Chapter 699: Together In The Drizzle

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Ice Soul Valley, day five.

Twenty-second day of the Heavenly Books.

Upon the shallow lake, White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi floated upon the water’s surface like a leaf. The Urgent Seas White Spirit Python White Wave was coiled in the surroundings, cautiously guarding its mistress. Outside of the lake came the clangs of battle, crisp and clear. Each strike rippled the lake’s water, making it shudder.

Ice Soul Valley’s snowflakes floated down onto Zhang Yuqi’s white skin. The girl’s supple paleness was comparable to this snow. Not long after, Zhang Yuqi slowly opened her eyes, awakening from her Three Heavenly Books dream.

“Ai, how did I lose.” Zhang Yuqi gloomily muttered. In the Former Volume Heavenly Book trial, she encountered a lake-shaking dragon god. It spoke of her life experience’s, making her go capture a seven colored carps. As far as the White Stripe in the Waves was concerned, she was quick on the water. In the water, she could move as easily as walking on the ground. Capturing the seven differently colored fishes was simply a walk in the park.

The Zhang Yuqi who had been genuinely expecting to be the first to rise above the others from the Former Volume Heavenly Books and surprise Su Xing nevertheless met with a “the Heavenly Books trial cannot be possibly be this easy” trial.

The seven colored carps were located in Queen Mother of the West’s Lake. Each of the carp were different, and the timing to catch them was different as well. Zhang Yuqi used three days to capture five of the colored fishes, leaving only the white and black carps. Just as she was about to catch the sixth carp, a barbarian woman named Fang Tianding1 commanding a fleet of ships to Queen Mother of the West’s Lake to hunt seven colored carps.

When the two met, that overbearing woman bellowed several times before launching an attack. Zhang Yuqi used her superb water skills to actually leave Fang Tianding’s fleet in shambles, but her Star Energy afterwards was debilitated. Fang Tianding then used a Golden Gate Bubbling Water Array to interrupt Zhang Yuqi’s water magic. The result was that Zhang Yuqi was gloomily skewered through the heart by ten thousand arrows, waking her from the dream.

Seeing only two Heavenly Books, Zhang Yuqi furiously ground her teeth. “Damned Fang Tianding, I will haunt you even in death.”

Just as she thought this, a splash occurred on the lake’s surface. Zhang Yuqi watched curiously. From there, she came to shore, walked out of the forest and arrived a hundred meters away from the array Su Xing as in.

Upon the snowy ground, two figures criss-crossed. One of them was Su Xing. His hand gripped the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, fighting with his utmost, deeply impressionable. And his opponent was a young woman, but her speed was very fast. Her body techniques were like light smoke, mysterious and profound. Zhang Yuqi felt that figure was beautiful as the moon, like a shining sun.

“Little Sister Niangzi awoke from her Heavenly Books so quickly? Could it be that she obtained her Former Volume?” Zhang Yuqi often saw Su Xing spar with Lin Yingmei and the others. She thought that Su Xing had already begun again.

“Elder Sister, you have awakened. Did you obtain your Heavenly Books?” Tang Lianxin asked.

Zhang Yuqi shook her head. She looked in Su Xing’s direction again and noticed that Hu Niangzi was still in her dream. The Damage Star said in astonishment: “Which Sister has our Young Su seduced to flirt here!”

Shi Yuan guffawed. She said, “Zhang Yuqi, you’re too naughty. To make this Elder Sister give a blowjob will only harm Su Xing.”

“Do you mean the loser of this battle will have to blow?” Zhang Yuqi laughed.

Wu Siyou could not listen to these two make light of the Seventh Overlord like this. She chided them: “That is the Seventh Generation’s Overlord, Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Banzhuang. She is giving Lord Husband a trial.”

“An Overlord.” Zhang Yuqi’s smile vanished, as expected. She gazed at Siyou in even greater confusion.

Wu Siyou knew that Zhang Yuqi was currently wondering why she was not intervening, so she explained things.

After listening, Zhang Yuqi’s palms were covered in cold sweat. Her man was too insane, to surprisingly trade blows with an Overlord.

