Chapter 702: The Passion Weaver Is Caught In Her Own Entrapping

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Speaking of Xi Yue, she was also in quite a pickle. She worked together with Chai Ling, Gu Tong, and Zhang Feiyu, yet they were still unable to defeat Yan Wudao. This man showed no qualms about hurting the fairer sex, acting with ferocity and firmness in every move. He had pursued them for several days. Xi Yue honestly did not want to use the Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror, so in the end, they had fled all the way to the Black Turtle Territory.

The Black Turtle Territory was where the Water Illusion Fairy became famous. At last, they had escaped Yan Wudao.

Afterwards, she thought that since they had arrived at the Black Turtle Territory, they may as well let Zhang Feiyu enter her Heavenly Book dream at the volcanic leyline of an island in the Black Turtle Sea. And ever since Noble Star Chai Ling joined the Star Duels, she appeared even more excited, especially after she obtained her Former Volume Heavenly Book. Zhang Feiyu even said that this woman had gone mad, that they needed Su Xing to stop her.

Even after escaping to the Black Turtle Territory, Chai Ling remained fearless. She took Xing’er around to look for gold ore on the seafloor for Xing’er to devour.

Today when she returned, she brought back news that no one imagined they would ever receive.

Lu Xiao had been discovered.

Jade Qilin Lu Xiao faced great danger in comprehending her Heavenly Books. They had thought about this at the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, but Lu Xiao’s pride as the number one martial general would not allow any interference. However, considering that Lu Xiao handled her matters very cleanly from the moment she had appeared, Su Xing actually was not very worried about her.

But Xi Yue never imagined that Lu Xiao would still be discovered, and surprisingly in the Black Turtle Territory at that.

“Soon, Lu Xiao will be in trouble.” Chai Ling’s expression was grim. According to what she learned, the DevilS tar Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors may have gone together with the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon to kill the Strength Star. 

To call for Su Xing right now was too late.

“What do we do?” Gu Tong asked, concerned.

Xi Yue’s brow was tightly locked. Zhang Feiyu was still in her Heavenly Book trial, completely unable to move. Could it be that they could only watch helplessly as Lu Xiao was devoured like a lamb by a tiger? “We’ll just have to help Su Xing drag this woman into his harem.” Just as they were anxious, they heard a shameless laugh.

Zhang Feiyu opened her red, gemlike eyes. She was in high spirits.

It seemed that she had obtained her Former Volume Heavenly Book.

“You have emerged so quickly?” Chai Ling said in shock. This woman obtained her Heavenly Book a little too quickly.

“Yeah. Originally, I, Feiyu, nearly died. I don’t why, but it seems I got possessed by my little sister.1 Then, I got rid of that Fang Tianding.” Zhang Feiyu felt this was strange.

“You truly are Sisters. Could it be that Yuqi has been defeated in her Heavenly Books, so she cast the blame on you, the Elder Sister who actually did pass.” Chai Ling joked.

Zhang Feiyu shrugged.

“This is good. We must hurry.” Xi Yue said.

Everyone agreed, not hesitating for a moment.

Devil Star Palace.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was wild with joy receiving Lu Xiao’s information. Inwardly, he said, This Holy Lord finally has a change in fortune. As long as he killed Lu Junyi, the head of the martial force Star Generals, then he could secure his spot in the Seven Stars Assembly.

Fortunately at this moment, River Dragon Li Lun had emerged from her Former Volume Heavenly Book trial.

Li Xiangfei’s trial was Tian Hu, to break through Taiyuan City. This battle expended most of Li Xiangfei’s strength, enough that she used more than fifteen days. In the end, she used a water attack magic, drawing in a myriad of rivers into Taiyuan. Only by flooding the city did she finally end the trial and obtain the Former Volume Heavenly Book.

After she emerged from the Heavenly Book trial, Li Xiangfei had risen to a new Realm. Her heart was also very relaxed, and hearing of Lu Xiao’s whereabouts, she also knew that this was the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s last chance to change his fortunes. “For this, Holy Lord, please remember Xiangfei’s words.” Li Xiangfei calmly said.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon knew what she meant and humbly nodded.

Following the Devil Star Palace’s orders, the Four Great Law Protectors and Su Shengxiang also went to go kill Lu Xiao.

