Chapter 691: Ownerless Peach Tree Is In Full Bloom

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Pan Jinlian wept endlessly, tears pouring down her cheeks, as she spoke about the news of Magistrate Wu’s sudden death. “Sister-in-law will rely on Elder Sister from now on.” As she said this, those slender hands moved to pull Wu Siyou in.

Wu Siyou coldly glared at her. Her cold and elegant gaze was like an unsheathed blade, surprisingly making Pan Jinlian’s heart terrified, retracting those extended hands of hers.

“Hubby is waiting for Your Concubine. Your Concubine does not have time to deal with you lot. Call out that philanderer of yours. After Your Concubine kills him, she will kill you. This will be painful.” Wu Siyou already remembered Su Xing, so she naturally was lucid about entering the Heavenly Book dream. She analyzed the sequence of events and already understood that to obtain the Former Volume Heavenly Book, she must pass through a challenge. Now that she had awoken but the Heavenly Book was not obtained, Wu Siyou finally understood what she had to do after hearing about the poisoning of Magistrate Wu.”

As expected, from Wu Siyou’s attitude, the tear-stained beautiful face of Pan Jinlian was unmasked. “What a Pilgrim, you. Your Servant was willing to stay with you, you are so heartless, to treat your sister-in-law like this.”

Wu Siyou stepped forward, throwing a punch.

A tiger’s hiss burst forth from her fist, coldly pressing head-on towards her. This feeble woman did not panic. There was a sudden flash, and she evaded this fist. Wu Siyou spun around to block Pan Jinlian’s escape. How could she have foreseen the woman’s martial arts were surprisingly not shabby. She leaned and escaped Wu Siyou’s attack range.

Wu Siyou did not give chase, coldly saying: “There is also another one who has not yet shown themselves and accepted death.”

The moment she finished speaking, a graceful figure gently floated down from the roof. She was a distinguished and elegant woman, her brow very charming, her mien like peach blossoms, her eyes attentive. She carried a paper fan, and whenever she fanned herself, a clear breeze lingered like smoke around her. She was very refined, and that fan was accompanied by five shimmering stars. This was surprisingly a Destined Star Weapon the likes of a Star General’s.

Wu Siyou looked. This woman’s cultivation was surprisingly not very high, which gave her a sense of pressure.

At the same time, Pan Jinlian showed her true colors. She sneered like a serpent: “Elder Sister is disobedient. Lady Ximen, today, we shall make her accompany that dwarf to hell.” Pan Jinlian spread her fingers. Between her fingers, ten needles as thin as hair emerged. Although the needles were small, they nevertheless revealed cold edges, and similarly, five dazzling stars.

Their weapons were higher than Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus by one star.

That Ximen Qing woman nodded continually, gently shaking her fan. The thin cool breeze became a blade.

As expected, this was the Xuan Nü of Ninth Heaven’s strongest trial in the Former Volume Heavenly Book.

This Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing’s Realms were not low, surprisingly making Wu Siyou feel pressured.

Wu Siyou raised her hand, gripping the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Its four stars glinted, “Lord Husband is still waiting for Your Concubine. Your Concubine does not have time to waste.”

These adulterous femme fatales changed expressions. Their tacit communication was unparalleled. Pan Jinlian’s fingers flickered, and ten silver lights shot out from this, forming a net of silver thread that entangled Wu Siyou’s surroundings. Pan Jinlian’s Star Weapon was known as “Mind Fooling Ecstasy Inducing Needles.”1 This technique was her Yellow Rank, “Affection Containing Sentiment.” These needles upon launch specifically targeted the opponent’s fatal meridians and acupuncture points. It was only a simple Yellow Technique, yet it had formidable injury capability.

Wu Siyou swung her sword, spurting forth murderous aura. Black lotuses blossomed. Each black lotus stopped a needle. The Pilgrim’s figure flickered, flitting past the needles as she slashed at Pan Jinlian.

