Chapter 688: Star Duels Fourth Phase – Heavenly Books

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“Little Yi, Lianxin, you’re back.”

Su Xing meditated in the Longevity Palace. The other wives were at his side. At this moment, ripples appeared in the Longevity Palace. Yan Yizhen and Tang Lianxin returned to the palace, and Su Xing stepped forward with a smile, hugging the two girls.

He spotted behind them the charming and haughty Chai Ling and Gu Tong.

“Ling’er, Gu Tong, welcome, welcome.” Su Xing smiled and said.

“Would you dare not welcome This Queen?” Chai Ling snorted.

Su Xing smiled. Seeing Chai Ling was in good health, he breathed an inward sigh of relief. On the other hand, Gu Tong was somewhat reserved, gazing at the vast Bright Moon Longevity Palace in awe. Then she looked at the beauties at Su Xing’s side and was shaken. “Tangtang, look at who came to see you.” Wu Xinjie smiled and said. 

“Mama.” Bai Yutang flew over, throwing herself into Female Tiger’s surging bosom like a bird returned to the forest. For a mother, that place indeed met the standard.

“Tangtang.” Gu Tong’s expression finally softened a bit.

Seeing Bai Yutang’s little face flushed with delight, Su Xing and the others were very comforted.

“This thing is for you.” Chai Ling waved her hand. From out of thin air, a dust-covered seal appeared. It looked simple and inelegant, carved with the two words Liangshan. The calligraphy was bold and majestic. From a glance, it was obvious this came from an influential family.

“The Liangshan Seal.” Tang Lianxin was astounded.

“This is that legendary long lost Liangshan Seal. It was surprisingly in your hands, Chai Ling. How magnificent.” Wu Xinjie nodded.

“Is this thing really impressive?” Su XIng curiously asked.

All of the girls had a defeated expression.

Xi Yue smiled and said: “Sir does not realize it, but the Liangshan Seal is purportedly capable of raising and creating all mountain and stone over the entire Liangshan Continent. After activation, it would seem as if the entire Liangshan Continent was bearing down on the enemy. However, this seal is very taxing on magic energy and incredibly difficult to control with Divine Intent. Even Supervoid level cultivators capable of controlling it can be counted on one hand. The Azure Dragon’s number, Emperor Liang, once said that even he was unable to use this seal.”

“En, exactly as Xi Yue said. Although Xinjie does not know if it is like the legends, Emperor Liang indeed is unable to use it. Presumably, it lives up to the name. Compared to Lord Husband’s previous Four Symbols Seal, it is even stronger.” Wu Xinjie said.

“En, this is something that one of the previous Noble Stars obtained at the Crystal Dragon Palace. However, this seal is truly powerful, so no cultivator has been able to use their Divine Intent to imbue an imprint for the Spirit Sealing List. Originally, this treasure was the Spirit Treasure that was the most hopeful to defeat the Supreme Ultimate Diagram.” Chai Ling curled her lips.

Su Xing listened. Sure enough, this history was awesome.

“Xing’er, This Palace is very confident in you.” Chai Ling glanced at him tantalizingly.

“I’ll give it a try.”

Su Xing attempted to imbue the Liangshan Seal with his Divine Intent. A heavy feeling immediately sunk into his mind. His entire brain seemed to be waterlogged, heavy and unable to think. Cold sweat leaked out. Indeed, this treasure had the incredible weight of all of Liangshan Continent. Just using Divine Intent to control it was very taxing. Furthermore, while under control, SU Xing endlessly poured in magic energy. It was surprisingly insatiable.

However, in the end, the Liangshan Continent was controlled by his Divine Intent.

The Liangshan Seal released spirit-light. A heavy feeling spread through the entire Longevity Palace. This indestructible palace abruptly shuddered, shocking everyone endlessly.

“This palace is indeed exceptional. What a pity that it is too slow to control, its openings too numerous.” Wu Siyou reviewed. Hua Wanyue and Lin Yingmei agreed. If a cultivator activated this against these girls, perhaps they would die more than a hundred times.

