Chapter 695: Beauty That Ruins A Country And Ambition That Ruins A Kingdom

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A kindly and handsome man and a person draped in a black cloak had walked into their field of view at some point. Ice Soul Valley’s size was very wide. Even with most of Su Xing’s willpower and Star Energy being imbued into his wives’ Heavenly Books, this man’s sudden appearance still made Su Xing feel grim.

Surprisingly, no one present had detected them.

Wu Siyou grabbed her twin swords and immediately stood in front of SU Xing. Su Xing patted her shoulder and walked forward: “Oh, you also thought of ending the Star Duels?”

Bing Lingfeng nodded.

“Your Servant is Su Xing. May I ask your name.” Knowing they were overlords and fearing they were foes, yet hearing their wish, Su Xing still showed respect.

“Bing Lingfeng, and my wife, Banzhuang.” Bing Lingfeng introduced himself.

“You scaled Maiden Mountain. Can it be this wish couldn’t be achieved? It seems this wish really is fake after all.” Su Xing actually was not surprised at all. Ever since the first overlord appeared, he guessed that the end of each overlord was apparently not very optimistic. However, because of this, he instead wanted even more to know just what the Star Duels were for.

“At least, to end the Star Duels, this is not something a wish can achieve.” Bing Lingfeng’s words  were vague and without detail.

“But the result of the Star Duels wouldn’t ever be to senselessly turn each of the strongest Star Masters into hired thugs, right?” Su Xing could discern that ending the Star Duels was not apparently impossible.

If not one wish, then what about several.

Bing Lingfeng smiled.

Gong Caiwei’s brows tightly wrinkled as she watched this legendary Overlord. Ever since the White Horse Highlands’ Alliance of Ten Conference where the Fourth Overlord appeared, this matter was already the topic of conversation in Liangshan Continent. Practically everyone had the mentality of enjoying news of the Purple Thunder Monster’s misfortune – This Purple Thunder Monster had contracted so many outstanding Star Generals, now look, he finally suffers retribution.

Even the Overlords have appeared, just how long can he live.

Similarly, when Gong Caiwei returned to the Extreme Ice Holy Palace, she was met with Queen Lady of Ice’s kind warning to not become too close to the Purple Thunder Monster. Gong Caiwei nevertheless did not think this way. On the contary, she was even more curious about Su Xing. Other people only saw the Purple Thunder Monster being confronted by the Overlords, but before the Immortal Hero Princess saw the Fourth Overlord, she wondered how Su Xing would manage.

This Overlord’s aura was reserved, but the moment he appeared, Gong Caiwei was unable to breathe. To see Su Xing unexpectedly chat so leisurely with the Overlord, Gong Caiwei was somewhat impressed.

Su Xing indirectly acquired Maiden Mountain’s information from Bing Lingfeng, but this man’s responses were vauge. Since he was an Overlord, Su Xing naturally knew that no matter how friendly this man appeared, he was still an enemy. “Chao Gai said that after the Heavenly Books, three Overlords would team up. Why do I see only you. Are you coming one at a time?” Su Xing smiled.

“They already died.” Bing Lingfeng calmly answered.


“Was there some internal conflict, did you kill each other?” Su Xing joked.

Bing Lingfeng smiled and shook his head.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou looked at each other. An ominous feeling of foreboding suddenly overcame their bodies.

Su Xing instantly reacted. He flipped his hand, calling forth the Birth Treasure Outline to prepare and see their details. Just at this moment, the silent as a flower girl suddenly blossomed in the snowstorm, drawing a graceful figure against the snow.

Before Gong Caiwei could even see clearly, the opponent was already behind her, directly attacking Su Xing. “Bang!” A black lotus disintegrated. Wu Siyou had quickly blocked the enemy attack.

A golden light flashed against the Pilgrim’s pupils.

