Chapter 704: Giving You My Purity (Latter)

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“However, this method cannot have a Star General present. Su Xing, if you are willing to have faith in Caiwei, then follow Caiwei into the valley alone.” Not allowing for any explanation nor caring for the responses of Su Xing’s wives, Gong Caiwei waved her sleeve, turned and walked towards Ice Soul Valley.

In the face of this young woman who had wanted to gift a Heavenly Book a few days earlier, everyone looked at each other.

Trust naturally was not the issue here.

But Gong Caiwei’s attitude was unusual, contrarily making Su Xing feel somewhat awkward. For a while, he merely sat cross-legged, not following.

“Milord, it would be better to not betray the Immortal Hero Princess’ kindness.” Hua Wanyue felt this time was for Su Xing. Gong Caiwei ought to still be able to be worthy of their trust. Wu Siyou said to Su Xing: “En, go and look, Lord Husband. The Immortal Hero Princess would not hurt Lord Husband. With serious internal injuries like these, refusing her will make us worried.”

“Fine then.” Su Xing could not think of a better way. If he endured the injuries from three trials, he would instead hurt himself and hurt them. If Gong Caiwei actually could help heal him, then these internal injuries would not be so bad.

Shi YUan also wanted to sneak in, but Wu Siyou held her back.

“Elder Sister?”

“Just let Lord Husband and Gong Caiwei be alone for a little bit. Perhaps the Immortal Hero Princess indeed has a way to heal Lord Husband, and our presence would be inconvenient.”

“Milord is always like this, making things difficult for Me.”

Shi Yuan was confused.

“Elder Sisters, what are you saying? This Young Lady completely does not understand.”

“Yuan’er, you are still small.”

Wuu, even if This Young Lady’s boobs aren’t as big as yours, Sister Siyou, you don’t need to talk about me like that…Shi Yuan cried.

Su Xing entered a cave in Ice Soul Valley. The inside was very deep and quite cold. Navigating through several long and winding tunnels, a new scene opened up before him. A several kiloton cliff pressed cracks into the azure crystal, forming a spiral pattern in front of him. Magnificent lights shimmered in this cave. The wonderful light rays that blue crystal emitted were cold like ice, yet also gentle like water.

At the center of the cave was a pool, clear as a mirror, emitting a cold qi.

Gong Caiwei stood at the water’s shore. The pool’s water reached her ankles. The girl’s back was turned to Su Xing, striking a very beautiful profile. Her white clothes highlighted the curves of her back, outlining the full shape of her tightly wrapped butt. She was quiet.

“This place is Ice Heart Cave. I have trained here ever since I was young…” Gong Caiwei heard Su Xing’s footsteps and turned her head to cast a sidelong glance, softly speaking.

This was indeed a very beautiful place. Su Xing knew that those splintered crystals were called “Ice Heart Stones,” a kind of very helpful stone for training ice-type cultivation methods. “You trained in this ever since you were young, it must have been very exhausting?” Su Xing imagined a little girl shivering as she trained in the pool.

Gong Caiwei smiled.

She turned around, waved her hand, and cold qi froze the cave entrance.

“The cultivation method I trained is called the ‘Ice Skin Jade Bone Chant.’ This is a kind of internal force, capable of resisting extreme cold. When I first cultivated it, I was so cold that I was unable to think, but after maturing, it can resist any cold. The Sisters inside the Holy Palace have all cultivated this. Only Master Shu has achieved maturation.”

“Caiwei, have you also achieved it?” Su Xing recalled that Yingmei said when they finally saw Gong Caiwei at the Black Ice Abyss, there were very few cultivators that could enter that kind of extremely cold environment without any issue. At the time, Gong Caiwei nevertheless appeared perfectly calm, even more easygoing than Lin Yingmei.

Gong Caiwei nodded. She spoke of its use in helping Su Xing recover: “After the Ice Skin Jade Bone matures, not only can it resist every kind of ice-cold environment, it can also stimulate internal forces to heal wounds, making the body recover without blemish.”

Su Xing was stunned. No wonder Gong Caiwei’s skin was in such good condition, so delicate and satiny, without a single scar to be seen. 

“For treatment, I will transmit my internal force to you. The saber-qi inside your body will also be dispelled by my internal force.” Gong Caiwei said.

It sounded very simple yet also effective. Su Xing never imagined Gong Caiwei woul still have this kind of power. He happily said: “Then I’ll have to ask for your help, Caiwei.”

“However, Su Xing, you must first strip all of your clothes and enter the center of the pool.” Gong Caiwei was somewhat helpless as she explained. The meaning of Ice Skin Jade Bone was that it was a cultivation method of skin and bone. To transmit internal force, it was necessary to make skin contact. There could be no obstacles at all, otherwise, the internal force would dissipate inside the body, wasting her efforts. Only by doing this could internal force penetrate skin and into bone, through his organs and meridians to be able to heal his injuries.

To be more frank, the Ice Skin Jade Bone Chant could only work by direct skin contact. This was quite obvious since the Ice Skin Jade Bone Chant was inherently a type of cultivation method, not a medical art like Life Returning Magic Hands. To arbitrarily activate it and heal a person’s external and internal injuries was impossible.

Su Xing thought for a moment. Stripping naked was not something to fuss over. He may as well treat himself like a patient. Furthermore, when he entered the military, he was required to strip naked for the physical evaluation. The nurse that did the checkup touched him all over. Compared to that, this was nothing.

Su Xing very quickly took off all his clothes and set them aside. Seeing SU Xing’s naked body, Gong Caiwei’s face blushed, and she averted her gaze.

