Chapter 712: Battle For The Qilin (I) Striving

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Breathtaking saber-qi that was like shards of shattered moonlight descended upon Hu Banzhuang. Hu Niangzi used every last bit of Star Energy in her entire body to give Su Xing one final chance.

Hu Banzhuang was encircled by When Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew, accepting Hu Niangzi’s final attack. All of the girls had their hearts in their throats. They could only wait and hope this last attack could finally end Hu Banzhuang.

But they were to be disappointed.

After the shock passed, Hu Banzhuang’s figure was still standing, but she was even more faint than before. The clothes on the girl’s body had already been completely destroyed by the endless saber-light. That wonderful, jadelike body was completely bared to the world, truly making everything pale in comparison.

“How can this be.” Hu Niangzi powerlessly said.

“To surprisingly have another Heaven Earth Dark Yellow.” Hu Banzhuang profoundly glanced at Hu Niangzi, practically not daring to believe the reality she saw in front of her.

More than a dozen Star Generals, three Heaven Earth Dark Yellows. This was too insane.

A Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was extremely difficult to comprehend. It required carefully selected geography and timing. It could not suddenly emerge just because you felt a deep connection to a Star Master, or if a Star Master was facing impending doom. If this was actually the case, then the Star Duels would already be overflowing with Heaven Earth Dark Yellows. In fact, the number of Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skills unleashed over nine generations of Star Duels could be counted on fingers.

As a matter of fact, the reason that Hu Banzhuang could emerge victorious in the Seventh and kill all of the top-notch martial generals on her own was because she and Bing Lingfeng had gone through the Double Sevens and comprehended a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. Otherwise, their result in the Seven Stars Assembly would have been very difficult to anticipate.

But this was the first time she had ever seen a single Star Master comprehend Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skills with three different Star Generals. Just what sort of character was this man, to surprisingly create three Heaven Earth Dark Yellows. Hu Banzhuang finally understood why Chao Gai raised Su Xing to go face Fang La. Perhaps he actually could create a miracle.

Right now, Hu Banzhuang’s power was greatly depleted, and her body was heavily injured. She was at the end of her rope.

“Su Xing, you must die today.” Hu Banzhuang said to Su Xing. This was not arrogance born of jealousy, nor was it from unforgettable hatred. The Bright Star smiled all along. This stemmed from the respect she had for Su Xing’s wives as well as the respect she held of Su Xing – Since your wives can already reach this stage,  if Banzhuang cannot bring out all of her power to kill you, then that would be too great a waste of their thoughts to protect you.

If Lin Yingmei knew her thoughts, she probably would vomit blood.

However, Su Xing nevertheless clearly knew. On the contrary, he felt this was right. “But you had better put on some clothes first. I don’t like to take advantage of you.” Saying this, he waved his hand and threw a robe to Hu Banzhuang.

Only now did the Hu Banzhuang who had sunken into an absolute battle frenzy notice that the palace dress on her body was already torn to shreds. She could be said to be standing completely threadbare in front of SU Xing. Her secret place was plainly visible to Su Xing, yet she did not realize it. 

Hu Banzhuang’s face seemed to be on fire, her cheeks a thorough red. She grit her teeth and forced a smile.

She had been hugged and groped by this man. In the end, she was surprisingly even exposed completely. She was honestly resentful to the extreme. Her lifelong beauty and chastity were surprisingly destroyed all at once. However, Hu Banzhuang actually did not feel angry. There was no significance to that anyways. “For protecting Banzhuang’s reputation, today, Banzhuang can only die with you for love.”

“You’re better off forgetting about that, I don’t have any feelings for you at all.” Su Xing said, conflicted.

A sneer.

Draping herself with the robe, she accepted his consideration without any reservation. Hu Banzhuang’s slash came, but her power was already greatly reduced. Su Xing actually felt he was not unable to cross swords.

Then this time, allow me.

Fighting erupted.


The fighting had yet to start.

