Chapter 711: The Third Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill

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The Seven Star Golden Wind Jade Dew vanished from Hu Banzhuang’s hands and reappeared. The space and time surrounding her seemed to enter a world of slow motion. Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei felt that the Hu Banzhuang that was plainly in front of them now seemed a thousand li away. Absolutely beautiful saber-light then appeared around Hu Banzhuang, becoming a storm filling the sky, twisting towards the two girls.

This was a practically undodgeable Heaven Rank.

Serene Mood Extreme Destruction!!

Just when the saber-light swept out, Wu Xinjie very quickly used her Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s Earth Rank – Five Elements Qiankun Lock!! The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain was not a normal Star Weapon. Even its upgrade process was very difficult, and each technique she comprehended was very awesome. Even though she was one of the strongest Heavenly Stars, she did not dare be neglectful.

This Five Elements Qiankun Lock was comprehended from her Five Elements achievement in the Heavenly Book dream.

A black light flashed.

Countless chains released rays of golden light that covered the world, weaving into a net. Each Black Gold Chain carried power that inverted Five Elements and locked the world. The world entered a frozen state, surprisingly clashing with Hu Banzhuang’s Heaven Rank Serene Mood Extreme Destruction.

Gorgeous saber-qi wrapped around each chain, rolling, even enveloping Wu Xinjie. Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou were swallowed by this saber-qi.

By the time the Heaven Rank passed, Hu Banzhuang still hovered in midair, exceptionally beautiful. The light of the Star Weapons in her hands dimmed, and that True Phoenix Seventh Stage aura was greatly weakened. “The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain…Truly a good weapon. Banzhuang never imagined to be able to see it again.” Hu Banzhuang slightly smiled.

“Yingmei, Siyou.” Seeing Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei, Su Xing breathed out.

The two girls were in difficult situation. There were already heavy injures upon their bodies. Half-kneeling on the ground, Wu Siyou could not lift even a finger, and Lin Yingmei was not that much better. Although Wu Xinjie used her Earth Rank to shield them from a portion of Hu Banzhuang’s Heaven Rank killing intent, this attack was still very strong, injuring the two of them heavily. However, seeing them relatively fine, Su Xing was relieved.

“Hu Banzhuang, didn’t you say you only wanted to kill me? Come, come take my life.” Su XIng shouted.

Hu Banzhuang looked at Su Xing, wearing an expression of praise yet not without losing her killing intent. “Banzhuang of course will uphold this promise.”

“As if.”

Lin Yingmei sprung up, swinging her Arctic Star Serpent Spear downwards. Hu Banzhuang repelled Lin Yingmei. The heavily injured Majestic Star was currently already not a threat. “Hey, you cannot be impudent to Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie licked her lips. She pointed her hand, using the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s Dark Technique Bind Silk Before Rain.

The chains multiplied, falling like a drizzle.

Hu Banzhuang shouted. She spun her swords, and killing intent swiftly flowed out, surging. Using her Light Smoke Dance Steps and superb True Phoenix Realm, Hu Banzhuang surprisingly completely avoided the Bind Silk Before Rain’s killing intent.

“Dazzling Light Mind Image.” The Hua Xue on Wu Xinjie’s shoulders flashed its eyes, shooting white light towards Hu Banzhuang.

Hu Banzhuang hesitated for an instant. A ray of white light descended.

The Fish Intestine Sword brushed past Hu Banzhuang’s body, making a slight cut. Zhang Yuqi cursed under her breath and activated White Water Mirror Heart. Hu Banzhuang continuously used Light Smoke Dance Step, and Wu Xinjie immediately advanced. Although she had no martial force whatsoever, the Knowledge Star absolutely would not allow Hu Banzhuang to draw near Su Xing. She stalled for time as long as she could, planning on making Hu Banzhuang’s True Spirit dissipate.

How could Hu Banzhuang not know their plan. After she used her Heaven Rank, her energy was depleted. Surrounded by Su Xing’s numerous wives, and with numerous injuries on her body, she had never been so hard-pressed since the Seventh Star Duels. However, this made Hu Banzhuang’s smile even more excited. Her desire to kill Su XIng had instead intensified.

The Seventh Generation’s genius Bright Star was inherently an unstoppable and beautiful young woman. The more dangerous the battle was, the greater her mastery of martial arts comprehension. This contrarily had bolstered Hu Banzhuang’s resolve.

Only by killing Su Xing could she honor the painstaking effort those wives put into protecting him. Of course, the same went for she was killed by Su Xing.

Her lithe body carried an intense whirlwind. The double sabers crisscrossed, and her gentle, beautiful eyes flashed with a magnificent light. Her cherry lips parted, releasing the frightening killing intent upon her blades in all direction.


A muffled noise. Wu Xinjie could only rely on the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains to strenuously defend. The Three Star Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s light flickered, appearing from out of thin air like illusions. Like shooting stars, their trajectories could not be tracked as they circled towards Hu Banzhuang.

Another Yellow Rank.

Weather Is Not Predictable.

As far as the Seventh Overlord was concerned, even while injured and weary, Hu Banzhuang could practically ignore the pressure this Yellow Rank brought. However, Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chains were exceptionally strange. This really was not a vain attempt to hold back an Overlord. WU Xinjie was only thinking of buying time.

As much time as she could.

Golden Wind and Jade Dew’s killing intent fell upon Weather Is Not Predictable and was completely blocked. The chains clattered and were ripped apart, but Wu Xinjie continuously spent Star Energy to maintain the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.

Su Xing watched sullenly, his knuckles already turning white from clenching his fists so hard. The blood in his body was on fire. He wanted to do something, but Tang Lianxin firmly held Su Xing back, shouting: “Elder Brother, you must not intervene, this is not the time.”

