Chapter 674: Go To The Buddha Kingdom To See Her

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A few days later, the group returned to the Azure Dragon Territory. Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao then took her leave at this time. Although Su Xing and the other wives urged her in all possible ways to stay, Lu Xiao was determined to leave. Fourth Phase Three Heavenly Books was about to bein. If she stayed in Su Xing’s palace, this scene would be too suggestive as well as inappropriate. She was the number one martial general in any case, the big sister of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens.

And what made Lu Xiao determined to leave was that she could not stand the atmosphere in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

Not because it was exceptionally bad, on the contrary, it was overly harmonious.

She had never seen such harmony between Star Master and Star Maiden and pondered upon this scene.


Solitary Star Tang Lianxin refined some tools, giving them to the other sisters to bolster their martial force. Rat Star Bai Yutang brewed bottle after bottle of wine to allow the Elder Sister to wield even greater potential in battle. There was also the Hero Star’s target practice, Skilful Star Yan Yizhen’s sparring, and Damage Star Zhang Yuqi’s swordplay, a scene of intense dueling. Even the An Suwen who had fallen into the Star Nest was still refining medicine while recovering by relying on the Star Beast Good Fortune.  

There was also that quiet little girl who licked her tanghulu, flying through the air this way and that, spectating her Little Sisters – Gongsun Huang.

This did not include Su Xing’s four super martial force wives who were not present.

What Star Master was this, this was clearly an army.


Hot springs and wine, a beautiful scene like a cloud.

After Hua Wanyue became Su Xing’s seventh wife, she shared the same bed with him practically every night, pandering sweetly to him; her flute-like, graceful moans frequently made the girls in the hot spring blush furiously.

To Lu Xiao, this kind of intense atmosphere truly was an extreme enticement. She even had the urge to join in.1 At Kaifeng, Lu Xiao had nearly signed a contract with Su Xing, lose her life of chastity. Lu Xiao was very clear that at the bottom of her heart, she already had some impulse. If this continued, her heart would only melt even faster.

Before she left, Lu Xiao issued to Su Xing some grand words for the sake of the Strength Star’s dignity and determination. “Xiao’er has only one request: After this time, the next time we meet will be after the Three Heavenly Books. When you and I meet then, Su Xing, you are Xiao’er’s enemy. Do not be indecisive with Xiao’er.”

“I also have a request.” Su Xing smiled and said. “Since we will be enemies next we meet, at that time, if I defeat you, Xiao’er, you will sign a contract with me!”

Lu Xiao laughed: “Xiao’er cannot acquiesce.”

“Then Your Servant can only use force.” Su Xing chuckled. “By then, it won’t be a contract. I will have you become my wife.”

Hearing these barbaric words, Lu Xiao was not angry. Instead, she felt a kind of slight happiness in her heart. “Then Xiao’er will, with all her might…”

“Be my wife?” Su Xing finished her sentence.

Lu Xiao nodded. “Kill you.”

The two of them laughed.

Their dialogue spoke of life and death, like fire and water, but to the Sisters present, this was just like a flirting married couple. After Lu Xiao mounted her Heavenly River Dragon Horse, Chai Ling also took her leave. However, unlike Lu Xiao, the moment the Noble Star raised her hand against Li Taisui, she signified that she had joined the Star Duels. The Red Ink Iron Certificate no longer placed her outside of the Star Duels. When she returned to the Great Circle Castle this time, Chai Ling would use her Innate Skill Help The Needy For Justice to make final preparations for the Three Heavenly Books.

“Ling’er, the Longevity Palace will stop here. You can come visit any time.” Su Xing said.

“This Palace does not want a Lord Husband who thought of another woman just now.” Chai Ling snorted.

Su Xing was very embarrassed.

Chai Ling hid the smile on her lips with her fan. She said to: “Lianxin, are you not thinking of helping Xing’er forge his ‘Star Element Sword?’ Perhaps the Great Circle Castle will have some records that may help you.”

To forge the Star Element Flying Swords with the Water of Qilin Destruction, a cultivator was completely unable to do so. Even the Solitary Star felt this was considerably difficult. Hearing her words, Tang Lianxing pondered and agreed.

Chai Ling’s eyes were charming, an expression that seemingly said, This Palace shall put your mind at ease.

Then, Jinzhi and Yuye brought forth a gorgeous “Riches And Splendor” cart forth to greet them. Chai Ling then pulled Tang Lianxin onto the cart. At this time, Su Xing remembered something and said to Yan Yizhen: “Little Yi, can you go with Lianxin and Ling’er??”

