Chapter 690: Wu Siyou’s Dream Of A Previous Life

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“Yan Wudao has obtained the Former Volume of the Heavenly Books?”

Upon Jingyang Ridge, Su Xing listened to the information Shi Yuan brought back with some shock. The Three Heavenly Books appeared simple, but in fact, the Former Heavenly Book’s time limit was one month. In the effective time limit, a Star General must comprehend the Heavenly Books starting from the Latter up to the Former volume. She could not be met with interruptions along the way.

In these seven days, Su Xing’s wives had comprehended the Heavenly Books in succession, but while comprehending the Heavenly Books, a Star General and Star Master could not separate. Therefore, their progress was slow. To date, Bai Yutang obtained her Latter Heavenly Book; Tang Lianxin, An Suwen, and Shi Yuan each obtained their Middle Volume. Because the Former Volume’s time was indeterminate, they did continue their comprehension. And the challenge of the Heavenly Book’s Former was not something they could handle.

“Young Lord, let us help Siyou stand guard.” Wu Xinjie said.

Beside her White and Black Unicorn Tiger, Wu Siyou sat down cross-legged. In the swaying shadows of trees, amidst the blowing clear breeze, this was the best time to enter the dream.

“Wifey, be careful.” Su Xing said.

Wu Siyou smirked and slowly closed her eyes, entering meditation.

The Heavenly Books seemed to be a treasure everyone in Liangshan Continent knew about, but the fact was that comprehension was a very tedious and long process. However, across all the Star Duels, even the most top-notch martial generals would lose consciousness as they meditated to comprehend the Heavenly Books. At this time, if they encountered danger, things would be very troublesome. In the past, this was the perfect opportunity for Star Masters to attack other opponents.

In fact, when Su Xing’s party came to Jingyang Bridge, the fame of the Purple Thunder Monster had already flew quickly across the Cooling Kingdom, however, Su Xing’s strength was already capable of sweeping across all of Liangshan Continent. He did not fear even encirclement by the Ten Great Sects. As a result, he was quite leisurely.

All of the girls were nearby. Su Xing took this time to begin preparing refinement of the Five Elements Flying Swords. His Divine Intent moved. In the air, gold, red, and yellow lights flew out. The gold light was like a dragon, coiling about, its power violent and tyrannical. The red light spread  open behind SU Xing like the wings of a bird, its burning bright flames evoking the flight of an absolutely beautiful firebird, quite magnificent.

That final yellow light was like the Five Sacred Mountains, arranging into a formation in the background, as secure and indestructible as a fortress.

These three swords were Metal Element “Heaven Tearing,” Fire Element “Jian Feather,” and the last was the Earth Element Flying Sword.

The twelve Earth Element Flying Swords spun around. These Flying Swords were reforged Earth Element swords of Gen Wu Divine Iron. Having gone through some time in shaping, the refinement was already nearly in its final phase. Su Xing began his final bit of refinement. When he carved the Flying Sword’s name, Su Xing did not want the same name as before, “Heavenly Abyss.” Since this was a new Flying Sword, he naturally could not use the same name.

The new Earth Element Flying Sword gave an even more simple aura. This stone was refined using Su Xing’s Purple Rose Transforming Qi. Like a pillar raised to support the heavens, purple qi lingered around it. Thinking for a moment, Su Xing carved two bold words.

“Time Immemorial”1

“Young Master, besides the Water Element, have the other Five Elements already been completed?” Lin Yingmei sensed the vast, ancient and profound qi of the Time Immemorial swords, widening her eyes.

Su Xing nodded and said, “Precisely.” Because Langya was needed to control The Ghost Cavalry King, it was nailed into the Ten THousand Year Gu Demon’s body, so he did not bring it out. However, he only lacked the Water Element from the Five Elements. But the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice had already been grinded by Tang Lianxin, needing only Su XIng to forge it. However, this ice was extremely cold. To forge it, he needed to return to the Black Ice Abyss once more. “Yingmei, you have to go to the Black Ice Abyss to comprehend your Heavenly Book. We can do both together.”

“Ai, Your Servant has made Young Master use extra effort.” Lin Yingmei was apologetic.

“There are still more than twenty days. Can Sisters Wanyue, Xinjie, Shaqing, Little Huang, and Little Yi comprehend their Former Heavenly Books in time?” An Suwen worriedly asked.

At this time, Su Xing’s numerous Star Generals showed apologetic looks. In any case, twenty days was impossible to reach the Former Heavenly Book, so this trip to Jingyang RIdge was specifically to help Wu Siyou quickly comprehend it. After all, this place was related to the Pilgrim. Comprehension speed for the Heavenly Book would be very quick.

