Chapter 692: Chao Gai’s Scheme, Caiwei’s Book Present

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“Chao Gai, just what are you planning.”

The elegant and culture man was Bing Lingfeng. Although the girl beside him was wrapped in a cloak and did not show her face, her voice was nevertheless smooth, stunning all of Jingyang Ridge. Even the fauna had all been mesmerized.

“Since he has obtained a Former Volume Heavenly Book, it should be time for the trial, correct?” Bing Lingfeng was confused. “With only one Heavenly Book, his power is still considered weak. You just pointed out to him the way to obtain multiple Heavenly Books. Can it not be that you are turning things very difficult?”

Chao Wuhui retracted her smiled. She looked at Hu Banzhuang with a stern expression: “This One has something that requires your aid, Banzhuang.”

“Speak.” Hu Banzhuang said.

“This One’s method makes Su Xing’s top-notch Star Generals all enter their dreams. By doing so, the only one who can help him is Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song. At that time, This One needs you to go give him his trial.”

Bing Lingfeng and Hu Banzhuang were both taken aback. They had thought that Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai was giving succor to the enemy. They never expected that she was surprisingly so sinister. “Banzhuang does not need you to use this method, Chao Gai.” Hu Banzhuang directly refused. As the Overlord of the Seventh Generation, the Bright Star had city-toppling beauty and kingdom-destroying ambition. She disdained using this little trick against Su Xing’s tiny bit of strength.

“This One does not want to make you kill him. Rather, This One wants you to help him.” Chao Wuhui’s words once again astonished them.

“What do you mean?”

Chao Wuhui gazed at Maiden Mountain in the horizon and said: “Presumably, you two should have sensed that the Fifth and Sixth Overlords have lost their True Spirits. They have already been killed.”

“The one who came down from Maiden Mountain?” Bing Lingfeng pondered.

“Fang La! The strongest enemy of the Star Generals.” Chao Wuhui did not conceal this: “In these Star Duels, the consequences for the others who want to scale Maiden Mountain are perhaps difficult to predict, so This One requires that you go train Su Xing, raise him to be a formidable Star Master. Hu Banzhuang, you have a Seven Star Destined Weapon, True Phoenix Realm Seventh Stage, and you are comparable to Xian, Liang, Shu, and De. If he is unable to defeat even you, then he will merely be sending himself off to die when faced against Fang La.”

“But our original agreement was to have Song Jiang scale Maiden Mountain. To raise him into a strong enemy, are we not asking for trouble?” Bing Lingfeng was even more surprised.

“Lord Husband, Chao Gai is merely exploiting him to go face Fang La.” Hu Banzhuang calmly said.

Chao Wuhui smiled, as if she was confirming the Bright Star’s words.

“You have seen his power. Lin Chong and Wu Song both follow him. He is the only one capable of risking everything against Moujia.”

“And after he and Fang La are both exhausted, have Song Jiang finish them off?” Hu Banzhuang nodded. She truly was fond of simple, crude, direct and efficient methods.

Bing Lingfeng was perplexed: “But why are you so certain he can face Fang La? Since she came from Star World, she will be very difficult to handle.”

“Because Su Xing has Panther Head Lin Yingmei’s Battle Doctrine. Give him enough time, and he can surpass a Star General.” Chao Wuhui was very frank.

The two of them sunk into thought.

Seeing her hesitate, Chao Wuhui said: “Be at ease, This One naturally will also aid Song Jiang and the other Star Masters to increase their strength. Because This One needs to use them.” Pausing, Chao Wuhui slowly said: “And you should have seen the Ninth Bright Star just now. Her beauty does not fall behind yours, and she similarly shares a husband-wife address with Su Xing. Furthermore, they are already husband and wife in fact. Do you not look forward to this man who smashed the Star Duels’ thousand years of tradition.”

Hearing they were actually husband and wife made even the calm Hu Banzhuang stunned.

“Smashed? Your Servant feels they have been disintegrated.” Bing Lingfeng drew in a sharp breath. To take the virginity of a Star General was honestly defiant of natural order.

“How about it then? You two?” Chao Wuhui was very self-confident.

