Chapter 705: An Ice Heart In A Jade Pot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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“This man truly is a professional, for a Star Master to surprisingly dead set on following him.” Hu Banzhuang watched Gong Caiwei and Su Xing leave. She had heard their conversation and could not help but tease. “Lord Husband, what do you feel about this man?”

Bing Lingfeng had been preoccupied the entire time. Hearing Hu Banzhuang’s words, he returned to his senses: “Wife, are you very intrigued by him?”

“And can it be that Lord Husband is not?” Hu Banzhuang matter-of-factly gazed at Wu Siyou and the others. TO be able to contract so many high-level Star Generals, for even the Majestic Star and Harm Star that never signed contracts in a thousand years to both call him Lord Husband, to even be husband and wife in fact, it was impossible to not even be a bit curious.

Especially after making contact with Su Xing, she felt this man was even more mysterious.

Bing Lingfeng smiled.

Hu Banzhuang sensed his vexation and gently said: “Lord Husband, are you thinking about what happened between Banzhuang and him?”

Bing Lingfeng nodded, his voice very subdued: “He truly was rude to Wife.”

Hu Banzhuang sat beside Bing Lingfeng, showing a tender expression to this man she called husband, the one she fought shoulder-to-shoulder through life and death: “Lord Husband, can it be you do not have faith in Wife? Su Xing indeed is somewhat skilled. This was Banzhuang’s carelessness. In the future, this will not happen again.” 

“I know.” Bing Lingfeng was not an unreasonable person. On the contrary, towards this most beautiful Star General, he had never dared to ask for too much. However, it was precisely because of this that Hu Banzhuang contrarily felt there was some distance in their relationship.

“Do not mention him. When we originally contracted, Banzhuang, it was because of my Double Sevens, I am very aware of this point. This is why This Husband did not dare ask anything of you. To be able to stay by Banzhuang’s side is already satisfaction enough.” Bing Lingfeng recalled the old days, and he could not help but smile.

Hu Banzhuang nodded.

They already discussed this point very clearly when they originally signed their contract. There was no need to hide anything.

The Double Sevens was capable of strengthening Realm, Star Energy, and grant a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow with a Star Master. This was very helpful for reaching the summit. Hu Banzhuang was not as inflexible as Lin Chong, Wu Song or others that guarded a martial general’s so-called dignity. This was why she signed a contract with Bing Lingfeng.

In those years, they killed every single tyrant in the Star Duels together. Hu Banzhuang put forth her best effort at playing the role of a virtuous wife. After the Double Sevens, they even addressed each other as husband and wife, only hoping that she could compensate for their unfamiliar relationship when they first contracted. However, they contracted to pass the Double Sevens, so they did not share senses like SU Xing and Hua Wanyue. Bing Lingfeng was also very empathetic, so much so that he reached a degree that made her helpless. Sometimes, Hu Banzhuang was unable to guess what he was thinking.

Hu Banzhuang’s fame overturned the heavens, so Bing Lingfeng bore enormous pressure. For the number one beauty in the world, how could Bing Lingfeng dare to ask for too much. Hu Banzhuang could not love just anyone, and neither could she have conviction in her hatred. Even her own Star Master was no exception. Although from an outsider’s perspective, Bing Lingfeng could frequently accompany the most beautiful Star General, in actuality, those two spoke more to each other before they had become the Overlords in those Star Duels.

What made Bing Lingfeng somewhat depressed was that the topics of their conversations now mostly revolved around Su Xing.

Hu Banzhuang silently listened to Bing Lingfeng speak about past events.

“Banzhuang, I want to ask you a question.” Bing Lingfeng suddenly said.

“Lord Husband, please ask.”

“Can it be you thought about becoming Lingfeng’s wife?”

Hu Banzhuang smiled: “Is Banzhuang not your wife right now?”

“No.” Bing Lingfeng shook his head. “I mean the other kind?”

