Chapter 708: The Last Slash, Romance In The Air

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After Bing Lingfeng’s True Spirit dissipated, Hu Banzhuang still fulfilled her promise, each time giving Su Xing some trials to improve his martial arts. As far as the Bright Star’s conduct was concerned, Su Xing did not understand whether he should admire Hu Banzhuang’s upstanding character or to criticize her detachment.

However, the trials everyday became very severe afterwards.

Then, from the Heavenly Books’ twenty-third to twenty-fifth days, Lin Yingmei, Gongsun Huang, Hu Niangzi, and Yan Yizhen awoke one after another from their Heavenly Book dreams. The wives were both happy and worried. Lin Yingmei naturally would not disappoint Su Xing in her Heavenly Books. Gongsun Huang and Hu Niangzi also each obtained Former Volume Heavenly Books. Lin Yingmei defeated Wang Jin, and after leaving the Heavenly Books, her Realm had already reached True Phoenix Fourth Stage, but seeing how intense this battle was, how difficult Lin Yingmei’s fight was, by the time the Heavenly Books ended, if Lin Yingmei then refined the Three Heavenly Books, her Realm could reach Sixth Stage and above by the Seven Stars Assembly.

Hu Niangzi fought three hundred bouts with Luan Yanyu. Although she was defeated in the end, she nevertheless earned Luan Yanyu’s admiration and still obtained the Heavenly Book. With a Six Star Star Weapon in hand, her Realm and martial arts were still inferior to only Lin Yingmei. Her own Realm had reached True Phoenix Second Stage.

Gongsun Huang battle the Daoist Luo three times and did not fail to earn recognition.

What was surprising was that Skilful Star Yan Yizhen had unexpectedly lost.

The Li Shishi that Yan Yizhen fought against was a formidable character. Her fan technique was perfect. Even the True Phoenix First Stage Yan Yizhen had been defeated, but Li Shishi admired Yan Yihen’s skill in musical instruments. In the end, she still passed the trial.

Since the Heavenly Books were a trial, after everyone passed through difficult battles, their Realms were increased even if they had been defeated.

On the twenty-sixth day, Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie also awakened. The Wu Xinjie who possessed the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain unsurprisingly obtained her Former Volume Heavenly Book. Her trial was the most troublesome. This was a complicated “Five Elements Bagua Book.” For this reason, she rushed all over the place making plans.

Robbing the convoy of birthday gifts, burning the minister’s mansion, using a wedge plan, breaking the chain horses, inviting the hermit in the rain for the Five Elements trial, this used a very long time.

In this way, in the Five Elements Array, only Solitary Star Lu Shaqing and Efficacious Star An Suwen were still in the Heavenly Books. If it could be said that Lu Shaqing loved to meditate, then perhaps she would take a little longer to comprehend her Heavenly Book, but that the Efficacious Star used such a long time made everyone worried and curious.

Fortunately, on the Heavenly Books’ twenty-ninth day.

An Suwen finally awakened.

The Efficacious Star opened her eyes and immediately received meticulous inquiries from everyone.

“Little Sister, you finally woke up. You didn’t run into some trouble in the dream, did you?” Su Xing asked with concern.

An Suwen bashfully answered: “Big Brother, Suwen did not run into any trouble.”

“Suwen, just what sort of trial did you encounter in the Heavenly Book?” Wu Xinjie curiously asked, “Could it have been more troublesome than mine.”

In actuality, An Suwen’s trial was not difficult, just helping examine people. However, these people were nevertheless very familiar. All of them were Starfallen girls that had once battled Su Xing. From the very first Red Haired Devil Liu Qing’er, to the all out berserker Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu, they asked An Suwen for prescriptions and needed the Divine Physician to search for these herbs. These herbs were not simple and were the reason An Suwen was delayed for so long. However, in the end, the girl obtained her Heavenly Book.

To meet with Starfallen girls made Su XIng very surprised.

Everyone just smiled and said that Suwen’s trial was very peculiar. Since this was the case, Zhang Yuqi was depressed to discover that out of everyone who had comprehended their Heavenly Books, only she did not obtain the Former Volume Heavenly Book.