Yan Yizhen blinked.

Chai Ling knew his intentions, and she inwardly smiled: “The boxing technique of the Great Circle Castle’s Elder Sister Konghou is unmatched. Perhaps Little Yi can go ask her for a lesson.”

“As you bid, Master.”

After the magnificent cart left, Hua Wanyue stood at Su Xing’s side and said: “Milord, why did you not contract with Chai Ling. This way, Milord does not need to worry about her.” All of the Sisters present could see that Noble Star Chai Ling already harbored feelings for Su Xing for so long, she would not oppose a contract.

“Ling’er probably has her own thoughts.” Su Xing was helpless. He did not try it these past few days, but to speak of a contract with Chai Ling, Queen Noble Star charmingly refused to comment. Therefore, Su Xing forced a kiss onto her.

If a Star General was unwilling, unless they beat her pride, a forced kiss was hopeless.

On the contrary, Chai Ling allowed Su Xing to kiss her. She herself extended her tongue and wrapped it around his. One time, her clothes had even fallen, leaving only her little bodice stuck tightly to her figure, nearly making him fire.

In short, Chai Ling could be charming and sentimental beyond words, even using her seductive and beautiful legs. Fantastically, she nearly made Su Xing pour out a torrent, but she just was not willing to sign a contract.

This relationship was strange to the extreme.

“For the time being, I’ll protect her.” Su Xing said.

Hua Wanyue felt this was good as well, but she felt that her lord was truly fatigued.

Another two days later, Xi Yue finally woke up. Hu Niangzi and Wu Xinjie also returned together to the Longevity Palace. Xi Yue knew that her body housed the spirit of the Divine Bird Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian. When Wu Xinjie spoke of the Beast Star Huangfu Youyun with the Seven Star Destined Weapon being taken in by the Uprising and Hu Niangzi’s Star Weapon upgrade to Six Star, Su Xing also spoke of the mission in White Tiger Territory.

Taisui’s Starfall and Shi Xiu’s sacrifice made the wives very shaken.

However, this shock nevertheless did not compare to Hua Wanyue’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill or even to her becoming Su XIng’s seventh wife.

Wu Xinjie’s face was full of anticipation. When Dong Junqing saw this, she knew that the Knowledge Star was planning something devious. She dumped a bucket of ice water on her: “Wu Xinjie, forget about it. This General sought out Hua Wanyue several times to play together2 with Su Xing but was rejected each time. Even when Su Xing was convinced to by This General, the Hero Star instead lectured her lord on being too licentious, heh, heh.”

Wu Xinjie did not believe this and found an opportunity to ask.

“Wanyue, tonight, let us serve Lord Husband together.”

“You make things very difficult for Me.”

“What a pity, when Xinjie asked Yingmei before, Yingmei said she was very eager to serve Young Lord in bed together with you.”

“Oh, I…actually can bear for a moment…”

Lin Yingmei had not returned yet. That night, Hua Wanyue naturally would not service Su Xing with Wu Xinjie. However, Zhao Hanyan received information from Emperor Liang and needed to return to the imperial palace, temporarily taking her leave. She was reluctant to part, and that night, when she made love to Su Xing together with Wu Xinjie and Hu Niangzi, she and Dong Junqing assumed that embarrassing doggy style position.3 

It was a thoroughly lewd night.

Another day passed, and Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou finally returned.

Before Lin Yingmei could announce and blame herself for her failure to obtain Ten Thousand Year Black Ice, she did not anticipate that Su Xing would draw her into his embrace without saying anything.

Su Xing had particularly longed for the two girls.

Lin Yingmei felt the warmth and familiarity of Su Xing’s chest. Her hands wrapped around his shoulders, and she showed a tender expression. “Young Master…”

“Yingmei, Siyou, you two must have suffered enormously on this trip to the Black Ice Abyss, right?” Su Xing pulled the hands of the two girls. He held them tight and looked carefully, but his gesture was superfluous. The Star Maidens’ Star Energy was recovered and their injuries completely did not show upon their white skin.

“Lord Husband, Your Humble Servant and Yingmei are unfettered.” Wu Siyou’s tone was warm as she replied.

“Yingmei, tonight, chat properly with your husband.” Su Xing winked.

Lin Yingmei also missed Su Xing very much, but to discuss nighttime matters in front of so many Sisters, she was somewhat shy and only slightly nodded.

All of Su Xing’s wives at this moment already had completely returned to the Longevity Palace.

No, there was was still one person.

“Before the Heavenly Books, I want to go to the Buddha Kingdom. What do you all think?” Su Xing asked them.