Their weapons continued to clash, stirring a spectacle of weapons. Su Xing drew back several steps, having been cut several times by Hu Banzhuang. That royal robe upon him had already lost its original kingly aura. It was practically scraps in front of the Seven Star Golden Wind and Jade Dew. The nine-clawed True Dragon was already howling in grief, fading under Hu Banzhuang’s fierce assault.

“The fifteenth.”

Saber-light fell, and Hu Banzhuang stepped backwards while grinning slightly.

Su Xing panted in exhaustion like an ox. Not a single spot of his body’s skin was left untouched. After fifteen bouts, Hu Banzhuang had already broke every one of this tricks. In the end, he could only bring out the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber.

Hu Banzhuang looked at that eye-catching blade. Although it was only Two Star, it retained great power.

For a Star Master to use a defeated Star General’s Star Weapon was very taxing on Star Energy. Hu Banzhuang could see that Su Xing was currently already very overwhelmed, especially while he still was using Star Energy to sustain the other wives.

“On this exchange, will you die?” Hu Banzhuang asked while she smiled.

The answer was on her blade.

Green light flashed, and her dance steps rose. Without any warning, the Bright Star launched her assault. Blossoming saber-qi flew directly towards Su Xing. Its speed was swift enough that it was untouched by even a single snowflake, but Su Xing was similarly swift beyond reason. When Hu Banzhuang charged through the curtain of snowflakes, Su Xing was prepared for her with full-power saber technique.

The weapon’s killing intent was like a ferocious beast baring its fangs, wildly pouncing towards Hu Banzhuang.

This killing intent seemed conscious. It glared at Hu Banzhuang and chased after the woman. In the howling wind, Hu Banzhuang’s figure instantly crossed the distance between herself and Su Xing. Because of her excessively swift speed, she left a trail of afterimages, and a bright True Phoenix spread its wings. 

In the midst of her Light Smoke Dance Steps, Su XIng’s attack missed. Hu Banzhuang already directed a whistling attack towards Su Xing’s head.

Su Xing appeared considerably astounded. Although he was already accustomed to battling with Hu Banzhuang, each time, this woman always could instantly close the distance, bringing him endless pressure.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower already was somewhat wilted in its bloom. Su Xing used the Acala Wisdom King Truth Body. A blade slashed from his left. His Divine Intent moved, and Purple Fiend rolled towards Hu Banzhuang.

Hu Banzhuang was faster than her weapon’s attack speed. Saber-light shot out in that instant, and she already launched another attack towards Su Xing.

Purple Fiend was broken.

Hu Banzhuang smiled. She did not slow but became even faster, overwhelming like a storm. Her unending assault came out in full strength. Su Xing was already somewhat stifled by Hu Banzhuang’s ferocious and continuous attacks.

Even if he was capable of relying on his body and quick thinking to ward off these attacks using his weapon, each blow was very fierce. Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers trapped his body on all sides. He was acutely aware that the young woman definitely was not limited to just this.

Sixteenth bout.

Seventeenth bout.

Su Xing grit his teeth. His eyes released an ice-cold light. He swiftly drew back five steps, using the Dark Technique Wolf Howls Ten Thousand Li. Saber-qi leaked out of the blade, emerging like a ravenous wolf uncaged.

An air-shattering sound grew louder, as if it formed spontaneous. Several dozen wolves charged towards Hu Banzhuang. The next instant, these wolf killing intents gnawed at her.

But…in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Hu Banzhuang’s body passed through Wolf Howls Ten Thousand Li. She weaved in between, suddenly vanishing into the air, strange beyond compare.

Then, Hu Banzhuang’s beauty that could ruin a country suddenly emerged before their eyes.


Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers stabbed straight at Su Xing’s body. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower’s petals bloomed and withered, and the Acala Truth Body was brandished at maximum power. Su Xing’s defenses were completely breached by Hu Banzhuang’s attack.

“The next shall be Banzhuang’s Dark Technique. It seems you can only reach this far.” The virgin fragrance of Hu Banzhuang’s body entered his nose.