Nine Dragons Palace.

Song Qingci was currently in the Former Volume Heavenly Book and unable to move.

Therefore, this matter could only be relayed to Palace Master Shi Jinglun, who realized that Sun Yueying’s plan was secret. Although she knew this was shameful to Lu Xiao, there was no other way. They could only borrow this opportunity to establish rapport with Lu Xiao, to possibly bring her into the Uprising someday, however, this matter absolutely could not be divulged to anyone else.

Considering that the Devil Star Palace would dispatch its Star Master, Shi Jinglun decided to personally set out. Following along were the Huangfu Youyun who had just emerged from her Heavenly Book, and Wang Jinzhi and the girls from the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. Sun Yueying, Xuan Yunshang, and the others were left to protect the Nine Dragons Palace so as to avoid luring the Devil Star Palace over.

Both sides were grand and mightly.

However, the Black Turtle Territory’s other Star Generals at the Three Ruans Water Fort was much calmer.

No lights.

No activity.

Calm and quiet, with its gates shut tight, it appeared they were still comprehending the Heavenly Books.

At this time, the Heavenly Books’ greatest crisis arose. On the twenty-fourth day of the Heavenly Books, Su Xing and Hu Banzhuang engaged the third trial.

Hu Banzhuang still had a bit of compassion, giving Su Xing one day’s rest, however, the third trial still was swift and decisive, her attacks very ruthless.

Metal clashed and figures crisscrossed over the snowy plains. Hu Banzhuang’s twin sabers clashed with Wu Siyou’s twin swords, the collisions creating enormous attacks, shaking the entire frozen plains. The air seemed even more frozen than before. 

Wu Siyou’s swords slashed, the airflow on her blades gathering into sharp saber-light, ripping the air to shreds. Then, the woman’s figure flickered, vanishing from Hu Banzhuang’s sight. Countless peach blossoms bloomed in the air, gathering into countless murderous auras. By the time she looked again, Wu Siyou was already in front of Hu Banzhuang. When she reappeared, she briefly dazzled the eyes. Earth Rank “Ownerless Peach Tree Is In Bloom” was already stabbing towards Hu Banzhuang.

The peach blossoms opened on her blade gathered together in an instant.

Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers intercepted the incoming slash.


Together In The Drizzle.

Her silhouette abruptly vanished. Hu Banzhuang already reappeared in front of Wu Siyou with an air-shattering flash. Her double sabers raised a resplendent drizzle, enclosing the two of them.

Her gorgeous swordsmanship emerged layer upon layer, completely suppressing Wu Siyou’s Earth Rank. Wu Siyou was very surprised.

“Since you wish to help your Lord Husband block Banzhuang’s saber, then Banzhuang shall satisfy your wish. Only hope that your Lord Husband loves you and has not taken away your Star Nest.” Hu Banzhuang’s attack was very relaxed. Each slash was like a brush stroke, and Wu Siyou’s defense was unable to resist, being cut apart.

The Seven Star Destined Weapon combined with Hu Banzhuang’s overwhelming Realm rendered Wu Siyou very powerless.

But to think this could kill Wu Siyou.

She was underestimating a certain someone too much.

A ray of yellow earth qi rolled and covered Wu Siyou. None of the saber-lights could bring much damage to it. When Hu Banzhuang looked, that man had interceded once again.

“Purple Fiend!!!”

Su Xing snapped his fingers.

The terrifying and scalding purple light practically ripped the entire space apart.

“This again. Su Xing, have you not even the smallest of new surprises to give Banzhuang?” Hu Banzhuang had already grown weary of seeing this dull ability. She leisurely cut it down.

Then, her body flickered, instantly arriving in front of Su Xing.

“The thirtieth bout.”

Her speed was too fast. This slash directly stuck into Su Xing’s heart. If it was not for the protection of the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, perhaps this would have left him at death’s door.

“Then I’ll give you a new embrace.” Su Xing endured the pain and chuckled.

Hu Banzhuang’s expression immediately changed.

Chaotic Tail Escape.

Blood-light flashed.

This time, Hu Banzhuang’s killing intent actually came. With her highest True Phoenix Realm, she slashed, destroying this blood-shadow, it turned out that Su Xing did not really want to take advantage of her. This movement was merely to circle around behind her.

