Chapter 687: Start Of The Heavenly Books

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“Sister Qingci, just what are you thinking about the Purple Thunder Monster?” Xuan Yunshang said at this moment. She originally had plans to become Su Xing’s Star General and drive a wedge into his faction, or possibly if she found the chance, kill Su Xing. At any rate, Ugly Prince Consort already could see that Su Xing treated his own Star General exceptionally well. From the start, he had no mind to put up a guard.

Xuan Yunshang felt this was completely within her reach. The price for a Star General killing her own master was her own death. Ugly Prince Consort was already prepared to die together with that vile man…A plan to take him down with herself.

But when she spoke of this plan, she was met with the opposition of both Queen Jinglun and Qingci.

One of them was unwilling to burden Ugly Prince Consort with the shame of treachery, and the other was uncertain of this plan’s success. Nonsense, against a man that can contract both thousand year Star Generals Lin Chong and Wu Song, no one dared say for certain what they would do if Ugly Prince Consort was somehow moved to defect should she go sign a contract with him. In the Buddha Kingdom, Qingci saw Su Xing use world shaking dharma to move the immovable Solitary Star. In Song Qingci’s heart, Su Xing was honestly unbelievable.

“We are nearly prepared for the Heavenly Books. We made contact with the Three Ruans Water Fort. Prior to the ascent, she will enter the Uprising with us.” Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun daintily walked forward. She saw the table of magic weapons and was taken aback.

“What is the meaning of this, for there to be so many first-rate magic weapons?”

Jin Qiongyu summarized the incident at the White Tiger Territory.

Nine Tattooed Dragons nodded: “Although the Heavenly Books is a good opportunity, what Qingci has misgivings about is that presently, we still cannot be hostile to the Purple Thunder Monster.”

“Why? With the Purple Thunder Monster’s appetite, he will certainly have Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou and the others go obtain the first Heavenly Book. That time will be the perfect opportunity to kill them.” Jin Qiongyu was very confused why Shi Jinglun agreed with Qingci.

“There is no need to worry.” Shi Jinglun indifferently said: “The Purple Thunder Monster’s power is immense. As everyone knows, he definitely will first become the common enemy of all of Liangshan Continent’s Star Masters. For the time being, we must bide our time, so as to avoid exposing ourselves.” 

“Those Star Masters are no fools either. If the Purple Thunder Monster finds six other Stars to unite in the Seven Star Assembly, then Sister Qingci will be in danger.” Jin QIongyu said. No one in Qingci’s Uprising could say for sure if they could reach Maiden Mountain’s summit, but because there was the precedent of the Eighth Wu Song, the most dependable method was still to necessarily get rid of the other Star Masters.

That was why Jin Qiongyu was anxious.

“Yueying’s Star Weapon is already Six Star. Queen, yours is also Six Star. Longkui and Yunshang are both at Five Star. Youyun is even already at Seen Star. I do not believe we are unable to face the Purple Thunder Monster.’ Jin QIongyu proudly said.

Shi Jinglun slightly smiled, categorically declining Jin Qiongyu, “You are too impatient, Jin Qiongyu.”

“In facing the Purple Thunder Monster…” Shi Jinglun gazed at that pile of first-rate magic weapons on the table and showed a profound smile. “We will win. For now, we shall spectate.”

For even the palace master of the Nine Dragons Palace, Nine Tattooed Dragons, to say these words, Jin Qiongyu could only relent, but her heart was still somewhat unreconciled.

At this time, Qingci said: “The beginning of the Heavenly Books is very dangerous for us. Other than the influence of the Nine Dragons Palace and the Three Ruans Water Fort, Xinyue and Yueying, there is another matter Qingci must bother you two about.”

“What, do not hesitate to give orders.” Sun Yueying said.

“Go find Jade Qilin Lu Xiao…”

Devil Star Palace, Ten Thousand Devils Hall.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang knelt in the main hall, paying their respects to Devil Ancestor Dark Nether.

“This Ancestor shall help your Star Duels. For the Heavenly Books, the First Heavenly Book, you must not disappoint This Ancestor. If you can give This Ancestor the First Heavenly Book, This Ancestor absolutely will not treat you unfairly.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether said in a low voice.

