Chapter 700: Li Shishi And Little Yi’s Picturesque Charm

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Outside the bonfire, an ice-cold gaze was currently staring at Su Xing.

Bing Lingfeng’s brow was deeply wrinkled.

“Lord Husband.” Hu Banzhuang warmly said.

Under the bonfire, the girl’s face was a bright red, unclear whether it was because of the fire or some other reason.

“Wife is alright?” Bing LIngfeng said.

“What is Lord Husband worried about?” Hu Banzhuang smiled and asked.

“This man is very cunning. Lord Husband fears Wife was careless for a moment.”

“Has Banzhuang ever been careless, Lord Husband, you are being oversensitive. But this Su Xing is indeed as Chao Gai said. He is different from the Star Masters we know.” Hu Banzhuang looked in that direction.

Star Masters sought out Star Generals, so they were all deferential. Several held inflated opinions of themselves and were mostly swagger. Even if there were some who also had misgivings about Maiden Mountain’s prestige, they never dared to take a step beyond the limit. Originally, they were a bit skeptical when they learned from Chao Gai of Su Xing’s husband-wife relationship with his Star Generals, but now, they believed this shameless bastard was capable of doing anything. He was truly too brazen.

Ignoring her Overlord might and daring to embrace her, Hu Banzhuang’s initial reaction was somewhat angry. Afterward, she felt very amused.

“Tomorrow, Banzhuang shall see what other tricks he has.”

“Wife will not kill him?” Bing Lingfeng asked.

“Chao Gai said that we cannot kill him. And Banzhuang also wants to see just how far Battle Doctrine can allow this man to grow.” Hu Banzhuang’s beautiful eyes reflected Su Xing’s figure. The girl’s expression was unfathomable.

Bing Lingfeng was taken aback. He leisurely said: “If he is any more disrespectful to Wife, then Husband shall kill him on Wife’s behalf.”

Hu Banzhuang smiled but gave no reply.

With the crisis averted, Shi Yuan saw that Su Xing had finally passed through the second day’s trial, and her heart was very relieved. Hugging Su Xing’s entire body, her arms wrapped around him even more tightly. She wanted this master to know that her figure was also very good.

“Su Xing, you were so shameless just now, to surprisingly go grope her.”

Su Xing awkwardly looked at Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou actually was quite magnanimous. Right now, she hated that Hu Banzhuang to the bone. Whatever Lord Husband did to her, the Pilgrim felt quite indifferent. “But Lord Husband, you took too great a risk just now.” Wu Siyou was still very worried that if Hu Banzhuang seethed in anger just then, she would have destroyed their prior agreement. This Hu Banzhuang was too strong. Without Yingmei, she had no confidence.

Su Xing just now also could not control himself. In the final bout, he was already unable to continue battle. He could only force her to abandon the Dark Rank and thus acted in panic. As for this point, Su Xing was still quite confident that being profaned like that, the majority of woman would instinctively slap him. Hu Banzhuang, as the most beautiful Star General, naturally was no exception.

And Su Xing also knew that Hu Banzhuang’s trial was not as playful as it seemed on the surface. More like, she was helping him improve his martial arts. This probably was related to the deaths of the other two Overlords. Coupled with Chao Gai’s various deeds and conduct, Su Xing wondered if perhaps some change occurred at Maiden Mountain that required his help.

“Su Xing, didn’t this Banzhuang’s body smell good? How is it compared to us wives?” Zhang Yuqi winked and asked.

“Like perfume everywhere, and her figure was indeed very good…” Su Xing sighed. When he hugged Hu Banzhuang just then, the girl’s soft body and fragrance stuck to him like magnets. If it was not for Hu Banzhuang using her Realm to force him away, in that moment, Su Xing was afraid to discover his body was surprisingly reluctant to part.

Su Xing truly did not want to take advantage of Hu Banzhuang. Any way it was put, he was not a model soldier, but although he thought this, his body did not listen to his orders to let go. It was as if there was something magical about Hu Banzhuang’s body.