“Sister Shaqing still has not awakened?” An Suwen softly asked.

“Wonder what her trial is, to have lasted so long.” Zhang Yuqi shrugged. “Maybe she is meditating to comprehend it?”

All of the girls smiled: Hers could not be so ridiculous, could it.

But the Damage Star’s words were honestly correct.

Currently, Lu Shaqing sat upright in a minister’s temple. In front of her was a bodhi tree a thousand zhang tall. Lu Shaqing shut her eyes in deep meditation. For her Former Volume Heavenly Book trial, after she punched to death a rampant Zhen Guanxi on the very first day, she kept sitting in meditation under the bodhi tree of the prime minister.

Up until now.

The polo petals opened, withering and falling into the wind, fluttering around Lu Shaqing. After a long while of silence, Lu Shaqing slowly opened her eyes, expressionless. Her limpid eyes looked at the giant willow tree in front of her, “Must I pull it out by the roots?” The girl muttered.

The wind rose, and the flowers fell.

“That is the Seventh Generation’s most beautiful Star General. Hu Banzhuang.”

Wu Xinjie looked straight at Hu Banzhuang, her expression interested, full of astonishment. Su Xing spoke to them about the trial. Hearing that Hu Banzhuang was unexpectedly helping Su Xing improve his martial arts, everyone was incredulous. “Could it be that Maiden Mountain has encountered trouble and wants to borrow Young Lord’s assistance?” Wu Xinjie and Su Xing thought the same.

Su XIng was not clear on this, but no matter what, over these days, his martial arts skill had similarly progressed very quickly, not inferior to the wives in the Heavenly Books.

“Niangzi, this is your predecessor. We should properly consult her for advice.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Hu Niangzi stared at Hu Banzhuang, her eyes containing grief.

Hu Banzhuang also saw Hu Niangzi. Compared to Hu Niangzi’s grief, Banzhuang slightly smiled and showed her most beautiful aspect.

Beauty that could topple a nation.

Ambition that could topple a country.

Wu Xinjie said that she had been moved as well. To have such a magnificent Elder Sister, she honestly did not want to be enemies. Su Xing was also familiar from experience. From these days of contact, while Hu Banzhuang was very strict with Su Xing on the surface, even using killing techniques, no matter what, this was all to secretly help him. Su Xing had quite the favorable impression of her. Other than the Second Generations’ Gongsun Zhuqing and Yuwen Xingliang, these frenemy relationships were very strange.

However, cruel things always came last.

Twenty-eighth day of the Heavenly Books.

Su Xing and Hu Banzhuang once again stood on the sparring field.

“I can handle this time’s three hundred bouts. Bring out your Heaven and Earth Ranks for company.” Su XIng loftily said. Now, only Lu Shaqing sat alone in meditation. His might suddenly swelled, and his martial arts had increased in speed. Right now, he was also full of self-confidence.

Hu Banzhuang showed an alluring smile. Her figure was already fading like mist. This was the sign that her True Spirit was on the verge of dispersing. “Today will be the final trial.”

“You’re finally bringing out your true skills.” Su Xing nodded. Although he knew that this day would come, to actually hear Hu Banzhuang say so still made Su Xing considerably sad for this most beautiful Star General.

“Originally, Banzhuang wanted to wait until the wives had all awakened, however, not it seems I cannot wait for such a time.” Hu Banzhuang was pensive. She waved her hands, and the Seven Star Golden Wind and Jade Dew appeared in her hands.

“This time, Your Servant will not allow you to tease Young Master so easily.” Ling Yingmei at once stepped forward, her aura as chilling as ice.

When she spoke, Hu Niangzi, Yan Yizhen, Wu Xinjie, Hua Wanyue, and Wu Siyou also brought out their own Star Weapons, assuming final attack stances.

“Your Highness.” Little Huang gently floated onto Su Xing’s shoulder/

Su Xing patted Little Huang’s calf. He grinned and nodded.

Little Huang smiled.