When Hu Banzhuang rushed towards Su Xing, her cool and elegant double sabers were stopped by a chan staff. A woman dressed in Buddhist garb stood between Su Xing and Hu Banzhuang, not allowing them to get close.

Hu Banzhuang was stunned.

The girl who stepped forward was expressionless, her eyes unfathomable. The girl struck with her chan staff, striking with a fierce sweep. Hu Banzhuang was forced back. Jumping backwards several times, she elegantly pulled a distance away, gazing at the girl in front of her in shock.

“I will not allow you to die for love with Lord Benefactor!” The girl who intervened so decisively was none other than Solitary Star Lu Shaqing.

“Shaqing, you finally came out.” Wu Xinjie had begun to worry to death. Right now, everyone had been defeated by Hu Banzhuang. The only one capable of battle was Lu Shaqing. As far as this Buddhist woman was concerned, Wu Xinjie had no doubts about her martial prowess.

She should have no problem stalling until Hu Banzhuang’s True Spirit dissipated, or she might even kill her.

“Sisters, please rest well.” Lu Shaqing held her palm out, nodding to Su XIng: “Lord Benefactor, please watch for now as well.”

When Lu Shaqing appeared, the forty-eight Immemorial Flying Swords Heaven Tearing, Time Immemorial, Langya, and Jian Feather spun around Su Xing. With his Flying Swords at his side, all of the girls were greatly relieved.

Hu Banzhuang adjusted the robe and breathed deeply.

“Banzhuang is indeed very weary, but to think of being the fisherman that takes both the snipe and clam, this thinking is too naive.” The Seven Star double sabers once again rose.


Lu SHaqing took up her Chan staff, rushing straight forward. Her Withering Thriving Lotus Flower Beast released multi-colored lotus flowers in her surroundings to provide assistance. “Come then.” Hu Banzhuang raised her sabers and charged at the same time.

Meanwhile, Black Turtle Territory.

Lu Xiao’s Heavenly Book had attracted the greatest crisis in the Heavenly Books. THe Devil Star Palace’s Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang, with the Four Great Law Protectors, rushed for Lu Xiao’s island. This powerful force shook the entire Black Turtle Territory.

Twenty-eighth day of the Heavenly Books.

As expected, everyone discovered the Lu Xiao who was currently in her Heavenly Book dream. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon who wanted to obtain the Strength Star’s Star Energy launched his attack without uttering a word. Her guardian Star River Dragon Horse sensed danger and let out a roar, fully displaying its divine might.

“Filthy beast, you would dare be a hindrance.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon controlled his Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Swords to kill it, but this Star River Dragon Hourse was ranked second on the Star Beast list. Even a Supervoid Cultivator would need to fear it.

The qilin spat out a river of stars, completely entangling the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword. The Star River Dragon Horse1 charged forwards. The qilin’s arrogance made the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon change expression and forced him to retreat.

A black shadow passed. Demon King of Chao Fan Ming barred the Star River Dragon Horse. “Damned beast, watch this.” Fan Ming sneered and slashed with her claws.

The Star River Qilin’s divine might was like a mountain, its power surging.

What incredible power!

The moment the Star River Qilin pounced, even Fan Ming sensed a heavy pressure upon her chest. At the same time Fan Ming felt amazement at the Strength Star’s Star Beast, her heart also burned with the fire of envy.

She did not concede that she was unable to defeat a trifling Star Beast.

Fan Ming’s claws scratched the Star River Qilin. It was very obvious the girl’s waist was arching backwards like a strained tree. The Star River Qilin’s fierce charge was not only very fast, its power was also extremely strong. 

It pushed Fan Ming to the point of suffocating. Her heart was enraged, and a Dark Technique launched the Star River Dragon Horse into the air. At the same time, her black shadow suddenly leapt. Her body drew a beautiful arc in midair, already arriving right above the Star River Dragon Horse.

Somersaulting in the air, her claws tore out terrible killing intent, all in one move.