Hu Banzhuang did not have an answer. She first went to ask the man beside her, “Lord Husband, Your Servant shall leave this for Lord Husband to decide.” She clearly possesses greater strength, but the leadership role is nevertheless handed to the man at her side. It appears she indeed takes him into consideration, Chao Gai thought.

Bing Lingfeng pondered, “Since you said so, Chao Gai, then we shall follow her words, Wife.” Now that the Star Generals’ strongest enemy had taken the stage, testing Su Xing naturally already lacked any significance. Bing Lingfeng weighed the advantages and disadvantages, acquiescing to Chao Gai’s request in the end.

“Your Servant shall properly instruct him.” Hu Banzhuang answered.

“For the sake of helping Song Jiang scale Maiden Mountain, you have truly gone to great lengths, Chao Gai.” Bing Lingfeng laughed.

Chao Wuhui was expressionless. She gazed at the boundless horizon.

No one could guess the Thousand Buddha Star’s mind.

Three days later, Ice Soul Valley.


The Black Crystal Ice Qilin was currently lowering its head to drink the ice lake’s water. Gong Caiwei was nearby reading three Heavenly Books. All of a sudden, the Black Crystal Ice Qilin lifted its head from the lake and gazed at the sky. Gong Caiwei sensed a disturbance and raised her brow.

A star-like dragon boat flew over the Ice Soul Valley’s sky.

Gong Caiwei thought this was familiar and made the Black Crystal Ice Abyss renounce its hostility. The dragon boat very quickly noticed the girl and descended.


Su Xing and the others walked out of the dragon boat.

Upon seeing the ice-cold girl with clothes that surpassed snow, he breathed a sigh of relief. Chao Wuhui did not deceive him. Gong Caiwei was indeed at Ice Soul Valley with Zhu Sha.

“Su Xing?” A joyous smile heedlessly flit across the corner of Gong Caiwei’s mouth, but she very quickly composed herself. She blinked, hinting her confusion. At this time, the Heavenly Books had already begun. Su Xing ought to be rushing all over the place with those wives of his comprehending the Heavenly Books. Why would he run all the way to the Ice Soul Valley. As far as she knew, the Ice Soul Valley was not a suitable environment at all for a top-notch martial general like Lin Yingmei to enter a dream.

“What has happened?” Gong Caiwei stepped forward.

“Caiwei, I have something to ask you.” Su Xing promptly said.

Hearing him say her name, Gong Caiwei’s mind fluctuated. She blinked, her tone warming up: “Please speak.”

Su Xing summarized the course of events. To be frank, any other person that heard of this problem would feel that Su Xing would perhaps be mad. True, the Star Masters in the Star Duels were inherently enemies. To unexpectedly have an enemy help substitute as the crux of a Five Elements Sword Array…And…and…and…And this Sword Array was to give at least eight famous martial generals comprehension of the Former Volume Heavenly Books.

Only another lunatic would agree to a preposterous request like this. Therefore, Gong Caiwei assented without any thinking at all even though the girl was colder than anyone else in Liangshan Continent.

“My Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords can act as the substitute. Zhu Sha will use the Five Elements Weather Banner to protect them. Then, because the Ice Qilin feeds on ice and frost, this Water Element formation should not be a problem.” Gong Caiwei analyzed, suddenly feeling this task was truly perfect for her.

Su Xing sighed in relief: “Thank you so much, Caiwei.”

“It is very rare to be able to help you.” Gong Caiwei slightly shook her head, a smile appearing on her lips. “Zhu Sha, you go help Su Xing prepare a sword array.”

Zhu Sha affirmed.

Su Xing summoned his Divine Intent, calling forth the Metal Element Heaven Tearing, Wood Element Langya, Fire Element Jian Feather, and Earth Element Time Immemorial. The Four Elements Flying Swords glowed with different halos. All of a sudden, the golden light was fierce; all of a sudden, the green bamboo was a forest; all of a sudden, clinging fire ignited; all of a sudden, the Five Sacred Mountains appeared. Four scenes appeared, extremely profound.

