Chapter 703: Giving You My Purity (Former)

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The Nine Clawed True Dragon Cultivation was originally obtained back when he killed Long Aotian. The reason he cultivated it was because he felt he could use this claw quite well for sudden sneak attacks in close quarters. His hand curled like a dragon’s claw, gathering all of his body’s energy. Suddenly, he slashed, deeply penetrating and unblockable. Against a cultivator, this would have been more than enough to tear apart their defensive artifacts and abilities with room to spare.

Su Xing did not hesitate to use this against Hu Banzhuang at all.

Hu Banzhuang was completely unable to evade. She stared helplessly as Su Xing’s claw went for her chest. There was the sound of her brocade ripping. Five gashes extended from her shoulders straight to her waist. Her clothes and bodice were torn at the same time, revealing the snow-white flesh behind. But compared to these, this was nothing. In fact, Hu Banzhuang’s Realm was very high. Su Xing’s attack did not bring her too much harm. On the contrary, when those pesky claws slashed her chest, the girl moaned.

The instant the claws passed, they sent Hu Banzhuang flying.

As she tumbled, an arrow filled to the brim with boiling murderous intent immediately fired from behind SU Xing towards Hu Banzhuang. Just as Bing Lingfeng was about to intervene, Hu Banzhuang suddenly yelled. Her double sabers clashed, producing a frightening aura, as if that mountain-toppling tsunami was shattering Ice Soul Valley’s tens of thousands of years of snow. The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was instantly annihilated, and the counterattack’s remaining power fell upon Su Xing. However, before the unrivalled rainbow light subsided, Su Xing managed to escape unscathed.

Hu Banzhuang saw that her chest was revealing quite the erotic sight. Her snow-white cheeks were red as fire, and that alluring smile on her face finally disappeared. She looked at Su Xing with honestly incomparable resentment. She could not help but concede this was the reason Su Xing was able to contract the thousand year Star Generals. The immaculate peaceful mind she thought she possessed had suffered unprecedented shock in these short few days testing Su Xing.

This man appeared to be hateful indeed.

Sensing these thoughts, Hu Banzhuang was startled. The Bright Star immediately took a deep breath. Her tattered clothes recovered their original appearance, and her attitude also re-entered a tranquil state.

She could not have love nor hatred for anyone. To only use the most tranquil mind to be able to wield the strongest state was Hu Banzhuang’s persistence in the previous Star Duels. By reling on this kind of thinking, she could remain unbeatable before the strongest martial generals, to contrarily kill four Star Masters working together against her.


A curve appeared upon Hu Banzhuang’s lips. Her smile returned, and she gazed profoundly at Su Xing. She sheathed her double sabers and turned to walk towards Bing Lingfeng.

Bing Lingfeng stared meaningfully at Su Xing.

“That was really dangerous just now.” Shi Yuan patted her pounding chest. That Hu Banzhuang nearly made This Young Lady a widow. If that last These Feelings Are Endless Lasso was added onto Passion Transmission, anyone else would have been dead for sure.

Su Xing also had lingering trepidation.

If it was not for his link with Hua Wanyue after the Double Sevens, he would not have dared take such a risk just then.

“Wanyue, when did you awaken?” Wu Siyou asked.

Hua Wanyue saw that Su Xing was unhurt and elegantly nodded, “Not long, but knowing that Milord is in a trial, I did not immediately inform you.”

“Many thanks for your Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow.” Wu Siyou smiled. It had caught Hu Banzhuang unprepared, otherwise the ending would have been different.

Hua Wanyue also said: “And many thanks, Siyou, for helping defend Milord from two Dark Ranks.”

“Wanyue, how are your Heavenly Books?” Su Xing asked her. Immediately, his brow creased, and he asked in worry: “Don’t tell me you woke up because of my battle with Hu Banzhuang?” Star Generals inside the Heavenly Book dream were practically unaware of the outside world. Unless met with some special or serious effect, they would not wake. However, Su Xing already was specifically and very carefully far away from the array.There was also Zhu Sha and his Five Elements Banner and Swords fixing the array. This should have been averted.

