Chapter 689: The Last Star Master Appears

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Star Sight year 980 (Author’s note: I don’t know if I misremembered.) Cooling Kingdom, Yanggu County, Jingyang Ridge. 

On this day.

An escape light flew out of the sky. A dragonboat of twinkling starlight landed at a restaurant on Jingyang Ridge.

In the light of the setting sun, three words on the sign “After Three Bowls, Do Not Cross The Ridge” were particularly eye-catching.

An elegant man walked out from the dragonboat. This man’s presence was introverted, his step steady. Beside him were several different young women wearing bamboo hats.

The waiter of the restaurant felt one of them was very familiar.

That woman was like a flower, like ice and snow. Her slim eyes were deep and vast, their light glittering like the stars, and she was quiet to the point she made him feel stifled, awed. Her eyebrows were like smoke, her lips red and her teeth white; she wore black marked clothing and a demonic lotus cloak. Her breasts were like clouds, her figure incomparably graceful. Those slender jade legs were clad in rare leather armor boots. Above all, that satiny black hair spilled past her butt, flowing like a suspended galaxy. She was like a fairy from a painting.

The woman was elegant and cold, just like a black lotus blossoming amongst those of pure white. Her nobility brimmed with rejection and alienation that made people unable to lift their gazes to admire her.

“This, this…” The waiter’s expression changed.

Without a doubt, this woman was none other than Wu Siyou, and the man beside her naturally Su Xing along with his other wives.

“Ehhhh, so this is Jingyang Ridge. So pretty.” Shi Yuan said in pleasant surprise.

“Yuan’er, be serious.” Wu Xinjie reminded her.

“First we go brink a bit of wine. Then we go up Jingyang Ridge.” Su Xing said to Wu Siyou. “Wifey, what do you feel?”

Wu Siyou nodded: “Your Concubine has not tasted Jingyang Ridge’s gaultheria.”1

Everyone came to Jingyang Ridge this time for no other purpose. They specifically went so that Wu Siyou could comprehend her Heavenly Book. Jingyang Ridge’s topography corresponded to metal, and it was also the first place that the Pilgrim gained her reputation.2 Naturally, this was the optimal place for Wu Siyou to enter Xuan Nü In A Dream.

Su Xing’s group entered the restaurant. This scale could not be described as small. Other than absentees Xi Yue, Chai Ling, and Gu Tong with Tangtang, Suwen, and Lianxin outside the Star Nest, the other wives were all at his side. Across the Star Duels, this was practically their most simultaneous adventure. If they counted allies like Zhao Hanyan and Gong Caiwei, then their formation was excessive to the extreme.

Other cultivators stared wide-eyed. The smarter people easily deduced his identity. None of them dared breathe. They merely buried their heads in wine, so as not to be noticed by this Purple Thunder Monster.

Su Xing knew that no matter where he went now, he would attract attention, so he may as well act poised.

“Dear Customer, your wine.” The waiter smiled amicably.

“Thanks.” Su Xing was not an overbearing person. After he paid with gold, he say for awhile in the restaurant. Originally, he wanted to listen to some of the conversations of these cultivators to scout information pertaining to the other Star Masters’ Heavenly Books, after all, seven days had already passed since the Heavenly Books began.

What a pity that his scale was too shocking. These cultivators did not dare utter a word for fear of saying something wrong. This made Su Xing quite bored. In the end, after sitting awhile, he paid his bill and scaled Jingyang Ridge.

Only after he left did the cultivators in the restaurant finally dare speak.

“Heavens, that man just now was so ostentatious. Each of those young women were absolute beauties. Could they be Star Generals?”

“The Pilgrim. Did you not see that Pilgrim?”

“There was also Hu Sanniang, the most beautiful of the Star Generals. She lives up to her name indeed. Just a glance made me lose my breath.”

“Beautiful is the best you can describe the Panther Head? Those eyes, that figure truly are…tsk, tsk…I could die without regrets just with a glance at her.” 

