Chapter 693: Worry

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“This Former Volume Heavenly Book shall be gifted to you.”

Su Xing was struck dumb as a wooden chicken. He thought he misheard. Let alone him, even Wu Siyou, Tang Lianxin, and Shi Yuan were all gawking. To present someone else with a Former Volume Heavenly Book??? This Young Lady must have gone mad thinking about the Heavenly Books. Shi Yuan was stunned, but Gong Caiwei pointed her finger, and the Former Volume Heavenly Book hovered in front of Su Xing, to have him accept it.

Su Xing returned to his senses and promptly declined: “Never do such a thing. This Former Volume Heavenly Book is something you and Zhu Sha worked hard to obtain. Even if you are not thinking of yourself, you must think of Zhu Sha. How can you just give away this Heavenly Book.” The Former Volume Heavenly Book was a goal of countless sects. Never had anyone heard of it being used as a present.

“Zhu Sha does not mind at all.” Gong Caiwei glanced at Zhu Sha. The stone-faced woman was expressionless as always. Hearing Gong Caiwei’s words, she nodded. Indeed, she did not care very much.

But Su Xing nevertheless did care. No matter what, the Star Duels were full of danger. Gong Caiwei must have the Heavenly Book to bolster her strength. The Heavenly Book was not as simple as comprehension of a Heaven Rank or an upgrade to Realm; the important point was that it could offer some defense against a Heaven Rank Technique.

“Su Xing, your wish is to end the Star Duels. Then when you face Maiden Mountain, only by concentrating all power given to you can you maximize the benefit. This helps both you and me. And neither comprehension of Heaven Rank or Star Weapon upgrade are very useful for Zhu Sha. Will you not think of them?” Gong Caiwei had her own considerations. In fact, after she obtained the Former Volume Heavenly Book, Gong Caiwei had always been pondering this issue.

In actuality, the Former Volume Heavenly Book was already completely meaningless for these Star Duels, and Su Xing’s objective was not to fight for the overlord position but to end the Star Duels. She already knew they would face Maiden Mountain, but as for how strong Maiden Mountain was, no one knew for sure. If Su Xing wanted to become stronger, then he must use the Former Volume Heavenly Book to bolster his own power. Regardless whether he gave it to Lin Yingmei to comprehend her Heaven Rank or to upgrade her Star Weapon, both would prove more effective than for Zhu Sha.

Su Xing could not help but admire that Gong Caiwei thought on an even longer-term than himself, “I’m very grateful you would do this for me, Caiwei, but the Former Volume Heavenly Book is something that every Star General paid great effort to obtain. I cannot accept this.”

“Then it seems only by making Su Xing kill me will you take it.” Gong Caiwei joked.

Su Xing did not laugh: “Caiwei, even if you don’t give it to Caiwei, it’s still very useful for comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation. You have to think about yourself sometimes. I’m very worried about you. If you can increase your own strength, I’ll be much more relieved.”

These words were not cajolery, but the down-to-earth sincerity they contained still made Gong Caiwei’s heart fill with warmth, especially when she saw Su Xing decline the Former Volume Heavenly Book out of consideration for her.

“Then Caiwei can only do her utmost to not make Su Xing worry.” Gong Caiwei smiled and finally stored the Heavenly Book away.

Su Xing laughed. These words reached the bottom of his heart.

Wu Siyou watched the harmonious atmosphere between her Lord Husband and Gong Caiwei from the side and could not help but smile. “Su Xing refused a Heavenly Book, huh, that’s a real shame.” Shi Yuan was very bewildered. As a very professional thief, Shi Yuan did not mind a gift. She actually wanted to go steal it.

“Although he has refused, the benefit is nevertheless is even greater.” Wu Siyou slowly said.

“The benefit is even greater?” Shi Yuan was at a loss.

Meanwhile, Noble Star Chai Ling and Gu Tong were also comprehending their Heavenly Books. The reason Chai Ling did not agree to sign a contract with Su Xing was that she considered that if she contracted with Su Xing, then the Heavenly Books’ comprehension would receive a restriction and give him trouble. This was the first time Chai Ling had comprehended a Heavenly Book. Her mood was still quite nervous. The Noble Star had become a delicacy more coveted than even Song Jiang. Su Xing also worried for her.

