Chapter 697: Snowstorm Mountain Temple

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Lin Yingmei, inside her Heavenly Book Dream.

On a dark, starless and moonless night, wind and snow intersected.

Below a mountain temple.

A girl dressed in black currently sat on the terrace in front of the temple, one hand holding a staff while drinking wine with the other. The girl’s brows were like a book, beautiful as a flower. Dim moonlight occasionally peeked out from black clouds. The girl’s dark eyes were very dazzling, like black gem stones, bright and resplendent. 

She gazed at the black uniformed army below the mountain and shook her head in silence.

At the bottom of the mountain was a massive army. The hooves of horses thundered, banners flapped, and the cavalry charged forth. War cries clamored in succession. Greatswords and pikes wielded cold killing intent. Countless arrows whistled through the air. All of this was but to take down a single girl.

“Lin YIngmei, you are very bold, to not obediently wait to be captured.”

“Your unexpectedly dared to rebel.”

Cavalry, infantry, each and every kind of demon swept towards her. The girl’s body was agile as a sparrow. Her Arctic Star Serpent Spear fluttered about, the spear jumping from armor to armor, punching straight through.

“Ha, ha, so what about it.” Lin Yingmei smiled sweeping out a blizzard.

The weapons and armor within a range of a hundred meters were ruined.

“You still will not come with me, Lord Lu Qian.” A high-cheek boned man shouted.

“Please step forward, sir.” Lin Yingmei laughed. She suddenly put strength to her feet, leaping like a panther to a soldier’s flank. The instant the soldier raised his saber, she stabbed into his chest, and the spear connected to his neck, mercilessly flinging him away. The enormous strength sent the soldier’s more than hundred kilogram body flying away like a cannonball, shooting in a straight line.

A din came from the crowd where the person landed.

The other soldiers seemed not to have noticed. Everyone was charging towards Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei instantly killed another hundred soldiers. She had only one target – Lu Qian. Ever since she entered the Heavenly Book dream, she did not know why after she spent several days training, a man calling himself Lu Qian and another called Fu’an suddenly jumped out and accused her of plotting a rebellion, that they were investigating her. Lin Yingmei did not abide their impudence at all.

As a result, she fought her way to the bottom of the mountain temple. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s cold wind pierced through, each technique overlaid with a blizzard, surprisingly covering the entire mountain in ice and snow.

Countless glinting swords whooshed at once.

Nevertheless, Lin Yingmei sneered. These soldiers wielded their weapons with great skill, their movements careful and fierce. It was very difficult to imagine from their crude appearances that they would brandish attacks so fine and full of danger. Everything was thanks to the army’s drill master.

Powerful pressure burst forth from their swords, cutting the air with endless crackling sounds, showing the extraordinary strength of these soldiers. Lin Yingmei’s body seemed to become weightless. She floated past these soldiers’ encirclement. No matter how densely packed their attacks, she always found a gap in the attacks. She evaded timely, those body techniques swifter than the wind.

But swiftness clearly was not the result Lin Yingmei wanted to pursue.

As the imperial army’s name implied, to truly end everything, there was only one way.


Another Long Blizzard Nights instantly killed tens of thousands of soldiers. That previously arrogant Lu Qian was dejected, turning and fleeing. “Why are you running, sir? Listen to Yingmei’s words, you had better take a walk with that Lord Fu’an.” Lin Yingmei’s eyes flashed a cold light. She jeered. The girl was somewhat disdainful of these trained imperial guards.

Endless killing intent suddenly threaded through the air. All of the imperial guards that came to protect Lu Qian were suddenly cut down all at once, but they were extremely very well trained. Immediately gripping their weapons, they all acted together, forming a battle formation. Although they were weak, together they surprisingly had a frightening aggression.

The weapons in their hands tore the air apart. These fearless imperial guards were already charging. Although their charge was not as sharp as cavalry’s, combined with their frightening power, their charge was just as pressuring.

Lin Yingmei disdainfully scoffed and swung her spear.

All of their power crumbled away in an instant. A blizzard stopped their flow. The imperial guards that lost the support of their charge were a bit flustered, but immediately, something even more terrifying followed up. The girl’s eyes flashed chillingly. She swung her spear, and powerful killing intent rushed out. The blizzard that had disappeared then suddenly flared. A storm unexpectedly sprung from the weapon in her hand.

The charging soldiers were instantly devoured.

Lin Yingmei leapt into the sky, her speed extremely quick, killing her way towards Lu Qian.

Lu Qian looked back and was terrified, “Drill master, save me!” He hastened his pace. This man’s martial arts were not bad. At least in the Heavenly Book dream, his were a level higher than Lin Yingmei’s, but Lin Yingmei had the Battle Doctrine Innate Skill. The more deadlocked the battle, the stronger her martial arts became. Lu Qian simply stood no chance.

A phoenix melted the snow.

Vapor shot up.

Lu Qian suddenly revolted in indignation. With a roar, the muscles over his whole body instantly bulged and swelled. Thick blood vessels could be clearly seen on the surface of his skin. His bare flesh showed a blood-red hue, with his veins bulging. 

The enormous contours of his muscles seemed alive. They warped on his body like hills, appearing very frightful. A greatsword in his hand swung down with the power of Mount Tai.

Lin Yingmei deftly yielded, evading this slash.

Landing behind him, when Lu Qian turned around, an ice-cold spear had already stabbed through his chest, digging out his burning and still beating heart right out. Lu Qian’s face paled as he looked at Lin Yingmei’s chilling and disdainful eyes.

The Panther Head pulled out her spear, and blood gushed.