“That chan clothed maiden was very saintly. Could she be?”

“Ai, this man truly does have the joy of a harem.”

“Hmph, he seeks his own doom. I heard the Star General of Lifeless Hall’s Yan Wudao took the lead already by receiving the Former Volume Heavenly Book.”

“How is this possible? In only seven days?” Everyone was shocked.

Seven days for the Former Volume Heavenly Book was too fast.

“Take a good look at who she is. Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing. The world’s best at hidden weapons, and the Lifeless Hall spared no effort helping her. Rumor is that there was some magic weapon for assistance. In short, not unexpected.” That man mysteriously aroused the curiosity in everyone’s minds.

A thorough investigation.

“I also heard that the Purple Thunder Monster shows endless potential, but it seems the other Star Masters have already deliberated to join together in preparation to wipe them out in one swoop.”

“Don’t say too much, so as to avoid other people hearing this. You’re finding yourself trouble.”


Everyone conversed and discussed, lamenting that the prospects of the Heavenly Books were endless, envying that the Purple Thunder Monster had so many Star Generals at his side. They thought that even if he died, he would still be outstanding.

“So annoying. It’s all about Sister Xinjie, Niangzi, Siyou and Shaqing. Could it be that This Young Lady isn’t worth a mention?” The Shi Yuan hidden in a dark corner punched the air. Hearing the cultivators’ conversations made her fume to death. This Young Lady is wearing all black and is unexpectedly being ignored, damn it all.

En. Just as Su Xing said. The moment he leaves, they’ll become much more chatty. That Yan Wudao surprisingly obtained a Former Volume Heavenly Book. Hmph, Su Xing hasn’t got one yet. Please with herself, she hurried to deliver the news to Su Xing.

Shi Yuan became a black shadow and suddenly escaped. No one perceived her.


Someone did.

In a corner, a graceful man drank wine. He caught sight of Shi Yuan’s near imperceptible concealment technique. “Wife, shall we go?”

“Lord Husband, keep watching.” The woman in a mantle said in a low voice. Her voice was melodious as a songbird’s, mellow and natural.

Cool Breeze Fort.

Smoke billowed about, miserably pervading the area.

The two hundred people in Cool Breeze Fort were entirely slaughtered, wretched and desolate. A thick stench of blood filled the air. An old man was currently atop the Cool Breeze Fort absorbing the ambient qi, breathing slowly. A ray of spirit-light flickered around his body. His presence had Supervoid strength. If Su Xing was here, he would definitely be shocked because the old man was none other than Northern Darkness Has Fish.

Northern Darkness Has Fish was currently meditating and recovering. Although the spirit qi of Cool Breeze Forth was sparse, he had no choice.

“Damned Purple Thunder Monster. This Old Man…Truly is unreconciled.” Northern Darkness Has Fish lifted his head to gaze at the Crimson Star in the sky, incomparably resentful. Originally, he wanted to rely on the White TIger Territory’s Demonkin and Liao Emperor for an alliance to face Su Xing, but he never thought that insufferably arrogant Li Taisui would surprisingly Starfall before the Heavenly Books and for the Liao Emperor to vanish.

This made Northern Darkness Has Fish endlessly resentful. With even Li Taisui dead, who else could be the Purple Thunder Monster’s opponent. He knew that the Heavenly Books had already begun. He was not his foe before, and now was even more impossible. “However, This Old Man will not give up like this. Hmph, the Star Master will definitely unite to fight the Purple Thunder Monster. At that time, This Old Man will definitely show him my might.” Northern Darkness Has Fish thought to himself. Suddenly, his Divine Intent moved.

He found that two young women were scaling the mountain.

Those women were dressed very plainly, and their cultivation was very mediocre. One of them wore a yellow shirt and shorts. She was about fourteen or fifteen. With a white banner in hand, she stopped and paid her respects to each and every one of the slaughtered people of Cool Breeze Fort. A spirit-light would fly out from each corpse and enter that white banner.

