Chapter 701: The Heavenly Book Of The Strongest Martial General Lu Xiao

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Meanwhile, Speed Star Dai Xingyue and Brave Star Sun Yueying had received orders to go seek out Jade Qilin Lu Xiao; at the stage of comprehending a Heavenly Book, a Star General without a Star Master was in great danger, with only their Star Beast for protection while comprehending a Heavenly Book. Even the strongest martial general could be easily killed at this time. However, Song Qingci dispatched them not for this reason.

Rather, she wanted to convince the Strength Star, the strongest martial force Star General, to join the Uprising.

Although Liangshan Continent was vast, to find one Star General was very difficult outside of the Seven Stars Assembly. Song Qingci could only approximate the place Lu Xiao entered for her Heavenly Book.

With Dai Xingyue’s godly speed, finding her was only a matter of time.

Finally, on the twentieth day since the start of the Heavenly Books, on the endless seas of the Black Turtle Territory, they found her on a very unassuming Metal Element island. Currently, Lu Xiao had already spend twenty entire days comprehending her Heavenly Books. But this Metal Element topography could not be compared to a holy place like the “Ten Thousand Qilin Mountain.” As a result, her comprehension speed was very slow.

The Star River Dragon Horse stood guard near her, its powerful presence surrounding the entire islet. Several cultivators mistakenly intruded upon this place, but upon sensing this terrifying aura, they immediately fled far away. They merely treated this as an island crawling with some Demon Beast. They were completely unaware that Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Junyi was comprehending a Heavenly Book.

If it was not for Dai Xingyue spending endless effort, they might never have found such a remote location.

“Elder Sister truly can choose a location. No one would ever think that she was here.” Dai Xingyue was shocked.

The Sun Yueying beside here merely stared at Lu Xiao.

“What do we do now? It appears she still has not comprehended her Heavenly Books.” Dai Xingyue scratched her head, not knowing what was best.

“Xingyue, you said that you saw Lu Xiao working with the Purple Thunder Monster at the White Tiger Territory, is that true?” Sun Yueying muttered.

“En.” Dai Xingyue nodded. If it was not for the fact she knew that Lu Xiao had not signed a contract yet, she actually would have believed the Jade Qilin that had never signed a contract was accompanying the Purple Thunder Monster based on that scene.

However, because of this, Song Qingci’s group felt this was even more dangerous.

If they allowed Lu Junyi to join Su Xing’s side, their way forward would be very bleak.

But to make Lu Xiao willingly and gladly join the Uprising was easier said than done. After this prideful Elder Sister saw that the thousand year Star Generals Lin Chong and Wu Song had signed contracts, that prideful arrogance in her heart was even less likely to go out. If they were to speak of the sole advantage Song Qingci held over Su Xing, then it would be that Lu Xiao was very considerate of her fellow Sisters. Perhaps the significance of the Uprising could move her.

But at the present moment, this was still not enough to interest Lu Xiao.

Currently, the Three Heavenly Books was the best opportunity.

“What should we do? Yueying.” Dai Xingyue was not very fond of thinking. She yearned for freedom, so thinking was something very annoying. This kind of thing was better left to the other Sisters.

Sun Yueying said: “She is weak right now. We must use some despicable tricks.” Although she was somewhat guilty towards Elder Sister, the situation was forced, and they were without other options.

Sun Yueying explained the plan, which was actually very simple, not giving Dai Xingyue a headache. They would draw Star Masters to this place where Lu Xiao was. When these Star Masters saw the Lu Xiao currently comprehending the Heavenly Books, they would inevitably seize the chance to kill the Strength Star. So long as they were not the Purple Thunder Monster, no one could resist something so tempting.

Then, at the most critical moment, they would intervene.

When Dai Xingyue heard this, she would need only to go leak Lu Xiao’s whereabouts, which was very easy: “But Xingyue feels that Elder Sister would be very opposed. If she knows what we have done, then things will be bad.” Dai Xingyue said.

Sun Xingyue was also very aware of the severity of the situation, so to protect this secret at the same time, they would have to return to Song Qingci and explain.

“The Strength Star is already very close to the Purple Thunder Monster. If we do not take action, then we will be sitting and waiting to die.” Sun Xingyue shook her head. Thereupon, she sighed in vexation.

“Xingyue truly does not know what part of the Purple Thunder Monster is good, for even Elder Sister to have such a good relationship with him.” Dai Xingyue felt aggrieved. If it was not for this Purple Thunder Monster, Elder Sister Qingci basically would not be worried about scaling Maiden Mountain.

Sun Xingyue smiled. She also felt this was very strange. It seemed that her own Little Sister, Sun Xinyue,1 was very impressed with the Purple Thunder Monster. There was also that Ugly Prince Consort that surprisingly blurted that she would sign a contract with the Purple Thunder Monster. Although she said she was driving a wedge in their forces, to be able to make a Star General give herself wholly to him, they had no choice but to say that man’s charm was too strong.

She seemed to remember greeting the Purple Thunder Monster’s Star Generals at the Crystal Dragon Palace.”

“Yueying, Xingyue has an idea.” Dai Xingyue suddenly said.

“What idea?”

“I want to go monitor the Purple Thunder Monster.”

“You also want to get close to the Purple Thunder Monster?” Sun Yueying smiled.

Dai Xingyue made a face: “Of course not, Yueying. I want to monitor him, see just what he and those Sisters are doing. I will not personally make contact with them.”

Sun Yueying pondered. This idea was not bad. With Dai Xingyue’s speed, no one was able to catch her. So long as she was monitoring this strongest enemy, they would not have to be so passive. But the Brave Star still felt uneasy. “The Elder Sisters will definitely oppose, so Xingyue only mentions this to you, Yueying.” Dai Xingyue smiled.

