Chapter 673: Too Young To Have Learned About Sorrow

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Hua Wanyue nodded.

Chai Ling had not deceived her at all. When her last barrier finally disappeared, she and Su Xing’s hearts reached a realm of interconnection. When their hearts connected, the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill naturally entered her mind.

All of the girls were envious when they heard this. Even Jade Qilin Lu Xiao felt this man Su Xing was truly mysterious. He had so many Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill capable wives. In the past Star Duels, to have one was already exceptional. He, however, had three at the least. But the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill could be said to be the technique that Star Generals pursued in their dreams. Even if all techniques were exhausted, so long as there was even a speck of Star Energy left, it could be activated, and it was very close to a Heaven Rank.

But as a technique to turn the situation around, it was more than enough.

Perhaps no Star General would truly willingly use a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, after all, to use a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill signified playing her last card, but neither did a single Star General not look forward to this legendary skill.

“Then how about you allow Xiao’er to experience it?” Lu Xiao issued a challenge.

The most top-notch martial general could not possibly remain aloof towards the Hero Star’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

The other wives were also very curious. They wanted a glimpse of this Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

Hua Wanyue glanced at Su Xing. After receiving Su Xing’s approval, she nodded in agreement and entered battle.

“Wanyue, do not make Xiao’er disappointed.” Lu Xiao hefted her Golden Qilin Lance.

Before she finished speaking, a long and thin cold light flit by like a bolt of brilliant lightning. Hua Wanyue drew her bow and fired an arrow, her movements done in a single breath, even more practiced than before. Dong Junqing evaluated this as the difference between a “maiden” and a “wife.”1

Although Shi Yuan knew that this Elder Sister was very shameless, she could not help but ask what this meant.

Dong Junqing said: “A maiden is too aloof, her movements coy. A wife is very mature, one who takes the dragon into her cave, provoking a torrent. That is direct and efficient.”

When she heard “torrent,” Shi Yuan cursed – you slut.

Then, Lu Xiao’s body technique warped, dodging this lightning arrow extremely swiftly. The Golden Qilin Lance also shot towards Hua Wanyue like lightning, the lance’s attack taking a very strange trajectory, like an erratically moving snake tongue. It did not allow a person to clearly grasp it, following its master’s intentions. Even Su Xing felt this technique was confusing, but who was Hua Wanyue, Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong. She possessed the clearest vision of Maiden Mountain, especially now when it was comparable to a falcon’s.

Hua Wanyue stepped back, firing a Yellow Technique – Dance Through The Willows.

The moment the arrow left the string, it immediately became willow tufts, then transforming into countless arrows that fell towards Lu Xiao. 

Although it appeared very magnificent, the Yellow Rank Archery posed completely no threat to Lu Xiao.

Jade Qilin leapt up, sweeping her Golden Qilin Lance.

A murderous wind rolled.

Bang, bang, bang!!

The lance and arrow clashed several times. The willow arrows were broken to pieces one by one. Lu Xiao’s first assault displayed the strength only the number one martial general possessed. She did not show any leniency to the Hua Wanyue who just had her first time. Not only were Lu Xiao’s attacks incomparably quick, her defense was flawless.

Hu Wanyue drew her bow to the limit. The speed of each and every one of her arrows broke the atmosphere.

The trajectory of the arrows formed a terrifying net of killing intent.

She was trying to stop the martial general from closing in.

Though she perhaps could stop other martial generals, this was absolutely unable to inhibit LU Xiao’s pace. Strength Star Jade Qilin was like a falcon weaving back and forth through the concentrated arrow-lights. Even when she was occasionally hit by an arrow, she could still accurately and precisely determined the sufficient range needed to evade. In the blink of an eye, the girl’s figure arrived in front of Hua Wanyue.

Hua Wanyue was long ready for her.

She continued with a Dark Technique.

“Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!”

The arrow wrapped in ice-cold killing intent suddenly exploded from the bowstring, releasing an ear-splitting crack. The closer the powerful Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow drew, the mightier it became. Lu Xiao’s eyes could only see blue light.

