Chapter 709: Hu Banzhuang’s Breathtaking Martial Arts

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Hu Banzhuang’s Earth Rank “Romance In The Air” stunned everyone present upon activation. Her powerful martial arts directly broke apart the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s encirclement, not at all injured. Immediately afterwards, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, and Yan Yizhen’s combined Dark Techniques were similarly broken. On the contrary, Hu Banzhuang pushed them back.

The Hu Banzhuang who easily broke free of the formation leapt up, her graceful body bounding towards Su Xing. Then, even Hua Wanyue’s Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was unable to obstruct her.

But there was someone who could.

Lin Yingmei gripped the Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear, completely awakening her Realm. Her spear’s Dark Technique sallied forth. Although this was far from being able to break through an Earth Rank like Hu Banzhuang’s, the Freezing Frost of Nine Provinces brought chilling frost-light that still was plenty powerful.

When this fourth Dark Technique arrived, Hu Banzhuang had no way to evade again.

Spear and double sabers clashed in midair. Romance In The Air’s saber-light directly cut down the spear. Gongsun Huang at this time unleashed Star Magic, Thunderclap In Evening Breeze. Su Xing shouted, surprisingly also not shrinking back as he himself launched an attack.

Little Huang gently floated off of Su Xing’s shoulder.

Su Xing raised his sabers and slashed.

Hu Banzhuang’s brows rose, and she abruptly vanished in midair.

Such swift speed.

Su Xing landed on nothing. Lin Yingmei yelled for Su Xing to be careful, even spinning her body around to narrowly attack Hu Banzhuang. The Bright Star smiled. She raised her hand and swung down her saber. Saber-qi pierced and directly entered Lin Yingmei’s body, but the Majestic Star’s pace was rock-steady, not shrinking back in the slightest. Instead, she fiercely leapt forward.

Spear-light rose powerfully towards the heavens, swiftly descending. The Su Xing that was currently beside her knew that he could not watch idly. At the same time, he gripped his double sabers and slashed. Using two Dark Techniques simultaneously nearly made Su Xing collapse from exhaustion.

After the fierce exchange passed, the scene of Hu Banzhuang’s Romance In The Air nevertheless did not fade. Lin Yingmei’s spear thrust, and Thunderclap In Evening Breeze rolled thunder-light that finally pushed Hu Banzhuang back. The other wives did not give Hu Banzhuang any chance to catch her breath. While Hu Banzhuang was in midair, Yan Yizhen swiftly moved, first using Earth Rank Nine Yin Nine Yang Life And Death. Her fists turned cold and hot, and Yin and Yang  surrounded them, directly aiming for Hu Banzhuang’s back.

And Gongsun Huang was also extremely fast. The little loli soared into the air, her delicate body transforming into an absolutely beautiful phoenix. Her wings spanned a thousand li, beautifully rushing forth with scorching flames.

Hu Banzhuang was graceful and elegant. Her right hand waved Golden Wind in front of her while her left hand positioned Jade Dew behind her. Her slender legs moved with fantastical Light Smoke Dance Steps on nothing but air.

“Careful.” Su Xing shouted.

But it was too late.

Gongsun Huang’s Earth Rank Phoenix Execution Sky Break was stopped by Hu Banzhuang’s right saber alone. The powerful Earth Rank’s magic energy tore straight through the heavens and snowy plains, making the entire Ice Soul Valley’s snow begin to melt then evaporate, but Gongsun Huang was stunned to discover no matter how she attacked the opponent, Hu Banzhuang was still calm and easygoing. The girl’s attack was unable to break through that Golden Wind’s baleful aura.