Sun Yueying wrinkled her brow: “But for now, let us first assist the Strength Star.”

“En, fine.”

“Elder Sister has been comprehending her Heavenly Books for so long, I wonder what trial she is facing in her Heavenly Book Dream. This is truly curious.” Dai Xingyue smiled as she looked back.

The strongest martial general’s Heavenly Book dream.

The contents were definitely intense.

Sun Yueying enviously thought.

From any Star Maiden’s perspective, the Heavenly Book of the strongest martial general Strength Star was always curious. However, there were no records of the past on whether the Strength Star was able to actually comprehend the Former Volume Heavenly Book. One reason was that the trial was very difficult, and even the Strength Star was not able to possibly win. Another was that oftentimes during comprehension, she would be killed by Star Masters with evil intentions.

Lu Xiao had considered these two points, so she first of all chose a terrain in the Black Turtle Territory’s borderless Endless Sea, an island containing metal deposits in the seafloor. It did not matter that the topography was far from ideal for Heavenly Book comprehension. This was for the sake of guarding against a plunder and kill. She even made “Lin’er” guard her. By doing so, she put an end to any cultivator inadvertently intruding, a form of double insurance, so to speak.

Even with such meticulous arrangements, Lu Xiao still could not avoid being thwarted by the first point.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Nearly inaudible strumming of a bowstring.

Several perfectly straight arrow-lights flit by with unparalleled speed.

Lu Xiao rolled beautifully in midair. Three arrow-lights grazed her stomach, brow, and chest. Even so, the power in those arrows still gave her wounds. Lu Xiao yelled, the Golden Qilin Lance in her hand practically becoming a chunk of dazzling gold.

A ray of golden spear-light fired. When that spear-light descended, it took the form of several qilin. Then, they galloped in the direction the arrows came from.

Lu Xiao’s opponent was a steady, imposing woman.

She had an easily imaginable dignity and absolutely frightening spirit.

Snowsilver armor glinted, reflecting pure white light.

This woman was named Shi Wengong.2

The unerring “Void Shatterer”3 bow in her hand made Lu Xiao suffer. Shi Wengong was expressionless, pulling the bowstring.

There was no riser to the bow at all. 

The woman strummed the string as if playing an instrument.

There was a crisp bang.

The arrow-light strangely shot forth. This was Shi Wengong’s famously superb Innate Skill, “Startling Bow.”

Qilin-fall Skyflash was broken by countless invisible “Void” arrows.

Already at True Phoenix Realm, having ingested the Thousand Year Tears, and equipped with a Five Star Star Weapon, Lu Xiao simply did not dare believe the reality in front of her eyes. She did not know how many days and nights she had spent fighting Shi Wengong. Her Star Energy was nearly depleted, but this woman was surprisingly the same as when they initially met, her expression unchanged.

“Xiao’er does not believe she is unable to take you down.” Lu Xiao was unreconciled. She had prepared for these Heavenly Books for so long, how could she give up now.

The Jade Qilin stepped back, and glaring light passed by.

Throwing herself forward, her feet lightly moved. Her swift figure left an intense afterimage.

Shi Wengong was still as before, pulling and releasing her bowstring.

An arrow was loosed.

The void arrows suddenly split off into countless phantoms. Each arrow phantom was a spirit beast, emitting an inconceivable spiritual power. The arrows spread out at this critical moment, completely sealing off Lu Xiao’s attack route.

The Golden Qilin Lance instantly trembled and struck more than a hundred times.

This is bad.

Lu Xiao was shocked to discover her own attack was surprisingly unable to repel the incoming arrows. Shi Wengong’s attack seemed to be sentient. Countless arrows surprisingly took the form of every kind of Spirit Beast. Some evaded, some blocked, and others fiercely leapt forth.

In Lu Xiao’s eyes.

What manner of archery was this.

These were clearly a hundred different Spirit Beasts surrounding her.

The hundred spirit-arrows gathered, shooting towards Lu Xiao. Immediately, they smothered the girl. The leftover power completely uprooted the houses in the Zeng Family Fortress. Only after a while did the earthquake finally end.

Lu Xiao’s body was covered in wounds. She panted, gathering her weak Star Energy.

“Finally forced you to use your Earth Rank.” Lu Xiao broke into a mocking grin. Even in this situation, the Strength Star was still unflappable.

Shi Wengong nodded. “To be able to last this long and make me fire ‘Hundred Beast Wild Dance,’ this is pretty good.”

“Only pretty good.” Lu Xiao was not at all satisfied with this kind of praise.

As far as Shi Wengong was concerned this was the highest praise.

“Do you wish to have me use Heaven Rank?” Shi Wengong asked.

“Use all the tricks you have.” Lu Xiao hefted her lance. Her breathing slowly calmed. Having fought this long, it was about time to decide a victor.

“I feel that you had better give up on the Heavenly Book. To be able to battle me, you already can raise your Realm. If you persist, you will be sneak attacked. Your gains will not be worth the loss.” The woman calmly said.

Lu Xiao laughed.

The Zeng Family Fortress once again was caught in an intense storm, a flurry of arrow-shadows and intense spear-light.

Thus, Dai Xingyue leaked the whereabouts of Lu Xiao. Very quickly, the Black Turtle Territory was surprised, and those ordinary cultivators secretly probed. The Black Turtle Territory’s sole sect with a Star Master, the Devil Star Palace, naturally also knew of this. Practically everyone felt that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had stumbled onto the fortune of obtaining the Strength Star’s Star Energy. But another person also found out about this information.

“Lu Xiao is surprisingly in the Black Turtle Territory?”

Upon the Black Turtle Sea, Xi Yue could not help but be taken aback upon hearing this news.

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  1. Part of Gu Tong’s original group
  2. 史文恭
  3. 虛空破碎

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