Chapter 698: Trial

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Su Xing was currently flirting with Wu Siyou as they waited for the others. There was no sign at all of the previously mortal conflict with Hu Banzhuang just a moment before. This made Gong Caiwei very speechless. However, Su Xing felt that he had reaped great benefits from being able to personally battle an Overlord. Even if he lost in an unsightly way, he would not have minded. Neither did he lose anyways, so he naturally was very relaxed. 

Su Xing’s Star Energy was still continuously being transmitted to everyone comprehending their Heavenly Books, however, the consumptions was too great. He was left with no choice but to rely on medicines to persist. Fortunately, Tangtang already saved three bottles of Jade Lake Moon Dew, enough to let Su Xing last.

“If Sister Niangzi and this Banzhuang fought, This Young Lady wonders which is stronger.” Shi Yuan began to imagine such a scene. The most beautiful Star Generals in a showdown. That would definitely be very pretty, earth-shattering, especially when this Hu Banzhuang was Hu Niangzi’s predecessor.

Su Xing said they were better off waiting for Niangzi to comprehend her Heavenly Book and not lose before anything else. They would work together, hm, hm.

“But her Star Master Bing Lingfeng is very odd.” Wu Siyou spoke. The Pilgrim was not like the Thief Star who would make light of the situation anytime or anywhere. After Hu Banzhuang came, Wu Siyou was always pondering this problem.

She did not dare overlook Hu Banzhuang’s Star Master.

Gong Caiwei also said that he was a bit similar to Su Xing. Both were able to become husband and wife with a Star General, particularly that this man surprisingly wed the Seventh Generation’s most beautiful Star General. However, what Wu Siyou was concerned about was not this, but that this man had up until now taken no action at all. When Hu Banzhuang and Su Xing dueled, he merely watched. Although he had Supervoid peak cultivation, he honestly was too peaceful.

Just as she thought this, that person, Hu Banzhuang, rose and walked daintily over.

The girl’s every step was beautiful, like a lotus flower.

Seeing her approach, everyone who had been relaxing immediately put up their guard.

“After ten bouts, don’t you say that didn’t count.” Shi Yuan shouted.

The corner of Hu Banzhuang’s mouth seemed to always hang that distant yet near beautiful smile. “Today’s trial is concluded. Banzhuang has merely come to inform you of tomorrow’s trial.”

“What, tomorrow’s trial?” Su Xing was stunned.

“You are so shameless.” When Shi Yuan thought about it, this woman had originally actually said something about this.

Hu Banzhuang was not angered. She merely smiled and gazed at Su XIng, as if she knew what Su Xing was planning. Although Su Xing very much wanted to echo Shi Yuan and say this beauty was too shameless, he still nodded. The other person’s martial force was very exceptional. If she pressed him, what could he do. In any case, Su Xing felt that he was perhaps being fancied by the woman, turning into something to toy with.

Su Xing said, “I’ll endure. Wait until Lin Yingmei and the others comprehend their Heavenly Books and then strategize.”

“Tomorrow’s trial. Thirty bouts.”1 Hu Banzhuang said.

“Thirty bouts?” Su Xing sneered: “Will there be an Earth Technique.”

“Too soon for Earth Rank.” Hu Banzhuang smiled. “Just the Dark Technique.”

Su Xing wanted to vomit blood. This woman was actually doing this on purpose. He must have been depressed for too long, otherwise, he could not think of how this beautiful Bright Star Hu Banzhuang could create such a preposterous trial.

Hu Banzhuang saw through Su Xing’s gloomy thoughts. The woman merely kept her same smile, turning and leaving without another word.

“For today’s disgrace, Your Concubine will definitely pay her back with interest.” Wu Siyou tightly clenched her fists.

Su Xing smiled. He gently took hold of her fists: “Don’t be so impulsive, Siyou. In fact, to not feel like this isn’t bad either. It is very rare to be able to trade blows with an Overlord, especially when afterward, she’ll teach you for a hundred bouts.” The so-called hundred bouts was that after Su Xing passed ten bouts, then the next time Su Xing traded blows with Hu Banzhuang, it would be without hostility. This would purely be a tutorial on technique. Su Xing actually felt this was quite beneficial.

“Hu Banzhuang practically killed all of the Seventh Generation’s greatest martial generals all on her own. Her teachings will indeed be very helpful. This Princess also feels there will be great progress.”

Su Xing agreed. This woman’s identity aside, the instruction of an Overlord Star General would be much faster than normal, but Su Xing was accustomed to sparring with his wives. To spar with this Banzhuang, there would be some urge to treat her as one of his wives. This made Su Xing quite depressed.

Wu Siyou’s brow wrinkled, still not too relieved.

Gong Caiwei was pensive: “Su Xing, do you  not feel this Hu Banzhuang is actually helping improve your martial arts?”

“Improve my martial arts?” Su Xing chuckled. This indeed seemed to be the case, but he and Hu Banzhuang were very well-trained. To give someone else instruction from Maiden Mountain, why help him.

“Can it be that she fell in love with Su Xing at first sight?” Shi Yuan giggled.

Wu Siyou smiled, but she did not take this seriously.

Gong Caiwei watched Su Xing think to himself. Perhaps this really was the case.

“Never mind about her for now. In short, I’ll deal with tomorrow’s trial carefully.” Su Xing said.

“It would be best to first have Lord Husband recover from your wounds right now.” Su Xiyou smiled and applied medicine. “Caiwei, you come help Your Concubine.”


“Wifey, it hurts.”

Shi Yuan and Tang Lianxin stared at each other. The Thief Star sighed at this moment: “This Young Lady wonders how Elder Sisters have progressed in their Heavenly Books. Elder Sister Niangzi, please come out quickly. Otherwise, Su Xing will be snatched away by that woman.”