Su Xing had Wu Xinjie’s Seeing Clearly and naturally could see things very clearly. Hu Banzhuang’s Realm was frighteningly high. If he competed, he would not be as lucky as he had been over the past few days. This beautiful woman would not spare any effort in killing him. He could see that from those blazing eyes.

But this reason could hardly extinguish Su Xing’s flame.

“The Stars Have Moved.”

Hua Xue was knocked aside by Hu Banzhuang’s saber, and Wu Xinjie could not last. Against an Overlord’s severe saber-qi, she could only use the Heaven Concealing Stars Fan’s Earth Rank.

The incoming killing intent was reflected by starlight.

Hu Banzhuang was stunned. Without any hesitation, she charged into the killing intent. THe girl’s clothes were shredded, and even her underwear was considerably damaged, revealing an erotic sight, but even so, the most beautiful Star General absolutely paid this no attention. THe only thought in her mind was to complete her trial.


When Wu Xinjie saw her Earth Rank had no effect, her complexion became pale.

Hu Banzhuang shouted, a blood-flower bursting out suddenly from her double sabers. Her gentle voice instantly became a bitter groan.

The Seven Star double sabers directly broke the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s array. The saber’s tip stabbed towards Wu Xinjie’s body, “If only he had left you your Star Nest.” Hu Banzhuang’s second saber was about to slash Wu Xinjie’s neck.

Just at this moment, she suddenly heard the roar of thunder.

Hu Banzhuang was taken aback. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied an aggressive figure.

A long trail of afterimages lagged behind Su Xing. His speed had reached terrifying heights, arriving above Hu Banzhuang in an instant as if he had broken free of gravity itself.

His robes fluttered, his short hair swayed, and his eyes flashed with a chilling light.

This really was Su Xing.

Pretty good expression.

Pretty good courage.

Hu Banzhuang smirked and changed her attack direction. Bright Star Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers carried frightening killing intent right above Su Xing’s head. She could only use such an attack to delay Su Xing’s approach. The disparity in their speeds left her bound.

Ignoring Bright Star Hu Banzhuang’s frightening sabers, Su Xing’s figure passed like light smoke. He gently passed by Hu Banzhuang’s attack, his person already swiftly sticking to Hu Banzhuang’s flank.

At the same time, endless Purple Fiends accompanied, rolling an intense whirlwind around Su Xing’s body.

Amidst the Purple Fiends, countless Purple Fiend blades shot about, continuously launching towards Hu Banzhuang’s body. Against such a powerful attack, even Hu Banzhuang had no choice but to use her double sabers to defend.

Amidst the haze, a red figure rolled forth like a dragon, flying swiftly about at frightening speeds. Countless Purple Fiends rolled out, unfurling intense killing intent. An air-shattering scream pierced everyone’s eardrums.

In front of this quick figure, Hu Banzhuang’s movements were completely unable to evade the attacks of these Purple Fiends. She continuously battered about intensely, a series of bangs shaking everyone’s spirits.

From the very beginning, the intensity of the battle was astounding. Su Xing used full power from the get-go, endlessly using his speed and Purple Fiends against Hu Banzhuang.

The Purple Fiend’s attacks were sharp as a blade. If she was at peak condition, Hu Banzhuang could easily handle them, but currently, she could not spare them a thought. It was this bit of negligence that Su Xing seized upon.

Offense was the best defense.

Right now, Su Xing planned to use his most powerful attacks to defend, up until the moment Hu Banzhuang’s True Spirit dissipated.

The hundred bouts that he bitterly passed through over the several days, now passed by in the blink of an eye.

“Young Master…”

All of the girls nervously watched Su Xing, yet there was nothing they could do.

In actuality, although Su Xing’s attacks were exceptionally fierce, his mind was very clear. No matter how much force he used, no matter how much speed, all of his attacks seemed to hit a barrier. Indeed, Hu Banzhuang’s absolutely beautiful Seven Star double sabers were still an impregnable defense, using weakness to conquer all of Su Xing’s strength.

The counterattack was only a question of time.

“Banzhuang shall have you die together for love.” Hu Banzhuang raised her double sabers, chuckling.

When Su Xing heard these words, he immediately had a sense of foreboding. He wanted to withdraw for now, but Hu Banzhuang had already begun. Golden Wind and Jade Dew raised a resplendent saber-light that was like smoke and rain, surprisingly drawing Su XIng’s body in, turning him into a moth to a flame. Even if Su Xing wanted to use the Chaotic Tail Escape, he could not.

This was.

Su Xing’s pupils shrunk.

Dark Technique.

Together In The Drizzle.

The powerful Seven Star Destined Weapon and Seventh Stage True Phoenix practically made Su Xing feel suffocated, but the man had no fear at all. On the contrary, he was very composed. Hu Banzhuang was very perplexed. Perhaps he wanted to die at ease?

The answer was very quickly announced.

Hu Banzhuang drew Su Xing in. Just as the bright saber-qi was about to kill SU Xing, all of a sudden, she saw gold and green light cover Su Xing’s body. These lights were elegant and gentle. When her Together In The Drizzle struck Su Xing, she surprisingly sensed that it became a stone fallen into the great ocean, issuing no response. She saw that Su Xing’s forehead once again shimmered with a resonating Star Crest.

Hu Banzhuang was struck dumb.

Impossible, a third Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

Then, crescent saber-lights filled the skies, attacking her from behind. Hu Banzhuang turned her head to look. There was already nothing to be said.

The one who acted this time was the Ninth Generation’s Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi.

The last Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.

When Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew.

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