Chapter 706: A Duel Between Men

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“Blooming Ice Divine Thunder?”

Gong Caiwei was very surprised. One of the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Books’ Water Volumes had records of an ice and snow ability. This Blooming Ice Divine Thunder was like frost, its mighty and terrifying icy qi was capable of freezing. Ordinary powers were completely unable to defeat it. The Extreme Ice Holy Palace had an ability called “Black Ice Divine Thunder” which was derived from this, but it was not as authentic as the Blooming Water.

She never imagined this seemingly gentle man would unexpectedly also have this kind of Astonishing Thunder. It was known that the Blooming Water’s Ice Thunder was extremely difficult to train.

The Blooming Ice Divine Thunder struck. Icy qi extinguished the lightning of the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Following the descent of the Ice Thunder, it surprisingly froze all spiritual power. For a time, this made Su Xing feel troubled.

Su Xing activated the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, opening the treasure of the Buddha Kingdom. A Buddhist light attacked the Blooming Ice Divine Thunder.

Bing Lingfeng continued to use his powers. The Ice Heart Cave’s cold air condensed, and countless ice lotuses bloomed. These flowers were sparkling and translucent, like an ice sculpture, filling empty space.

Su Xing similarly formed purple lotuses out of the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Using the Divine Thunder to form lotus shapes was the most common attack method of Liangshan Continent’s cultivators because the lotus flower could be controlled freely and was capable of offense and defense.

Purple and ice lotuses spun around each other, then collided.

An ice flame and purple qi burst like fireworks in the air.

But Bing Lingfeng’s Blooming Ice Divine Thunder was nevertheless formidable. Besides breaking the purple lotus flower, that remaining ice qi was still thoroughly sharp, falling straight towards Su Xing, accompanying the Heavenly Green Earthly White Flying Swords’ “One Snow Before Disgrace Sword Array,”1 forcing Su Xing into a dead end. An Overlord Star Master was worthy of the title, but the simplest of his powers were very formidable to Su Xing.

Against any other star Master, Bing Lingfeng could indeed suppress them, but Su Xing had countless abilities.

Su Xing pointed a hand. The qi of a Purple Fiend even more chilling than before fired from empty space. This Purple Fiend was like a dragon, glistening like an auspicious cloud, but its thickness was somewhat astonishing. It was at least a full size larger than the Purple Fiend from before, like an enormous blade.

Even though Bing Lingfeng had the appearance of one on the bottom in front of Hu Banzhuang, he had learned from the Black Ice Abyss. In the Star Duels, he did not know how many confrontations he had with others. His experience was not inferior to Su Xing’s, but seeing Su Xing utilize such a large Purple Fiend, he was still surprised.

Despite his shock, Bing Lingfeng’s reactions were swift. Knowing that he was too late to dodge it, he opened his mouth and breathed out white qi. It condensed into a wall above his head. Several hundred layers of green clouds appeared in the dozen zhang above, gathering into a thick barrier, firmly stopping the slash of Su Xing’s giant Purple Fiend blade. At the same time, he formed a hand seal.

The One Snow Before Disgrace Sword Array promptly surrounded Su Xing.

These Heavenly Green Earthly White Flying Swords formed two layers of heavenly green and earthly white, flipping each other upside down. Sword-light interlocked, sprinkling white light like a waterfall of snow, pouring down a torrent. 

Su Xing was left with no choice but to use the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.

Blossom of the Buddha Kingdom, the colored glass pure land that could be considered a miniature world shielded Su Xing within.

The sword-light attacked, but the Buddha Kingdom’s light stalled it. Su Xing urged on his magic energy. Golden Lotuses bubbled forth as he chanted. Bing Lingfeng was naturally aware of the might of Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.

Buddhism’s strongest ability, it was practically the supreme masterpiece of its great way. Bing Lingfeng truly did not understand how a layman like him could feel like a shameless hoodlum, how he could be a man capable of comprehending Buddhism. It was too late to dwell on this. Without even looking, Bing Lingfeng raised his hands, activating his magic weapon, “Black Dragon Ring.” The ring flashed, unleashing a several zhang long crystalline black ice dragon. The dragon breathed cold air, forming a profound array in the air. That array flickered and faded in the air. The next instant, it reappeared above Su Xing’s head.