“This Young Lady wonders how Elder Sister Siyou is doing?” Shi Yuan said.

After three days.

The Su Xing who was currently resting suddenly felt his forehead burn. His Star Energy was beginning to gradually and continuously enter Wu Siyou. The cool and elegant Pilgrim’s surroundings stirred. Her long hair gently floated, and a black light appeared. Multiple black lotuses appeared around Wu Siyou. Su Xing knew from a glance that this was the time for the Former Heavenly Book. Immediately, his expression was delighted. “Siyou has already entered the Former Heavenly Book.”

“This Young Lady wonders what the Former Heavenly Book is like.” Shi Yuan enviously said.

At this moment, in the dream of the Heavenly Book.

Wu Siyou saw before her eyes white mist. She saw nothing inside of it, nothing outside of it. After a long while, Wu Siyou walked to a point where the white mist cleared. A small alley appeared in front of her. Wu Siyou quickened her steps along this alley.

Below the mountain, a simple town appeared.

A vague memory stirred in Wu Siyou’s mind. The Pilgrim entered the city. Hundreds of people lined the streets, welcoming her. “The ‘Tiger Fighting Hero’ has returned.”

“Great Benefactor.”

Everyone knelt and bowed in admiration. Wu Siyou felt something was off, but she could not think of what it was. The Pilgrim was not good with words and did not know how to react. She merely stared coldly. 

Beyond the crowd, she suddenly heard a lovely voice shout. 

“Little Sister, Little Sister. You finally returned.”

The crowd parted. A dwarfish man ran over, dancing in joy. Following beside the man was a woman, mature and lovely to the bone. When the crowd saw her, they immediately cupped their fists and congratulated her: “Magistrate truly is fortunate, to have such a Tiger Fighting Hero as a Little Sister. In the future, Yanggu County will be completely depending on you.”

“Ha, ha, in the future, there will be no need to go buy pork buns.”

“Right, right, Yanggu County can rely on Constable Wu.”

Everyone said.

That dwarf walked before Wu Siyou, emotionally saying: “Little Sister, at long last, you’ve finally returned. Come here, allow me to introduce you. This is your sister-in-law, Jinlian…”

That beautiful woman dripping with maturity had her hair tied in a bun, fragrant silk clothes, and was mesmerizing. She was simply incongruous to this short man. It was difficult to imagine they were surprisingly husband and wife.

“Jinlian is pleased to meet Elder Sister Siyou.” Pan Jinliang greeted her, gazing at Wu Siyou’s beautiful eyes with restrained emotion.

An epiphany emerged in Wu SIyou’s mind.


This was her Elder Brother, and this woman was her sister-in-law Pan Jinlian.

Wu Siyou finally understood her history.2  The history of a Star General had always been a mystery even to themselves. Even if they inherited memories, those only pertained to the Star Duels, but any Star Maiden would be full of curiosity as to why they would descend into this world, feel incomparable curiosity for who their mother and father were. It was precisely because of this pure desire that Star Maidens would throw themselves into the Star Duels only to scale Maiden Mountain to go meet them.

Even the most cold and elegant Pilgrim could not help but feel warmth upon seeing her own family. “Elder Brother, Sister-in-law.” The Pilgrim saluted.

A few days later.

Wu Siyou had completely forgotten the Star Duels. To be accurate, the moment she entered the Heavenly Books, the Star Duels were already wiped from her mind, leaving the Pilgrim only with the memory of interacting with family.

In Yanggu Country, Wu Siyou had taken the role of constable. All of Yanggu County’s people venerated her.

During the day, she patrolled. At night, she drank, discussing the day’s event in leisure with her Elder Brother and sister-in-law.

But…But…Wu Siyou gazed at the cup of wine in her hand, nevertheless feeling something was off.

“What is Elder Sister thinking about?” A sweet voice interrupted Wu Siyou’s thoughts.

Wu Siyou returned to her senses and saw that her sister-in-law Pan Jinlian was pouring her a cup. This mature beauty was dressed even more lovely than the first time they met. That wide brocade exposed her snow-white shoulders, her milk-white cleavage. When she lowered her head in toast, she practically exposed herself. 

“Elder Sister Siyou, is Your Servant beautiful?” Pan Jinlian saw Wu Siyou lower her head, showing bashfulness. She did not hide herself, instead, sticking even closer to Wu Siyou, her full breasts about to burst out of her clothes.

“Sister-in-law, please be more serious.” Wu Siyou coldly said.

“Can Elder Sister tell Your Servant what place isn’t serious?” Pan Jinliang hugged Wu Siyou, her breath like flowers, fragrant. As she said this, she slipped her soft hand down Wu Siyou’s shirt, slowly sliding it downwards.