“Can it be that Lord Husband is unreconciled after seeing that Su Xing and his wives are actually that in fact?” Although Hu Banzhuang slightly smiled, her eyes clearly showed she was displeased. 

“This Husband is not as frivolous as he is, to surprisingly do that in spite of a Star General’s Star Nest.” Bing Lingfeng said: “What This Husband wants to ask is, Banzhuang, you once thought of genuinely and wholeheartedly being Your Servant’s wife, not because of our contract.” Bing Lingfeng was very aware of the reason he and Hu Banzhuang called each other husband and wife.

Hu Banzhuang was silent.

Although this man was very good, extremely good, able to make Liangshan Continent’s young beauties fall head over heels, to be his wife was impossible to achieve from Hu Banzhuang’s perspective.

Bing Lingfeng seemed to have anticipated this. He smiled and said: “Lingfeng is somewhat greedy. Wife is not to blame.”

Hu Banzhuang smiled and shook her head.

“In these days where you tested Su Xing, have you noticed that you changed, Wife?”

“Changed?” Hu Banzhuang did not understand.

“You are happy. You have never been like this.” Bing Lingfeng was very clear about his memories in the Star Duels back then. Every time Hu Banzhuang fought, she showed great suffering. This did not originate from pain but from the sorrow of the Sisters’ mutual slaughter, so on a certain night, before a bonfire just like this, Hu Banzhuang said that if she could become Overlord, she would wish to end the Star Duels. Of course, Bing Lingfeng empathetically agreed. It was a pity that ending the strife of the Star Duels was not so simple.

“Is that so?” Hu Banzhuang did not deny this.

“This Husband was wondering, if back then I treated you the same as Su Xing treats his own, would you have suffered as much.”

“Lord Husband, this cannot be. Banzhuang does not like frivolous men. He was frivolous to Banzhuang. In the future, Banzhuang shall make him pay the price.” Hu Banzhuang smiled and said. “So it turned out Lord HUsband was worried about Banzhuang. But only because of this. If Lord Husband is not satisfied, then Banzhuang shall go kill him right now.”

“This Husband does not mean this.” Bing Lingfeng stood up, “But I want to speak with him.”

“Lord Husband actually wants to speak with him?” Hu Banzhuang wrinkled her brow.

“Does Wife feel Lingfeng is not as good as him?”


“Be at ease. This Husband is very impressed with his courage and spirit. I have a premonition that he can actually help achieve your wish, Banzhuang.” Bing Lingfeng glanced profoundly at Hu Banzhuang. His silhouette flickered, and a cold wind rolled as he stepped towards the Ice Heart Cave.

When Wu Siyou and the other girls saw Bing Lingfeng suddenly venture into the Ice Heart Cave, they immediately felt this bode ill. They rose and tried to stop him, but a wisp of light smoke passed at this moment.

“Lord Husband wishes to speak with your Lord Husband. Little Sisters, please do not distrub them. If you actually interrupted them, then do not blame Banzhuang for showing no mercy!!”

Hu Banzhuang held the Seven Star Golden Wind and Jade Dew sabers, obstructing them. She completely displayed her highest Realm, her powerful aura surprisingly making Wu Siyou and the others unable to advance.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue, Seventh Overlord Hu Banzhuang spoke in earnest.

Hua Wanyue drew her bow, not hesitating at all to fire a Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

Hu Banzhuang raised her hand, and without even looking, cut down this Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

“You didn’t hold up your end of the agreement.” Shi Yuan fumed.

“This is a matter between Lord Husbands. Banzhuang will not meddle, but for the last time, Banzhuang wants to help Lord Husband complete this wish.” HU Banzhuang calmly said.

Wu Siyou said: “You should know what it means for him to enter. You truly do not worry for your Lord Husband in the slightest?”

Hu Banzhuang slightly smiled.

“Why not wait and see?”

Wu Siyou looked at Hua Wanyue. The Hero Star bit her lip, still setting her bow dow in the end. “Hu Banzhuang, you will regret this.” This woman was very strong, but Hua Wanyue nevertheless had absolute faith in Su Xing.