That light was dazzling and splendid, surprisingly blinding Wu Siyou’s eyes. Wu Siyou subconsciously blinked, and the opponent once again attacked. The blade in her right hand swept directly towards Wu Siyou’s neck. That chilly blade-qi practically reached Wu Siyou’s neck, making the Pilgrim chill. Wu Siyou deflected with her swords and gracefully spun. The killing intent on her sword gathered and was immediately substantial, slashing back.

That cloak was unable to hide the wonderfully figured woman’s footwork, which was like a passing puff of light smoke. She surprisingly stepped into the sword’s qi without fear, her high combat realm allowing her to easily avoid Wu Siyou’s seemingly unavoidable killing intent. The short sword in her hand flashed with blinding golden light, like a bright moon.

An instant later, Banzhuang was already to Wu Siyou’s flank.

Her long hair flowed. Wu Siyou displayed her martial arts instincts at their peak. She slightly sidestepped and raised her double-ended sword.

Light radiated, and lotus flowers suddenly shot out, their power surging like a tide. There was a sharp decline in the enemy’s loftiness, and in an instant, Banzhuang’s surroundings seemed to fill with formless shackles.

The woman was easygoing, her body techniques were spry, wonderful as if she was dancing, an enchanting sight. Against the rolling power of Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying, she did not evade, was neither fast nor slow, and only used her right hand’s blade to counter.

Their silhouettes instantly interlocked.

The wildly violent noise of the clash was endless, practically suffocating.

Behind the woman, a magnificent phoenix manifested from time to time.

The expression of the Wu Siyou attacking the woman was increasingly grim. She had just emerged from the Former Volume Heavenly Book Trial, and her Realm was already at Extreme Realm Ninth Stage. She was only one step away from True Phoenix. After the Three Heavenly Books conclude, reaching True Phoenix would be no problem. She originally had some confidence fighting an Overlord, but even so, the martial arts of the woman in front of her still made Wu Siyou feel grave. That golden saber was somewhat familiar, very much like the Golden Wind that Hu Niangzi wielded.

But the opponent had only one sword. Wu Siyou could not be certain. Furthermore, this weapon was extremely strong. Each clash of their weapons made Wu Siyou suffer internal injuries. On the surface, Wu Siyou and Banzhuang appeared evenly match, but Wu Siyou was very clear that this woman was currently chipping away at her little by little.

Thinking quickly, Wu Siyou also explosively revolted. She first drew back, and then she used her faint advantage from retreating to escape the woman’s attack range, but Wu Siyou’s attack was far from finished. In that instant she had retreated, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus had split in two.

One sword was pitch-black, and the other was bright as snow.

Black and white were distinct, a beautiful sight.

The black and white swords were wielded in succession. Wu Siyou advanced, her speed reaching its peak.

Dark Technique.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.

There was a clear, alarming sound of weapons clashing.

At such close range, the girl surprisingly deflected two blades aimed at her neck with her one blade so easily. The girl countered, her saber-qi like a crescent moon slashing at Wu Siyou’s chest, knocking one of Wu Siyou’s swords out of her hand.

The woman’s figure flickered, appearing above Wu Siyou, her next attack following suit.

But as Wu Siyou flew back, she was caught by Su Xing. Su Xing was unable to utilize his Flying Swords, so he immediately attacked with several bolts of Purple Fiend. The Purple Fiends were like blades, spreading over the enemy’s attack range. If it was anyone else receiving Su Xing’s Purple Fiend attack, they would definitely have suffered greatly, but the woman was completely unfazed.

Her jacket made a ripping sound, and that cloak over her body finally shredded, revealing the girl’s complexion.

Su Xing carried Wu Siyou to safety, promptly using Star Energy to help Wu Siyou recover her wounds.

“Lord Husband, you must not.” Wu Siyou grabbed Su Xing, stopping his concern. “The Sisters still need Lord Husband’s Star Energy to pass through the Heavenly Books.” Wu Siyou shook her head, making Su Xing look very distressed.

“How can a Heavenly Book be more important than you.” Su Xing resolutely said, using his Star Energy to heal that wound on Wu Siyou’s chest.