“I already obtained the Three Heavenly Books.” Hua Wanyue flipped her hand to reveal three books.

Hua Wanyue’s Former Volume Heavenly Book Trial was not so difficult. She taught a little sister Hua Baoyan archery. In the end, they naturally traded blows. She possessed a link to Su XIng from the Double Sevens, so she was even more keen in advance to danger Su Xing faced. Thus, she awoke first.

Hua Wanyue then asked about the past several days, learning about Hu Banzhuang’s trial.

“Right now, Su Xing is completely unable to budge. How will he handle tomorrow’s trial?” Zhang Yuqi sighed. She gazed at the Su Xing being held by Wu Siyou. The current Su XIng was already incapable of moving. Even the best Star Generals would be exhausted after consecutive high intensity battles, let alone Su Xing.

To be able to last this long, this was already very awesome.


“But Young Su wants to eat Hu Banzhuang. Tomorrow, she will definitely eat Young Su.” Zhang Yuqi helplessly shrugged.

“Has Suwen not awakened?” Hua Wanyue asked.

In the Five Elements Array, An Suwen was still inside her dream within the Wood Element array. The girl was calm, Good Fortune laying beside her, emitting green light and qi. The surrounding grass was full of life. Who knew what trial the Efficacious Star Divine Physician was facing in the Heavenly Book Dream, to surprisingly not awaken after so long.

“Shall we call Suwen back.” Tang Lianxin thought.

Right now, Su Xing was already unable to participate in tomorrow’s trial. Their sole solution now was to make An Suwen wake up. With the Divine Physician resent, using a day to heal Su Xing’s injuries ought to be no problem. At least, he could make do facing an Overlord, otherwise he would be a sitting duck.

Wu Siyou, Hua Wanyue and the other girls looked at each other. In the end, they honestly could not think of any other solutions.

In a close to hundred round battle, in a contest of True Phoenix Realm martial arts, even though Su XIng was already very tenacious, his body was left with grave internal injuries. To recover in one day was only possible with An Suwen’s Life Returning Magic Hands.

Just as Shi Yuan was about to call An Suwen awake.

Su Xing stopped her: “Don’t wake Suwen up.”

“Lord Husband, you are unable to fight like this.” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow. “Your COncubine knows that you are worried about Suwen’s Heavenly Book, but Your Concubine believes that if Suwen knew that Lord Husband was like this right now, she would definitely awaken.”

“En, Milord. You must not misplace your valor and courage. This Overlord is very powerful. Only by waiting for Yingmei and the others awaken, and for several more days of the Heavenly Books will we have a chance of victory.” Hua Wanyue advised.

Su Xing naturally understood this logic.

But he had his own considerations.

“Let Suwen carefully comprehend her Heavenly Books.” Su Xing looked at An Suwen’s warm dreaming appearance. He smiled lovingly: “She’s been in the Heavenly Book dream for so long, she must have something important. Let’s not distrub her. For tomorrow’s trial, I’ll make the Ghost Cavalry King and Empress Tu emerge. They should be enough to last fifty bouts. If not, I’ll have to count on you girls.” The Ghost Cavalry King was equivalent to Extreme Realm, and with the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon and the Ghost’s Godsbane, they should have a chance against Hu Banzhuang. Empress Tu was already being refined into a projection by Su Xing. She already had her own consciousness. At the crucial moment, she could display an important function.

Add on Su Xing’s Purple Rose Transforming Qi being already at a bottleneck, if he could breakthrough to the highest realm, “Purple Cloud East Approaches,” then he would have even greater certainty.

Hua Wanyue and Wu Siyou glanced at each other, helpless.

Gong Caiwei looked at Su Xing and his discussion with his wives from the side.

“This Princess actually has a method to make you recover quickly, Su XIng.”

Hesitating, Gong Caiwei finally spoke.


Everyone’s gazes shifted over to her.

“Princess Caiwei, may we ask what that method is?” Wu Siyou cupped her fist: “If it can immediately cure Lord Husband, Your Concubine cannot thank you enough.”

Su Xing was curious.

Gong Caiwei hesitated. She suddenly met with Su Xing’s gaze, and her face blushed.

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