Chapter 696: Banzhuang’s Passion Transmission

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“Your Lord Husband.” Hu Banzhuang pointed at Su Xing and answered Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou sneered. She gripped Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, launching an attack without saying a word. She had just faced Hu Banzhuang and naturally knew this woman’s martial arts were very exceptional. It was not that Wu Siyou did not have faith in Su Xing, rather, the Seven Star Destined Weapon and True Phoenix Realm honestly made Wu Siyou unable to bet on whether this woman would be kind.

One blade.

Hu Banzhuang stopped Wu Siyou’s attack with one blade. The gorgeous woman slightly smiled: “You and him call each other husband and wife, but I wonder if he helped preserve your Star Nest or not. Otherwise, you will regret it.”


Killing intent flowed. Hu Banzhuang instantly appeared behind Wu Siyou. Her blade descended, cutting into Wu Siyou’s back. When Hu Banzhuang’s other sword attacked, a swift saber-light cut through the air directly towards Hu Banzhuang.

Hu Banzhuang’s footwork flickered. She disappeared from under Su Xing’s sword. Su Xing recognized that this was the Bright Star’s  Light Smoke Dance Steps. The country-toppling woman did not pursue. She only retreated several steps and stood, calm as a lake without ripples.

“What powerful martial arts.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow and pulled Wu Siyou in.

Although they did not face each other directly, Su Xing had gone through the tempering of so many Star Generals and himself already had the senses of a Heavenly Star martial general. With just a look, he understood this Hu Banzhuang was extraordinarily strong. Accordingly, after the Three Heavenly Books was a Star Duel. Even with the Heavenly Books, this woman’s Realm was too high.

This made Su Xing somewhat depressed.

How could he have known that other than killing Lu Jiyue in her most famous battle, she also killed another of the best martial generals. That was that generation’s Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Guying who followed that generation’s Lu Junyi as a servant. After killing these two Heavenly Stars, Hu Banzhuang’s martial arts had stepped into a realm of unstoppable speed.

Star Generals needed to wield their martial arts in the strongest, best way possible to kill powerful Star Generals. By doing so, not only could they inherit Star Energy, they could also increase their Realm. Although sparring was one way that Su Xing’s wives used, it was nevertheless much, much slower. As a result, the difference between their realms was enormous.

“Lord Husband, you must not fight her alone.” Wu Siyou clenched her fist tightly.

“Siyou, believe in me.” Su Xing shook his head.

Although a clash with Hu Banzhuang would indeed be perilous, there was already no way to retreat now. For the sake of allowing the others to safely comprehend their Heavenly Books, Su Xing had to accept this. Of course, Su Xing felt this Hu Banzhuang should have some sort of intention using this style of trial for him. It was not as if he should not give this a try.

“A manly spirit, as you should.” Hu Banzhuang smiled and nodded.

“Lianxin, Yuan’er, help look after Siyou for me.”

“Elder Brother (Su Xing), be careful.”

“Can This Princess also experience this?” Gong Caiwei rose. Her clothes were whiter than snow. She raised her hand, and the Tracing Snow Sword appeared. She practiced the sword from since she was little. When she first met Su Xing, she astounded him.

“As you wish.” A very beautiful smile appeared on Hu Banzhuang’s lips. It was difficult to see through her mind, to see just what she was thinking.

Su Xing murmured: “Caiwei, there is completely no need to worry about me.”

“I am not worried about you. I merely do not wish to keep losing to you.” Gong Caiwei’s sword was chilling, its cold qi frigid.

Su Xing took a deep breath.

“Never imagined that other than becoming a husband to a Star General, even other Star Masters could fall in love with you.” Hu Banzhuang said matter-of-factly.

Gong Caiwei blushed: “What nonsense are you spouting. Watch this – Sword Wind Gathers Frost.”

Tracing Snow released a cold light. This sword was imbued with the Spirit of the Blooming Water Dragon. Blooming Water Divine Thunder crackled around the sword’s tip, and a dragon growled, quite extraordinary.

Hu Banzhuang stepped forward and vanished.

Gong Caiwei was shocked. The Bright Star’s left palm struck her, sending her flying away. At this time, Su Xing also launched a fierce assault, bringing down Sparrow Drinks Winter Spring.

Cold qi poured into the air. Hu Banzhuang’s eyes glinted. She spun her sword, golden light broke, and her powerful Seven Star Destined Weapon brushed Su Xing aside.

“Second.” Hu Banzhuang grinned. In this instant, the air seemed to cease its flow.

The country-overthrowing beauty already vanished from his field of view.

“Lord Husband, be careful.” Wu Siyou broke into a cold sweat.

Su Xing also had first rate battle sense. Lin Yingmei’s Battle Doctrine Innate Talent sharply manifested. The blade in his left hand descended, the power of the Five Star Destined Weapon not diminished in the slightest.


A delicate warning came through the air.


The sound came from Su Xing’s left, but the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber nevertheless slashed towards his right. An attack stuck directly into his body. Fortunately, Su Xing had the foresight to first wear the Yellow Gown of Coronation. But Hu Banzhuang’s attack was honestly violent, surprisingly nearly destroying the Nine Clawed True Dragon from the robe. Su Xing promptly attacked with Purple Fiend.

Only then was Hu Banzhuang repelled.

The woman’s graceful figure stood straight. Her gaze was neatly fixed on Su Xing. “Three bouts. Not bad. No wonder Chao Gai values you. The Battle Doctrine Innate Skill is very formidable as expected.” In actuality, although Hu Banzhuang had yet to use her full power, her Realm was at least True Phoenix Three Stage. An ordinary cultivator without a Star General could only die, but this man’s reactions were quite good. He appeared to be rather interesting.