Beside Chai Ling was another Supervoid Stage mighty girl who was like a firebird.

She was Xi Yue.

Ruler Remonstrating Plain.

Chai Ling came to Liangshan Continent’s Metal Element area. Of course, the Good Speech Golden Jade in this place was very relevant to the prestige of the Noble Star. Xi Yue stood guard nearby all along, not saying a word. Twelve Jade Pearl Banners were unfurled, and there was also the Dual Modes Ruler. There was no need to fear an enemy attack.

Gu Tong comprehended the Middle Volume Heavenly Book. She was defeated after the Former Volume Heavenly Book. She was currently at the side, nervously watching the Noble Star. At this time, it was already the seventh day since the Noble Star entered her dream. Accordingly, she should have entered into the rhythm of the Former Volume Heavenly Book, but they did not know how her progress was. The Noble Star did not have martial force. Reportedly, the trial after the Former Volume Heavenly Book was very challenging, and it was not clear if she could pass.

Bored, Gu Tong looked at Xi Yue. This was the first time she had seen a woman with the presence of a firebird, “Why do you stay at Su Xing’s side?” Female Tiger curiously asked.

When she first saw so many Sisters in the Longevity Palace, Gu Tong was shaken. In her heart, there was endless doubt, but she was considered a newcomer. She did not dare speak at all in the Longevity Palace. Now that she had a chance, she finally asked about Su Xing’s unbelievable lifestyle.

Xi Yue knew that she was Tangtang’s mother and was very respectful to Gu Tong. “Sir once saved Lowly Servant’s life…Lowly Servant’s life is now Sir’s.”

“Exactly, he killed this generation’s Strongest Star Master, that Demonkin Taisui, for my Xi Yue’s sake. Hm, hm, you realize Xi Yue is very important to him, right.” Zhang Feiyu raised the flag for her master from the side.

Gu Tong listened with envy.

“Why don’t you sign a contract with Su Xing?” Zhang Feiyu could see that Female Tiger was actually very friendly with Su Xing, let alone that she was also Tangtang’s legitimate mother. Just from the love Tangtang received from all the Sisters in the Longevity Palace, this mother’s standing certainly would not be low.

“Would he want me?” Gu Tong subconsciously asked. Noticing her slip of the tongue, she covered her mouth.

Zhang Feiyu laughed. This Female Tiger turned out to have such an adorable side.

“Hm, hm, why wouldn’t that man want you. He longs to contract all of the Sisters. There would be no need for the Star Duels this way.” Zhang Feiyu disdainfully said.

“But only fifteen can ascend.” Gu Tong still worried about this.

“Fifteen? Oh, you mean the Seven Stars Assembly? Whatever. I see he has already surpassed fifteen. Noble Star Chai Ling is the fourteenth, and Jade Qilin Lu Xiao is the fifteenth. There also seems to be one assassin. In short, he’s already gone past that.” Zhang Feiyu babbled: “If you don’t go, then you’ll really regret it.”

“Is that so?” Gu Tong muttered. However, to have Su Xing contract with her, she honestly could not say the words. In front of his many wives, she felt that she would only contract because she needed his power. This left Gu Tong at a great loss.

“How is Elder Sister Chai Ling right now, what would she think.” Gu Tong said.

“Careful. A Star Master approaches.”

Suddenly, Gu Tong’s expression changed. She read her Latter Volume Heavenly Book. She could clearly sense the Star Masters and Star Generals in a range of a million li.

The Ruler Remonstrating Plains were so vast, it was not odd at all for a Star Master to appear.

Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu looked around.

“Little Sister, look out for yourself. Just leave this to us. After all, this is the mission Su XIng gave us.” Zhang Feiyu took up her Flaming Fish King Saber, full of self-confidence.

However, in the next second, Zhang Feiyu’s smile was somewhat glum.

A man and woman appeared in front of them.

The man was attractive, impressive in appearance. The woman wore blue clothes. She had clear and limpid eyes. A natural beauty, she wore a blue jade smoke jacket, scattered flowers mist grass hundred pleat skirt, a light blue jade water smoke muslin, and her head was adorned with a jasper phoenix hairpin inserted into her hairbun.