The other young woman was not worth a mention.

“Star General??”

Northern Darkness Has Fish was elated. He immediately sensed their background.

Now that the Heavenly Book had already begun, this Star General did not have protection either. If This Old Man kills them, then I can obtain a Heavenly Book. This is truly charcoal in a snowstorm. Northern Darkness Has Fish was excited, already arousing his killing intent. He was full of hatred for any Star Master now, itching to kill them all.

The yellow clothed woman was named Xue Mingxi,3 and indeed, she was a Star General.

Ranked eighty-fourth Tranquil Star Sick Tiger Xue Yong.

She had come to this Cool Breeze Forth to enter her dream and obtain the Heavenly Book, but she never imagined she would see a mountain of corpses. They had all been killed. Xue Mingxi slightly sighed, uttering an incantation, continuously performing a ritual.

From the Cool Breeze Fort’s corpses, spirit lights flew out and into her white banner.

All of a sudden at this moment.

A powerful pressure pounced towards them. Xue Mingxi was startled and saw a green light flash, heard a shout. “Extreme Clarity, Hight Clarity, Jade Clarity! Go!” Northern Darkness Fish acted decisively, completely in spite of his elderly refined appearance. Like a demon, he gestured and breathed out clear qi. That qi suddenly assumed the form of swords, split off and formed three sword arrays.

This was the Most High Path’s Three Clarities Sword Chant.

This sword array was fierce, swift as lightning. It was already attacking with just a crackle, but Xue Mingxi was merely startled, not frightened. Just as Northern Darkness Has Fish was baffled, suddenly, that nondescript woman took action. She raised her hand, releasing light. Like two dragons twisting and turning, they struck the Flying Swords. Northern Darkness Has Fish pressed on, but the commonplace woman used another technique.

Without any power to be said, by the time Northern Darkness Has Fish realized it, several arrow-lights had already bit into his bones, unbearably painful.

It nearly made Northern Darkness Has Fish fall to the ground.

The young woman shouted again. Another arrow-light pelted Northern Darkness Has Fish who could barely ward the attack off, covering him with cuts. Northern Darkness Has Fish did not know when, but his Three Clarities Flying Swords had been entangled by this girl’s strange arrow-light, surprisingly unable to counterattack. This young woman alone easily suppressed him, making Northern Darkness Has Fish very infuriated.

“A Star Master dares be impudent before This Old Man.”

Northern Darkness Has Fish shouted.

He used another powerful Sword Chant.

The Three Clarities Sword’s light attacked.

“How can you two alone be This Old Man’s opponent, you do not know your own strength.” Northern Darkness Has Fish sneered. Clear qi gathered, and those three sword arrays suddenly scattered like mist, disappearing into the air.

Green light appeared as far as the eye could see in the air.

The two girls did not dare stop. Their figures moved, instantly closing the distance.

Revolving white light suddenly appeared.

Northern Darkness Has Fish suddenly sensed countless spirits fly out from the Cool Breeze Fort. They wailed in his ear, making him feel incomparable pain, leaving him unable to fight.

What is this??

Northern Darkness Has Fish was astonished at the sudden change.

He saw that yellow clothed woman had taken action.

“I am Sick Tiger Xue Mingxi. Evildoer, enter the underworld and suffer the bitterness of samsara.” Xue Mingxi coldly said. She waved that white banner.

White light flashed.

Not good, Earth Rank.

Northern Darkness Has Fish changed.

“Just you alone?”

“There is also me.” The other woman suddenly acted.

“How is this possible, what is this power??”

Northern Darkness Has Fish’s eyes widened. Everywhere he looked, there were matchless arrow-lights. He was suddenly ashen.

“I shall accept this expression of despair.” Xue Mingxi nodded.

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  1. A type of herb.
  2. The moniker “Tiger Fighting Wu Song
  3. 薛明晰

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