“To be able to regret for once is fine…”

Hu Banzhuang leisurely said.

Inside the Ice Heart Cave.

Su Xing listened to Gong Caiwei’s heartbeat and suddenly opened his eyes. What entered his sight was the girl’s beautiful and plump breasts. Su Xing raised his head to stare into the girl’s eyes, forcing Gong Caiwei and himself to stare at each other.

Gong Caiwei’s heartbeat intensified. The girl still magnanimously said: “Are you thinking about This Princess’ malicious words?”

“No.” Su Xing said.

“Then you…”

“I’m thinking about whether or not I’ll be able to devote myself to you.” Su Xing looked at her, speaking softly.

Gong Caiwei was stunned. Her eyes grew moist, and her internal force nearly dispersed. She stuck her body even tighter to him and said in a low voice: “You fool.”

Su Xing also felt very foolish. He kissed Gong Caiwei’s lips and sucked. Gong Caiwei did not resist, letting SU Xing do as he wanted. Her tongue hooked ecstatically, and her saliva seemed to melt. His hands holding Gong Caiwei also intensely wandered, grabbing the girl’s soft and supple butt. His lower body’s lust swelled even larger.

Gong Caiwei moaned, shutting her eyes, feeling this man’s hands grope her butt. That hard thing between her legs was about to penetrate her like an iron spear. Now and then, it collided with her sensitive spot, captivating Gong Caiwei. The girl clamped down with her legs, wrapping her underbrush around that evildoing spear. Her slender jade legs twisted, nearly making Su Xing’s spear unleash.

The two of them embraced each other even more intensely. Gong Caiwei’s Ice Skin Jade Bone Chant released cold light, endlessly pouring her internal force into Su Xing, as if the two of them had melted together.

At this moment, Su Xing was already unable to control his body and began to take initiative.

His spear rubbed against that grassland. Like a spark, he seemed to start a wildfire, and a spring stream began to drip onto that spark. Not only was it unable to extinguish the blaze, on the contrary, it was like pouring oil onto a fire, making it even stronger. Gong Caiwei was simply unable to believe this. She bit her lip and hugged Su Xing tightly.

A long while after, Su Xing exhaled, finally stopping. At the same time, he kissed Gong Caiwei’s snowy and soft red lips, making the girl’s shuddering body receive comfort against his chest.

Gong Caiwei was practically unable to stand firmly. After a while, she opened her eyes and bashfully pummeled Su Xing’s chest: “Just now, you…”

“That was only a small demonstration just now…Now’s when it really begins…” Su Xing chuckled. He lifted Gong Caiwei. The girl bit her lip and wrapped her legs around Su Xing’s waist to avoid falling off.

Feeling those intense flames, Gong Caiwei’s body quivered. She lowered her gaze, full of charm and allure as she softly said: “From now on, This Princess shall never owe you anything again…”

“I owe you too much. Now, let me repay you.” Su Xing gently said.

Remembering Flower Dragon Cave, when faced with the dragon’s aphrodisiac, Gong Caiwei was a cold and elegant beauty unafraid of even death. Now, with the passage of time, she already had a bashful appearance. Su Xing’s heart was full of tenderness, regret, and love.

Just as his dragon was about to enter her cave, all of a sudden, Su Xing sensed a presence currently approaching this place.

“Wifey, we’ll have to do bedroom stuff later. This place really has no mood.” Su Xing said.

Gong Caiwei agreed.

Right now, because the two of them had intensely entwined, the Ice Skin Jade Bone’s internal force had already been transmitted to Su Xing. His wounds were already restored. This Ice Skin Jade Bone internal force was indeed formidable. The organs injured by Hu Banzhuang’s saber-qi were already healed. Su Xing hastily carried Gong Caiwei to the bank. The girl also sensed that someone was approaching.

Jolted awake from this sweet atmosphere, she was aware her current appearance was disgraceful. Embarrassed, she ducked away. Then, she rolled on her underwear and dressed neatly into her palace dress.