The most famous Earthly Star beauty of these nine Star Duels was a truth, as expected.

Su Xing felt that in the future, the farther he stayed away from these femme fatales, the better.

A giggle.

Su Xing saw Gong Caiwei’s smirking expression and the helplessness of his other wives. Only then realizing that they misunderstood him. “How could your hubby be that kind of person who forgets his loyalties so easily!” Su Xing shouted.

“Alright, alright, Lord Husband. Be careful next time. If Lord Husband truly can take her into your harem, Your Concubine shall not refuse.” Wu Siyou said. The Pilgrim’s words seemed even more like ridicule.

Take in the Seventh Overlord?

This beauty was indeed beautiful, but like a rose, she had her thorns. Su Xing would have to politely decline.

“Tomorrow’s trial is three Dark Ranks. Young Su basically can’t respond, right? How about you let YUqi help you.” Zhang Yuqi interjected.

“Your Concubine is nearly recovered.” Wu Siyou nodded. She could not allow Hu Banzhuang to do whatever she pleased to her Lord Husband.

“Let’s see tomorrow.” Su Xing took a deep breath. He was actually quit calm about Hu Banzhuang’s trial. If they interfered, perhaps this woman would become very terrifying, however, he was very aware that Wu Siyou and Zhang Yuqi were concerned about him. Su Xing could not easily oppose them. For the time being, he could only plan on resting and then make other plans later.

“Then This Young Lady will first help give you a massage, Su Xing.” Shi Yuan happily rubbed her palms.

Finally, it was her turn to service him.

Yuan’er’s technique was simply unbearable to watch, less than impressive. Wu Siyou was afraid that she would contrarily make Su Xing’s wounds even more serious and very urgently stopped her before doing it herself. However, the Pilgrim had never helped massage a man before. Her technique was also very unpracticed.

At this time, Su Xing quite longed for Little Yi’s dexterous fingers.

Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Yizhen was walking along the bustling street. She came to the front of a red building known as “School of Emotional Painting.” This building’s pillars were brightly adorned, flying pavilions a flowing red, its jade platforms quite impressive. The men and women coming and going were dressed luxuriously. They were extraordinary folk.

Yan Yizhen looked around. This was the building.

Searching her thoughts for a moment, the girl then entered the building. 

Upon entering inside, she heard a mellow guqin’s sound. A servant girl in a backless dress entering the room drew the attention of everyone. Her vermilion eyes, her gorgeous tattoo, her graceful figure and slender hands, none of the girls in the School of Emotional Painting could compare. If it was not for Yan Yizhen’s eyes being too threatening, many would have come up to show off to her.

Yan Yizhen sat alone. No one dared come ask anything of her.

Facing the musician playing her flute on the stage. Her tune was skillful, yet Yan Yizhen remained unmoved. Gradually, after some amount of time, the patrons in the School of Emotional Painting had all already left. The vast hall was left with only the maid.

She appeared to be very desolate.

Yan Yizhen’s gaze was glued to the stairs. From beginning to end, she had made no movements at all.


The main door upstairs that had been shut tight gently opened.

A woman walked down.

How should the beautiful woman be described?

This woman’s eyes were like limpid autumn waters, and her cheeks were made up with a slight rouge. Her brows were dark as ink, and her lips were peach blossoms. She was beyond flowers, a natural beauty. Wearing beautiful clothing, her long, jet-black hair was wrapped into a beautiful bun, with several strands fallen astray. Also, she wore several elegant golden coats covering a half-transparent silk shirt of the same color. Her skirt dragged along the ground, and her large sleeves were rolled like clouds, concealing a pair of dexterous hands. Her simple but elegant palace dress was bound with a phoenix carving belt, outlining the slender curves of her lower body.

“Her brows are as elegant as spring mountains, a pity they grow wrinkled. Some may stain beauty with clear tears, afraid the flower is as meager. The clear jade flute plays awhile, a song quite unknown. Yet knowing the sun depends on the fence, but ask for the willow it stops before.”1 This beauty was like an autumn moon. The woman who was elegant as the sun smiled faintly, reciting a poem.