That array became a  circle that trapped Su Xing within. Cold air flourished in the circle, extremely chilling. A breath of air became a thick sheet of ice, freezing Su Xing inside.

Upon feeling that ice-cold air, Su Xing immediately knew that this was surprisingly forged from Thousand Year Black Ice.

This was the Bing Lingfeng who once was in Liangshan Continent’s coldest places. Under the Black Ice Abyss’ ice, he found Thousand Year Black Ice. Afterwards, he slayed a gigantic Black Ice Dragon. He used a secret art to imbue the dragon’s soul into this Black Ice, creating the Black Dragon Ring, forged from the Thousand Year Black Ice, the Black Ice Dragon, and Bing Lingfeng’s own cold qi. These were all very cold items in Liangshan, and under his many years of care, the cold qi reached a frightening level. Upon using it, Flying Swords and magic weapons would all freeze into powder, let alone a person.

However, Bing Lingfeng knew himself. He knew that relying on this frightening thing would not be able to trap the Purple Thunder Monster that exchanged a hundred blows with an Overlord. At the same time Su Xing was frozen, Bing Lingfeng shouted and formed a hand seal. Cold wind poured into his whole body, which then blew in all directions. Simultaneously, several hundred Blooming Ice Divine Thunder appeared.

Blooming Ice Divine Thunder Art of Attracting Thunder!

“So incredible.” Gong Caiwei was secretly astounded at Bing Lingfeng’s powers.

“I want to see just how you can satisfy Banzhuang.” Bing Lingfeng roared. The Blooming Ice Divine Thunder Art of Attracting Thunder formed a heavenly net that plunged towards the Su Xing encased in ice. This attack was at full power.

A ray of Buddhist light shot out from the ice. A colored glass flower bloomed, and the thick layer of ice was completely melted. White vapor rushed out of the cave towards that pool and was frozen. With that Black Dragon Ring in place, a golden figure emerged from the mist. A golden Buddhist light wrapped up the black dragon.

This Black Dragon Ring of Thousand Year Black Ice was perhaps useful against other cultivators, but Su Xing had refined Ten Thousand Year Black Ice. How could he be trapped by this Thousand Year Black Ice, let alone when he had just received Gong Caiwei’s Ice Skin Jade Bone internal force. At the moment, his internal force was overflowing, and he was fearless of the cold.

Seeing the Blooming Ice Divine Thunder’s ability covered the entire cavern. Su Xing was afraid that Gong Caiwei would be affected and used Empress Tu to protect her. Gong Caiwei saw warm Earth Qi surround her, forming Empress Tu’s True Body. She was helpless towards this man’s kindness, but at the same time, she was greatly relieved.

Su Xing then sneered. At the same time, Su Xing struck a hand seal. Several hundred Purple Fiends simultaneously attacked.

With a heaven-shaking rumble the dozen zhang of space around Su Xing surprisingly exploded into a pitch-black hole. Bing Lingfeng fiercely blew a breath, creating a gale. In an instant, he blew away this blackness. All of the light and noise entirely vanished.

At the same time, Su Xing had vanished into it.

Not good.

Bing Lingfeng’s heart stopped.

A silhouette attacked. Su Xing already was on the assault holding the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber. Bing Lingfeng’s magic energy was profound, and his powers were also variable. If he put forth everything, even the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, Purple Fiend, and Instant Frost Flame were very hard-pressed. Therefore, Su Xing settled on using old fashioned ways.

Naturally, that would be to cut him up with a blade.

After a hundred bouts with Hu Banzhuang, the current Su Xing could be said to be full of self-confidence.

Dragon Blood Frontline.

The long sword slashed, and the ice lake in the cavern raised a wave of blood. This wave surged, shaking apart all of the ice. A blood-light passed through the cave, flying like a dragon-sparrow.

