Chapter 675: Gathering Of Three Overlords

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The young lady covered herself with a black cloak, concealing her beauty that would make even the world appear dull.

Sixth Overlord Dark Rebirth Monster’s eyes glinted, and his aura of evil flared. He had an enormous urge to plunder. Under his mad evil, the woman’s contractor felt his whole body go cold.

“Master, please be a bit more serious.”

His twin Star Generals were naturally the Xie Twins, Elder Sister Savage Star Xie Xi1 and Little Sister Crying Star Xie Shi2 each grabbed onto the Monster’s wrists. Old Monster Dark Rebirth felt pain and grimaced.

“You truly make This Old Man shocked. Your Distinguished Self’s Star General must be Bright Star Hu Sanniang? To surprisingly become Overlord by relying on a single Earthly Star, This Old Man is truly impressed, Your Distinguished Self.” Old Monster Dark Rebirth clicked his tongue.

“Bing Lingfeng.3 This is my lovely wife Banzhuang.”4 Bing Lingfeng smiled and said. “Long have I heard of the fame of the sixth Star Duels’ Old Monster of Dark Rebirth, the unprecedented three Star Generals, you have but made This Bing impressed.”

Old Monster Dark Rebirth burst into laughter and introduced his Star Generals. As before, the twins were Savage Star Xie Xi and Crying Star Xie Shi. The remaining calm and lethargic woman was Earthly Brave Star Sun Li, True Name Qingyu.5 

The two Star Masters then looked to the refined youth.

“Xiaoyao Tan. You can just call me Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao.” Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao Tan said.

“Lu Chanyou.”6 The identity of the woman dressed in overbearing chan clothes was not surprising.

“Hua Moyan.”7 The picturesque woman slightly nodded.8

Surprisingly, both Old Monster Dark Rebirth and Bing Lingfeng were astonished. “Elder Brother Xiaoyao is truly formidable. The books all say the overlord of that generation was the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Falling Feather Fairy Chen Nailuo and her Gold Lancer Xu Ningshang. I never imagined the final overlord would surprisingly be Elder Brother Xiaoyao.”

Even the haughty Old Monster Dark Rebirth thought this was the case.

“Ha, ha.” Xiaoyao chuckled.

After the Seven Stars for the Star Duels were decided, they ascended Maiden Mountain. Liangshan Continent could not possibly know who the overlord was. They could only rely on all of the information they possessed to tacitly agree on the strongest Star Master of the Seven Stars Gathering becoming the overlord. However, once they scaled Maiden Mountain, there would be many variables, just like the Fourth Overlord was tacitly agreed to be between two Heavenly Star Masters, only for the final trial Su Xing faced turned out to be Old Pig who contracted two Earthly Stars.

The Fifth’s Chen Nailuo was indeed a formidable character. During the Seven Stars Gathering, she was Supervoid Peak cultivation, cultivating the legendary Purple Rose Transforming Qi to the Purple Fiend Realm. She also had several powerful offensive Spirit Treasures on her body, and Gold Lancer Xu Ningshang possessed incomparable offensive capability. The two together slayed Lu Junyi, Lin Chong, and Wu Song, three of the great Thousand Year Star Generals. Being recognized as Overlord was no surprise. “Fairy Nailuo was indeed strong. It was a pity that the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace lauded her as the Overlord. This actually ended up harming her. After we scaled Maiden Mountain, the other six united together and killed her. Your Servant survived through luck to become the final victor.” Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao was very modest.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth twitched his lips. He disliked modest people, felt that this was artificial. In the final Seven Stars Assembly, for the only victor to not have any schemes would fool a purehearted child.

“For this ninth generation fucker to need the three of us working together truly makes This Old Man upset. By the time the Heavenly Books pass, This Old Man absolutely will refine his mind into the ‘Ten Thousand Soul Parasol.'”9

“Chao Gai says a situation has appeared on Maiden Mountain and wants us to go take a look.” Lu Chan you struck her Buddhist staff, its sound like a thunderclap.

“This generation’s Star Duels truly are full of variables.” Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao nodded.

“With two Senior, Lingfeng and wife will not go.” Bing Lingfeng and Hu Banzhuang’s married status truly made the others envious. It was a pity that the Old Monster could see that the two of them treated each other with respect as married couples, but not as true husband and wife.