Chai Ling’s expression was somewhat awkward. She only thought this Liangshan Seal could surpass the Supreme Ultimate Diagram and wanted to give Su Xing the most powerful magic weapon, but she actually did not consider other factors.

Chai Ling had one last Help The Needy For Justice for the Three Heavenly Books, so she did not want to waste it. Since she was participating in the Star Duels, Queen Noble Star also pondered for a while. The Great Circle Castle’s riches and magic weapons were innumerable. She even had several random Five Spirit Law Heavenly Books, Purple Rose level Astral Treasures, and even more Prehistoric Spirit Treasures. She originally wanted to help Su Xing find materials for his Sun, Moon, Star, and Dragon Flying Swords. It was a pity the Great Circle Castle did not contain these materials.

Her Innate Skill could only choose one thing, and after much consideration, Chai Ling chose this “Liangshan Seal.”

“A little more practice is all I need. Ling’er, you really did take a lot of trouble.” Su Xing gratefully said.

The corner of Chai Ling’s mouth curled.

“However, you didn’t bring a few magic weapons to protect yourself, did you?”

“This Palace has presented Xing’er with ten trillion. Xing’er, no need to worry.” Chai Ling said.

“Exactly, there is no safer magic weapon in the world than Su Xing.” Shi Yuan agreed.

Everyone smiled.

Then they discussed Mu Duiying. They only knew that they had lost track of her and were somewhat at a loss.

Su Xing smiled and asked Chai Ling: “Ling’er, can you sign a lifelong contract with me now?”

“Xing’er, you truly are flippant and insincere. What a lifelong contract.” Chai Ling covered her mouth, brimming with a splendid smile. “However, This Palace still cannot oblige you.”

“This makes me very uneasy.” Su Xing shook his head. The Noble Star’s Red Ink Iron Certificate was Liangshan Continent’s strongest item. If she died in the Star Duels and that Red Ink Iron Certificate was taken, then it would allow any Star Master or Star General a one-time safeguard against death. Presumably, the Noble Star would become everyone’s target.

“If This Palace acquiesces, then the Heavenly Books will become much more difficult.” Chai Ling rolled her eyes.

Su Xing suddenly remembered an important question.

“These…Heavenly Books…Just what are they?”

Other than Lin Yingmei, all of the wives nearly collapsed onto the ground. The most famous Heavenly Books in the Liangshan Continent’s Ninth Star Duels was also the most discussed topic by all of Liangshan’s cultivators. Everyone knew, no one was unfamiliar, but the Purple Thunder Monster who had contracted thirteen Star Generals and swept across the Four Territories surprisingly did not know what the Heavenly Books were,

Oh, heavens. Oh, earth. Oh, Buddha.

Just what is this man.

Everyone scrutinized Su Xing for a while before finally determining he was asking seriously.

Su Xing could not be blamed. When he first learned of the Star Duels, the Three Heavenly Books were still very far-off. Su Xing had never asked either. Afterwards, so many things happened, and time was never enough. He would never bother to go ask about the Heavenly Books, so by the time the Heavenly Books began, Su Xing finally notices – he still did not know what was so paramount about the Fourth Phase of the Star Duels or what the Heavenly Books he often heard about were.

As a result, at the very last moment, the Purple Thunder Monster that shocked Liangshan Continent and caused countless Star Masters to resentfully grind their teeth began to listen to the lecture of his wives, starting his first class on the Heavenly Books.

Three Heavenly Books.

Liangshan Continent’s Fourth Phase.

The quintessence of the Star Duels.

The Three Heavenly Books were rumored to come from the Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven. They were purportedly treasures of Star World, concealing secrets about the world. Liangshan Continent’s most inconceivable also was the treasure that most made cultivators and Star Generals scrambled madly. As long as the one who obtained the book deciphered the mystery, comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation was even closer within their grasp.

These Heavenly Books altogether were divided into Former, Middle, and Latter volumes.

Each Heavenly Book was different, and the method to obtain each one was different as well.