Hu Banzhuang slashed. Romance In The Air reappeared, stabbing straight at the girl’s chest. The Seven Star Destined Weapon pierced through her Phoenix Perch Cloud clothes, the killing intent emerging from Gongsun Huang’s back. The magnificent phoenix immediately disappeared in a puff of feathers and fading fire-light. At the same time, Hu Banzhuang circled around Yan Yizhen’s swift attack with Light Smoke Dance Steps again. The Skilful Star’s keen body techniques were completely useless against Hu Banzhuang’s body techniques, becoming very sluggish. The Nine Yin Nine Yang’s powerful punches destroyed that worldly ying and yang, but they were unable to destroy Hu Banzhuang’s last bit of Romance In The Air.

Jade Dew flashed a brilliant saber-light.

Nine Yin Nine Yang Life And Death’s Yin Yang Samsara was suddenly destroyed. However, Skilful Star Yan Yizhen still relied on her tenacious determination to strike Hu Banzhuang with one last Yin Yang Palm.

This finally ended the Overlord’s Earth Rank.

Su Xing used an escape technique to catch the falling Gongsun Huang.

“Your Highness…” Gongsun Huang was incomparably weak, her eyes dim. Already, she was heavily injured and unable to continue battle. Then, Yan Yizhen was caught by Wu Siyou. The maid was the same, heavily injured and incapacitated.

Everyone raised their heads to look at Hu Banzhuang, momentarily unable to draw breath.

Although these were serious wounds, Su Xing could tell that Hu Banzhuang was entirely capable of killing Gongsun Huang and Yan Yizhen just now, but the girl did not. She merely injured them, taking them out of the fight.

“To use your last remaining bit of vitality, I will remember you.” Su Xing said.

Hu Banzhuang merely smiled.

“Banzhuang said that today, she will take your life. As for your wives, Banzhuang can let them go.”

“Fine.” Su Xing was dutiful.

Hu Banzhuang defeated Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang as well as three Great Star Beasts from the get-go using just an Earth Rank. This level of powerful martial arts left them no choice but to turn grim.

“You can protect your Lord Husband.” Hu Banzhuang descended, her double sabers unsheathed. Her figure was already increasingly hazy. Her silhouette moved, once again launching an attack.

Wu Siyou followed Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi for a pincer attack.

Hu Wanyue’s Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow shot through Wu Siyou’s body to put her in an unparalleled state.

Their weapons caught the Seven Star Golden Wind Jade Dew, making Hu Banzhuang take a few steps back from this difficult to block attack. “Passion Transmission.” Hu Banzhuang circled with Light Smoke Dance Steps, passing by Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei. The other Bright Star Hu Niangzi had been waiting for this. Her body techniques moved similarly like mist, wonderful beyond compare in Yellow Rank Hate Transmission.

Seven Star and Six Star double sabers, Passion Transmission and Hate Transmission collided.

Sparks flew everywhere.

Hu Banzhuang’s hands went numb. The power emitted from Hu Niangzi’s sabers made her step back, but her Passion Transmission similarly repelled Hu Niangzi’s blade. Just when Hu Banzhuang was repelled, Wu Siyou’s double-ended sword already slashed at her.

Hu Banzhuang’s reactions were extremely quick. She vanished again and reappeared behind Wu Siyou.

Two sword wounds appeared on the woman’s back.

Long Blizzard Nights…

Lin Yingmer’s tyrannical spear launched a surprise attack. The power of the Five Star Destined Weapon has only slightly lacking compared to the Seven Star double sabers, but the Panther Head was honestly ferocious. The spear rolled out cold killing intent, each blow increasing her murderous aura a bit. Gradually, the snowstorm magnified, freezing the world, making the Ice Soul Valley that showed signs of spring once again plunge into winter.

Hu Banzhuang continuously waved her sabers to block. The more frequent the exchange of attacks, the less favorable a position she was in. The Seventh Overlord Bright Star’s defenses finally tore open under Lin Yingmei’s relentless assault. Lin Yingmei saw her chance and slashed with the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. A snow-bright arc of light swept towards Hu Banzhuang. There was no room at all to evade. Hu Banzhuang had no choice but to block this with all her strength using all her strength.

However, the unyielding spear power did not show any delay. It merely diverted slightly off to the side.