This Dragon Blood Frontline came very suddenly, but Bing Lingfeng nevertheless had Hu Banzhuang’s Innate Skill Light Smoke Dance Steps. This man’s reactions were very swift, evading the sneak attack like a wisp of smoke. Then, his wrist flipped, revealing a magic weapon.

This treasure was a dark red whip, completely maroon in color. All along its length were thorns, emitting a black aura of evil. It was difficult to imagine that this graceful and refined Bing Lingfeng would unexpectedly have such a wicked treasure. Even Su Xing was very surprised.

When Gong Caiwei looked, she realized this weapon’s history. “Su Xing, be careful, it is the Immortal Murdering Whip.”

Immortal Murdering Whip?

The name sounded like it was very awesome.

“Hè.” Bing Lingfeng struck immediately. As he shouted, a bloody, evil light rushed out from the whip. Ghastly cries echoed in the cave, and an evil wind blew. The shrieks were bloodcurdling as a blood-red light descended. A whip that was like a heavenly pillar cut across the space between them.

Directly striking at Su Xing.

Su Xing’s expression was solemn. Seeing that Immortal Murdering Whip’s boundless power, he did not feel flustered at all. He raised his hand and blocked using the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber. The originally hundred zhang long Dragon Blood Frontline was miniscule before the Immortal Murdering Whip. Su Xing’s full strength was shaken, blood shooting out of his body like a fountain.

What an incredible magic weapon.

Although the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber was capable of resisting, but the Immortal Murdering Whip’s might nevertheless passed through the Star Weapon to strike Su Xing himself.

Bing Lingfeng stood in midair, his blue robes fluttering. The man’s eyes were stern, his gaze ice-cold as he raised his hand. The Immortal Murdering Whip was brandished again.

A ray of blood-light pierced through space.

Swift as lightning.

It appeared to be a simple whip, but each strike consumed vast amounts of Bing Lingfeng’s magic energy. The might of one strike was comparable to being struck a hundred times by a Star Weapon.


Earthly qi burst around Su Xing’s whole body. The Immortal Murdering Whip struck it and stirred up dust. The Empress Tu protecting Gong Caiwei pointed a finger to protect Su Xing with a barrier.

Although the Immortal Murdering Whip was strong, the Empress Tu Earth Book’s defenses were nothing to scoff at.

Bing Lingfeng whipped several times. Blood-light flashed, and he also guided his Flying Swords to arrange his strongest sword array, “Snow Blowing Under Heaven Sword Array.” The Heavenly Green Earthly Black Flying Swords became countless cold lights, raining specks of ice and snow.

Su Xing was shocked. The Empress Tu Earth Book was surprisingly about to break from the consecutive attacks. He knew that this Bing Lingfeng was very formidable, as expected. He had originally planned to use his Earth Book against Hu Banzhuang, but it was unexpectedly about to falter here.

It was a pity he did not have Flying Swords. This made Su XIng somewhat at wit’s end. Several times later, the Earth qi was already about to dissipate. Su Xing seized upon the gap between Bing Lingfeng’s attacks to instantly close the distance and use his saber to settle things.


Bing Lingfeng reacted extremely quickly. One attack of the Immortal Murdering Whip landed on Su Xing, surprisingly knocking aside the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Su Xing suffered the attack head-on. Blood bubbled into his throat, but he remained steadfast. When Bing Lingfeng saw this man’s ferocity, he hastily manipulated his Flying Swords again, but Su Xing was already in front of him.

Bing Lingfeng knew that Su Xing’s martial arts were very strong, so he did not dare face him at close-range. He hastily raised the Immortal Murdering Whip again and entangled the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber. Su Xing was without a weapon, yet he clenched his fists. With Light Smoke Dance Steps dazzling Bing Lingfeng’s eyes, Su Xing vanished.

By the time he was aware of it, Su Xing was already on his flank, his fists descending like rain.

His punches were ferocious, each blow swift and severe. The “Cold Cloud Array” above Bing Lingfeng’s head suddenly broke. To be able to smash through his Supervoid Peak power using only a fist, Bing Lingfeng did not dare believe his eyes. Su Xing’s punch boomed, smashing towards Bing Lingfeng’s head.