This is bad.

Lu Xiao swept her lancer, directly clashing with the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

An enormous storm and wind rose.

One breath later and Lu Xiao had already retreated three chi away. She had just a bit of a strained expression.

Su Xing was very impressed with Lu Xiao. Hua Wanyue had already used her Yellow and Dark Techniques, but Lu Xiao still did not use any of her techniques. As expected of the strongest Star General.

Hua Wanyue’s eyes were like a hawk’s. The woman’s curves were clearly outlined as she gracefully pulled back on her bow and fired another arrow. 

Lu Xiao continued to attack, not giving up on closing the distance to the unapproachable Hua Wanyue.

The lance already swept over. Hua Wanyue’s expression did not change. Her footsteps elegantly shifted and evaded this attack. That broad killing intent nevertheless abruptly changed direction the moment it touched the ground, following through from a charge into a sweep. This time, the attack’s speed and power suddenly magnified, yet Hua Wanyue was ready for this, too. The synthesis of her bow and arrow successfully sealed the path of Lu Xiao’s attack.

And when it was sealed, another arrow forced Lu Xiao back.


Just as Hua Wanyue thought she could draw her bow again, she did not anticipate that when Lu Xiao was stepping back that Lu Xiao would suddenly rebound forward. Powerful force advanced, making SU Xing break into a cold sweat. A battle with the strongest martial general could result in a boon of combat experience, but this was quite dangerous.

This absolutely was not something Hua Wanyue’s own Star Energy defenses could block. Even though she was mentally prepared to use the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow as a buffer, Jade Qilin’s tyrannical attack still could not be underestimated. Under that strong momentum, Hua Wanyue’s body was suddenly knocked back several meters, but the instant she landed, the girl gracefully recovered her balance.

A gentle grunt.

Lu Xiao’s attack released countless rays of killing intent. The lance’s light and aura spun and disturbed the atmosphere, pouncing directly towards Hua Wanyue. At practically the moment Hua Wanyue caught sight of it, the lance’s attack seemed to have pierced through her body.

Only at a time of no other choice would a Star General use her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

Lu Xiao felt this was still not enough.

“To be able to leave the Longevity Palace after a duel with the you who has comprehended her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, Xiao’er is satisfied.” Lu Xiao’s words carried a slight affection that of an elder sister doting on her little sister. “If Xiao’er hurts you, please forgive Xiao’er.”

“I do not need such compassion!” A slight grin flashed past the corner of Hua Wanyue’s lips. Her eyes were suddenly bright.

All of a sudden, countless flower petals fluttered around Hua Wanyue’s whole body. These petals were like jade as they fell.

“Master.” Yan Yizhen gasped in amazement.

Everyone then looked at Su Xing to find that light had appeared on his body at the same time. The exact same kind of flower petals spiraled around Su Xing. This was the characteristic of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, a psychic connection with the Star Master.

Her hair fluttered, and flower petals filled the sky. Her elegance was stifling.

All of the girls watched, transfixed.

Lu Xiao was also completely watching with rapt attention. Her hand tightly clenched the lance, gathering her Star Energy.

“A beautiful Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill is indeed beautiful, but this opening is too big.” Lu Xiao saw that Hua Wanyue was gathering Star Energy and shook her head. Indeed, this was very beautiful, but this had undoubtedly turned her into a target.

Her pace changed.

The lance let loose an ice-cold straight towards Hua Wanyue.

The lance directly broke through.


Flower petals scattered. Hua Wanyue turned into countless flower petals, inconceivably vanishing from under Lu Xiao’s lance.

Impossible? So fast?

Lu Xiao was shocked. Even she could not see clearly how Hua Wanyue could have disappeared.

To the side, innumerable flower petals swirled, instantly gathering together to form the shape of Hua Wanyue, a Hua Wanyue drawing her bow.

A resplendent arrow was then launched.

Killing intent exploded.

Astonishingly, it was the powerful presence of the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

Lu Xiao promptly blocked the attack and grunted. The lance danced, sprinkling golden killing intent towards Hua Wanyue, as if it was an unstoppable foehn wind. It trapped Hua Wanyue tightly among blade-light.