Su Xing’s consciousness immediately cleared. He gripped the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, gathering his killing intent onto the blade. In actuality, the Hu Banzhuang standing before him had an opening. Su Xing needed only to use the Earth Rank Heavenly Punishment Earthly Destruction to be able to completely repel Hu Banzhuang, to force this woman to conclude these twenty bouts. Hu Banzhuang also sensed the power of the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, but the girl contrarily smiled even more brightly, like a spring breeze, like a bright moon.

No, that won’t do.

His power faded.

In the end, Su Xing still gave up on the Earth Rank because at this time, if he actually used it, then his Star Energy would be completely drained, and the wives still in the Heavenly Books trial would be affected and be startled awake.

For their sake, Su Xing knew that he could do this, no matter what.

Hu Banzhuang’s brows rose. Her smile became increasingly profound, “A pity.” Su Xing heard the girl’s gentle whisper. Hu Banzhuang prepared to draw her saber and use Dark Technique “Together In The Drizzle” to end the greatest legend in these Star Duels.

Su XIng’s heart did not waver. He said, “Today, I’ll have to do something indecent in front of Wifey.” Then, he urged on his magic energy, once again blooming the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, the treasure of the Buddha Kingdom. Colored glass and bodhi filled the surroundings. Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape to pounce forward, rushing towards Hu Banzhuang’s chest.

Su Xing’s Chaotic Tail Escape was too fast. Hu Banzhuang did not expect this, and she had just drawn her sabers and was in the middle of charging her Dark Rank when she suddenly felt someone bump into her chest. The girl’s expression was shocked. Su Xing was already charging down her body. He clamped his arms like a vicegrip around the seventh generation’s most beautiful woman in a tight embrace and nipped the girl’s neck.

Hu Banzhuang cherished her purity. Even when she called Bing Lingfeng her husband, she had never allowed a man to touch even one of her fingers. As the most beautiful Star General, Hu Banzhuang had the pride of the most beautiful Star General, but she never imagined that a hundred years of purity would unexpectedly be destroyed in this way. This man surprisingly dove shamelessly into her body.

Her perfectly round breasts were squashed flat by his wide chest. Hu Banzhuang felt unable to breathe, and she faltered.

Practically without thinking, Hu Banzhuang finally unleashed True Phoenix Seventh Stage power. The True Phoenix blew Su Xing away, nearly making his whole body fall apart. Then in the next second, she slashed. However, this attack of pure fury merely broke Su Xing’s Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber.

But Hu Banzhuang’s next attack was prepared to activate Together In The Drizzle. She was prepared to wipe this man clean away when a figure quickly passed by and immediately saved Su Xing.

“Hey, why aren’t you keeping your promise. That was the twentieth bout just now.” Shi Yuan used her Earth Rank Up Heaven Down Hell to rescue Su Xing. Seeing that Hu Banzhuang was about to pursue, she shouted.

Wu Siyou, Gong Caiwei, and the others stood in Hu Banzhuang’s way.

Hu Banzhuang was taken aback, finally realized she had been tricked. This man surprisingly used such a frivolous method to make her last attack an ordinary one. Otherwise, Su Xing definitely would have nearly been killed by her Dark Technique.

Hu Banzhuang calmed down very quickly. A slight grin was still upon her lips: “Since you like Banzhuang so much, Su Xing, for tomorrow’s trial, you shall spend three Together In The Drizzle with Banzhuang.”

“Beauty, can’t you be more gentle.” Su Xing perspired profusely.

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  1. 方天定, son of Fang La in the original Water Margin


  1. …So basically, Su Xing used the same tactic he used to trip up Junqing during her duel with Yizhen during the Evil Smiting Hall… but with tiddie fondling tackle instead of wantonly making out with Hanyan.

    Heh. I’m surprised I even remember that, go me!

  2. “For a Star Master to use a defeated Star General’s Star Master was very taxing on Star Energy.”

    Made me do a HUH?? I mean, I guess it’s not wrong.

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