Chapter 676: Overlord Annihilated

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“If Senior speaks of Su Wandi,1 indeed, he is Shengxiang’s ancestor.” Su Shengxiang admitted without any worry, asking first with composure.

When Old Monster Dark Rebirth heard this, he was certain that the peach-like young woman in front of him was a legacy of the Dark Star Hall.

Three hundred years ago, because the Dark Star Hall was situated between the Azure Dragon Black Turtle Territories, it held quite the reputation in both. The Dark Star Hall’s Hall Master Su Wandi was both smooth and slick, maintaining connections with quite a few people from both territories. When Old Monster Dark Rebirth studied at the Dark Star Hall, it was precisely under the tutelage of Hall Master Su Wandi. After he learned the “Dark Heart Sutra,” he then became a once every thousand year genius in the Devil Great Techniques.

“Although This Old Man did not get to see the Dark Star Hall, I ended up running into a legacy of the Dark Star Hall. Ha, ha, truly, the Heavens are helping me.” Old Monster Dark Rebirth carefully looked Su Shengxiang up and down, increasingly noticing this girl’s charm.

“Who is this Star General?” Seeing the black-haired, apathetic, silent, and even a little bit lifeless young girl standing next to Su Shengxiang, Old Monster Dark Rebirth curiously asked.

Su Shengxiang respectfully said: “Your Servant does not dare hide from Senior. This is Complete Star Demon Face Du Yunxiang.”2

Du Yunxiang nodded. This was considered her greeting.

“Demon Face?” Old Monster Dark Rebirth slightly smiled. He naturally knew of the Demon Face among the Star Maidens. Though she was ranked among the lowest at eighty-nine, as a spiritual power Star General, her Innate Skill “Fearless Ferocity,”3 which was considerably charming.

No wonder this girl could remain indifferent in the face of the old man’s demonic aura. This terrifying Innate Skill was most of the reason, otherwise, there was no reason a Supervoid Early Stage Cultivator could stand before his Supervoid Peak spiritual pressure without any fear.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth looked at the horizon and pointed a finger. “This Old Man has a connection with your ancestor. Back then, This Old Man received favor from the Dark Star Hall. Very well. This Old Man sees your Star Duels are difficult. Today, I shall lend you a hand.” Saying this, Old Monster Dark Rebirth presented two items.

One was a pitch-black parasol, and the other was a black fruit.

“This Ten Thousand Soul Parasol is the magic weapon This Old Man is most proud off. Inside it are the refined souls of several tens of thousands of cultivators. This will be an enormous aid for your Star Duels. This Old Man shall impart the incantation to you, carve it into your mind.”

The incantation poured into Su Shengxiang’s mind.

“This ‘Ksitigarbha Fruit’ was plucked the year This Old Man entered the Nine Nether. It is extremely rare. Not only can it help raise your cultivation, it will be of great help to your mental state and double your gains cultivating the Devil Rebirth Great Technique. This Old Man hates to part with these, but now, they are useless to This Old Man. Take them.”

Old Monster Dark Rebirth saw that Su Shengxiang’s body had a forbiddance. He wrinkled his brow and reached out his finger. Su Shengxiang felt a warm current flow in her body, “This Old Man has also rid you of this forbiddance. I never imagined that the grand Dark Star Hall’s legacy would fall to this state. This Old Man is grieved, but if only in these Star Duels, you can resurrect the glory of the Dark Star Hall.” 

“Many thanks to Senior. Su Shengxiang is endlessly thankful.”

Old Monster Dark Rebirth laughed: “Presumably, you have already practiced the Dark Heart Sutra. This Old Man may as well pass the entirety of the Devil Great Technique. Although the Heavenly Books are near, they are useless for the time being, but if you want to become a Soul Transforming Monster. Keep this in your pocket for now in these Star Duels.”

“Senior is somewhat unaware, but in these Star Duels, there is a Purple Thunder Monster with multiple top-notch Star Generals. He is already a person that a single Star Master cannot possibly handle alone.” Su Shengxiang forced a smile.

