Chapter 707: Boundless Hatred Yet Deep Love

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The dagger in Su Xing’s hand was forged by Tang Lianxin using the Water of Qilin Destruction, serving as a prototype for the “Dragon” Element Flying Sword of the Sun, Moon, Star, and Dragon swords. This sword was like limpid autumn waters, elegant and graceful. The Water of Qilin Destruction could poison to death even a Holy Beast like a qilin. This “Qilin Destruction” dagger in of itself contained enormous power. Neither magic weapon nor Holy Beast could easily touch it. This was why Bing Lingfeng’s Immortal Murdering Whip was shaken out from his hand upon contact with the dagger. However, similarly, it was very difficult for Su Xing to use this Qilin Destruction. He could only use it for a short time and was unable to sustain it for too long.

Originally, this Qilin Destruction was Su Xing’s trump card against Hu Banzhuang. However, he had no choice but to use it against this Bing Lingfeng.

This Bing Lingfeng’s cultivation was very strong, and his powers also did not lose out to SU Xing. There was no good ending to their deadlock, so Su xing decided to end this battle with all swiftness.

The sword array around Bing Lingfeng assumed a defensive formation. A Supervoid Peak spiritual power glowered from his whole body. Su Xing was unable to help being forced back. Su Xing’s face complexion turned green. He formed a hand seal, and “Qilin Destruction” released a qilin treading on beautiful, gleaming light waves.

Bing Lingfeng promptly released Blooming Ice Divine Thunder.

Qilin Destruction flashed, eliminating the Blooming Ice Divine Thunder and entangling with the ninety-nine Heavenly Green Earthly White Flying Swords. These Life-cast Flying Swords were affected by the Qilin Destruction’s poison at a mere touch. Bing Lingfeng’s complexion was immediately pale and on the verge of collapse. He had no choice but to concentrate his Divine Intent on controlling the Flying Swords. If he was even the slightest bit careless, this Qilin Destruction could surprisingly break his Flying Swords.

Su Xing then attacked with Instant Frost Flame.

Bing Lingfeng waved his hand. The Blooming Ice Divine Thunder was surprisingly toppled by the Instant Frost Flame. His arm was instantly frozen. Su Xing immediately followed up with several Purple Fiends. The bladelike Purple Fiends pierced through Bing Lingfeng’s body. The Flying Sword formation broke, and the Qilin Destruction ran straight through his chest.

But this man was also very surly. Even under such a difficult situation, he did not change expression. He used Immortal Giving Directions.

Spirit-light flit by. Relying on the vast magic energy of his Supervoid Peak, he surprisingly repelled Qilin Destruction with a finger. But Su XIng’s ability did not end. Basically not giving him a chance, after his Immortal Giving Directions passed, Su Xing already arrived in front of him using his own superb realm. His left hand brushed over the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber’s tip while is right hand swung it down. At close range with the Su Xing who was able to trade blows with an Overlord and without defenses, Bing Lingfeng currently had only one ending.

He was cut down by the sword, already heavily wounded.

“You have already lost. Do you still want to fight?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow and asked.

Bing Lingfeng rose with difficulty. A deep sword wound ran from his shoulder to his waist.

Su Xing was very bewildered as to why Bing Lingfeng would suddenly come to die without rhyme or reason. Could it truly be because of what happened with Hu Banzhuang. If that was actually the case, then it ought to be Hu Banzhuang herself who had come to take revenge. Why bother ordering her Lord Husband to die. “Don’t tell me you’re hiding this from Hu Banzhuang. You want me to kill you, to make Hu Banzhuang help avenge you?” Su Xing thought this was a possibility. 

Bing Lingfeng said nothing: “If Wife will help avenge Your Servant, then this would have been worth it. If she does not help, then there is nothing to regret in dying right now.”

Because he can’t face reality, so right now after dying he can have a hope? Su Xing stroked his chin while deep in thought. He was less able to surmise what this man was thinking right now. This couple was indeed somewhat odd.