“Disciple knows.”

Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang were extremely deferential.

“This Ancestor will dispatch the Four Great Law Protectors to protect you. Now, go.” A hoarse voice came from behind the black curtain, and then Su Shengxiang and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon dismissed themselves.

Vermilion Bird Territory, Falling Dragon Mountain.

“Wife, regarding the Heavenly Books, This King has already found a good place for Wife.” Great Saint Falling Sky Roc Demon King sighed: “The Heavenly Books are starting. Please, Wife, take care of yourself. This ‘Kunpeng Feather Shirt’ magic weapon was collected over many years for Wife. This King also asks Wife to be careful.”

Lady Snake Scorpion was grateful. In the Star Duels, many people had been exploited for the Heavenly Books. Only the Roc Demon King was without complaint. “If Your Servant can obtain the First Heavenly Book, she definitely will grant Lord Husband comprehend Transforming Star of Annihilation.”

The Roc Demon King earnestly said: “This King leaves the First Heavenly Book to Wife. This King shall remain the uninvolved Great Saint of Falling Dragon Mountain. This King does not value Transforming Star or whatever. If Wife is determined to pursue the Star Duels, This Husband will not stop you and asks you to take care of yourself.”

Lady Snake Scorpion gracefully bowed. This was considered her gratitude for these past few years. The Xie Twins behind were indescribably solemn. “You two must properly protect Lady Mother.” The Roc Demon King said to them.


The start of the Heavenly Books was not something every sect could put forth all of their effort.

Dragon Spring Stream, a modest, little sect. However, at this moment, there was a change in the wind. At the start of the Heavenly Books, this sect’s Star Master Gong Song and Complete Star Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Zhanlu had remained lively and vigorous following the Starfalls of other sects. However, at this time…

Dragon Spring Stream nevertheless suddenly let out a thunderous roar.

“Gong Song, you bastard that would destroy your own teachers, surprisingly kill your own masters, I will not forgive you.”

“Why, has the sect treated you unfairly?”

Gong Song chuckled and cupped his fist: “Your Servant is merely borrowing Ancestral Master’s ‘Thousand Bell Dew’ and ‘Han Emperor Dragon Slaying Sword’ for the Star Duels. Ancestral Master is honestly stingy. Your Servant only wants to obtain the Heavenly Books, bring honor to our ancestors.”

“Shameful, you bastard. How do you know of the Han EMperor Dragon Slaying Sword…This item is no small matter. With your cultivation, you will be completely unable to control it. Quickly return it. Even Emperor Liang is unable to control it.” An Ancestral Master fumed.

“Your Servant does not want to give you the Heavenly Books. Zhanlu.” Gong Song sneered. “Emperor Liang is Emperor Liang. I am a Star Master, a man that Star World has chosen.”

Chen Zhanlu nodded and leapt forth, drawing in the stream a series of phantoms.

“You would destroy your own masters.”


The two Supercluster Ancestral Masters raised a palm, slamming down with endless solemnity. A hundred Flying Swords spun at the same time. Gong Song had been in seclusion for so long, his cultivation was had already reached Supercluster Stage. He was only a little bit behind these two Ancestral Masters, but with Chen Zhanlu present, he was not afraid.

Knowing that the future Seven Stars Assembly, those Star Masters would all be Supervoid top-notch cultivation. Although Gong Song was nearly breaking through to Supercluster Late Stage, this was far from enough. Thus, he wanted to borrow the Han Emperor Dragon Slaying Sword. He never imagined that the headmaster would surprisingly decline, so he was forced to kill him.

“If I can kill Headmaster, then I can kill you two pieces of trash as well.” GOng Song sneered.

Chen Zhanlu’s Pouncing Kill Silver Light Spear’s light glowed, sweeping aside the Flying Swords of the two Supercluster Ancestral Masters. Stream Leaping Tiger was extremely quick on the land, instantly landing behind the old men. The girl’s spear twisted, attacking with a chilling silver light and a chilling blood-light.

Earth Rank Spear Technique.

Blood Frost Becomes Dream.