Old Demon Dark Rebirth disdainfully said: “That little brat is even more savage than This Old Man, but you can be at ease.”

Hearing the meaning behind these words, Su Shengxiang’s brows rose.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth then spoke to Su Shengxiang about other matters. This monster that would fill anyone with terror only felt that girl was charming. He itched to destroy all the Star Masters of this generation to help her achieve the overlord position. But he knew of Maiden Mountain’s might. He said a few more words and left.

“I never imagined this Monster would so sentimental. He truly is Shengxiang’s benefactor.” Su Shengxiang slightly smiled.

Du Yunxiang was expressionless.

“Yunxiang, what do you say we try that Devil Rebirth Great Technique?” Su Shengxiang thought to herself. This Dark Rebirth Devil Great Technique was great, consuming cultivators to bolster cultivation, but it was too cruel. Regardless of how clear a cultivator kept their mind, in the end, the mind would turn into a slaughterer like Old Monster Dark Rebirth.

“Yunxiang listens to Young Master for everything.” Demon Face was expressionless.

Su Shengxiang smiled.

Maiden Mountain, vicinity of Seven Worthies Village.

Xiaoyao Tan looked at Old Monster Dark Rebirth’s glowing smile, his aura of chilling evil, and inwardly wrinkled his own brow. His Star General Lu Chanyou looked at the Old Monster. Her expression showed she did not like this Monster’s style too much.

“Your Distinguished Self Dark Rebirth, are you finished?” Xiaoyao Tan said.

“En.” Old Monster Dark Rebirth nodded.

In actuality, the expressions of the two of them were polar opposites. Upon careful inspection, they were in fact the same kind of person. Xiaoyao Tan was outstanding and uninhibited, free in the world, unfettered at heart. Old Monster Dark Rebirth acted on his mood. If he wanted to kill, then he would. His ideas were clear, without restriction.

“This Old Man wonders what place you studied under, Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao? This Old Man wonders if in these Star Duels, there is a successor you would be fond of lending a hand to.” Old Monster Dark Rebirth asked.

Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao elegantly smiled: “I am a Scattered Cultivator, without school or sect.”

“It has been difficult to return to Liangshan Continent, and Scattered Immortal has no thoughts of raising an overlord that can ascend Maiden Mountain?” Old Monster Dark Rebirth scoffed, but he did not believe this was true.

Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao smiled but was silent.

“So that is the place with activity?” Old Monster Dark Rebirth did not wish to speak further of this, and his gaze swept to Seven Worthies Village. After he cast a glance, his figure flashed and flew over there.

Before Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao could call him back to wait for Chao Gai, the Old Monster was already gone.

Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao had no choice but to immediately follow.

Seven Worthies Village.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth scanned the village, but he did not detect any powerful presences at all.

“Is Your Distinguished Self too anxious.” Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao wrinkled his brow.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth shot him a glance, not inclined to pay him attention. He looked to other places in Seven Worthies Village, and his expression changed upon closer examination. Finally, he noticed a corner of the barrier had surprisingly been torn open. The barrier was still showing a blood-light. Clearly, the tear had not been here for long.

“Eh? Maiden Mountain Barrier’s has surprisingly been ripped open?” Old Monster Dark Rebirth was shocked.

“Old Monster, be careful.” Sun Qingyu was grave.

“Oh, a Star General has come knocking so soon?”

A voice suddenly rang without any warning, shocking the people present, making their hair stand on end. The group looked down and saw at a tea stand at the bottom of the mountain were several beautiful figures.

The group were all Overlords. In Liangshan Continent, their cultivation had already reached the peak, but they surprisingly failed to sense these people.

“How about you come down and we drink some tea together? Rest for a while?” A smiling and squinting woman raised a teacup, taking a sip. The woman dressed in Chan clothes sitting across from her was eating meat and chugging wine. Her staff leaned against the table. 

“Who are you people?” Old Monster Dark Rebirth’s heart stopped. He did not know why he felt fear towards that smiling woman. This made the Old Monster somewhat furious. He had dominated an entire generation, and he never had this kind of feeling before.