Bing Lingfeng withdrew, extending his hand to use another ability, “Immortal Giving Directions.”

A speck of spirit-light burst from his finger.

But Su Xing’s realm was far greater than Bing Lingfeng had thought. This absolutely accurate Immortal Giving Directions attack surprisingly failed to strike the target for the first time. So fast, Bing Lingfeng grit his teeth. Moving his Divine Intent, his Flying Swords all spun in the surroundings to erect a defensive formation. Then, he swung the whip, waving it through empty space.

Blood-light attacked, erratic and unpredictable.

Struggling for a while, Su Xing then pulled back. Bing Lingfeng’s defense was impenetrable, as expected of someone with Overlord status. Regardless of offense or defense, he executed both very perfectly. Even a martial general would be very hard-pressed to kill him. This man was very calm and very observant of his surroundings. He practically did not have a weakness.

Perhaps he had been with Hu Banzhuang for so long, but the two of them actually somewhat wished to die. He had studied her advantages, and he surprisingly was somewhat at a loss of where to start.

Bing Lingfeng at this time began to pant. The Immortal Murdering Whip had consumed too much magic energy. Although his magic energy had become very profound from killing so many top-notch martial generals, so many that even Emperor Liang would not be comparable, the Immortal Murdering Whip was used once too many times now. But Bing Lingfeng still bitterly persevered, knowing that if he did not use the Immortal Murdering Whip, he would instead be in danger. This man’s speed was too fast, and his realm was also very exceptional. So strange was he in many ways that it was impossible to predict everything. 

This could not help but make Bing Lingfeng recall when he fought Jade Qilin Lu Jiyue and Yan Guying. For the sake of helping lessen the burden on his wife, he stalled Yan Guying. At that time, he was nearly killed by this Skilful Star, and it was at that time Hu Banzhuang risked her life to block Yan Guying’s powerful punch. It was after this that the Bing Lingfeng that harbored feelings of guilt was even less able to face Hu Banzhuang’s tenderness. 

Recalling the past, Bing Lingfeng lost focus.

“Where are your thoughts straying?” Su Xing interrupted.

“Has anyone ever told you that your martial arts can surpass a Star General?” Bing Lingfeng asked.

“Are you scared?” Su Xing smiled.

Bing Lingfeng smiled as well: “You indeed make me feel frightened, but not because of your martial arts…”

“???” Su XIng did not understand his meaning.

Bing Lingfeng did not elaborate: “You wish to end the Star Duels. If you can kill me, then I will give you a word of advice.”

“I don’t want to kill you, so as to avoid your wife’s vengeance.” Su Xing answered. The important thing was that he feared this Hu Banzhuang would retaliate. For the time being, it was necessary to maintain this sort of relationship.

Bing Lingfeng knew Su Xing’s meaning, but he did not lose his smile at all: “Then I shall kill you and your wives.” Saying this, he cracked the Immortal Murdering Whip and attacked Gong Caiwei. Empress Tu fanned her sleeve, and Earthly qi countered.


Empress Tu was shaken, pale in the face.

Empress Tu and Su Xing shared a life-cast link now that she had been refined into a projection, similarly suffering damage. Seeing him raise his hand against Gong Caiwei, Su Xing also showed his killing intent. “Then great. I’ll oblige you.”

Seeing Su Xing’s Divine Intent move, a starlight flew out from his Astral Bag.

This light appeared in Su Xing’s hand. It was a dagger fashioned after a qilin. Su Xing took hold of the dagger and attacked. Bing Lingfeng once again wielded the whip. Blood-light flashed and pulled towards Su Xing. Su Xing stabbed with the dagger in his hand.

Something inconceivable happened.

The Bing Lingfeng who had thought he could easily repel it was astonished to discover that the Immortal Murdering Whip surprisingly was unable to break it. On the contrary, that blood-light scattered. The Immortal Murdering Whip cried. It unexpectedly gave him a burning pain, causing Bing Lingfeng’s hand to quiver. The Immortal Murdering Whip fell out of his hand.

Su Xing was already in front of him at this moment.

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