Chapter 710: The Strongest

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In a few dozen exchanges, Hu Banzhuang had defeated Gongsun Huang, Yan Yizhen, and Hu Niangzi. The situation was approaching a crisis.

Compared to the Overlords before, Hu Banzhuang could be said to be far stronger.

“Lord Husband, be careful. You must not trade blows with her.” Wu Siyou already did not dare to neglect anything. She issued Su Xing a stern warning. Although Su Xing had battled Hu Banzhuang a hundred bouts over the past few days with considerable results, who knew whether or not this was Hu Banzhuang’s plan all along. Especially after she revealed her strongest martial arts, Wu Siyou very acutely sensed how terrifying Hu Banzhuang was.  

If they continued the previous exchange, then Su Xing would have been in extreme danger.

Su Xing naturally knew that he could only secretly charge all of his powers and abilities. Right now, the only thing he could do for his wives was to make Hu Banzhuang unable to handle him.

Hu Banzhuang looked at her own hands. Splotches of fresh blood had dyed it red. “Banzhuang does not have much time left. It would be best to end this quickly.” She smiled and said.

At this moment, the smile of the most beautiful Star General would make even a spectator feel danger.

Her intense attack instantly arrived. IN the blink of an eye, Hu Banzhuang appeared behind Su Xing, “Milord, look out.” Hua Wanyue promptly defended, being injured by Hu Banzhuang’s slash, but at the moment Hu Banzhuang’s attack drew close, Su Xing’s figure had already vanished. The girl was slightly surprised. Su Xing was already close behind her, the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber and Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber attacking at the same time, this time with full power.

Right now, Su Xing could not hold back anymore. Let alone that his wives were taking the trial, he himself could also do his utmost.

Hu Banzhuang instantly became an untraceable phantom. Her footwork manifested as passing smoke. In no more than a moment, she vanished. Her entire body had become indistinct, illusory.

When his two Star Weapons were blocked, Su Xing’s complexion grew stern. This was the True Phoenix Seventh Stage Realm. Hu Banzhuang’s speed was honestly unimaginably fast. He suddenly sprung forward, pivoted his body and thrust his elbow backwards.

“Pretty good reactions.” The girl’s amused voice came from behind, foregoing an attack.

“But what about this.” Hu Banzhuang suddenly raised her head. Saber-wind blew, compressing the airflow into several threads of killing intent. Su Xing quickly manipulated his positioning, but the girl was really too quick. Her killing intent brushed past Su Xing’s arm, knocking the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber and Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber out of his grasp.

Hu Banzhuang’s silhouette once again changed position, but this time, Hua Wanyue had already sensed her trajectory.

Repositioning herself, the Hero Star drew her bow. With the snap of her bowstring, she fired towards empty space.

Incomparable speed!

Even the air seemed to be ripped apart.

But Hu Banzhuang appeared to show contempt for this Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow. The girl easily slashed, breaking this arrow. She felt that the Hero Star’s attack was simply useless. Although Hero Star Little Li Guang’s archery was indeed exceptional, that was only at a distance. At close range, Hu Banzhuang felt that the Hero Star was courting death instead.

Thereupon, Hu Banzhuang attacked her.

But she did not imagine.

That Hua Wanyue’s beautiful figure would gracefully disappear from under her saber, then reappear somewhere else. She released her bowstring and loosed an arrow, the power of the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow again.


Hu Banzhuang felt very amazed. Then, Hua Wanyue’s silhouette became even more elusive, appearing with a dazzle, graceful to the extreme as she drew her bow, decisive as she fire her arrow. Each movement was perfection, flowing with elegance and grace, making even Hu Banzhuang somewhat amazed.

But in several breaths’ time, not only was Hu Banzhuang unable to attack Su Xing, on the contrary, Hua Wanyue’s extremely elegant archery had rendered her unable to take action. Arrow after Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow inconceivably appeared. Surprisingly, there were more than several dozen. To fire so many Dark Ranks together in succession, this power was more frightening than an Earth Rank. Even Hu Banzhuang sharply inhaled.

This is?

No mistake.

Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

Too Young To Have Learned About Sorrow.

The several dozen Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows short towards Hu Banzhuang. The girl had nowhere to dodge. In the end, she was devoured by killing intent.

The Star Crest on Hua Wanyue’s forehead faded. The Hero Star that used her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was already powerless to continue fighting. She heaved as she looked at the Hu Banzhuang who had been consumed by killing intent, her face full of apprehension.

After the baleful aura dispersed.

Disappointingly, but unsurprisingly, Hu Banzhuang emerged. However, the current Bright Star cut a sorry figure like never before. Although she had stopped every single Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow, she was still affected by that tyrannical killing intent. Any other Star General would have fallen by now without as much luck.

Hua Wanyue fell powerlessly to a knee.

After Hua Wanyue was defeated, only the last two great martial generals Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou protected Su Xing. If they were defeated, then Hu Banzhuang would be in direct confrontation with Su Xing. None of the girls dared imagine this. Therefore, Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei exchanged glances. With perfect coordination, the two black and white fiends suddenly attacked.

In but an instant, this beautiful attack was already unleashed.

Hu Banzhuang did not hesitate to rush into Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei’s combined assault. Her absolutely beautiful Golden Wind and Jade Dew sabers were leisurely raised, tearing at the two girls together with the magnificent sword-light on her body.

There was an explosion that seemed to level the ground.

Phantoms of Golden Wind and Jade Dew twisting around Hu Banzhuang’s whole body appeared. Their frightening pressure instantly spread in all direction, and the Wu Siyou who was close to her suddenly became the first victim. Her True Phoenix was only Second Stage, and her Destined Weapon was only Four Star. Like a shooting star, she was ruthlessly sent flying backwards by this terrifying murderous aura.