For example, the Latter volume. When they entered the Heavenly Books Phase, a Star General need only enter “Xuan Nü in a dream,” and after contemplating for about a day, they could obtain a Latter Volume Heavenly Book; Star General or Star Master could then study the Latter Volume Heavenly Book, and after studying, they could have a response on any Star Master or Star General that appeared in a range of a million li.

In other words, regardless of well hidden a Star General was, so long as you possessed the Latter Volume Heavenly Book, they could be detected. Furthermore, this type of detection did not require use of Divine Intent. It did not need the usage of any Star Energy whatsoever.

This was the Heavenly Books’ Latter Volume.

Middle Volume.

Star Generals in an environment corresponding to their own Five Elements would enter a dream. In this dream, they were rumored to encounter various challenges, and as long as they completed these challenges, they would obtain a Middle Volume Heavenly Book upon awakening.

The Middle Heavenly Book’s function was even better than the Latter Volume’s; in regards to any Star General that obtained the Middle Heavenly Book and learned it, an “Increase Star Energy,” “Confer Innate Talent,” “Obtain Astral Treasure,” “Hidden Star Weapon,” “Comprehend New Dark, Yellow, or Earth Technique,” and other random benefits. Regardless of whatever was obtained, a Star General’s power would increase by leaps and bounds.

This was the Heavenly Books Middle Volume.

Former Heavenly Book.

The most important of importants in the Star Duels, it was an item that was even capable of deciding the turning point of victory or defeat in the Star Duels. It was also the most coveted magic weapon in Liangshan Continent. A cultivator could comprehend Transforming Star of Annihilation with the Former Heavenly Book and fly into Star World; for a Star General – comprehend Heaven Rank and upgrade Star Weapon.

The power of a Heaven Rank need not be explained further. Even after the Seven Stars Assembly, not every Star General could comprehend a Heaven Rank. Yet if a Star General was able to comprehend a Heaven Rank and then used the Heavenly Book to comprehend her Heaven Rank, then she was practically the strongest enemy in the Seven Stars Assembly. And though a Star Weapon upgrade appeared simple, even with a superb Destined Weapon level, upgrade materials were increasingly sparse.

To upgrade to a Seven Star Destined Weapon, a Heavenly Star required 192 pieces of fine gemstones and 1,280 liang of spirit sand. In Liangshan Continent, this was practically impossible to achieve. The previous Overlord, Wu Song, completely relied on Heavenly Book comprehension to achieve her last two Stars to shake the entire Liangshan Continent with the might of a Nine Star Destined Weapon.

The Former Heavenly Book was so highly sought, it was obvious also that obtaining it was very difficult.

Entering an environment corresponding to her own Five Element notwithstanding, the more vile the environment, the better the chance of obtaining the Heavenly Book. Other than this, the Star Master necessarily had to be beside the Star General, continuously feeding Star Energy to the Star General. Only after an unimaginably difficult trial had been completed in her dream could she finally obtain the Heavenly Book. If an ordinary Star Master’s Star Energy was unable to last, a Star General in the middle of the trial could possibly be forced out due to insufficient Star Energy.

This was the Former Heavenly Book.

Worth mentioning was that the so-called dreaming method was the state of a Star General falling asleep. During this time, the Star General was very weak, practically a state of death while sitting. Liangshan Continent’s cultivators and other Star Masters often would seize this chance to launch sneak attacks while a Star General was comprehending their Former Heavenly Book. They could even possibly obtain the Heavenly Book belonging to the Star General, and because comprehending the Former Heavenly Book was very difficult, both Star General and Star Master were in an extremely precarious position during this phase.

Also, each Star General could obtain one of the three Heavenly Books while sleeping. If afterwards they could kill another Star General, they had a certain chance to obtain the Heavenly Book belonging to that Star General. This was also why the Star Duels often truly became a scene of bitterness after the Heavenly Books.

The strong wanted to obtain the Heavenly Books of the weak to use against even stronger enemies.

The weak wanted to rely on talent to resist strong enemies.

After hearing the explanation of the Three Heavenly Books from his wives, Su Xing was shaken.

He finally said.

“Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven is a pervert…”

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