The girl’s fair body was immediately concealed under clothes as bright as snow.

“Have you not seen enough?” Gong Caiwei recovered her normal appearance. Her smile was like a flower, yet it was much more relaxed than before.

“Not enough.” Su Xing nodded.

“I will not let you see any more.” Gong Caiwei pursed her lip.

“No way, Wifey, but you clearly agreed to get in bed with me?” Su Xing cried foul.

“It would be better if you called me Caiwei.” Gong Caiwei said with a red face.

Just as Su Xing was about to reason with Gong Caiwei, that person already arrived at this time. The ice wall immediately broke. “Your Servant hopes he is not disturbing you two.”

A man appeared in the cave, gracefully asking.

He was Bing Lingfeng.

“You did. I was about to get intimate with my wife. Your Distinguished Self, could you not be a third wheel?” Su Xing bluntly said.

Bing Lingfeng seemed pensive: “Then Your Servant apologizes.” He seemed to not have any intention of leaving.

“Is there a reason you sought us out?” Gong Caiwei was stern.1

“I want to chat with your Lord Husband. Do you mind?” Bing Lingfeng said.

Gong Caiwei glanced at Su XIng. Su Xing nodded.

“No.” Hearing Gong Caiwei’s tacit agreement to call him Lord Husband, Su Xing was secretly delighted.

“Many thanks.” Bing Lingfeng glanced at Su Xing. His hand gestured, and sevearl hundred lights suddenly appeared. These lights were half green, half-white, several chi in length.They were Bing Lingfeng’s Sword Chant, “Ninety-nine Heavenly Green Earthly White Flying Swords.” “As a man, you should know that there is a price for taking advantage of another person’s wife.” Bing Lingfeng slightly smiled as he spoke.

“I didn’t do that on purpose.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. If it was not for Hu Banzhuang absolutely cornering him, he would not have done that.

“On purpose or not, do you feel that matters?” Bing Lingfeng said.

Su Xing agreed with his words. “Then you have come to take revenge first?” Bing Lingfeng was Supervoid Peak. His Flying Swords were very powerful, and Su Xing’s Flying Swords were still in the Five Elements Array, unable to be used. Things were a bit thorny.

Without wasting time on small talk, Bing Lingfeng gestured.

The ninety-nine Heavenly Green Earthly White Flying Swords became the two colors of white and green, crisscrossing Su Xing from the left and right. How could Gong Caiwei let him take action. Just as the girl was about to use her powers, to counter the Flying Swords, Su Xing said to her: “Caiwei, don’t do anything. This is a grudge between him and me.”

Gong Caiwei hesitated but still nodded and withdrew.

She knew that Su Xing had a plan.

Seeing the Heavenly Green Earthly White Flying Swords approach, Su Xing was not afraid. He did not have Flying Swords, but he had many abilities. Let alone that he had just recovered from his injuries, he had also been making out with Gong Caiwei. His energy was truly surging with no place to release. Seeing Bing Lingfeng’s Flying Swords attack, Su Xing’s left hand struck. Purple Fiend erupted and entangled the Flying Swords.

The Purple Rose Transforming Qi was one of Liangshan Continent’s most mysterious powers. The Purple Fiend Realm’s Purple Qi was comparable to an attack Flying Sword. Su Xing formed a hand seal, and Purple Fiend released countless sharp blades. Bing Lingfeng motioned with his hand. Green and white lights crisscrossed towards Purple Fiend. Bing Lingfeng was powerful, though. His cultivation and magic energy were strong, surprisingly blowing Purple Fiend asunder.

However, Su Xing’s attack did not stop there. He immediately struck again, attacking with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder detonated. This combination of Purple Rose Transforming Qi and Blooming Water Divine Thunder was exceptionally mighty. Bing Lingfeng smiled and snapped his fingers.

A bolt of thunder exploded, like ice and frost.

“Blooming Ice Divine Thunder?”

Gong Caiwei was stunned.

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