“Little Sister, play with This Lady.” Ximen Qing hid her lascivious smile using her fan.

The precious fan blew a nondescript breeze, beating against Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Similarly, this was Yellow Technique, “Weak Wind Supporting Willow,”2 making Wu Siyou’s sword unable to descend. The next moment, she pounced forth, launching herself towards the ice-cold Wu Siyou. The Five Star Witch Cloud Moving Rain Treasure Fan3 in her hand accurately hacked at her. The clear breeze of the fan shot forth even sharper than that sword-qi.

It swept towards Wu Siyou like a tidal wave.

Dark Technique.

Wanton And Without Restrain.4

But the moment Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus slashed into that killing intent, it nevertheless broke free in an instant. Ximen Qing’s Wanton And Without Restraint made Wu Siyou’s defenses become useless, turning the fan itself into a sharp sword.

The cool breeze brushed past Wu Siyou’s cheek. Several strands of her hair that flowed past her butt were neatly severed, and several lines of blood appeared on her white face. The remaining killing intent became a weapon that already arrived in front of Wu Siyou, only waiting to smash its prey to pieces.

Then, Ximen Qing nevertheless completely lacked a sense of victory being in sight. The woman’s black eyes stirred with an indescribably profound light. That kind of genuine burning, genuine chilling light.

All of the surroundings instantly became a dark flame. Then, before Ximen Qing could react in time, Wu Siyou leaned and spun again, abruptly swift as an arrow. She had already become an indistinct shadow in her eyes.

When Wu Siyou’s killing intent shot up to her body, it seemed to touch an invisible object and was shaken apart. The courtyard seemed to have an earthquake. A ray of black snow flashed by, leaving a glimpse of long, floating hair. Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian were stunned. Wu Siyou was surprisingly in front of them. Wherever she passed, black lotuses descended from out of thin air.

Similarly, Yellow Technique “Ten Thousand Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying” was used in return.

What swift speed!!

Ximen Qing’s Witch Cloud Moving Rain Fan opened.

She stopped this assault head-on.

The treasure fan and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus interlocked, shaking with enormous power that blew the courtyard’s tiles over, the main gate open. If this was normal times, Wu Siyou absolutely was certain this would make her opponent suffer, but Ximen Qing’s Star Weapon was already Five Star. She was temporarily unable to move.

The Pilgrim’s attack missed, and she pulled back, again avoiding the sneak attack of Pan Jinlian’s Mind Fooling Ecstasy Inducing Needles.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.

Noble Frost Demonic Lotus became twin swords, their sword-light crossed over Pan Jinlian’s neck.

“Little Sister, courting death.” Pan Jinlian was wounded, and she was immediately like a shrew, her charming turning into malevolence. Her fingers clawed, quick as a gust, giving Wu Siyou scratches on her cheek. Dark Technique, Scalding Soul!

Silver light flashed.

Pan Jinlian’s speed was extremely quick and flanked Wu Siyou. Her claws dug into Wu Siyou’s back, sticking her needles directly in. Wu Siyou’s expression changed. She changed her footwork, spun and used sweep kick, smoothly knocking Pan Jinlian onto the ground.

Ximen Qing also clawed the air, attacking.

The treasure fan swung directly at Wu Siyou’s cranium. Wu Siyou could only lean, but Ximen Qing raised the fan, and a storm flew out of the fan, blowing Wu Siyou away. A snow-white petal fluttered about at the same time in the storm. Then, it flickered over Wu Siyou’s whole body.

Earth Rank.

“Flower Blowing Snow!”

This technique was absolutely beautiful. A clear breeze rose, and white snow flew, completely shattering Wu Siyou’s pride, making the Pilgrim cut a very sorry figure. Pan Jinlian stood up, escaping from Flower Blowing Snow. Red spots appeared all over Pan Jinlian’s body. She waited until Wu Siyou fell onto the ground to use Earth Technique “Falling Red Apricots Filling Sky” to settle the victory.