To not use a perfectly good beauty is truly a waste. This man most likely impotent. The Old Monster had evil conjectures. Although he had three Star Generals, he had never dared to profane them.

The two of them paid Old Monster no heed and went off sight-seeing like a married couple would.

However, it was rare to return to Liangshan Continent. A century of great change made the group sigh. Old Monster Dark Rebirth decided to first return to the Dark Star Hall for a look around.

One Grain Azure Sea.

The Dark Star Hall had long since turned into dust.

“The Dark Star Hall is but the Dark Dragon. How could it have vanished.” The Dark Rebirth Monster was annoyed.

“Master, find a person to ask.” Xie Xi looked around.

As a place between the Azure Dragon Territory and the Black Turtle Territory, many cultivators passed through the One Grain Azure Sea. However, the Old Monster had no interest in Nebula and Galaxy cultivators. He used the Ten Thousand Soul Parasol to see out someone powerful. When a Supercluster Ancestor passed by, he captured him. That ancestor had no way to resist the might of a Supervoid Peak Cultivator. Without saying anything, the Dark Rebirth Monster used his Soul Searching Techniques.

After he finished the Search, he also refined this Supercluster Ancestor’s mind into the Ten Thousand Soul Parasol. A wretched scream came out from the parasol, but the Supercluster Ancestor became a vengeful spirit inside the Old Monster’s parasol without so much as understanding what had happened.

“Old Monster, what did you learn?” Brave Star Sun Qingyu caught sight of his bearing and softly asked.

“The Black Turtle Territory has a Devil Star Palace. This Old Man shall go take a look.”

Along the way, the Dark Rebirth Monster caught any Supercluster Stage or higher cultivators he encountered. He practiced the Dark Rebirth Devil Great Techniques. This was a Prehistoric Demonic Cultivation Method that turned cultivators into augments for his own cultivation, that allowed for a rebirth. Although it was useless to the currently True Spirit Old Monster, the Old Monster just liked to listen to these ear-splitting wails.

It filled the Black Turtle Territory’s wind with screams, and for a time, cultivators fled in a panic, everyone for themselves.

It was also on the road that two Supervoid Cultivators stepped forward to get rid of the Old Monster’s tyranny. It was a pity that before they could take action, one had already been subdued by Xie Xi and Xie Shi’s Earth Rank Poison Gu “Bone And Flesh Destruction” and Earth Rank Poison Needle “Five Organs Rotting Decomposition.” The remaining one wanted to flee but had his back broken by Sun Qingyu’s Thousand Snowpiles Dark Technique “Curtain Rolls Down Like Snow.”10 This made the Old Monster sigh. True Phoenix Realm martial generals were extraordinary, to kill a Supervoid Great Cultivator with just a trifling Dark Rank.

He then refined these two arrogant Supervoid Cultivators, and by the time Old Monster Dark Rebirth reached the Devil Star Palace.

The entire Devil Star Palace was already solemnly waiting.

The Four Great Law Protectors emerged in succession.

“It seems the Devil Star Palace has replaced the Dark Star Hall. The Devil Star Palace’s palace master Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had previously seceded from the Dark Star Hall. This Old Man has come to pay him a visit. If you refuse, then do not blame me for showing no mercy to a successor sect.” Old Monster Dark Rebirth laughed, his expression not exaggerating in the slightest, as if what he was saying was something inevitable.

“Old Monster Dark Rebirth. He surprisingly is actually the Sixth Monster.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon hid in a corner, extremely awestruck. Originally, at the Azure Dragon Territory, he wanted to receive the Monster title, to make people terrorstricken at his name. Unfortunately, his graduation was unsuccessful, for he was defeated by the Purple Thunder Monster, which currently gave him a very deep psychological shadow.

He was very frightened by this Old Monster, and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did not dare breathe as he watched him.

The Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors stared at each other. Seeing this was a three hundred year old Great Monster, their hearts were very uneasy, but this place was the Devil Star Palace, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s domain. To let him go like this was humiliating.

Just then, a Sound Transmission reached them.

The Four Great Law Protectors sighed in relief.

“The Devil Ancestor is pleased to meet you.” Elder Dried Bone smiled and said.

The Dark Rebirth Monster had an annoyed expression and swaggered into the Ten Thousand Devil Hall of Devil Star Palace’s Devil Ancestor Dark Nether.