If this was a martial general, then perhaps they were facing a Heavenly Star martial general. Zhang Feiyu actually would not have been depressed about that. With Xi Yue at her side, their teamwork ought not to be so unsightly against a Heavenly Star martial general, but this Elder Sister they encountered made her gloomy.

That woman in green held burning green flames. These flames floated about, forming malevolent, ghoulish faces from time to time. They appeared frightening, and there were eight of these in total. In fact, these eight were rhomboid stones spinning about.

Concealed weapons.

The best at concealed weapons.

Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing.

Yan Wudao spotted Xi Yue. He was expressionless, but upon seeing the dreaming Noble Star, a peculiar glint appeared in his eyes. “Wow, this is truly fortunate. She is Noble Star Chai Jin.” Zhang Biluo’s eyes glowed.

“This is?” Yan Wudao did not recognize Xi Yue, but the opponent’s cultivation was Supervoid Middle Stage. Yan Wudao’s tone was very respectful. The only Supervoid Middle Stage Star Masters in the Azure Dragon Territory currently were only the two geniuses Xie Zhenyuan and Zhao Hanyan. He had never seen this woman before, but the ancient firebird aura emanating from her body, those flames around her, and that red brocade she wore with feathers were all very beautiful. 

The White Tiger Territory’s Demonkin.

Yan Wudao immediately deduced Xi Yue’s identity.1

His expression chilled. Yan Wudao did not need to waste time on words. Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo understood tacitly. Instantly without any hesitation, she sneered. Zhang Biluo’s hands spread open, and six Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones vanished.

They attacked with bangs.

Yan Wudao simultaneously moved his Divine Intent. The Lifeless Flying Swords immediately carved a black rainbow.

This Yan Wudao was a first-rate Star Master in the Azure Dragon Territory as well, especially after he obtained his Heavenly Books, that Zhang Biluo’s Realm was even more advanced. The six Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones smashed Zhang Feiyu full of dirt.

“Green Bird.” Zhang Biluo chanted.

Star Beast possession.

Immediately, the girl’s form vanished.

“Be careful.” Xi Yue promptly waved her hand. The Dual Modes Ruler attacked, defending Gu Tong. Gu Tong was completely unable to clearly see what was happening. Suddenly, she saw several concealed weapons impact near her. The green ghost flames attacked the Rulers with a bang, their power surprisingly piercing into the Dual Modes Ruler.

“Dual Modes Ruler?” Yan Wudao wrinkled his brow. His wrist flipped and brought out the Six Paths Plate.

Six rays of black qi twisted.

Xi Yue waved her hand. The Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire danced, wrapping up the black qi. The firebird manifested, and a powerful presence threw itself into his face.

Zhang Biluo easily overpowered Zhuang Feiyu and was going to attack the Noble Star. She also knew that if she could kill the Little Whirlwind, then her master would hold an inevitable advantage in these Star Duels.


“Hell Has No Road.”

But consecutively using two techniques, attacking with her hidden weapons, the twelve banners surrounding Chai Ling released spirit-light. Each of them sucked away and pinned a concealed weapon.

“Elder Sister Chai Ling, quickly awaken.” Gu Tong saw that Zhang Biluo was practically unstoppable, and her heart grew worried.

Currently, Chai Ling was dreaming with endless elation.

“Look at the reward This Palace bestows upon you. Wahahahahahaha.”

Chai Ling threw her hand, and millions of gold pieces poured down like rain.

Below, countless commonfolk fought each other over the gold.

Who knew for how long she had been throwing money away. Chai Ling rained it down with glee when all of a sudden, a crowd ran over. One of them presented a Heavenly Book.

“Are you finally ready to sell the Heavenly Book to This Palace, wahahahaha.” Chai Ling covered her sneer with her fan.

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  1. He’s on the right track, but not actually correct.


  1. 1. …So Xi Yue’s Dual Modes Rulers…. Are they, actually like… rulers? I’ve been wondering about that for awhile now.
    2. Xi Yue’s more like a Reverse Demonkin now, huh.
    3. And damn it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Wudao and Biluo!

    1. There is an ancient Chinese non-lethal weapon referred to as tiě chǐ (鐵尺) or “iron ruler”. You can Google it. It’s classified as a type of mace. It was use the same way batons and night sticks are used by police or security guards. I imagine Xi Yue’s dual modes ruler to be an exaggerated version of this.

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