“To end the Star Duels, you must have her climb the mountain. Otherwise, those are empty words.” Bing Lingfeng suddenly spoke.

“Her? Who??” Su Xing was taken aback.

Bing Lingfeng’s expression turned cold, and he suddenly shouted.

The ninety-nine Flying Swords once again circled around and stabbed into the ground. A majestic magic energy once again charged. The entire cave began to freeze over. When Su Xing saw that he was still not giving up, unwilling to stop, Su Xing clenched his hand. Several dozen Purple Fiends appeared around Bing Lingfeng. These Purple Fiends pierced through Bing Lingfeng, running through his body like lances. The strength of Bing Lingfeng’s consciousness was frightening, to surprisingly still not collapse even after being turned to honeycomb by Su Xing’s Purple Fiend. In the end, this poised and elegant man used a hand to point a finger.

Activating his most beautiful “Immortal Giving Directions” in this life.

Spirit-light spurt forth.

In this narrow space, Su Xing had no way to evade. He was pierced through the chest by the spirit-light. Bing Lingfeng’s third was also the strongest Immortal Giving Directions, finally scoring a hit on Su Xing. Su Xing only felt his heart violently swell, about to burst.

This is bad.

Su Xing’s complexion changed.


A loud noise.

A glistening yellow earthly qi suddenly erupted from Su Xing’s body.

“Su Xing.” Gong Caiwei beautiful face lost its color. She immediately dashed over.

“Banzhuang, I’ll finally have helped you. This Husband shall take his leave first.” Bing Lingfeng muttered, his True Spirit promptly dissipating.

“Su Xing, Su Xing.” Gong Caiwei waved her hand, scattering that yellow qi filling the air, her heart very worried. The Immortal Giving Directions of a Supervoid Peak magic energy, she was somewhat unable to imagine what result that would bring. The always cool as frost and composed girl was incomparably flustered at this moment until she heard those comforting words.

“I’m alright.”

Su Xing coughed a few times. The earthly qi vanished. He appeared with a relatively sorry figure.

“I thought you had been struck by his Immortal Giving Directions just now.” Gong Caiwei covered her chest, slowly composing herself.

Nevertheless, Su Xing had a bitter smile.

“What is the matter.”

“I may as well have lost to this Bing Lingfeng.” Su Xing helplessly said.

Gong Caiwei did not understand. Su Xing had killed him, why did he say he lost.

Su Xing turned over his wrist. The Empress Tu Earth Book appeared. When Gong Caiwei looked, her expression as solemn.

The Empress Tu Earth Book did not have its profound spiritual aura that normally surrounded it. The Earth Book was dim and without light. The Earthly Qi was also extremely weak, as if it could be blown away at any moment. And when this Earth Book appeared, the Earth Book’s True Spirit Empress Tu did not appear either. As it turned out, Bing Lingfeng’s final Immortal Giving Directions did strike SU XIng. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was unable to block it; in every sense, this man was indeed a ruthless character. This attack completely encapsulated the mutual strike mindset, using all of his magic energy to kill Su Xing.

If it was any other cultivator, Bing Lingfeng definitely could have achieved this goal. Su XIng could only use “External Projection” at the last moment, summoning Empress Tu to ward off this disaster.

“Then Empress Tu is dead?” Gong Caiwei said in shock.

“If it’s my External Projection…yes.” Su Xing nodded.

The Earth Book’s True Spirit had developed with the passage of time. TO completely destroy it was very unlikely. Su Xing could only recultivate the Empress Tu projection. However, the True Spirit had still met with severe damage. For the time being, the Earth Book was unusable, and to restore the Earth Book’s True Spirit would require other means. That was why Su Xing said he had been defeated by Bing Lingfeng. This practicallly invincible thick book had turned into such a state. This duel’s final result lost him the Earth Book, making Su Xing very gloomy.

