed past his neck, and flinging his right hand, a wolf-like saber qi rushed out. This was the Earth Technique Wolf Howls Ten Thousand Li.

Lu Xiao pursed her lips. She retracted the lance, and unleashed killing intent from her weapon. The girl hovered for a brief moment, leapt past Su Xing and avoided the Wolf Howls Ten Thousand Li, her lance pricking Su Xing in the back.

“Your martial arts are progressing very quickly, as expected of the Battle Doctrine Innate Talent.” Lu Xiao put away her weapon and nodded in acknowledgment. “But you are still somewhat impulsive. Against other martial generals, All Out is definitely unwise.” Saying these last few words, Jade Qilin’s tone clearly softened.

Su Xing said: “I know. But you are Lu Xiao. I thought that All Out probably would unleash our martial arts.” Su Xing smiled.

“Are you really fine?” Lu Xiao sternly asked.

She felt that allowing Shi Xiuxiu and Li Taisui take each other out probably was a rough blow to this man’s feelings, after all, that last promise to meet again at Maiden Mountain was profound.

“You don’t need to worry. Xiuxiu turned her life force into a martial art. I honor her.”

Dong Junqing and the other girls were all spectating from the side. Ever since Shi Xiuxiu had turned her life into her strongest martial art, Su Xing intensified his own martial arts training. They knew that this matter was a very serious shock to Su Xing who always wanted to protect the people at his side. Although his mood was somewhat depressed, he fortunately was not lost. It was a very good thing that he was not drunk, for the Pilgrim was not here to influence him. 

Su Xing put all of his negative feelings into sparring. This was considered a sort of consolation, and Lu Xiao found she was not very accustomed to Su Xing’s swordsmanship.

“Is this not somewhat extreme for him?” Dong Junqing asked Zhao Hanyan.

In that battle with Li Taisui, the Ling Yan Princess suffered the same as Su Xing owing to their Intertwined Branches. Her injuries were even more severe than Su Xing’s. Presently, she was still recuperating in the Longevity Palace.

“That Shi Xiuxiu does not have any relationship with him, right? It was just one-time sex…” Dong Junqing actually did not understand Su XIng’s mind too much. On the contrary, the Steadfast Star was somewhat envious of Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiu.

She was able to exit the stage of the Star Duels with her most powerful martial art in such stunning fashion, in addition to defeating the enemy that even the Strength Star could not. Was there any other way for this kind of Star General to return proudly to Maiden Mountain?

What a pity that This General does not have All Out.

Otherwise, under those circumstances, she also would not have hesitated to do so.

To be able to leave behind an inerasable heroic battle for Su Xing, she could truly die without regrets.

About those things between a man and woman, Zhao Hanyan did not know how to answer. She hesitated, then said: “In short, we have been thoroughly defeated this time. To Su Xing, defeat does not mean much, but to let the women at his side use their lives to avert this loss was too great a sacrifice.”

Oh, this really is quite wretched.

Dong Junqing pondered. “Princess Highness, tonight, let us console him nice and well. This General may as well let him ride…” When she previously made love to Su Xing together with the Knowledge Star, the Knowledge Star always urged her to take on “horse riding” position.1 But Dong Junqing was a Five Tigers General, one who loved to conquer Sisters. How could she be willing to let anyone else see this kind of position where she was conquered by a man from behind. Zhao Hanyan was a princess, and she was embarrassed to have used such a difficult position with Dong Junqing in front of his other wives.

So the Wu Xinjie who was being rode upon never gave up this task. She had even persuaded Lin Yingmei, so she was convinced that she could also win over these two girls.

“For This General and Princess Highness to treat him so well, he should be satisfied.” Dong Junqing chuckled.

Zhao Hanyan blushed and rebuked Dong Junqing in a low voice for her glibness. 

“Could it be that Princess is dumping him.” Dong Junqing said lewdly.

“This kind of thing…We can discuss later…But absolutely not tonight.” Zhao Hanyan was very firm.

Dong Junqing did not understand. In fact, Su Xing practicing Yin Yang Lovemaking Dual Cultivation could only benefit them. They could both make love, heal injuries and bolster Star Energy all at once. For such a pleasurable thing, Dong Junqing wanted to do this everyday.

“Tonight, someone will comfort him.” Zhao Hanyan turned her head and gaze down a corridor of the palace.

“Who else?”

Who, huh. Of the girls here, only the two of them had become Su Xing’s wives.

Dong Junqing was a bit lost and followed Zhao Hanyan’s gaze, wanting to know who would be the early bird that caught the worm. She spotted Gongsun Huang. “No way, even if she is an Elder Sister, we still do not know if she is completely mature.” Dong Junqing was shaken.

Zhao Hanyan was speechless. “She loves SU Xing even more than we do.”

Gongsun Huang caught on to Dong Junqing’s gaze. The little girl blinked and looked curiously behind herself.

There was a graceful, beautiful woman.

Dong Junqing finally understood the meaning of Zhao Hanyan’s words.

After night fell, a full moon sprinkled moonlight onto the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. It was not the same as Liangshan Continent’s moonlight. This moonlight was unique only to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

Under the glow of the moonlight, the Longevity Palace was peaceful, quiet enough to bring people into a dream.

Su Xing meditated below the Longevity Stele, cultivating the Demonic Pellet he obtained from the Purple Scaled Magic Cloud Dragon. With this powerful Demonic Pellet, the Purple Rose Transforming Qi that should have taken several decades to cultivate to its peak had reached its highest realm – Purple Cloud  East Approaches was imminent.

At this time, the other girls had long already returned to their own rooms to rest. The Longevity Stele Courtyard was completely empty.

A graceful woman walked quietly before Su Xing and sat next to him, not saying anything.

A long while after, the Longevity Courtyard finally had a scorching hot breath.

“Wanyue, still not asleep?” Su Xing opened his eyes and stopped cultivating. He smiled tenderly at the woman.

Hua Wanyue had changed clothes. She was in simple silken robes, and her long black hair was tied up. She seemed like an immortal.

“I understand why I could not link my heart with Milord’s.” Hua Wanyue said and brought out a short arrow.

“What I worried most was that you would be too stubborn, Wanyue. Linking our hearts isn’t important, not everything needs to be perfect. That is a vase, not you, Wanyue.” Su Xing hugged Hua Wanyue.

Any other of the wives would have very naturally reclined against Su Xing’s shoulder now.

But Hua Wanyue hesitated. She did not move and gently said: “But I am like this arrow. If the inside is empty, there can be no way at all to link. Then this arrow will break when fired…” Her fingers pinched, and that arrow broke open with a crack.

Su Xing hesitated and suddenly remembered Jiang Shuishui’s prophecy.

Broken arrow beauty.

“Wanyue, if you’re thinking about this, then I’ll force a contract on you right now.” Su Xing sternly said.

Hua Wanyue’s pale face blushed slightly. The woman elegantly used her fingers to move aside a lock of heir on her chest. She slowly said: “If I may be so bold, I have something I would like to request Milord.”

“If you want to use a request, then I won’t help you.” Su Xing shook his head.

Hua Wanyue smiled. She stared at SU Xing, and a while after, she finally spoke.

“I want to become your wife.”

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