At this moment, Gong Caiwei, Shi Yuan, and Tang Lianxin’s gasps filled the air. Su Xing thought the opponent was causing trouble. He hastily raised his head to look at the enemy and was suddenly stunned by the scene in front of him. He could not help but gasp.

The girl that appeared from underneath the cloak was truly beautiful. Her clothes were spotlessly white, and her waist was bound by a white belt as well, outlining her graceful figure. That full chest highlighted her curves. Her slender legs under her white silk skirt and her supple butt were the epitome of extraordinary beauty; the woman’s hair was tied in a bun, she had no makeup, her brow was like a spring mountain, her eyes like limpid autumn waters.

She was clearly beautiful yet also refined as an immortal, undoubtedly cool yet also aloof.

She was a beauty that outshone the world.

She could be described by a poem.

An immortal of water with Heaven and wonder, cold fragrance solitude moves ice.

Who now has an immortal wind Dao bone, sweeping faintly away a beautiful woman.1

Su Xing had seen many beautiful women, and his wives were no exception. Each of them were beauties that could overthrow a country, especially the Ninth Hu Niangzi, who was known as the most beautiful Star Maiden. Su Xing thought he was already to beauty, but upon seeing the woman in front of him, he still could not help but be astounded. If it must be said how astonished Su Xing was.

Then only four words could describe her.

A true femme fatale!

Even if he did not use the Birth Treasure Outline. The girl’s identity was obvious.

“You are the seventh Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Banzhuang.” Wu Siyou was not surprised at all. When she saw Su Xing saw, she contrarily stuck out her chest in jealousy, wrinkling her brow.

To be honest, Wu Siyou’s Demonic Lotus elegance did not lose out to Banzhuang, but every gesture of Hu Banzhuang’s perfectly embodied beauty, the display of which made Su Xing unable to help but breathe at first sight.

Hu Banzhuang gently landed. Her right hand gripped Golden Wind. A galaxy surrounded it, but they could vaguely make out seven swirling stars.

“This is that beauty that ruins a country and ambition that ruins a kingdom, the Seventh Overlord, Hu Banzhuang.” Gong Caiwei also took a breath. She had already heard of this woman’s repute who once turned over Liangshan Continent. Seeing her today, she lived up to her name, as expected.

“Wasn’t the Seven Star Hu Sanniang the Sixth Generation’s?” Su Xing returned to his senses, calming down. 

“The Seventh Generation’s. The seventh’s Seven Star Hu Sanniang is very famous.” Gong Caiwei remembered very clearly. That Hu Sanniang could be said to be a person who conquered the Star Duels with a superior Star Weapon. Her most famous battle was that before the Third Phase, she and her Star Master worked together to kill the chief of martial force, Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Jiyue.

Come to think of it, this man was Hu Banzhuang’s Star Master.

Gong Caiwei looked to Bing Lingfeng. Although she was elegant, under Hu Banzhuang’s beauty, she paled in comparison, turning into someone to be ignored. Bing Lingfeng up until now did not take action, but he gazed at Hu Banzhuang in silence.

“Today’s trial, if you can last for ten bouts with Banzhuang, you will be considered to have passed.” Hu Banzhuang spoke, her voice pleasant.

“Only ten bouts?” Wu Siyou sneered. The Pilgrim unavoidably had not been placed in her gaze. Even when Hu Banzhuang brought out her top-notch True Phoenix Realm, if she used Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield, Wu Siyou was confident she could be a match.

“Not you…” Instead, Hu Banzhuang pointed a white finger at Su Xing and gave a smile that could overthrow a country. “But you!”

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  1. 得水能仙天與奇,寒香寂寞動冰肌。仙風道骨今誰有, 淡掃蛾眉篸一枝。 I hate poetry. My interpretation is complete gibberish. This is a poem called 送水仙花 for which I could not find an existing English translation. Basically, this is a poem about beauty.

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