“The far-off mountain is wrinkled like a brow, a delicate thin willow waist. The woman stands in a spring breeze, a smile missing a thousand gold. When she returns to the Fengcheng, she says of the brothel: Everywhere I look are flowers, not as good as a teacher.”2 Yan Yizhen looked at her, some other expression finally appearing on her indifferent face as she recited a poem in challenge.

The woman was surprised and immediately saluted.

“Little Girl3 is Li Shishi.”

Yan Yizhen was briefly blank, as if she was recalling the scene when she first met Su Xing.

“Slave Servant is Yan Yizhen. Little Yi.” Yan Yizhen nodded and responded.

“Little Yi has come to this School of Emotional Painting for Little Girl?” Li Shishi slightly smiled, as if she had been waiting for her a long time.

“Precisely.” Yan Yizhen answered.

“Slave Servant wants the Heavenly Book and also asks that Li Shishi give pointers.” Yan Yizhen earnestly requested.

Li Shishi pondered for a moment, “Shishi has kept the Heavenly Book in safekeeping for Little Yi for a long time. To have this Heavenly Book, things shall not be difficult. Shishi has heard that the Skilful Star Wanderer is a person of talent. Upon meeting today, Shishi also wishes to ask for guidance.”

“Slave Servant shall do her utmost.”

The hall was completely empty. The candleflames dimmed, and the scene turned hazy. Nevertheless, Li Shishi’s white hand gently invited Yan Yizhen to take the stage.

A guzheng was set upon the stage. Li Shishi played calmly. Yan Yizhen understood tacitly, took up a flute and harmonized.

Listening to this duet, just like the sounds of nature, each note matched the myriad notes of Li Shishi’s.

Li Shishi’s smile was increasingly fuzzy. She could not help but lower her head to sing of Prince Lanling, “Willows hang straight, strands of green in the the mist. Upon the dike, I saw them many times, floating off in the water…”4

The song ended.

Li Shishi was unable to remain calm for a long time. Her rouge was running, and her eyes were moist. She gazed at Yan Yizhen, unable to refrain from admiration.

“Lady Shishi, satisfied?” Yan Yizhen asked.

Li Shishi slowly rose, not answering. This woman as beautiful as a poem suddenly spun around, her cloud sleeves unraveling. At this moment, she was in a spry dance. Yan Yizhen did not understand why, but she warily watched her, not daring to let down her guard around this beautiful woman.

Very few powerful martial force Star Generals would use a trial of beauty and ambiguity to end things. Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing’s Heavenly Book could not possibly have been so easy to obtain as a simple verse and song. Just as expected, when Li Shishi’s dance like an oriole reached its peak, she suddenly separated her arms. Smoothly on either side of her, two beautiful fans appeared in her hands.

These fans opened. They were colored red, shaped like divine birds. The frame of these fans were feathers.

At the center of the fans were six stars.

A phoenix accompanied the fans, and Li Shishi herself was full of even more gracefulness. Similarly, a phoenix faintly manifested.

True Phoenix Realm.

Li Shishi held two fans, “Feng” in her left, and “Huang” in her right. This was a famous and beautiful Star Weapon of Star World.

“Begin with a dance, end with a battle…” Li Shishi’s voice was as pleasant to listen to as running water.

Yan Yizhen understood. She clenched her fists, and the Yin Yang Carps floated around her fists as they clashed with Li Shishi’s “Fenghuang.”

Following Li Shishi brandishing “Fenghuang” in a dance, Yan Yizhen charged forth, dazzling as a darting sparrow.

The most beautiful martial dance begrudgingly commenced.

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  1. More poetry. This is a poem by Zhou Bangyan from one of his anthologies. No known English translation I can find.
  2. Another poem, this one by Yan Jidao.
  3. Her self-address
  4. This is the song of Prince Lanling. I’m pretty sure this song is more straightforward than the poems from before.

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