“It’s all thanks to love.” Su Xing shouted. The fourth bout was Clothes Full Of Flower Fragrance.

This scent wafted, and flower petals appeared around HU Banzhuang.

Even Hu Banzhuang could not underestimate the Five Star Destined Weapon’s Earth Rank.

Hu Banzhuang’s eyes glinted. She finally drew her right hand’s Jade Dew. Golden Wind and Jade Dew interlocked. Magnificent saber-light split left and right. The woman displayed wonderful body techniques. The double sabers locked and spun.

The saber-light of Clothes Full Of Flower Fragrance exploded all over Hu Banzhuang’s body.

Su Xing raised and swung the saber down.



The world split.

Su Xing looked. Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers already caught the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber. Not good, Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue revealed an absolutely beautiful and captivating deadly smile. Following this smile was a powerful attack.

Lightning-quick, Su Xing consecutively struck with Purple Fiend and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.


Bright Star Hu Banzhuang shouted, her figure flashing away.


Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder and Purple Fiend were cut down. Two lines of gold and green split from this. After Su Xing used the Earth Rank, the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber also faded. He flew up, his fingers snapping, launching Purple Fiends like a rain of bullets, but Hu Banzhuang was indeed very strong. That static flow of air suddenly sprung to life after she took action. The gold and jade saber-lights rolled all of the Purple Fiends into them. Then, faint golden light shone.

It plunged straight for his chest.

Su Xing was astonished.

The Yellow Gown of Coronation tore, the killing intent directly entering his body and nearly tearing his organs apart.

Hu Banzhuang simultaneously already appeared nest to him, her merciless voice suddenly echoing.


This attack, with its surging murderous aura, splashed like rain, bursting forth in a line wrapped in ice-cold straight towards Su Xing, without any sign of resistance. Su Xing spat a mouthful of Essence Blood, forming the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber. Red Haired Devil Liu Qing’er’s Star Weapon howled like a ghost of fire. Although it was a weak One Star, this was still the weapon of a Heavenly Star.

The blade descended, warding off Hu Banzhuang’s most deadly strike. But this Overlord’s attack was nevertheless not so simple. Su Xing’s expression changed. That killing intent that was as thin as autumn rain scuttled towards his body. Each ray was an ice-cold sword. If they all shot into his chest, he would inevitably turn into honeycomb.

Su Xing blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower to block the remaining force.

The lotus flower bloomed, radiating golden light. Hu Banzhuang was also taken aback, but her attack did not falter at all. Ten Feet of Blue bared her fangs. The eighth attack was already coming. This attack was like a northern wind, her killing intent sinking into bone.

Nine Consecutive Hellfire Demonic Slash! 

Su Xing swung the sword.

The air was ripped apart by scorching flames.

There was a rumble.

The demonic fire on the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber roared to its content, like a horde of evil spirits unleashed, malevolently pouncing. Wave after wave of demonic fire rushed forth like a torrential downpour, endless, bowling over Banzhuang. The Nine Consecutive Hellfire Demonic Slash appeared fierce, but it posed no threat at all to Hu Banzhuang. The girl merely urged on her True Phoenix Realm. A phoenix manifested and easily dominated the demonic fire. Thus, the ninth attack came.

Su Xing had practically exhausted all of his tricks. To keep up with the strongest Overlord’s reactions, he had never performed so perfectly, but in the end, he was still a step behind.

But Su Xing’s tricks were numerous enough that Hu Banzhuang was unable to anticipate them.

He opened his mouth and spat out Instant Frost Flame. The icy fire froze the air and all of her killing intent. Even Hu Banzhuang’s Seven Star Destined Weapon slowed for a second.

It was during this opportunity that Su Xing used the Bagua Escape Technique and retreated.

Although he avoided Hu Banzhuang’s attack, the woman raised an endless killing intent that still battered Su Xing.

In an instant, Su Xing had surprisingly lasted nine bouts under Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers. The girls to the side were dumbstruck. Gong Caiwei stared at Su Xing, wondering just where this man drew his strength from. She had specially sought out Hu Banzhuang for a spar, but from just a single blow, she knew defeat.

Bing Lingfeng also said in admiration: “Your Distinguished Self is truly formidable. No wonder the prior Overlords have all fallen. If you had been in the Seventh Star Duels, Wife and I could not possibly have become the Overlord.”

“Elder Brother can win.” Tang Lianxin clutched the edges of her clothes.

“She underestimated Su Xing.” Shi Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief and cheered him on.

Wu Siyou’s brow was not so relaxed. Instead, it grew even more grave. From a moment ago up until now, Bright Star Hu Banzhuang had not used any of her Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow Techniques. Su Xng’s current situation was far from safe.

“This is the last bout. If you can survive, Banzhuang shall grant you a hundred bouts of instruction.” Hu Banzhuang spread her hands.

“No need, my wives won’t lose out to you.” Su XIng had no interest in fighting this abnormal woman.

HU Banzhuang smiled, “The last bout is…”

What Wu Siyou worried about the most had come to pass.

Before Hu Banzhuang even finished speaking, she was already before Su Xing’s eyes in an instant, and Su Xing even did not finish listening to her. This woman’s speed surpassed this thought process. Hu Banzhuang had closed the distance in the blink of an eye. Those clear and limpid pupils containing passion locked with Su Xing’s.

In this instant, Su Xing only felt that his consciousness had fallen into the deadly gaze of this woman’s emotions.

The double sabers swung down.

“Banzhuang’s Passion Transmission.”

Yellow Rank.

Passion Transmission!

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