Her skin was soft, just within reach.

Wu Siyou chilled, pushing it aside. “Sister-in-law, what is this.”

“We are both women, sister-in-law only envies Elder Sister’s figure.” Pan Jinliang said pitifully.

“Your Concubine does not want this from Sister-in-law.” Wu Siyou coldly said.

“Your Concubine? Eh, could it be that Elder Sister has a Lord Husband? However, this form of self-address, Elder Sister is very tempting indeed.” Pan Jinliang pursed her lips.

Your Concubine?

Lord Husband?

Wu Siyou suddenly felt her head hurt, as if she had forgotten something.

“Elder Sister, what is the matter?” Pan Jinlian asked, concerned.

Wu Siyou tightly wrinkled her brow, not answering.

“It must be that the alcohol in this gaultheria is too strong…” Pan Jinlian said in a soft voice, gently propping up Wu Siyou’s waist. “It would be better if Jinlian puts Elder Sister to be for rest.”

Gaultheria…Wine…Wu Siyou’s consciousness was increasingly painful.

Seeing Wu Siyou was so pained, Pan Jinliang showed a charming expression. Her eyes had a peculiar glint. After covering her with a blanket, Pan Jinlian daintily walked out the door. Outside the door, Wu Siyou saw her say something to someone.

“Lady Ximen, Elder Sister is here. If she discovers us and tells the magistrate, things will be bad for us.”

“A lowly and insignificant constable, what is there to be afraid of…”

“So troublesome..”

The voices grew quieter and quieter, yet Wu Siyou focused all of her concentration on reflecting.

She definitely forgotten something.

She should not be so comfortable.

Wu Siyou’s head hurt more and more. A few images suddenly appeared in her mind.

After the Purple Rose Treasure Chest, facing Old Immortal Extreme Clarity, that man was together with her.

Inside the Void Immortal’s Abode, Flying Swords and her Noble Frost Demonic Lotus clashed. In the end, he did not change his expression even when he lost.

Then in the Vermilion Bird Territory, they called each other husband and wife against the Ten Thousand Year GU Demon.

That voice seemed to be in her ear.

“I’ll just call you wifey, and you call me hubby.”

“Wifey? Hubby?”

“The so-called 老 naturally refers to the white hairs of old age. Then, 婆 represents the female gender. 公 represents male. Outsiders that hear this would naturally feel this would be related to a husband and wife.”

“What’s the matter?”

“As you wish.”

The an image of her making a declaration to kill against many strong enemies appeared in her mind.

“Your Concubine is here, how could she allow you to humiliate Lord Husband!”

The last image fell on the Crystal Dragon Palace’s banquet, kissing in front of everyone’s stares. At that moment, Wu Siyou’s heart was touched, like a dream from the past pounding endlessly inside WU Siyou’s mind, fiercer and fiercer.

When the Crimson Star flashed, Wu Siyou’s eyes suddenly became clear as water.

“Su Xing!!”

Translator’s Note: I’m not sure how much of this “dream” actually was part of Wu Siyou’s own life or if it was a previous life at all. The “previous life” in the title is a literal translation of 前世, which was the raw text. I’m more inclined to say that this is simply a dream, and this is not Wu Siyou’s previous life. If this was anyone’s life, then this is the life of the first Wu Song, whose memories she is simply reliving/re-enacting.

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  1. 混元, lit. origin of the universe.
  2. This dream is based on a particular episode from Wu Song’s adventures in the original Water Margin.


  1. I think the ‘previous life’ here refers to Siyou, still influenced by the dream, recalling her ‘actual’ memories and describing them to feel like visions of a ‘previous life’ precisely because she’s in a dream. Like, trying to flip the place of illusion and reality and keep her stuck.

    …It’s a pretty clever trick, but ultimately not very effective against someone like Wu Siyou.

  2. It’s clear that star generals are beings of two components: their inherited star name and its associated qualities, and a human part that varies from iteration to iteration. Both are their true selves. The question of what causes the human portion to take the form it does has always been an interesting question. The simplest explanation is that the human self previously existed: voluntarily or involuntarily, in life or in death, souls of certain people that resonate with a certain name will combine with it and be reborn as a new existence, their old memories wiped clean.

    I think it’s likely that this is indeed a reflection of a real life that existed prior to the star duels. Reason being, it’s a trial of integration. The human portion of the soul is separately drawn out into a dreamworld based on their original memories. In the truest depths of their hearts, do they embrace or reject everything that has come with the true name? If they decide that their present is more valuable than their past and seek to break free in such a situation, it signifies the fragmented self becoming whole. It’s only reasonable for that to grant a sort of power.

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