Chapter 694: The Overlord’s Wish

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Xi Yue encountering Yan Wudao was an annoyance. In terms of cultivation, Xi Yue was higher than Yan Wudao by a bit, but Featherless Arrow was nevertheless formidable. Her top-notch concealed weapons were such that even a first-rate martial general would find it difficult to fend off, let alone Boatman Zhang Feiyu. Zhang Biluo’s body techniques appeared and disappeared at random, drifting about. The Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones struck Zhang Feiyu without any Techniques, their incessant battering infuriating Zhang Feiyu to no end.

“You are honestly quite tenacious.” Zhang Biluo saw that Zhang Feiyu was still persevering and could not help but be very surprised. “But even if you were Lin Chong, do not think that you can last much longer under Biluo’s concealed weapons.” The girl’s voice was gentle. She spread her fingers, and the concealed weapons disappeared. With a series of bangs, the ghost flames pounded.

Zhang Feiyu raised the Flaming Fish King Saber but was doomed.

The Five Star Concealed Weapon flashed by.

Sending Zhang Feiyu flying.

Seeing Zhang Feiyu fall to a disadvantage, Xi Yue put forth everything she could against Yan Wudao. She hoped to at least defeat Yan Wudao, to ease the pressure on Zhang Feiyu. But Yan Wudao was not one to be idle. During the Birth Outline, he had slain a Sixth Rank Demon Beast by himself. Full of ambition, in the Azure Dragon Territory he was a genius second only to Xie Zhenyuan.

Although Xi Yue’s cultivation surpassed his, in terms of wit, cunning, and cultivation realm, Yan Wudao far outmatched her.

Without saying a word, the man produced the Six Paths Plate.

Black qi soared. Ray after ray shot over and first restrained Xi Yue’s Dual Modes Ruler. Then, he controlled the Nine Hells Rebirth Flying Swords formed a terrifying sword array. Xi Yue waved her hand. The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s True Spirit manifested. Its feathers fluttering, displaying a powerful pressure.

However, Yan Wudao’s objective was not Xi Yue. He only wanted to kill Noble Star Chai Jin to obtain her Red Ink Iron Certificate. Back at the palace of Empress Wa, Zhang Biluo made even Zhao Hanyan, Xie Zhenyuan, and Long Nü all suffer under her top-notch concealed weapons. How could Xi Yue stop them.

“Step onto the road to hell that Biluo has prepared.”

Zhang Biluo’s slender fingers curled as if throwing a ball. Her concealed weapons hid into thin air, their green flames splashing in all directions. The Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones slowly vanished, their speed out of the ordinary.

Zhang Feiyu practically was unable to track the concealed weapons’ trajectories. By the time she spotted them, they were already in front of her.

Bang, bang, bang.

Consecutive collisions resounded.

Zhang Feiyu endured the injuries covering her whole body. She brandished the Flaming Fish King Saber with all her might. The Four Star greatsword in her hand released flames that became a fish-dragon that twisted towards Zhang Biluo. 

Zhang Qing’s figure hid away, making Zhang Feiyu’s attack miss. Her concealed weapons were truly formidable. A Five Star Concealed Weapon was not necessarily able to contend against a Four Star weapon’s might, but she was no match against superior numbers and their random appearances.

“Elder Sister, look out.”

Just as several concealed weapons were about to kill Zhang Feiyu, Gu Tong finally ran out. Although she did not have a Star Nest or a Star Master, the girl was not afraid. Her aura boiled, and she opened her mouth.

Lioness From Hedong Roars.

Her formless voice was even faster than those concealed weapons, shaking the air with waves.

She seemed to rip the air itself apart.

Those randomly appearing and disappearing concealed weapons were surprisingly forced to reveal themselves by this sound, but Zhang Biluo’s Concealed Weapons were already Five Star. Gu Tong was merely Three Star, how could her Yellow Technique handle them.

But those concealed weapons were locked down for only a few seconds. With a bang, green flames pierced through the air, becoming arrows.

The Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones struck Gu Tong’s shoulder, shattering the girl’s bone.

“Leave, quickly. Don’t be reckless.” Zhang Feiyu was very alarmed. She knew that Gu Tong could not possibly be Zhang Biluo’s opponent. If she suffered an accident, then Zhang Feiyu truly could not face Su Xing.