“En, we also miss Shaqing so much.” Wu Xinjie smiled and said.

They naturally would not oppose.

Hua Wanyue did not know the reason, but she could not help but be shocked when she learned of Solitary Star Lu Shaqing’s existence from Wu Xinjie. She gazed at Su Xing’s graceful expression with some adoration. “Tonight, how about we chat together with Yingmei and Young Lord?” Wu Xinjie laughed into her sleeve.

Hua Wanyue smiled. Seeing Lin Yingmei and Su Xing’s relationship that was blood thicker than water: “Tonight, I do not wish to break the reunion between Milord and Yingmei.”

Hearing Hua Wanyue’s words, Wu Xinjie knowingly smiled. She originally worried that Lin Yingmei and Su Xing’s relationship was thick as glue, much closer than the rest of them, that Hua Wanyue would be jealous. Now it seemed she had worried too much.

Cache Mountain.

Over the tens of thousands of mountaintops, three lights of green, blue and purple descended.

The lights dispersed to reveal men and women.

The man of the green light was dressed in green Azure Dragon Robes, a refined elegance, free and unfettered. He was like his name, Xiaoyao Tan.4 Beside him were two girls. One wore golden lotus flower Chan clothing and prayer beads. The beautiful woman’s long hair flowed past her waist. Her hand held a Buddhist staff, which was very overpowering. The other woman was as beautiful as a flower, slender and elegant, but her imposing manner was in contrast to her quietness and introversion.

The blue light man wore black robes, black armor, and a black dragon cap. His face rippled with evil. A slight red shade on the forehead of his handsome face appeared particularly eye-catching. If Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was here and saw this man, he probably would be terrorstricken.

This person was none other than the Dark Rebirth Monster5 from three hundred years ago that threw countless cultivators of the Azure Dragon and Black Turtle Territories into terror. He cultivated the “Dark Rebirth Devil Great Technique,” from which he received his nickname. His actions were ruthless and resolute. He had studied under the most mysterious Nine Dragons Great Sect, the One Grain Azure Sea’s Dark Star Hall.6 The Devil Ancestor Dark Nether that would intimidate the Black Turtle Territory in his later years was no more than an insignificant outsider disciple back in those days who had even been treated as an errand boy by this Monster.

Behind the evil man were three young women that would arouse the envy of any man. A pair of them were even twin sisters.

The last was the fading purple light that revealed a man and woman.

The man appeared attractive, grand and stately. His white and blue long robes appeared particularly beautiful and elegant, but compared to the woman at his side, this man instantly paled in comparison.

No, not just him.

Everyone, including those previously mentioned beauties, instantly were outshone.

Even the unconstrained Xiaoyao Tan and the arrogant Dark Rebirth Monster were dumbstruck.

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  1. Not the sex, but the relaxed atmosphere
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. 逍遙嘆
  5. 暗重魔頭, translated to follow the current appellation for Su Xing, Purple Thunder Monster. Given the context of Su Xing’s name now that the story has come this far, it was probably more accurate to translate it as Purple Thunder Demon. However, that would have become confusing given the cultivators from the White Tiger Territory. Decisions, decisions…
  6. 暗星殿


  1. 1. [There was also that quiet little girl who licked her tanghulu, flying through the air this way and that, spectating her Little Sisters – Gongsun Huang.]
    Little Huang, best loli!

    2. Su Xing… you lucky bastard!

    3. Xiao’er flags raised!!!! AFF+

    4. Chai Ling is too stubborn!

    5. Siyou, Yingmei, Xinjie, Niangzi, and Wanyue…. hot damn. Be it bed or battle, dood is terribly lucky, and that’s not counting that under the right circumstances… Tossing in Gongsun Huang’s ridiculous power to curb stomp virtually everybody she meets and those 5 alone could win him the Star Duels.

    Add in the Yuqi, Yizhen, and (nominally) Shi Yuan, and BAM! game over. I left Shaqing out cuz she’s not really a fighter despite being strong af. Her Innate Skill more makes up for that though.

    Finally, Tangtang, Suwen, and Lianxin round out the supports and ensure smooth battle operation with gears, wines, and healing while giving Su Xing Innate skills that perfectly round out his already broken status.

    Thankfully, the drawbacks to having so many contracts to his EXP growth curve and the fact that he’s consistently only shown to either barely eke out a draw and/or kinda win his outmatched fights with help create the ideal level of tension that never lets him become so OP that the story’s broken… unless he’s fighting other regular Cultivators.

    Good stuff!

    Lots of little typos though.

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