But even so, Su XIng’s shoulder was still slashed.

This Hu Banzhuang truly was much stronger than any of the other four Overlords he had seen. The Chaotic Tail Escape that could move freely through Liangshan was surprisingly unable to slip past Hu Banzhuang’s superb swordsmanship. If he had actually gone to pounce on the girl’s chest just then, this time he would have inevitably been cut in two by the vigilant Hu Banzhuang.

To be able to make herself out of reach, most beautiful Star General naturally had absolutely powerful strength to protect this fact. Su Xing was very aware of this.

“You were surprisingly able to keep up with Banzhuang’s thirty bouts, one Yellow Technique. Battle Doctrine indeed makes Banzhuang feel jealous.” Hu Banzhuang turned around, slightly smiling. “There are still ten bouts.”

Su Xing was not happy at all. These thirty bouts completely used all of his abilities, squandered all of his tricks. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and Purple Fiend were already at their limits, incapable of further use, and Su Xing needed to supply Star Energy to his wives to comprehend their Heavenly Books. This battle could be said to be exceptionally difficult. If he had Flying Swords, Su Xing felt that thirty bouts would not have been a problem.

The Chaotic Tail Escape was unable to avoid Hu Banzhuang’s body techniques.


Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three bouts came quickly, making Shi Yuan and the other spectating girls very alarmed. But unfortunately, Su Xing was determined to not allow them to step forward to assist. Otherwise, for these last few slashes, Shi Yuan truly wanted to use her body to help shield Su Xing.

Thirty-seventh bout.

Su Xing finally could not handle the strain. He did not even have the strength to use the Chaotic Tail Escape.

Seeing Su Xing so tenacious, even Hu Banzhuang could not help but be awed. Let alone her each and every bout was toying with Su Xing, in reality, Hu Banzhuang was forcing Su Xing into a corner to finally summon his Flying Swords. Hu Banzhuang knew that Su Xing’s Flying Swords were extraordinary. If those Immemorial Five Elements Sword Chants were summoned, they would bring her great trouble, but even so, Su Xing surprisingly still did not use his Flying Swords.

Could this actually be the reason that this man and a Star General would become true husband and wife?

Hu Banzhuang was puzzled.

However, everything must come to an end. Hu Banzhuang put on a faint smile, raised her sabers, and decided to give Su Xing despair.

Her figure moved. Hu Banzhuang suddenly appeared in front of Su Xing, using her Dark Technique Together In The Drizzle. The Seven Star sabers’ lights were like a mist, thoroughly enshrouding Su XIng. Powerful killing intent twisted. Not expecting to face a Dark Rank, Su Xing still was not flustered at all.

Earth qi surrounded his body, deflecting the saber-light.

Hu Banzhuang was surprised.

Su Xing sneered.

Suddenly, an aura of mountainlike majesty bore down upon them. Hu Banzhuang turned to look. Unexpectedly, a beautiful girl was striking with her palm. This woman was not a Star General, but this attack was nevertheless full of might.

Hu Banzhuang cut her down. This was surprisingly a psychic spirit.

Thirty-ninth bout!

Hu Banzhuang chillingly spun half around, her Light Smoke Dance Steps flanking Su Xing, inwardly jeering that this man had surprisingly dared to send himself to die by entering close quarters.

Hu Banzhuang was absolutely blunt. She suddenly grinned, moved her hand, and a red lasso fired out of her left hand to firmly bind Su Xing, “This time, you will not escape.” Hu Banzhuang smiled, certain of victory.

This was the These Feelings Are Endless Lasso.

One sword immediately entered Su Xing’s chest.

All of a sudden, a rainbow light burst out of Su Xing’s body.

Hu Banzhuang was startled. Golden Wind was unable to penetrate. This is bad, an Earth Rank Technique. Hu Banzhuang was worried, but the lasso kept Su Xing at her side, now contrarily leaving her no place to run. Su Xing’s claw swiped at Hu Banzhuang’s chest.

Five Clawed True Dragon Technique.

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  1. Also a re-enactment of a scene from the original Water Margin.


  1. Typo: [*(Su XIng) truly wanted to use her body to help shield Su Xing]
    …I’m assuming you meant Shi Yuan?

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