Then, the Four Elements Swords spread out. Zhu Sha arranged a formation, trapping the Four Swords. Gong Caiwei then summoned her Ice Spirit Snow Soul Swords, placing them into the Water Element slot. With her Array Innate Skill, substituting into Su Xing’s Five Elements Sword Array was not an issue, but a Life-cast Link was still a Life-cast Link. The insertion of Gong Caiwei’s Flying Swords seemed like her body was being invaded by Su Xing. She felt a kind of indescribable sensation permeate throughout her whole body. This made Gong Caiwei nearly falter.

This sensation was quite similar to back then in Flower Dragon Cave, but with more harmony.

Su Xing also felt this and glanced at Gong Caiwei.

The Immortal Hero Princess’ face blushed, and she averted her gaze: “Su Xing, please concentrate on your energy.”

Su Xing knew this was not the time to have flights of fancy. He nodded, and the Flying Swords immediately resonated. The power of the Five Elements combined, but Gong Caiwei’s Water Element Swords were still too weak. They were far from comparison to Su Xing’s Four Elements constructed from Immemorial materials. They now needed the Black Crystal Ice Qilin to contribute. This ice-type Divine Beast of Liangshan Continent resided in the coldest Black Ice Abyss. Its ice-type was instantly visible.

The Black Crystal Ice Abyss walked into the center of the array, immediately making the light of Ice Spirit Snow Soul Swords glow brilliantly.

They were finally one.

Gong Caiwei did her utmost to endure, but an alluring groan still broke out of her throat.

“This Young Lady seems to hear this noise often at night.” Shi Yuan winked.

Gong Caiwei blushed furiously.

Zhu Sha formed the array and summoned her Cassia Rabbit, using the Five Elements Weather Banner to fix the Five Elements. By doing so, upon the Ice Soul Valley’s originally snowy terrain, an inconceivable Five Elements Environment Formation took shape, containing burning fire, a shady bamboo grove, a sturdy sacred mountain, fluttering golden lights and ice filling the sky.

“Sister, do not betray Lord Husband’s hopes.” Wu Siyou declared.

All of the girls smiled and nodded.

They entered their respective Five Elements topography, sat cross-legged, meditated and very quickly entered the dream.

Suddenly, nine stars flashed, stunning the world.

Su Xing’s expression was incomparably pale. He alone partitioned his power across nine Star Generals. The burden was easy to imagine. Fortunately, they had only just begun and had not reached the Former Volume Heavenly Book stage. The most terrifying Star Energy expenditure was still bearable.

Gong Caiwei only felt stifled seeing such power. She gazed at Su Xing with complex feelings.

“Su Xing, you truly put forth everything for them.” Gong Caiwei smiled.

“If it was you, Caiwei, you would do the same.” Su Xing did not feel this was exceptional at all. “Zhu Sha has comprehended the Former Volume Heavenly Book?” He saw those three floating Heavenly Books and asked.

Gong Caiwei nodded.

As expected of the Leader Star Resourceful Strategist, the Former Volume Heavenly Book was easily within her grasp. “Then good.” Su Xing had feared he disturbed Gong Caiwei and Zhu Sha. “It’s better to use the Heavenly Book as soon as possible.”

Gong Caiwei slightly smiled and asked back: “Su Xing, what is your wish after you ascend.”

“I don’t have any wish in particular, but I want to help them end the Star Duels.” Su Xing gazed at his wives, his expression very earnest: “Although I don’t have any relation to the future Star Duels, those that come after are considered their Sisters. I don’t want them to slaughter each other.”

“Do you truly believe you can end the Star Duels? Can it be that you do not fear Maiden Mountain?”

“To be frank, you can’t not do anything just because you’re afraid.” Su Xing laughed.

Gong Caiwei smiled.

A good answer.

“Caiwei, how about we ascend Maiden Mountain together? This time, we don’t need any overlord, let’s just go ask this Maiden Mountain.” Su Xing was serious.

“I believe in you.” Gong Caiwei nodded, acquiescing.

Su Xing smiled. Gong Caiwei’s smile was very soothing.

The Immortal Hero Princess pondered then gestured with her hand.

A Heavenly Book floated in front of Su Xing.

“This Former Volume Heavenly Book shall be gifted to you…”

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