Besides the most top-notch martial generals, Shi Yuan, An Suwen, Zhang Yuqi, and Tang Lianxin also assumed their respective battle stances. Shi Yuan prepared a “Five Concealments Array,” An Suwen summoned the Essence Swallowing Dragons and the Seven Stars Birth Sword. Zhang Yuqi activated the Fish Intestine Sword and rode atop White Wave. Tang Lianxin also took out various Astral Treasures.

Added on to their respective Star Beasts, the formation in front of her could be considered overexaggerated.

Even if they were to face Li Taisui again, they would have no need to be afraid.

And facing the Su Xing who possessed the strongest battle formation since the beginning of the Star Duels, the solitary Hu Banzhuang appeared very lonely, but the girl was still not feeble. The corners of her lips curled. She felt this scene was very beautiful.

“For this trial, Banzhuang will not longer hold back. Before Banzhuang’s True Spirit vanishes, Banzhuang shall kill your Lord Husband to avenge Lingfeng. Use everything you can to stop Banzhuang.” Hu Banzhuang displayed her last killing intent.

The terrifying Realm of True Spirit Seventh Stage was displayed at full power.

It surprisingly stifled everyone present.

What powerful spirit. Although he had already battled Hu Banzhuang so many times, this time, Su Xing nevertheless knew that there would be no charm whatsoever. Gradually, Su XIng’s expression also turned extremely cold. His left hand held the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber while his right hand gripped the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber surprisingly at the same time.

Gong Caiwei watched very nervously, but she already knew this was a battle that she had any room to interfere in.

Outside Ice Soul Valley.

Chao Wuhui was also currently watching with rapt attention.

“Lingfeng, just you watch.”

Hu Banzhuang raised her Seven Star Double Sabers. Two beautiful lights of gold and green flashed. The Seventh Overlord took action.

The most beautiful scene thus began.

Hu Banzhuang’s attack brought absolutely beautiful gold and green saber-wind. This saber-wind pelted them. Before the blade arrived, her killing intent showed a function of faintly binding everyone to where they stood. The girls had a feeling of foreboding, but they all had passed through the strongest Heavenly Book trial. Several of their Realms had already reached True Phoenix. Even against the True Phoenix Seventh Stage Hu Banzhuang, they could not possibly sit and wait for death.

At the moment she moved.

Su Xing’s beautiful wives also attacked one after another. First, their Star Beasts all pounced at once. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix turned into flames and burned with powerful magic energy like that of the Phoenix Execution Sky Break. Crying Frost’s light wings simultaneously spread, and an ice-cold light wove into a net to wrap around her. Then, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger swung a heavy paw, capable of shattering the Five Sacred Mountains in one swipe.

Hu Banzhuang dove into the attacks.

So fast!

Su Xing was flabbergasted. Even his eyes were surprisingly unable to track Hu Banzhuang’s attack speed.

Golden Wind and Jade Dew outlined gorgeous strokes. Hu Banzhuang had surprisingly already broke away from the attack of the three great Star Beasts, becoming a beautiful shadow leaping forth. Behind these Star Beasts, Yan Yizhen, Hu Niangzi, and Wu Siyou all stepped forward to intercept.

“Snapped Bowstring Magnolia Lily Ballad”

“Flying Star Magpie Dance.”

“Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck.”

“Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.”

Four Dark Techniques chained after each other. Hu Banzhuang’s figure surprisingly did not stope at all. Wherever the girl passed, her posture was beautiful to the point of perfection. Her Light Smoke Dance Steps nimbly passed. Hu Banzhuang tread upon cold wind, scattering flowers and snow as she passed, her figure like a bright moon. Saber-light scattered from the surroundings. The three Star Beasts were all heavily injured, and the combined attacks of the martial generals could not trap Hu Banzhuang.

Hu Banzhuang’s blades urged on a snowstorm to directly take Su Xing’s head.

It was delightfully beautiful.

The color drained from Wu Siyou and the others’ faces.

Earth Rank???

“Last slash…Romance In The Air…”1 Hu Banzhuang smiled and gazed at Su Xing. Her saber-intent was transmitted.

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