“That Empress’ lackeys do not recognize even us.” The sensual, alluring woman dressed in blue was full of both charm and ridicule.

“Wait until This Old Man takes and asks your soul.” Old Monster Dark Rebirth saw that these women did not seem powerful at all and was immediately angry.

He swept his palm, and instantly, the world darkened. A Prehistoric three-headed, six-armed malevolent demonic imaged appeared over Old Monster Dark Rebirth. Let alone that Old Monster was impulsively taking action, he was using full power. This was the “Demonic Capture” that once struck terror in Liangshan Continent’s cultivators, followed by a hundred “Demonic Flying Swords” at the same time transforming into every kind of demon.

An evil figure appeared and omnipresently assaulted the tea stand.

The woman in Buddhist garb wolfed down a piece of meat, grabbed her staff and attacked. This swing appeared completely powerless, but Old Monster Dark Rebirth’s expression immediately changed. An incorporeal force suddenly blew, and his hundred Flying Swords were surprisingly swatted down.

The woman subsequently struck at Old Monster Dark Rebirth.

“Old Monster, be careful.” The Xie Twins and Brave Star Sun Qingyu were astonished and immediately lent him aid.

Earth Rank Needle Technique and Earth Rank Gu Arts attacked.

There was a bang.

This Buddhist-clothed woman’s left first countered. A blood-colored Buddhist light rushed out and collided with Old Monster Dark Rebirth’s fist. Then, an unstoppable force rolled over his whole body. The Demonic Capture that Old Monster Dark Rebirth was so proud of was surprisingly disintegrated.

This is bad.

This woman is very strong.

From the first exchange, Old Monster Dark Rebirth knew this woman was not hiding her strength. She was most likely a character like the Flowery Monk. His own trump card had been broken, but Old Monster Dark Rebirth’s next attack Demonic Roar immediately followed.

But the vulgar woman dressed in a low-cut shirt attacked Old Monster Dark Rebirth with a tyrannical punch. Before Old Monster Dark Rebirth could use his ability, his Supervoid Peak cultivation was surprisingly powerless to resist, struck in the stomach by this punch. Old Monster who had been haughty all his life had his organs rend by this punch.

How could this sort of thing happen.

Old Monster Dark Rebirth stared in disbelief at her. In the end, he glanced at the Xie Twins and Sun Qingyu, vomited blood, and his figure dissipated.

One punch.

Just a single punch.

And the woman in Buddhist clothes killed the Sixth Overlord.

The Xie Twins and Sun Qingyu were suddenly begrieved and infuriated when they saw the Old Monster was killed.

They attacked the woman in Buddhist clothes.

Along the way, that alluring woman stopped them. That woman’s fingers were alluring, her fingernails glowing with blue light. Rays of blue dragon shadows were released from her fingers. This strange Star Magic immediately attacked.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, Snake And Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss.”

The Xie Twins were too late to use their Heaven Rank and could only use their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. At the very least, they wanted to kill that woman who killed their master. The Snake Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss gracefully streaked by, but a Star Magic trapped it, surprisingly stopping their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

“Don’t cry, it’s unsightly. Go whisper to your master, hee.” The woman smiled. As if playing an invisible guzheng, her fingers moved. A white spirit-light dragon-shadow trapped the Xie Twins and twisted.

Although the Xie Twins had profound Star Energy, the opponent’s magic energy was even stronger, instantly killing them.

The last Brave Star Sun Qingyu was also formidable, her weapon immediately striking. She maintained a calm expression, so she was unlike the Crying or Savage Stars who showed wide openings.

Earth Rank.

Instant Flourish And Decay Past Hand.

The woman first used her Earth Rank to smash this Star Magic, then she attacked the Buddhist woman. Suddenly at this time, a beam of light shot over. Sun Qingyu’s expression slightly changed and hastily blocked.

This was impossible.

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  1. 酥萬敵, what a funny name. 萬敵 means Ten Thousand Enemies.
  2. 地全星鬼臉兒杜云祥
  3. 獰色無懼

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