Inside the pitch-black Ten Thousand Devil Hall, an enormous black curtain fell, vaguely revealing a bundle of thick chains, but no one else in sight.

“The rest of you may leave.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s voice spoke.

The others did not dare delay and promptly left the hall.

Devil Ancestor Dark Rebirth looked, “He has quite the same scent as This Old Man did in the olden days. Qingyu, Xi, Shi, what do you say?”

The sisters all rolled their eyes.

“What a charlatan.” Sun Qingyu waved her hand. This top-notch black curtain magic weapon  “Soul Concealing Shroud” had already fallen, and in that deep darkness was revealed the true complexion of Devil Ancestor Dark Nether – he surprisingly was a nondescript youth with an aura of evil like the Dark Rebirth Monster.

“As expected, you really are This Old Man’s errand boy, Little Brat Wei.”11 Old Monster Dark Rebirth roared with laughter, “Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, truly quite the showy style. This Old Man did not misjudge you, to pass on some of the Devil Great Techniques to you back then.”

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether calmly said: “And This Wei hopes that Ancestor can forgive me. This Wei is unable to greet you.”

Old Monster Dark Rebirth flickered and arrived beside Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. He closely examined these thick chains surrounding Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. “Ten Thousand Calamity Chains, Soul Concealing Shroud,  a dispelling magic circle. Oh, could it be that you are comprehending how to reach Transforming Star of Annihilation, Little Brat Wei?”

“Little Brat is untalented. This is merely a reckless attempt.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether respectfully said.

The famous number one Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, the monster that all of Liangshan Continent feared, was currently very respectful, like a child. Old Monster Dark Rebirth’s mood was very good. “This Old Man shall give you a little hint…”

Suddenly, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s eyes glinted.

Leaving the Devil Star Palace, Old Monster Dark Rebirth had lost his interest. “Master, why did you tell him about Transforming Star of Annihilation?” Xie Xi asked.

“For a thousand years, all of Liangshan Continent has been grasping for Transforming Star of Annihilation. What a pity that This Old Man knows of it, but this truly feels sorrowful. No matter, let that Little Brat Wei go to Star World and see for himself. This Old Man was very bored over there.” The Old Monster smiled wickedly.

“Old Monster, you have grown soft.” Sun Qingyu covered her sneer.

Originally, he had wanted to dispose of the person who betrayed Dark Star Hall. She never imagined that he would instead impart the theory of Transforming Star of Annihilation.

“Back then, Little Brat Wei was quite diligent in completing This Old Man’s errands. Now, This Old Man is the founder of the Devil Star Palace as well. Not a bad feeling at all. Qingyu, no need to borther about this further. Ha, ha.”

“Then we shall go to Maiden Mountain for a look.”

“Senior, please wait.”

Suddenly, a charming voice called.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth and the others looked. They saw a beautiful young lady. Her lips were red, and her teeth were shining white. Her skin was a rosy shade, like the color of peaches. Beside her was another young woman. She was clearly a Star General.

The corner of Old Monster Dark Rebirth’s mouth heedlessly curled into a smile.

“Senior.” Su Shengxiang knew of the Sixth Overlord Old Monster Dark Rebirth and promptly hurried over. This Monster who bore the same intimidating title as the Purple THunder Monster may be able to lend her a hand.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth was waiting for a Star Master of the Black Turtle Territory. It was a pity that Holy Lord of whatever was honestly too disappointing for him, to surprisingly have been scared off by his merciless air of intimidation.

Seeing the young woman in front of him, the Old Monster immediately pressured her with his power, using the Soul Transforming Great Technique. 

Su Shengxiang shut her eyes tight.

After a moment, the Old Monster retracted his aggression. “Pretty girl, what do you seek of This Old Man?”

“Your Servant is Su Shengxiang. Your Servant knows of Senior’s fame in the Star Duels and has admired you for so long. Your Servant has only come specifically to pay respects to Senior.” Su Shengxiang was neither servile nor overbearing, neither saying she had a request nor did she mention any other topics.

“Su Shengxiang. You are surnamed Su?” Old Monster Dark Rebirth was astounded: “What is your relationship to the Dark Star Palace’s Palace Master Su?”

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  8. From the name and description, she’s a Hero Star
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  10. 簾捲落花如雪
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