Golden light suddenly exploded out of the qilin’s body, abruptly blinding her. The Star River Qilin’s power was unleashed.

In no more than a fleeting instant, there was a sharp noise, and Fan Ming’s attack landed on nothing.

This damned beast.

Everyone stared, surprisingly being stalled by the qilin. Fan Ming’s expression was unsightly. Just as the attack here finished, the Star River Qilin launched another before even landing. This Star Beast was very intelligent, constantly guarding in a radius around Lu Xiao, so as to avoid letting the others encroach.

“We cannot delay. Other people have come.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said to Li Xiangfei and then glanced at Su Shengxiang.

“Your Servant knows.” Su Shengxiang nodded.

Her Star General Du Yunxiang manifested. Her straight black hair rose in the wind. The woman was expressionless, raising her Star Weapon, “False God True Demon Mask.” This Star Weapon was a mask placed upon her face, one part grinning, another part sinister, one part demonic yet magnanimous, another divine and open, but it would frighten anyone at first sight.

The mask had five swirling stars.

This mask had a deterrent function. Demon Face did not shy away from any spiritual power and was more bold the stronger the enemy. However, Demon Face’s inherent martial force was feeble. This would only be some magic to use as a last resort, thus, in the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s view, this was considerably outside the mainstream.

Du Yunxiang used her Dark Rank “Mind Absorbing Soul Stealing.”

It stopped the Star River Dragon Horse.

At the same time, Su Shengxiang also took action, activating the “Five Elements Ring.” The Five Elements Ring appeared out of thin air and flashed. Five rays of five lights circled and immediately secure the qilin’s limbs and neck.

The Five Elements Ring was one of the most ancient of Prehistoric Spirit Treasures. Although it was average in ranking, it was most adept at trapping enemies and protecting its user, let alone that the Five Elements Ring could release a very troubling ability to restrain the Five Elements. Su Shengxiang chanted, releasing scorching gold light. 

The Five Elements Ring suddenly became completely red. The Star River Dragon Horse was Metal Element. Restrained by Fire, it immediately bellowed in pain.

At this time, Li Xiangfei moved, bringing an ear-splitting whistle. Her figure already appeared above the Star River Dragon Horse’s head. The noble woman raised the White Night Dragon Carving Sword and ruthlessly swung it down. The Five Star Destined Weapon descended, cutting into the Star River Qilin’s body. Fan Ming also charged in, her Five Demons Infernal Devil Claws mercilessly ripping up the qilin’s golden light.

The Star River Dragon Horse endlessly struggled.

“Truly annoying.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon activated the Boundless Bell.

A knell gently resounded over the ocean.

The world fell into silence.

The qilin’s power immediately weakened. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon used the Eight Desolations Heavenly Demon cultivation method to attack with devil-light and Flying Swords.

Under the united front of Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Su Shengxiang, Li Xiangfei, Fan Ming, and Du Yunxiang, the Star River Dragon Horse could not last. Li Xiangfei then summoned her similarly powerful Star Beast Dragonling Kiss. This beautiful Star Beast swam upon the seas, letting out several beams of water-light.

Seeing that the Star River Qilin was finally about to die, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon seized the opening. With delight in his heart, he promptly controlled his Flying Swords.

The Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword released terrifying devil-light that descended upon Lu Xiao. Just as it was about to devour her, Su Shengxiang watched and could not help but raise her brows. She gripped the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol, prepared to take action. All of a sudden, a Single Horned Pixiu Beast leapt out, raising its horn to surprisingly stop these Flying Swords for the moment.

“To kill Strength Star Lu Junyi, you must first kill Lady Lun.”

A beautiful Nine Dragons Cart arrived, and a slender and graceful woman descended, bringing an absolutely domineering coldness.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s heart sank, and his smile immediately vanished.

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  1. Again, the author keeps changing what Lu Xiao’s Star Beast is referred to as. Just know that the Star River Whatever is her Star Beast


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