In the intensely beautiful saber-light, Hu Banzhuang’s Golden Wind and Jade Dew crossed to show a beautiful arc. Saber-qi appeared like snowflakes, continuously attacking the place Wu Siyou had fallen, instantly covering her. The killing intent attacked with crisp and endless noise.

The sky was filled with debris lifted by the saber-qi.

The snowy ground had split apart, and a mist pervaded the area. Even while injured, Hu Banzhuang’s surly martial arts were undoubtedly present. Behind the scattering saber-light, Hu Banzhuang’s light glowed with cold light. She suddenly gripped her sabers. Illusions covering her whole body instantly concentrated onto the sabers in her hands. Gold and green became one, spinning together, strangely giving rise to a harmonious combination, emitting an awe-inspiring killing intent.

“Look out!!” Su Xing worriedly shouted. He could already sense that Hu Banzhuang was about to use her strongest technique to quickly end everything. She was indeed serious.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou’s expressions were both stern.

At the same time she cried aloud, Hu Banzhuang shot by like a meteor, bringing her might suddenly towards the Wu Siyou still stuck in a hole.

Su Xing promptly attacked with Purple Fiend and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, even bringing out that Immortal Murdering Whip.

Zhang Yuqi used her Earth Rank Heavenly Sword.

A sword of water descended from the heavens.

But everything they vanished without a trace before even touching Hu Banzhuang.

Su Xing, Tang Lianxin, and Zhang Yuqi were simply shocked at this scene. Those sabers that seemed to tear apart the sky heavily swung down. Time seemed to enter a standstill, and a moment seemed to last an eternity.

The surroundings all seemed to be frozen in place.

Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers were about to kill Wu Siyou when a spear suddenly appeared and firmly blocked it. The speartip flowed with snowy killing intent that counteracted the dense gold and green light upon Hu Banzhuang’s sabers. Despite the Bright Star’s overwhelming might, under the obstruction of this spear, she surprisingly could not budge at all. She was stuck in midair.

“Fight Your Servant.” Lin Yingmei sneered. At this time, the Majestic Star’s appearance was stiflingly beautiful. Her black hair had already become snow-white, and the young girl’s body was enveloped in a layer of ice and frost, emitting a biting chill.

This was her Earth Rank.

Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon.

Hu Banzhuang was taken aback. Evidently, she did not anticipate that Lin Yingmei would surprisingly be capable of blocking this, and Hu Banzhuang immediately sensed the chill concentrating on the blade. Her own killing intent was surprisingly frozen.


“Banzhuang presumes that you must be that wife that Su Xing loves most.” From the number of Stars on the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, recognizing the girl’s power, Hu Banzhuang sensed something different.

Lin Yingmei sneered, her eyes like frost. Instantly, she entered her most cold state.

Hu Banzhuang urged on her Realm and Star Energy at full power to face Lin Yingmei.

“Siyou.” Su Xing ran in front of Wu Siyou. An Suwen also began to heal her.

“Your Concubine is fine.” Wu Siyou stood up, looked at Su Xing, suddenly smiled and kissed Su Xing. Their lips intertwined, flowing with passion. After the hot kiss, Wu Siyou’s eyes were already charming, her cheeks a thorough red, soaring with drunkenness.

Wu Siyou gave Su Xing a flirtatious smile. After she turned around, she instantly vanished, then attacked Hu Banzhuang.

“Big Brother, this is?”

“Do Not Laugh While Laying Drunk On Battlefield.” Su Xing clenched his fist.

Hu Banzhuang had only just broken away from Lin Yingmei’s attack range when Wu Siyou immediately flanked her.

The intoxicated Wu Siyou’s realm already ascended to True Phoenix Fourth Stage levels, and her coordination with Lin Yingmei was already at the stage of perfection, flawless. The drunken Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus assault became completely arbitrary. Even Hu Banzhuang was unable to predict Wu Siyou’s attack pattern.

Resounding metal and sparks in the air ignited the portent of blood.

Another Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill???

Hu Banzhuang looked at the black Star Crest on Wu Siyou’s forehead and simply did not dare believe this. Wu Song surprisingly had a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with that man as well.

Lin Yingmei’s Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon blocked off Hu Banzhuang’s escape paths one by one. Wu Siyou’s drunken and varied attacks also appeared at random targeting Hu Banzhuang’s weakest parts. The combination attacks of the two girls practically suppressed the invincible HU Banzhuang. She did not even have the chance to use her Heaven Rank.

This was truly worthy of two great thousand year martial generals.

Hu Banzhuang relied on her powerful Realm to barely ward them off, but the injuries on her body were increasing. Her figure was also beginning to turn increasingly faint.

“Since this is the case…Then Banzhuang shall activate her Heaven Rank…” Hu Banzhuang shouted. Under the continuous suppression, her double sabers suddenly vanished from her hands. For the strongest Seven Star weapons to suddenly disappear from her hands like this, Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei did not hesitate at all to attack when they saw this.

“Run away, quickly.” Su Xing suddenly sensed danger and shouted. He was about to use an escape technique to rush over.

“Elder Brother, do not be impulsive.” Tang Lianxin promptly grabbed Su Xing.

A breath’s time.


Perhaps even faster.

In short, already out of time and range, Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei felt their attacks become very sluggish. The target that was just within reach seemed to be more than a thousand meters away. And after Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers disappeared, all of a sudden, the two saber-lights of Golden Wind and Jade Dew flashed in the space behind her.

The two girls hastily put up defenses, but it was already too late.

Heaven toppling saber-light stunned the world.

In the middle of its rumble, Hu Banzhuang serenely said.

“Banzhuang hopes that your Lord Husband has left your Star Nests intact…”

Yingmei, this is bad!

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