Su Xing rubbed his hands. The pool’s water was chilly to the bone, and his body had goosebumps. “Then what?”

“En, you stand there and do not move.” Gong Caiwei said.

Su Xing raised his chest and stood straight as a pine tree.

Gong Caiwei’s heart was restless. She stared at Su Xing, bit her lip tightly, yet she hesitated to speak. “Su Xing, do you remember the dragon’s fluids back then.”

Su Xing did not know why Gong Caiwei would suddenly mention this. How could he have possibly forgotten about that. That was the first time he had intimate contact with a girl ever since he came to Liangshan Continent. This nearly led to a disaster. Originally, Su Xing did not feel this way, but now that Gong Caiwei mentioned it, his mind immediately recalled the girl’s bare and coquettish appearance. His whole body quivered, and he hastily suppressed his lust. “Uh…Caiwei, you aren’t still mad about that, are you?”

Gong Caiwei shook her head and smiled: “That day, you were able to resist the dragon’s aphrodisiac and protect This Princess’ purity. This Princess is not someone who cannot differentiate right and wrong, how can This Princess blame you for that.” Changing the topic: “But Su Xing, you are the first man to see This Princess’ body…Caiwei is indeed somewhat brooding over that…”

“…” Standing naked himself in the water, the girl nevertheless raised old events while she stood on the bank. Su Xing actually felt this atmosphere was very fishy. For a moment, he could not respond.

Gong Caiwei’s face was very red, yet she put on a magnanimous smile: “Since you could preserve This Princess purity back then under those circumstances, today, This Princess shall use that purity to repay you…” I already cannot give it to anyone else anyways, Gong Caiwei thought to herself.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow and sternly said: “Caiwei, if this is dual cultivation, then forget about it.”

“This is not dual cultivation.” Gong Caiwei smiled.

The Immortal Hero Princess slowly exhaled and undid her clothes.

Her underwear fell to the ground. A body seemingly carved with the most meticulous detail from the finest jade appeared in front of Su Xing. Thin and slender jade legs, impeccably white skin, a pink flush, dazzling eyes, flowing black hair, and an ice-cold temperament, she was like a fairy of the Guanghan Palace descended into the mundane world.

Gong Caiwei was still a bit shy. She subconsciously slightly concealed the sight between her thighs, but she was completely oblivious that this bit of bashfulness was even more enticing.

Su Xing promptly shut his eyes. Even though he and Gong Caiwei had close skinship a very long time ago, to once again see Gong Caiwei’s snowlike body still brought Su Xing an enormous impulse.

Gong Caiwei slightly smiled. She delicately entered the water and walked before Su Xing.

Her fragrance entered his nose, a flitting, unlimited tenderness.

“Compared to your wives, can it be that This Princess’ body is not worthy of your gaze?”

Su Xing heard Gong Caiwei was seemingly laughing.

“This is fine, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold back this time.” Su Xing joked.

“As you please.”

Gong Caiwei placed her palms upon Su Xing’s chest. While Su Xing was startled by the girl’s absolutely beautiful naked body, on the other hand, Gong Caiwei’s heartbeat was accelerating, nearly stifling her. Gong Caiwei gently stroked the wounds Su Xing’s received from battle, thinking to herself that this man’s appearance had suffered greatly. She smiled, stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Su Xing. Her entire fair and graceful body then completely stuck to Su Xing.

Her ice-cold skin met with a man’s yang qi. Her plump jade peaks were firmly pushed down, and every piece of the girl’s skin limply but tightly clung to Su Xing. No matter how much Su Xing used the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, his lower body could not avoid rearing its head.

Having something hard jut at the fork of her thighs, Gong Caiwei felt powerless from head to toe and melted against Su Xing’s chest.

If Gong Caiwei was ice and snow, then Su Xing’s yang fire was dissolving her bit by bit, turning them into one.

Gong Caiwei’s legs slightly quivered, then tightly clamped together to avoid letting this man’s vile thing commit evil. Then, the girl settled her mind, activating the Ice Skin Jade Bone Chant. Every inch of Gong Caiwei seemed to emit light. The Ice Skin Jade Bone’s internal force suddenly flowed through the place where their skin touched. The pond’s ice water made all of Su Xing’s pores open, making the transmission of her internal forces even more smooth.

“Hold me tight. Otherwise, the internal force will leak and disperse.” Gong Caiwei panted.

An ice-cold feeling flowed through his whole body. Su Xing only felt from Gong Caiwei’s skin a kind of icy chill. This chill dug into his entire body, entering his limbs and bones. Icicles seemed to fill his blood, and the cold made Su Xing breathe freezing air.

Hearing Gong Caiwei’s words, Su Xing immediately hugged her tightly.

Gong Caiwei moaned, feeling her body emit cold qi, but her blood seemed to be on fire. Moaning softly, breathing as if through a straw, her mind was blank. The girl raised her head, watching Su Xing’s tightly shut face settling his mind. She felt dizzy.

In this life, Gong Caiwei had never thought of giving her body over to a man, to let him hold her tight. Before this, if someone had said as such, she would have disdainfully sneered.

Now that it actually happened, Gong Caiwei felt that if it was this man in front of her, she would feel not repulsed. Rather, she had been waiting for this for a long time. The girl tightly embraced Su Xing’s neck, her fingers already interlocked. All of a sudden, Gong Caiwei buried Su Xing’s head in her own chest, embracing him as passionately as possible.

Forgetting everything else, that scorching heartbeat only hoped he could understand!

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