Qilin-fall Skyflash!

But regardless how tricky her attack angle or how variable her speed, Lu Xiao’s attack still was unable to hurt a single hair on Hua Wanyue’s head. During Hua Wanyue’s dance, the woman gracefully drew her bow. Each time Lu Xiao attacked, she would be easily avoided, and the speed at which Hua Wanyue appeared became faster and faster.

That crimson and blue Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow endlessly fired arrows from every angle.

Each arrow without expression burst with power.

Each arrow was a Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!

“Su Xing, what reaction do you have from the Hero Star’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill?” Zhao Hanyan asked. Generally speaking, a Star Master had a response to their Star General’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, and the Star Master similarly would receive many benefits.

Su Xing closed his eyes.

“No need to be so roundabout.” Dong Junqing thrust her spear.

Red flowers fluttered, surprisingly reflecting Dong Junqing’s killing intent.

“So it can reflect killing intent.” Dong Junqing was astonished.

“Elder Sister Wanyue’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill looks so amazing. Each arrow is a Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow…” Shi Yuan watched in utter shock.

The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow could be said to be Hua Wanyue’s strongest technique. From more than ten thousand li away, an arrow came from the east, brimming with killing intent, like a demon. But to fire the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow naturally required preparation, unlike Hua Wanyue right now, who was under a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill. She surprisingly did not need preparation, no time to charge. Each arrow had the power of the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

Her Dark Technique had become her normal arrows.

Against a cultivator, even a top-notch cultivator would perhaps be unable to last under such a concentrated barrage of Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows.

“Right, what is the name of this Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill?” Shi Yuan curiously asked.

Su Xing was somewhat embarrassed. “You’ll have to ask Wanyue herself.”

Furthermore, in battle, Lu Xiao was truly formidable. In the middle of Hua Wanyue’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, the speed of that several dozen Ten Thousand Li God Killing arrows accelerated. The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was inherently fast, and its power was also incomparably tyrannical, thus did it bear the name “God Killing.”

Just a few arrows were overpowering, let alone so many.

But Lu Xiao weaved through the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows, her speed fast beyond compare. The Golden Qilin Lance continuously warded off the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow. But the more numerous the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows became, the more wild their power surged.

Lu Xiao already felt overwhelmed, and her evasion was increasingly narrow. Hua Wanyue’s figure that fired arrows was also extremely quick. If she did not use an Earth Rank, Lu Xiao honestly would have no way to break this technique.

As expected of the strongest technique only after a Heaven Rank.

Several bouts later, Lu Xiao finally was suppressed by the endless Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows. The power of these several dozen Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows linked together to finally knock Lu Xiao flying.

The flower petals fluttering around Hua Wanyue’s body finally vanished. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill concluded.

The Hero Star was just about to collapse out of exhaustion. Just as Su Xing was about to rush over, Lu Xiao already hugged the girl. “Little Sister’s technique is very formidable, as expected. Truly good, this Heavne Earth Dark Yellow Skill.”

“Sorry, Xiao’er made Little Sister Wanyue overdo it.” Lu Xiao said apologetically.

Hua Wanyue shook her head and stood with difficulty.

Su Xing walked over.

“Su Xing, Xiao’er leaves your wife to you to take care of.” Lu Xiao smiled and said.

Su Xing hugged Hua Wanyue. Because of the influence of the Double Sevens, the closer he got to Hua Wanyue, the faster her Star Energy recovered.

“Elder Sister, what is the name of that Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill just now?”

Hua Wanyue glanced at Su Xing and gently spoke.

“Too Young To Have Learned About Sorrow.”2

All of the girls perspired.

As expected of the most graceful Heavenly Star, even her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was so moving.

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  1. That is, the difference between an inexperienced virgin and a mature, experienced woman.
  2. 悔教夫婿覓封侯, from a poem by Wang Changling. Also apparently can be translated as “She regrets urging her husband to take high office.” Adapted from this translation

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