Wu Siyou’s heel had only just touched the ground.

Pan Jinlian smirked as she unleashed her attack.

The opponent in the Former Volume Heavenly Book’s final trial was superior to her in both Star Weapon and Realm. Wu Siyou was without any advantages, especially with two people working perfectly together making this even more troublesome.

Against this Earth Technique, Wu Siyou could only gather all of her Star Energy for protection to avoid being “killed.” If she perceived death in the dream, then she would be awakened. This was common sense for anyone, and Wu Siyou would not allow this to happen.

Falling Red Apricots Filling Sky sealed all of Wu Siyou’s counterattack movements and escape route.

The half-kneeling Wu Siyou could sense Pan Jinlian’s formidable menace as well as the intense pain over her whole body from the Red Apricots. 

Under two Earth Techniques, Wu Siyou could barely last. At least she did not have a death sensation. “Good thing hubby cannot see Your Concubine’s sorry figure.” Star Energy was still continuously flowing into her. Wu Siyou could sense power in her body.

Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing descended. One smirking, the other sneering as they stared at Wu Siyou.

“Still alive, surprisingly. As expected of the Tiger Fighting Hero, Constable Wu.”

“Elder Sister is truly powerful, Jinlian is even wet. Such a pity, such a pity.” Pan Jinlian clamped her legs together, licking the blood off her fingers and needles. Those droplets of blood came from Wu Siyou’s cheek. They still had a woman’s scent, acting like an aphrodisiac, making Pan Jinlian show even more amorous desire. 

“A Pilgrim like this will never be able to take the Heavenly Book.” Ximen Qing said.

Wu Siyou rose, taking the flask at her waist. She took a big swig, and immediately, her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes surprisingly had some charm.

“This sort of Elder Sister is truly too sexy. Jinlian truly cannot wait to climax with Elder Sister.” Pan Jinlian burned with lust.

On the other hand, Ximen Qing felt a chill. “Be careful.” She promptly moved her fan. Endless killing intent like a gale suddenly pounced up. Facing this attacking storm, Wu Siyou paid it no heed. Drunk, her footsteps wobbled, her body tipping this way and that, her beautiful figure swaying.

The storming killing intent suddenly became incomparably gentle the instant Wu Siyou rose. Harm Star Pilgrim’s hand stroked her warm lips, the double sword in her hand already attacking.

Ximen Qing’s fan attacked.

Another Flower Blowing Snow engulfed that cool and elegant figure.

“Milady, look out.” Pan Jinlian shouted.


An awe-inspiring presence had appeared behind her somehow.

Ximen Qing was shocked to see Wu Siyou.

Just how did she get behind me!? Ximen Qing was incredulous, but she very quickly stopped pondering this. Immediately, the fan’s arrogance attacked her enemy.

Wu Siyou was intoxicated, inadvertently evading this killing intent. Ximen Qing’s eyebrows rose. This attack honestly was not bad. Even while like this, she could still evade. Ximen Qing chilled her expression, continuously waving the treasure fan. The cool breeze became a succession of wind blade attacks that acted as her response.

Several dozen wind blades once again screamed towards their target, like an enormous net to ensnare Wu Siyou, but this was completely useless. They were completely evaded easily by Wu Siyou’s drunken posture. That lovely as water expression easily appeared before the two women.

Only at this time did Lady Ximen finally feel fear.

This was a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

“Milady, do not be afraid, it will be over very quickly.”

Wu Siyou’s voice was somewhat abnormally charming, as if she was a completely different person from the Harm Star from before. If it could be said that the Wu Siyou before was cool and elegant, the current one was bewitching. That seemingly unsteady body of hers nevertheless was able to easily avoid every one of their attacks, making them completely unable to catch on to her body techniques. Even their higher Realms were completely useless.