At this moment, Bright Star Hu Niangzi had entered the trial of the Former Volume Heavenly Book.

The woman in front of Hu Niangzi’s face was tall in stature. Half of her body was clad in a black skintight jumpsuit etched with a dragon pattern. The girl wore an eyepatch. Her whole body was not lacking. Under the contrast of her black leather clothes and pants, the woman’s snow-white skin was extremely pale.

“Hu Niangzi, why do you want to leave. Stay here with Tingyu,2 is that not even better?” That black-haired woman spoke, a white iron staff in her hand. 

Hu NIangzi did not utter a word. She held her Six Star Double Sabers like a whirlwind, flying quickly past the three zhang distance between them. Just as she was about to reach Luan Tingyu, she whirled around, wielding a light in one hand, rolling forth intense killing intent.

Amidst the tornados filling the sky, Hu Niangzi’s figure charged towards Luan Tingyu, bringing a fierce whirlwind, frantic as a tidal wave, just like a god of death.

Luan Tingyu raised her head, her expression very apologetic. “I do not know what Dear Husband was able to marry you…” Saying this, her hand gently moved, and the iron staff suddenly thrust forward. Her right hand moved with full power while her left hand’s weapon combined with powerful pressure to swing down towards Hu Niangzi’s wonderful figure that was light as smoke.

Hu Niangzi suddenly accelerated her charge, using Light Smoke Dance Steps, circling around the woman’s strike. Then, her double sabers slashed to plunge the incoming attack into the ground. Groaning, she borrowed the reverse force to suddenly raise her body. Instantly, she soared over Luan Tingyu’s head. The force was such that when Luan Tingyu waved her iron staff, a wave of killing intent twisted into a circle, but Hu Niangzi’s movements were like an antelope, not a trace to track.

With her body in midair, Hu Niangzi flew about like a magpie, her double sabers brandished in succession, instantly already cutting several times.

Golden Wind and Jade Dew glowed brightly.

Flying Star Magpie Dance.

Several powerful masses of air shrieked towards the Heavenly Book trial’s Luan Tingyu. Despire Luan Tingyu’s hear already having some regrets about Hu Niangzi, her martial arts were also very strong, far superior to Hu Sanniang’s. The ordinary iron staff in her hand was far stronger than that Star Weapon, similarly Six Star. Regardless of martial skill or experience, she was the better, and it was a pity that these absolutely did not allow the woman to go soft.

A distinctly perceptible strong killing intent approached head-on. Without lifting her head, she tossed her hair and swept her iron staff in an arc, first assuming a defense. Instantly, she protected herself, and even Hu Niangzi was unable to attack Luan Tingyu from behind.

“Bang, bang, bang…” A succession of five clear blade clashes. A ripple appeared in the clearly visible iron staff’s defenses. Powerful recoil made Hu Niangzi’s left wrist go numb, and her body trembled intensely.

So strong.

Hu Niangzi’s heart was astonished, not daring to underestimate this woman’s martial arts.

Without seeing her use any tricks or attack techniques, the woman surprisingly blocked a Dark Technique, even reversing their roles. This Luan Tingyu was completely not inferior to a Star General, no, she should be even stronger than some martial generals. 

With a burst of astonishment in her heart, Hu Niangzi’s expression showed no changes at all. Those eyes laden with grief once again exploded with a chilling attack, not daring to hold back in the slightest. 

“Tingyu shall teach you properly.” Luan Tingyu indifferently talked about something insignificant. When the weapon in her hand sensed where Hu Niangzi would attack, she suddenly turned her head, and she suddenly released an intense, vast white aura.

Instantly covering a range of five zhang, there was only a white light. The temperature abruptly dropped to the freezing point, and it was as if she could clearly see and hear the instant the white breath condensed into ice in the air.

Dark Technique.


Hu Niangzi was shocked to sense her speed immediately decelerate. Without giving Bright Star Hu Niangzi any chance to react, while her body was in the air, Luan Tingyu’s attack followed close behind. Her iron staff flipped like lightning, instantly attacking several times.

Enormous gusts filled the atmosphere, and there was the clear sound of bone crumbling. Hu Niangzi barely used her double sabers to block this, and her body could not be firmly controlled. Even her wonderful Light Smoke Dance Steps could barely be displayed, being suppressed by Luan Tingyu’s powerful attack strength.

Luan Tingyu’s eyes flashed cold light. Despite Hu Niangzi’s hasty attack, she leaned slightly and stepped gently, putting her body already out of the way, striking overwhelmingly with the iron staff.

The battle time blinked by. Luan Tingyu completely did not let go of any opportunities. 

She spun the iron staff, mercilessly flinging Hu Niangzi away. The powerful force made Hu Niangzi heavily tumble along the ground, sending rock and dirt flying, forming large trench.

The Golden Wind and Jade Dew sabers sharply lamented. In their cries, the young woman’s figure once again flew. She spun in the air, ruthlessly launching herself towards Luan Tingyu.

Her hair fluttered, her golden eyes not conceding defeat in the slightest. Luan Tingyu calmly stood her place, merely sighing when she raised her head to look at the rapidly approaching beautiful figure.

“Concede defeat.”

Before she finished, the iron staff glowed with a white light, once again knocking Hu Niangzi to the ground.

“You are no match for me.” Luan Tingyu coldly said.

Hu Niangzi rose again, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth: “Again!”

“It seems you have a Dear Husband that is worth giving your life for?” Luan Tingyu pondered.

Hu Niangzi’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill made clear her answer – When Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew

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