Chapter 672: Thirteen Beauties Serving One Master, Graceful Pandering ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Su Xing was stunned at first. Then, he softly asked: “What brought this on? If it’s guilt…” 

“Milord, you are thinking too much. I know that guilty feelings are not reliable at all.” Hua Wanyue smiled and said.

Su Xing was even more confused by Hua Wanyue’s intentions.

“After the Double Sevens, we should have already had a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill. To possess a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow is the lifetime greatest honor of a Star General and Star Master. How can I not be moved.”

“Don’t tell me you have to become my wife in order to have a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow?” Su Xing felt this sounded very uncomfortable.

“Milord, you must realize why I am unable to link my heart to yours?” Hua Wanyue asked back.

Su Xing was honestly not clear on this. Things like emotions could not be forced. Just like he said before, a person’s life could not possibly be smooth sailing. That was something the male lead in a movie could do; it was impossible for him to handle everything perfectly. That was something only a god or a psycho could achieve. “If you don’t mind, I believe there will be a day when we can link hearts.” Su Xing answered with confidence.

Hua Wanyue nodded, not negating Su Xing’s response, but Hearo Star Little Li Guang still had her own answer.

“I thought over Chai Ling’s question. The reason lays with Me…”

Pausing, Hua Wanyue continued to speak, her voice gentle as a trickling stream, seeping into his heart. “All along I was unable to dispel the resentment for the behavior Milord directed to me that night. Even if you are my lord, Su Xing, I was unable to dispel that.”

“What could be this serious?” Su Xing broke into a cold sweat. Seeing the resentment in Hua Wanyue’s eyes, he immediately recalled the incident in question – when he was making love to Yingmei, Hua Wanyue had inadvertently barged in, and then she was struck in the face by that.

If he thought carefully, that was indeed something that would anger humans and gods alike.

Hua Wanyue, the Hero Star, the ranked tenth graceful Heavenly Star. Every smile and gesture, every word and action were flawlessly honorable in every way. But to be profaned in the face by a man with whom she shared no relationship with, she nevertheless surprisingly did not kill the offender.

Any Star General, no, not even just a Star General, even the most ordinary girl of Liangshan Continent would perhaps have ended him when encountering such a thing. This meant that what Su Xing did to Hua Wanyue was indeed unforgivable. No wonder the woman was unable to dispel her negative feelings.

No woman could treat this lightly, particularly for the conservative Liangshan Continent that treated the body as sacred, this was practically an insult that defied natural order.

“So you want to become my wife. By doing so, if we become husband and wife, you won’t mind what I do to you, no matter what? Not even those night things?” Su Xing carefully said.

Hua Wanyue’s ears burned, cursing inwardly that this man spoke too shamelessly. The Hero Star grunted and nodded.

A tacit approval of Su XIng’s words.

Imagining the noble Hua Wanyue pandering to sex, allowing him to do as he pleased, Su Xing’s heart pounded. He hastily shook his head to clear his shameless thoughts. “I really hope you can be my wife, Wanyue, but I don’t want you to agree just because of this.” The man was somewhat contradictory.

“Wanyue, are you truly willing to marry me?” Su XIng stared at Hua Wanyue, seriously asking.

Hua Wanyue nodded. She had already finished preparing before coming here, but when Su Xing said those words, the calm she maintained up until now immediately became restless. “Wanyue is willing to become Milord’s wife.”

“I, Su Xing, swear upon the heavens, to take you as my wife, Hua Wanyue. If in this life I turn my back on you…”

Hua Wanyue used her hand to stop Su Xing’s following words. How could she ever allow her lord to utter a curse like that. Having said out load the biggest worry on their minds, they greatly relaxed in an instant. The two of them stared at each other in silence.

“Milord, what are you looking at?” Hua Wanyue fidgeted with her hair, her movements graceful and a bit alluring.

There was no need to reply. Su Xing kissed Hua Wanyue’s lips.

The woman’s lips were soft, like rose petals. Her rose fragrance soaked into their deep kiss. Su Xing kissed softly, afraid to destroy her elegance. He used his hand to gently caress Hua Wanyue’s glossy and delicate white face. Her cheeks felt somewhat burning.

Hua Wanyue closed her eyes, allowing Su Xing to do as he wished. The hand stroking her face was exceptionally gentle, brushing just like a feather. This was the first time Hua Wanyue had been touched like this by a man. A kind of peculiar feeling transmitted over her whole body. Hua Wanyue used a gap between his kisses to bashfully whisper: “I checked, those who have gone through the Double Sevens, will not have their Star Nest destroyed…

The Star Nest will not be destroyed?1

Su Xing stared blankly.

“I am your wife, how could I deceive Milord.” As she said those words, Hua Wanyue only felt that thudding in her chest about to burst out.

Su Xing was wild with joy. How could he not understand Hua Wanyue’s meaning. Su Xing embraced Hua Wanyue. The Hero Star’s heart shuddered, and then she extended her arms to wrao around Su Xing’s wide and robust body. A young woman’s scent entered his nostrils, and the two continued to kiss.

Hua Wanyue could not last under this provocation. She felt increasingly dizzy, and her body became increasingly hot. Her red lips parted, welcoming in Su Xing’s tongue. She wrapped her snow white arms around his neck, and Su Xing drew in Hua Wanyue’s tender tongue.

Su Xing skillfully guided Hua Wanyue through her first time, making the woman gradually enchanted, burning from head to toe.

Seeing the Hero Star’s beautiful face become an alluring pink, her breathing rapid, Su Xing gazed at her. Under the moonlight, Hua Wanyue’s clothes were half undone. A moon-white chest, spilling black hair fully exhibited her charm clearly. Her jade body lay against Su Xing’s chest, her scent winding around his nose.