Silver light and blood-light intersected. They intertwined, and one of the Ancestral Masters was unable to withstand the Earthly Star’s Earth Rank Spear Technique. In the blink of an eye, his protective abilities were broken, and then his head left his body. The other old man shouted as he raised the Supercluster Magic Weapon “Pestilence Emitting Box.”1 The box opened, firing a ray of black qi directly at Gong Song. GOng Song shouted, activating his “Dragon Spring Divine Water” ability. Divine Water slammed into the black qi.

Then, Gong Song also wielded Chen Zhanlu’s Innate Skill, instantly arriving behind him.

The Dragon Spring Flying Sword twisted.

And destroyed this Ancestral Master.

The Dragon Spring Stream’s Three Great Ancestral Masters dying was a thorough waste. The other disciples looked at Gong Song’s awesome power and merely trembled in fear, not daring to say a word. “Ancestral Master Gong Song.”

Gong Song sneered. “If any word gets out of what happened today, This Ancestor shall have you destroyed.”

“Disciples do not dare.”

“Good, just say the Purple Thunder Monster snooped about the Han Emperor Dragon Slaying Sword and killed the Three Great Ancestral Master.” Gong Song said.

Disciples continuously nodded.

Gong Song finally left.

Great Circle Castle.

Jinzhi, Yuye and the other maids were all stained with tears, emotional when they saw Noble Star Chai Ling. “Imperial Empress!!”

All of the women knelt on the ground.

Chai Ling turned and sighed. “Sisters, please rise. The Ninth Noble Star, these Star Duels, This Palace will absolutely not miss these. Your crying and weeping, how scandalous. You are making my Great Circle Castle lose face. If you cry any further…Immediately leave the Great Circle Castle.”

“Imperial Empress, please be careful.”

Jinzhi and Yuye still sobbed like before.

Chai Ling sighed.

Yan Yizhen and Tang Lianxin to the side were very moved by this scene.

“Gu Tong, you and I will go see Su Xing together.” Chai Ling then turned her gaze to Female Tiger. Ever since she stayed at Great Circle Castle, Chai Ling knew that Gu Tong missed Tangtang.


“If you truly miss Tangtang, then go with This Palace.” The Noble Star said: “If you do not go, you will hurt Tangtang. As for Xing’er, you need not worry. He looks forward to you being with him.”

Gu Tong grumbled, acquiescing.

“This Palace wonders where that little dullard has run off to. This Palace originaly wanted to introduce her to Xing’er. If only she did not lose her way.” Chai Ling glanced at the Great Circle Castle. She gazed at the vast power this Ninth Noble Star had operated. She was not reluctant to leave, finally deciding to depart.

Atop the Great Circle Castle, Konghou drank wine, drunkenly gazing at the sky.

“Finally, the Heavenly Books…”

At the start of the Heavenly Books, all Star Masters, Star Generals, and even sect masters would each have thoughts about it. Each of them was staging a final showing in the Star Duels. And the Four Styles School that Su Xing was a part of was no question.

Su Xing had already received Ju Yueke’s Sound Transmission. This time, the Four Styles School had specially crafted for Su Xing a set of defensive magic weapons, “Twelve Jade Pearl Banners.” The headmaster, Daoist Master Xuan Tian, made an exception to lend Su Xing the Four Styles Qiankun Sword, increasing his strength to comprehend the Heavenly Books.

Unlike other sects that gave their Star Masters magic weapons and hoped for a share of the Heavenly Books, Daoist Master Xuan Tian and Ju Yueke had no such plans. Su Xing had helped the Four Styles School more than enough. The Four Styles School owed a favor, and they never even thought of the Heavenly Books. Of course, Su Xing’s cultivation was Supervoid Middle Stage. Even if he actually wanted to, the Four Styles School’s headmaster would not dare utter a word.

Regardless, Su Xing still thanked his master, Ju Yueke.

“Right now, you do not need to be so polite. According to the logic of Liangshan Continent’s cultivators, I ought to address you as senior.” Ju Yueke smiled.

“Once a teacher, always a teacher.” Su Xing sternly said.

Ju Yueke sighed, “In short, fight properly in the Star Duels.”

“Disciple understands.”

“Lord Father, I am heading out…” Vermilion Bird Territory, Fire Horn Mountain, a certain forgotten girl miserably said.2

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