The smile that could enthrall all living things was overturned, the roaring wind was torn apart. Wu Siyou’s twin swords descended like a ferocious tiger. In the next instant, she grasped the double-ended sword and separated her hands, turning Noble Frost Demonic Lotus into two swords, one of pure frost and snow, and the other as dark as night.

The Pilgrim and her swords became a bolt of lightning, shooting directly towards Ximen Qing.

Even the drunken Wu Siyou maintained a perspective that was more composed than an ordinary person’s. She knew that if she faced these two opponents together, then she simply could not win, and from her point of view, among the two of them, Ximen Qing was absolutely the attacker while Pan Jinlian merely followed along. So long as she killed Ximen Qing, this Heavenly Book would be secure.

The Wu Siyou who used Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield already put in her all. Her True Phoenix Realm surpassed Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian by a wide margin. When these double swords descended, a True Phoenix emerged from her back, carrying an absolutely terrifying presence.

So fast…

Ximen Qing’s pupils shrunk.

The charming Wu Siyou already arrived. Her first slash brought a scorching hot flame. Ximen Qing promptly intercepted, but Wu Siyou’s second sword already closed in.

Even faster than before.

This attack exceeded common sense, no, whilst in the rhythm of Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield, any judgment towards Wu Siyou’s attacks lost significance. The somewhat intoxicated Wu Siyou’s double sword attack became something beyond the understanding of common sense. Unable to grasp her, the woman thoroughly panicked and could only promptly roll her fan, attempting to block this attack.

This is bad.

Her knees were slashed, and Ximen Qing nearly buckled.

Of course, Ximen Qing did not kneel. In actuality, the two swords each stuck between her ribs, propping her body up like two handles. Ximen Qing grit her teeth. The fan fell, once again shattering Wu Siyou’s shoulder.

But the drunken Wu Siyou apparently did not feel the pain. The woman charmingly danced.

The two swords continued to attack.

The final slash slid across Ximen Qing’s neck.

Thoroughly removing her breath.

“To last for such a brief moment, Your Concubine still has not enjoyed herself.” Wu Siyou said with excitement. Her gaze was extremely lovely, that voice more alluring than a fox’s, making the Pan Jinlian with the “Charm” Innate Skill tongue-tied.

“Surprisingly a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, the one Elder Sister shares with that person. This truly makes Jinlian envious.” Though Ximen Qing died, Pan Jinlian was not distressed or afraid. Instead, she jeered.

“After using a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, you will be very weak. Killing her was fine, perfect for joining Jinliang, what do you say?” Pan Jinlian licked her lips.

Wu Siyou smiled very warmly. One sword attacked, blooming peach blossoms as it flew directly towards Pan Jinlian. This was a response to her Falling Red Apricots Filling Heaven.

Pan Jinlian’s smile vanished.

To still be able to use an Earth Rank during her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

Ownerless Peach Tree Is In Full Bloom.

Jingyang Ridge.

The fifth day after Wu Siyou entered her dream, the fifteenth day of the Heavenly Books.

Su Xing was waiting for Wu Siyou’s news His forehead’s Star Crest flickered, and his Star Energy was continuously transmitted to the Pilgrim. The other girls were somewhat uneasy. Seven day had passed since they came to Jingyang Ridge, and half of the time for the Heavenly Books had passed. Although from a Star General’s perspective comprehending the Former Volume Heavenly Book in seven days was already pretty good, Su Xing had too many Star Generals. The other girls would have no time at all.

Even Wu Siyou was somewhat worried.

But just what the final trial of the Former Volume Heavenly Book was, no one knew for sure. They could only maintain a calm attitude as much as possible.

Su Xing actually was steady as Mount Tai, sitting with Wu Siyou, wiping her sweat from time to time, calmly gazing at Wu Siyou’s face.

A while after.

Finally, Wu Siyou opened her eyes. The Su Xing staring at her only felt Wu Siyou’s eyes were as beautiful as the shimmering stars, deep as the boundless sea of stars. “Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou gently said.

Su Xing sighed in relief and drew Wu Siyou into his embrace.