Her clothes fell.

Hua Wanyue sat upon Su Xing’s thighs without losing her gracefulness, burying the man’s face into her stifling hot breasts.2

Panting filled the quiet atmosphere, filled it with something dubious. The Hero Star’s cheeks were a drunken red. Her beautiful half-closed eyes were somewhat hazy, gazing at Su Xing with a particular yearning.

Her white trousers were removed. Her similarly simple and elegant white underwear also fell away. Hua Wanyue felt her butt be gripped by a pair of ice-cold hands, and then something hot entered her.

“Wife.” Su Xing already grasped Hua Wanyue’s butt and looked at her embarrassed expression.

Hua Wanyue knew what would happen next, “Milord, Lord Husband…I want to become your wife. Please, Lord Husband, do not take pity on Me…” Hua Wanyue gently lowered herself. Her hands pressed against Su Xing’s shoulders, her brows tightly wrinkled, but Hua Wanyue did not shrink back at all, always staring longingly at Su Xing. When two wrapped tightly around each other, Hua Wanyue still maintained her grace as she handed her life to this man in front of her.

She wanted to become one of this man’s arms.

Even if everyone was to leave him, she, the Hero Star Hua Wanyue, would gracefully stand at his side.

There was no need for him to worry. At his most dangerous time, she would step forth.

Bright Moon courtyard, under the moonlight.

The most beautiful grace of Hua Wanyue in this life was seen by the only the one person in front of her.

At the same time, a new Crimson Star appeared in the sky.

“Where did Su Xing go? Why isn’t he in his room. Can it be, he’s been taken by that princess and pervert Elder Sister again.” Shi Yuan slinked out of Su Xing’s room. Having not found Su Xing, she was quite gloomy.3

She felt that Su Xing’s mood was somewhat down, that he needed someone to console him. With Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie gone, Shi Yuan, as his third Star General, felt this was the moment she could finally shine.


Although Su Xing did not want her body, they fortunately were intimate with each other in Evil Smiting Hall. Shi Yuan was quite fond of that sensation. Tonight, this was her chance to properly console Su Xing.

Hm, hm, the “Secret Manual To Sex” This Young Lady stole long ago will definitely make Su Xing reach the highest climax.

But it was a pity that if he was hooking up with Dong Junqing right now, then Shi Yuan back off. This vile slut truly brought shame upon the name of Five Tigers Generals.

Unwittingly, Shi Yuan walked out of the palace and suddenly heard shallow moans come from the direction of the courtyard.

Those moans were so beautiful, surpassing the most beautiful sounds of nature. Each shallow moan was full of a concentrated love. There was only limitless ecstasy. Just listening made Shi Yuan somewhat unable to bear it.

No way. That slut Elder Sister can surprisingly make some nice noises. No wonder Su XIng would be so taken in. Then, she snuck over, cautiously drawing near the courtyard. The Thief Star’s hiding techniques were brilliant. Those two did not notice.

A woman sat on top of Su Xing, bouncing up and down without stop.4 That woman’s figure was wonderful, highlighting her Heaven-gifted grace. Her breasts were moderately sized, her clothes already fallen in a heap on the ground. Upon her snow-white thighs hung underwear that had yet to be taken off.

Her black hair cascaded, covering the woman’s face.

But each motion of that woman was so graceful. Even Shi Yuan had some urges watching. Following one intense bounce, her black hair fluttered and revealed the woman’s beautiful and dignified face.

Shi Yuan was shocked and nearly shrieked.

Hua Wanyue!!


A hand timely covered Shi Yuan’s lips to avoid destroying this beautiful scene under the moon.

Shi Yuan turned to look and saw Dong Junqing’s smiling face.

Besides her, there was also Zhao Hanyan, Gongsun Huang,5 Lu Xiao, Chai Ling and the other Elder Sisters. They made a shushing gesture at her. Shi Yuan nodded.6

As it turned out, they already knew this would happen.

Boo-hoo, This Young Lady honestly is too naive.

Early morning. Su Xing walked out of the main hall in high spirits and came to the Longevity Palace’s courtyard. Then, Hua Wanyue followed close behind. It seemed that what Hua Wanyue said was indeed true. A Star Master and Star General that had undergone the DOuble Sevens were considered husband and wife. Even if she lost her virginity, there would be no negative effects. On the contrary, her Star Energy had increased.

“If This Palace had known, then I would not have handed her the Double Sevens.” Chai Ling was incomparably upset.

Su Xing smiled. “Ling’er, don’t be so fussy.”

“Ai, however, only Wanyue was suitable for the Double Sevens.” Chai Ling covered her smile. “Congratulations on your marriage to Hua Wanyue.” Chai Ling gestured with her hand and had Wanyue approach.

Hua Wanyue’s pace was elegant. Although she looked at Su Xing with her normal aloofness, everyone could see the slight glint of impossible to hide happiness in the Hero Star’s eyes.

To be so moist makes This General somewhat jealous. Dong Junqing whispered to Zhao Hanyan.

Chai Ling said: “Wanyue, you should have linked hearts with Su Xing last night, correct?”

“En.” Hua Wanyue’s face immediately blushed.

Su Xing was a bit embarrassed. For the sake of breaking free of those restraints, Hua Wanyue did the dirty once more last night. However, this time was for the sake of being husband and wife, so Hua Wanyue’s heart logically received it.

Everything was very successful.

“Then Little Sister Wanyue’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill should have been comprehended.” Chai Ling’s expression was ambiguous.

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  1. 1. [“Where did Su Xing go? Why isn’t he in his room. Can it be, he’s been taken by that princess and pervert Elder Sister again.” Shi Yuan slinked out of Su Xing’s room. Having not found Su Xing, she was quite gloomy]
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