Zhang Feiyu nevertheless did not have the strength to continue battle.

“Little Sisters, be at ease.”

Zhang Biluo hovered in the air, the stones flying imposingly between her fingers, glinting.

Another Hell Has No Road.

Gu Tong opened her mouth, similarly preparing her Dark Technique Tathagata’s Proper Sound. A tiger appeared and jumped onto her shoulder. That Star Beast also opened its mouth, suddenly magnifying the power of Gu Tong’s Dark Technique by several fold.

There was a rumble.

Tathagata’s Proper Sound finally broke the concealed weapons.

“Truly loathsome.” Zhang Biluo pointed her finger.

A light passed by, slaying the tiger on Gu Tong’s shoulder.

At this time, Xi Yue saw that the situation was becoming increasingly dangerous. She was somewhat worried in her heart. She secured her Divine Intent and currently hesitated whether or not to use the Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror. Su Xing handed her this mirror when she had gone to the Black Turtle Territory in search of Gen Wu Divine Iron. It was linked to Wu Siyou, and the point was that this would protect Xi Yue should she encounter danger.

But though Xi Yue accepted Su Xing’s concern, she never planned to use it. Su Xing had paid so much for her, the Water Illusion Fairy wanted to provide proof that Su Xing no longer had to worry about her.

Gritting her teeth, Xi Yue resisted using it.

Zhang Biluo appeared.

The eight Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones whirled between her fingers. Following her sneer, they shot over.

Their light flashed. In the blink of an eye, a giant net several zhang wide took shape in front of them, shimmering with green light. It bluntly wrapped around them.

At the same time, Yan Wudao activated his sword chant.

A black sword-light twisted into several dozen rays, each one splitting off into its own attack.

Zhang Biluo and Yan Wudao’s combination attack contained killing intent that was exceptionally shocking. If it was an ordinary cultivator, perhaps before the concealed weapons even reached them, they would have been frozen in place by the killing intent alone, their magic energy ebbing away. After all, Xi Yue was a Supervoid Middle Stage Star Master. She would not react as fearfully as a normal cultivator.

Xi Yue’s expression sunk. Her hands twisted.

After a light passed by, the Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire attacked with Xi Yue’s Flying Swords, temporarily resisting. “Biluo.” Yan Wudao coldly said.

Zhang Biluo complacently curled the corner of her mouth: “Biluo understands.”

All of a sudden, the flowing concealed weapons entirely vanished. A stifling atmosphere filled the air.

Not good, an Earth Rank.

Xi Yue’s expression changed. Just as she was left with no choice but to use the Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror, all of a sudden, a ray of golden light shot up into the sky from the ground, firing towards Zhang Biluo.

The Agile Star quickly ended her Earth Rank. She hid into the shadows, evading in shock, turning her head in surprise.

“Who is disturbing This Palace’s rest.”

Gu Tong heard this voice, and her expression was immediately very excited. “Elder Sister Chai Ling.”

The Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling who had been in the dream finally opened her haughty eyes. The Xing’er in her bosom spat a beam of golden light. When Yan Wudao saw that Chai Ling had awakened, they had lost their golden opportunity to kill the Noble Star. Still, the man explosively shouted, activating the Agile Star’s Innate Skill Random Appearance And Disappearance, directly avoiding Xi Yue.

A hundred Rebirth Flying Swords formed a bridge,1 chaining his killing intent towards Chai Ling.

Precarious Bridge Sword Array!2

Chai Ling’s brows rose. She tenderly stroked XIng’er.

The Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast’s eye glowed.

It was suddenly blindingly bright.

Throw Away Money Recklessly.

A powerful golden light tyrannically blocked Yan Wudao’s Flying Swords, but the actual trump card came after.

Zhang Biluo appeared above them, her green skirt fluttering, lights moving between her fingers.

Earth Rank Concealed Weapon “Ten Thousand Ghosts’ Penitence”3 was about to activate.

The strongest concealed weapon Star General’s Five Star Earth Rank Concealed Weapon was enough to instantly dispatch everyone present, yet even Chai Ling could not help but be excited. But just as Ten Thousand Ghosts’ Penitence was about to execute, Gu Tong had already anticipated this and stole the initiative. Female Tiger roared, using her own Earth Rank. Her loud voice resounded, great and formless.