Lin Yingmei bellowed, her power suddenly exploding.

Hu Banzhuang felt her wrist become heavy. Her pace began to walk through Light Smoke Dance Steps. The clangs of weapon clashes echoed through the air. The girl’s pace was suddenly chaotic, directly catching sight of Lin Yingmei’s attack.

Long Blizzard Night’s last attack followed.

Hu Banzhuang had no choice but to withdraw, to pull back a distance.

Very strong!!

Following a slight smile on Hu Banzhuang’s lips, a sharp cry suddenly came through the air. A whistling arrow abruptly appeared beside her, as if it had always existed at that place. The arrow was full of frightening killing intent, roaring as it shot towards her.

And the target was none other than her neck.


Hu Banzhuang’s pupils shrunk all of a sudden, as if a giant, formless hand had taken hold of her. Her knees would not bend, and her whole body was shifted backwards instantly. At the same time, the double sabers in her hands swung.


As if there was a sudden explosion, amidst a crisp, Hua Wanyue’s Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was instantly disintegrated by the killing intent on the girl’s double sabers.

Their figures once again intersected, the True Phoenix Realm unleashing Dance Through The Willows.

But the attack of Su Xing’s wives could be said to be chained one after another, following one another. Their coordination was enviable.

Just when she repelled Dance Through The Willows, a figure arrived in front of her. Hu Banzhuang saw a pair of beautiful eyes, full of grief and endless love.

Even the most beautiful Star General was stunned at these eyes that broke a person’s heart.

Her heart full of a stifling feeling, Hu Banzhuang surprisingly forgot to erect a defense.

The person who could possess such eyes of grief and love was none other than her successor – the Ninth Generation Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi.

Hu Niangzi’s eyes were full of moving sorrow.

Astonishingly, this was her Earth Rank.

This Passion Faces Wind, This Hatred Leaves Moon.

Her killing intent surged, her saber-light flew.

The Six Star Golden Wind Jade Dew attacked with indescribable beauty. In fact, when this saber-light flashed, the Ice Soul Valley lost its color. That beautiful curved saber-light seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world. For a moment, it was even captivating.

So much so that a person would forget what it signified.

But this was only the beginning.

All kinds of movements finished at practically the same time.

Hu Banzhuang could not dodge this most powerful killing intent and was squarely hit by Hu Niangzi, but Hu Banzhuang’s Realm was too high. At the moment she was cut by Hu Niangzi’s double sabers, her gentle figure instantly became an indistinct shadow.

Countless sharp saber-lights rose at the same time like a tide. The floor within a three zhang radius was lifted by this terrifying power.

Her double sabers stabbed directly through.

The timing and angle of Hu Banzhuang’s fully charged attack was completely accurate beyond compare. Hu Niangzi was completely unable to evade. If she did not retreat, she would inevitably suffer wretched defeat.1 But even when she clearly knew this, she still stabbed forwards with her double sabers, her body also leaning forwards immediately, as if she was plunging straight for the tip of Hu Banzhuang’s saber.

The thick air was torn apart by the gale from the weapons, releasing an indistinct whistle. The sabertip that was just within reach was like a bloodthirsty fang.


The Six Star Golden Wind Jade Dew abruptly crossed with the Seven Star Golden Wind Jade Dew.

Gold and green saber-lights magnificently unfurled like ribbons, shooting in all directions, making Wu Siyou and the others unable to intervene. By the time this beautiful light dispersed.

Hu Banzhuang and Hu Niangzi stood abreast of each other, completing the first meeting and conversation of the Seventh and Ninth Bright Stars.

The result was?

“You honestly are very bold.” Hu Banzhuang smiled in praise.

Then, the clothes on her body ripped. Two wounds deep enough to show bone now gushed blood.

Hu Niangzi wanted to say something, but before her lips could part and utter a sound, her body nevertheless collapsed powerlessly onto the ground.

Unable to continue battle.

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