“Elder Sister Siyou, you finally woke up.” Shi Yuan happily exclaimed.

“That was tough.” Lin Yingmei knowingly smiled at her best friend.

All of the girls gazed at Wu Siyou. Having gone through a long wait, they hoped the Pilgrim could bear good news. Wu Siyou did not disappoint them. She raised her hand, and three golden Heavenly Books appeared out of thin air, each volume more dazzling, more magnificent than the last.

Astonishingly, this was a complete three-volume Heavenly Book.

Shi Yuan jumped in joy: “Sister Siyou is so amazing, you obtained the Former Volume Heavenly Book.”

“How long was Your Concubine in the dream?” Wu Siyou asked.

Su Xing smiled and said: “You entered the dream for just seven days.”

“Seven days. Then the time left for the Heavenly Books is a mere fifteen days.” Wu Siyou was very dissatisfied with this result. She had already come to Jingyang Ridge, the most suitable place for the Harm Star Pilgrim to enter the dream, but the time she used was seven days. The Heavenly Books had fifteen days left, and there were still Lin Yingmei, Hu Niangzi, Wu Xinjie, Yan Yizhen, Zhang Yuqi, Gongsun Huang, Hua Wanyue, and Lu Shaqing that had chances to obtain Heavenly Books.

With only fifteen days, this was completely impossible to achieve.

“Siyou, there is no need to blame yourself. You only used five days to comprehend the Former Volume Heavenly Book. This is already very good.” Hua Wanyue gracefully smiled. “My Heavenly Book is not so important. So long as you and Yingmei obtain them, I can be at ease.”


The others nodded.

Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei were both thousand year martial generals. Their martial forces were the strongest, so their Heavenly Books naturally would be the most useful.

“There are still ten days. Give them to Yingmei, Little Huang, and Shaqing. Little Yi, Wanyue, Niangzi, Yuqi, what about you?” Wu XInjie pondered. Yingmei naturally needed to comprehend her Heaven Rank. As the top-notch magic energy Star General, Little Huang could not be lacking either. The remaining time was precious. Considering Lu Shaqing had only just regrouped with them, she ought to have no issue obtaining her Former Volume Heavenly Book with her meditative mind and Realm.

However, they could only wrong Hua Wanyue, Hu Niangzi and Zhang Yuqi by doing so.

“Xinjie, you are ranked third. The opportunity for these books ought to be given to you.” Lu Shaqing slightly smiled, not minding at all.

“No, no, no, Xinjie has considered this very carefully. I can comprehend Heaven Rank, even without using a Heavenly Book.” Wu Xinjie earnestly said.

“You all have accompanied Lord Benefactor through thick and thin. How can Shaqing take this opportunity without merit or virtue.” Lu Shaqing put her hands together, also very resolute.

Su Xing helplessly said: “Wifeys, stop arguing for now. I feel if we don’t want the Former Volume Heavenly Books in the final few days, then Xinjie, Shaqing, Little Yi, Niangzi, Yuqi, and Suwen all have chances to obtain the Middle and Latter Volumes. This is better.”

“Shaqing agrees with Lord Benefactor.”

Wu Xinjie contemplated. Su Xing’s analysis was far calmer than her own. 

“But it is a pity we would have only three Former Volume Heavenly Books.”

“That’s okay.” Su Xing was quite indifferent. His power to scale Maiden Mountain was fine anyways.

Everyone thought this was the only choice.

“If only there was a place we can comprehend the Heavenly Books together.” An Suwen gently sighed.

“Yeah.” Shi Yuan felt the same. It was a pity that comprehending the Heavenly Books required corresponding Five Elements topography. The conditions for a Former Heavenly Book were even more bothersome.

“This One actually as a method that can allow you to comprehend them together without the rush.”

Suddenly, a dignified voice exploded in their ears.