Her invisible voice directly covered Zhang Biluo. The girl’s body suddenly stiffened in midair, freezing her attack.

“Golden Ten Thousand Liang.”

A ray of golden light struck Zhang Biluo.

When Xi Yue saw this, she no longer held back. She waved her palm, and Clinging Fire descended from the heavens, covering Yan Wudao’s line of sight. By the time the slames subsided, XI Yue, Chai Ling, and Gu Tong had vanished without a trace.

“Dammit.” Yan Wudao was furious when he saw that the Noble Star had escaped. He hurried to Zhang Biluo and checked the girl’s injuries. Fortunately, even though Ten Thousand Ghosts’ Penitence did not completely succeed, a portion of the concealed weapons had helped stop the majority of the blow. Her injuries were not too severe. Yan Wudao used his Star Energy to help her recover, immediately using his Latter Volume Heavenly Book to seek out Chai Ling.

In a range of a hundred kilometers.

“We shall go search for her. She definitely cannot have gone far.” Yan Wudao said in a low voice. After Zhang BIluo obtained her Former Volume Heavenly Book, he began to utilize the Latter Volume Heavenly Book to search for other targets comprehending their Heavenly Books. This was a very common method in the past Star Duels. On oe hand, he could obtain the Heavenly Books of other Star Generals. On the other, he could perhaps run into some top-notch Star Generals to kill.

Yan Wudao never imagined he would surprisingly encounter the Noble Star Little Whirlwind.

The Star Maiden who kept the Red Ink Iron Certificate had surprisingly joined in these Ninth Star Duels…This was an existence more enticing than Song Jiang, but just what was the relationship between that girl and her, why would she be so friendly to the Noble Star, especially to do her utmost to protect her. Out of all the Star Masters in the would who would not be interested in the Noble Star, there was only the Purple THunder Monster, but that woman definitely was not him. Neither did it seem she had contracted three Star Generals. Yan Wudao was increasingly perplexed.

Vague unease appeared in his heart.

Could it be that the Purple Thunder Monster was already beginning to prepare for the Seven Stars Assembly.

Yan Wudao’s hypothesis was actually somewhat close. Su Xing indeed was beginning to prepare for the Seven Stars Assembly. He had a few candidates in his heart, but his Seven Stars Assembly and the one Yan Wudao thought of were not at all alike. Su Xing was preparing to find a few like minded war buddies that he could genuinely trust in and vice versa, for example, Zhao Hanyan and Gong Caiwei, that he could team up with to face Maiden Mountain. As for destroying opponents outside of the Seven Stars Assembly, Su Xing did not consider this for the time being.

To be more accurate, this guy and Gong Caiwei were being chummy right now, without any desire to Star Duel at all.

Fourth day at Ice Soul Valley.

Su Xing’s Star Energy began to drain at a quickening pace. This showed that after the second day since Lin Yingmei entered the Former Volume Heavenly Book’s pace, the other wives were entering their final volume Heavenly Book in succession.

“This is ‘Snow Soul,’ it is helpful in preserving your Star Energy expenditure.” Gong Caiwei walked over, bringing a plate of snow-white, grape-like fruit.

“Thanks.” Su Xing ate one. His mouth turned chilly as ice. Its flesh had a creamy taste. 

“Do you want one, too?” Su Xing saw that Gong Caiwei was always watching him. He smiled and spoke.

Gong Caiwei’s voice clearly asked: “Su Xing, you seem to be not very interested in the Star Duels?” The atmosphere of Liangshan Continent’s thousand years of Star Duels more or less would make a Star Master fall into the temperament of a Star Duel. However, Caiwei always felt that Su Xing wandered outside of the Star Duels.

Su Xing actually had to concede that if it was not for all Star Generals being forced to set out for Maiden Mountain after the Three Heavenly Books, Su Xing honestly considered leading his wives alone to freedom. “However, this involves Yingmei and their wish to end the Star Duels, after all. We can only scale Maiden Mountain. I will not shirk my duty in the Star Duels.”

“A wish to end the Star Duels? Back then, Lingfeng and Wife also thought the same…”

In the silent snowfields, there was suddenly a serene sigh.

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  1. 奈何橋, lit. bridge over troubled water
  2. 奈何劍陣, referring to the bridge in the above line
  3. 萬鬼俯首, ten thousand ghosts bowing their heads.

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