His sole comfort was in Bing Lingfeng’s Immortal Murdering Whip.

“As long as you are alright. Since the Earth Book’s True Spirit can recover, the Earthly Solitary Star ought to have a way.” Gong Caiwei shook her head. She had nearly been scared to death just now. This man surprisingly was still hurt over Empress Tu, which truly made her speechless.

“However, he mentioned just now that to end the Star Duels, she has to scale the mountain? Who is this she?” Gong Caiwei wrinkled her brow: “

Su Xing was pensive.

Outside the Ice Heart Cave.

Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue continued to face Hu Banzhuang. Neither side made any moves, merely stared at each other. From the bursts of power emanating from the Ice Heart Cave, no one showed the slightest change. Whether it was Wu Siyou or Hu Banzhuang, everyone was abnormally calm.

A long while after.

A figure emerged.

“Milord.” Hua Wanyue’s expression was overjoyed.

Hu Banzhuang was expressionless.

Su Xing already finished his most evil plan against this woman, but Hu Banzhuang did not have such a plan. She only glanced at Su Xing, turned and walked over to her bonfire. That beautiful figure had an unspeakable loneliness. Whether it was SU Xing or Wu Siyou, everyone could not help but feel moved by her.

“Hu Banzhuang, won’t you take revenge for your Lord Husband?” Su Xing called after her. Seeing her so sad and depressed, he actually would rather fight her.

“Lord Husband would never allow Banzhuang to take revenge.” Hu Banzhuang turned her head back, expressionless. In front of Su Xing’s skepticism, she leisurely smiled: “Because he knows that Banzhuang has never hated.”

Su Xing was astonished. He saw through the intense murderous aura in Hu Banzhuang’s eyes, wrinkling his brow: “Are you lying?”

“Banzhuang regrets.” Hu Banzhuang smiled.


“Regret without hatred.”


Two Immortals Mountain.

White clouds rolled about, a clear breeze blew. A flock of red-crowned cranes flew by, and other birds rushed about. Two mountain peaks stood tall and straight, towering over a sea of clouds, graceful and free of filth, like an otherworldly adept.

Two girls sat atop these two peaks.

One girl was dressed in simple yellow clothes. She had a refined and natural aura. She seemed to be one with this Immortal Mountain, giving people a feeling that this mountain was her and she was this mountain.

The other girl was dressed in phoenix cloud clothing, similarly of a refined temperament, neither joyous or sorrowful. She calmly looked at the rolling clouds of the mountains.

The two girls were young in age, yet they gave off an otherwordly aura, one that made people bow in worship.

The girl wearing the cloud clothing was none other than Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng. This place was her Heavenly Book dream, the Former Volume trial. To summarize, after she entered the Heavenly Book Dream, Gongsun Huang also easily progressed to the Former Volume’s trial, but this trial was very strange. She met a girl calling herself “Daoist Luo.” The two traded blows for a while, and Gongsun Huang was defeated. According to common sense, if she was defeated, then she ought to have departed from the Heavenly Book, but that adorable Daoist Luo girl invited Gongsun Huang to go to Two Immortals Mountain to comprehend Dao.

Gongsun Huang did not refuse.

Thereupon, she followed her to this mountain.

Who knew for how long this deep meditation went on for.

The clouds rolled, the wind blew. Finally, after a long time, Gongsun Huang opened her eyes.

“Why do you not meditate?” The girl spoke, her voice experienced yet not without a girl’s crispness.

“Master, His Highness is in trouble. I must return.” Gongsun Huang blinked.

“His Highness?” Daoist Luo smiled: “We are people who cultivate the Dao, why serve a Highness?”

“He is Little Huang’s Highness.” Gongsun Huang was not in the mood to discuss this topic, so she calmly indicated she would not reply any further.

The girl slightly smiled, “Over the past few days, Little Huang, your Realm has increased considerably, however, while you may go find your Highness, This Teacher must assess your progress.”

Gongsun Huang grunted.

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