After Lu Qian died, the remaining imperial guards immediately panicked, no longer daring to launch any attacks against Lin Yingmei. They gazed at her with expressions of fear. Lin Yingmei held her spear, blood dripping onto the ground, blossoming like a red flower. The girl walked up towards the mountain temple, the imperial guards along the way yielding. 

Lin Yingmei felt her forehead burn. She sensed that Su Xing had apparently met with trouble. The girl somewhat increased her speed in worry.

“Young Master is still waiting waiting for Your Servant to return. Let us quickly settle everything.” Lin Yingmei stepped before the temple, gazing at her opponent for the Former Volume Heavenly Book’s final challenge, but this time, the Panther Head’s eyes did not have her previous contempt. Instead, they became very deferential.

Lin Yingmei nodded.

A phoenix appeared behind her.

True Phoenix Realm.

That drinking woman in black rose up and gripped her staff.

An uninhibited smile.

“I, Wang Jin, have waited for you a long time, Yingmei. Now begins the lesson…”


Ice Soul Valley, day six.

Night fell, and the moon was like frigid water.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow.” Su Xing grimaced. Wu Siyou unhappily applied medicine for Su Xing all over his body, making his whole body hurt. Originally, he thought he had trained the Chaotic Tail Escape to its highest forty-ninth layer and was used to pain, but he never thought that woman’s killing intent would be incomparably fierce. Now he felt unbearable.

“Elder Sister, maybe you should be gentler. That Overlord’s True Phoenix Realm attack won’t be so easy to heal.” Shi Yuan was distressed.

Gong Caiwei seemingly smiled as she looked at Su Xing: “In the end, it seems Su Xing was captivated. Otherwise, you would not be looking so sorry.”

These words made Su Xing very embarrassed. Wu Siyou applied even more force to her handiwork.

During the tenth bout, Ten Feet of Blue Hu Banzhuang finally used her Yellow Rank Technique. Although it could be said that this was merely a very simple and average Yellow Rank Technique, that was the Yellow Technique of a Seven Star Destined Weapon. At his current stage, he was only a little off from a Star General’s Earth Rank. “However, her attacks honestly did not hold back in the slightest.” Recalling that attack, the girl’s face was practically stuck against his own. Their eyes locked, and in that instant, Su Xing indeed had been captivated. From an outsider’s perspective, they did not seem like enemies, more like lovers.

Passion Transmission.

The name of the Bright Star’s Yellow Rank.

Su Xing recalled that Niangzi’s Yellow Rank was Hate Transmission, yet hers was Passion Transmission. Although they were both Bright Stars, they were complete opposites. Still, Niangzi’s Hate Transmission was better. To have his wife cut another person down with feelings of passion, he could not bear to watch.1

“Truly worthy of the Star General that overturned the Seventh Star Duels. Many would be willing to die under Passion Transmission.” Gong Caiwei said nonchalantly.

Su Xing hurriedly made his position clear. He had no interest at all in being the romantic under Hu Banzhuang’s blade.

Su Xing looked at the tattered Yellow Gown of Coronation. He thought to himself that he had not used it for that long for it to be broken so quickly by Hu Banzhuang.

“Leave the robe with Lianxin to fix.” Tang Lianxin gently said.

Su Xing nodded gratefully.

“However, her beauty is indeed very alluring. ‘Tis reasonable for Lord Husband to be swayed, but please be careful.” Wu Siyou pursed her lips.

When Su Xing saw Siyou’s adorable jealous expression, he was delighted, “Wifey, kiss me.” He allowed no room for talk as he embraced Wu Siyou and kissed the woman’s jealous lips. Wu Siyou slightly resisted then yielded to him. On the contary, in front of that most beautiful Star General, this satisfied her.

After the kiss ended, Wu Siyou’s cheeks blushed, as if she was slightly drunk.

Gong Caiwei turned her gaze and saw faraway Hu Banzhuang and Bing Lingfeng stoking a fire.

Su Xing had survived Hu Banzhuang’s ten bouts trial, but the woman had not left at all. Instead, she tended to a fire, sitting nearby as she gazed curiously at Su Xing. At this time, Su Xing saw Hu Banzhuang. The girl’s clear pupils blinked, as if she was recalling something.

Bing Lingfeng at this time was idly toying with the firewood. He said: “Wife, what do you feel is this Su Xing’s background? I heard he has no sect. The Star Duels are a curious thing, for him to surprisingly have a female Star Master on his side.” Bing Lingfeng glanced at Gong Caiwei. This girl was beautiful as ice, completely flawless, not losing out to a Star General. She appeared to be quite intelligent, not the sort who would be so stupid as to collaborate with the Star Duels’ greatest enemy.

It was known, even in the Seventh Star Duels, that oftentimes, the most menacing enemy was the first to be dealt with.

So as to end this surprise, Bing Lingfeng and Hu Sanniang, they first exploited the opportunity of passing through the Double Sevens to pre-emptively kill other Star Generals that posed threats.2 At least everyone who placed emphasis on the Three Heavenly Books contrarily did not mind too much, but by the time of the Seven Stars Assembly, when they saw the other Star Masters, well, they were all useless.

“However, he is able to sway the hearts of Star Generals like Wu Song and Lin Chong, to be husband and wife with them. Fortunately, he was not around during our time. Otherwise, Lingfeng fears he truly would have stolen you away.” Bing Lingfeng said in self-mockery.

Hu Banzhuang grunted. She suddenly rose and walked towards Su Xing.

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  1. A pun on the Passion Transmission Yellow Technique.
  2. I really don’t know if this is the same trial that Su Xing and Hua Wanyue went through.


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