Everytime Chao Wuhui randomly appeared, she always made Su Xing feel this woman made a hobby out of following him. Otherwise, with so many Star Masters in Liangshan Continent, how was it that she always paid attention to him.

“What’s your solution.” Su Xing asked apprehensively. Since the Star Duels’ guardian again conferred upon him a calamity, Chao Wuhui definitely would not help him without good cause.

“The solution was in your hands all along. This One is merely reminding you out of kindness. This One did not come this time to harm you.” Chao Gai said.

“I’m not capable of a Five Elements Reversal Formation, I can’t change the terrain.” Su Xing twitched his lips. If he had such an ability, he would have already done this. He did not need Chao Gai to remind him.

Chao Wuhui only stared at Su Xing’s Jian Feather, smiling silently.

Wu XInjie’s brow rose and said: “Wuhui, could you be referring to the Flying Swords?”


“Flying Swords?”

“Young Lord’s Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Swords.” Wu Xinjie punched her palm. Of course, how could she have forgotten this. The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Element Swords were not like the average sword chant. Their powers were vast, particularly that this Immemorial Five Elements Flying Swords were each forged from materials representing the Five Elements. The topography of no other place could compare.

Just by activating the Five Elements Sword Chant and arranging Five Elements Sword Arrays, he could use the might of the Five Elements Swords to create an area with the Five Elements without any issue.

Su Xing made the realization.

“But Young Master’s Water Element Swords have yet to be forged. We are missing one element.” Lin Yingmei gently shook her head.

The hope that had only just ignited was extinguished.

Su Xing truly was gloomy enough to knock his head against the wall. If he knew earlier this was possible, he would have first forged the Water Element Swords. “Apologies, Young Lord. Xinjie was too careless.” As their strategist, she did not foresee this. Wu Xinjie was similarly depressed to death. However, she could not be blamed. Since ancient times, there had never been a record of using Sword Arrays to create a Five Elements topography. If it was not for Chao Gai’s reminder, perhaps the feasibility of this method would have been doubtful.

To forge the Water Element Swords right now was too late. They would have to first go to the area with Black Ice then forge the swords. The trip would require more than ten days. By that time, even if he forged the Five Elements Sword Array, they would have no time to comprehend.

“There is another way…” Su Xing muttered.

“Dear Husband, do not force yourself. Niangzi does not mind not having a Heavenly Book.” Hu Niangzi feared Su Xing would hurt himself again.

Su Xing smiled and said: “We can find someone to help substitute for the Water Element Swords.”

“Who can substitute for the Water Element Swords? Although Yingmei is Water Element, doesn’t she need an extremely cold place to work? Yuqi actually only needs a place with water.” Zhang Yuqi thought.

“Someone who possesses ice-type Flying Swords, can complement a Five Elements Sword Array. They must have superb array compatibility and be on very good terms with Young Master…”

As everyone spoke, an immaculate fairy of clothes that surpassed snow suddenly jumped into their minds.

To say she was an ice-cold fairy was an understatement.

“Immortal Hero Princess Gong Caiwei!”

Su Xing nodded. “Yingmei and Siyou said that Caiwei went to the Black Ice Abyss to subdue a Black Crystal Ice Qilin. She has the Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha. To arrange such a Five Elements Water Array should be very simple.”

“This is great. Su Xing, let’s go find her right now.” Shi Yuan excitedly said.

“However, after the Heavenly Books started, Star Masters will perhaps be difficult to find as they comprehend the Heavenly Books.” Wu Siyou said.

Chao Gai said: “The Resourceful Strategist is currently at ‘Ice Soul Valley.’ You can find her there.”

“Chao Gai, why are you telling us this?” Wu Xinjie asked with some precaution.

Chao Gai smiled but did not answer.

Regardless of what she was planning, she had helped them solve a problem, after all. Su Xing still cupped his fist and thanked her. Afterwards, all of the girls boarded the Dragon Boat and headed towards Ice Soul Valley.

Not long after, two people walked out of Jingyang Ridge.

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