Chapter 713: Battle For The Qilin (II) Miscalculation

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“To kill Lu Junyi, you must first kill Me.”

This domineering woman was naturally the palace master of the Nine Dragons Palace, Shi Jinglun.

Along with Shi Jinglun were Li Shuangfei, Wang Jingzhi, several of the other girls, and even Liu Tianya.

Nine Dragons Palace Master’s sudden appearance was just in the nick of time for the Jade Qilin’s crisis, however, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was not surprised they would appear. Currently in the Black Turtle Territory, the only Star Master powers besides the Devil Star Palace were the Nine Dragons Palace and Three Ruans Water Fort. But from the very beginning, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did not place these scattered Star Generals that were without Star Masters in his gaze at all.

What did he have to fear from a Star General without a single contract.

“Lady Jinglun, what is this. Can it be you want to save this Lu Junyi?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon heard Shi Jinglun’s previous declaration and nearly replaced his anger with a laugh.

Everyone knew that the Strength Star was the strongest martial general in the Star Duels. That Shi Jinglun would let her go, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was unconvinced. “Who would listen to such a statement, ha, ha. Can it be that you believe this Strength Star will be grateful to you?”

“Young Master, what are you doing chatting with her. Kill first.” Fan Ming yelled and attacked. She feared that delaying for too long would draw more and more Star Masters over who were not so easy to handle. Although the Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors were present, they would not intervene until the critical moment.

“Ming’er, be careful.” Li Xiangfei shouted.

But she was already unable to stop the girl’s murderous desire. Shi Jinglun’s footsteps were swift as arrows. Fan Ming was simply unable to believe her speed, only seeing the woman instantly close the distance in the blink of an eye, a staff in her hand. The attacking Fan Ming did not expect that she would have to change to defense in an instant.

With a chilling breaking sound, the Yellow Dragon Staff slammed into Fan Ming’s body, as if to shatter the girl’s arm. If it was not for the Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure “Night Star Dust Repelling Armor”1 she wore, Fan Ming felt that this blow would have crippled her arm.

But the enormous strength upon the staff still made Fan Ming contort her face in pain.

“Bang!!!” A loud noise suddenly echoed through the air. Fan Ming’s speed instantly increased to its limit. Her entire body was like a demon, roving about erratically.

Chilling demonic wails rang out, and Fan Ming Charged towards Shi Jinglun with her Five Demons Infernal Devil Claws in hand.

The two claws manifested thousands of specters and wisps of smoke.

Sensing the terrifying might of Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun, as well as the strength of that Star Weapon, Fan Ming also made a prompt decision to use her Earth Rank Technique.

Soul Flying Sword Dispersal.

Shi Jinglun was unfazed. Her Six Star Destined Weapon was on an entirely different level of power. With a mere swing of the Yellow Dragon Staff, Fan Ming only saw the staff vanish and become a soaring yellow dragon. It clashed with Fan Ming’s Soul Flying Sword Dispersal. This was Dark Rank Yellow Dragon Worships Heaven.

The Soul Flying Sword Dispersal broke the Yellow Dragon Worships Heaven. Its leftover might carried through, but this had given Shi Jinglun time to prepare her second Star Weapon.

Nine Dragons Nine Flashes.

Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Queen Jinglun’s body flickered. She brought out the Four Star Dragon-trapping Nine Section Staff, and light radiated out from the nine section staff.

Fan Ming was completely too late to hear anything. Her entire person had already been struck directly by a powerful force. That force was vast, something she had no way to completely defend against. They could even hear the bones throughout her whole body groan. She was already like a cannonball, flung far, far away.

Then, Shi Jinglun transformed her Star Weapon once again, bringing out her Three Star Crimson Dragon Bow.

Dragon Burning Extreme Break. 

A fire dragon flew out, shooting devastatingly into Fan Ming’s body. The fire dragon arrow then broke out of her back.

Shi Jinglun acted quickly and smoothly, all in a single breath. The rhythm of her every attack was linked together flawlessly. Even though Li Xiangfei had already raised a warning, her actions should have been slower a tad.

“How can this be.” Demon King of Chaos’ mouth hung agape, unreconciled that she would be defeated. The girl’s current appearance was quite wretched. Nine dents had surprisingly been punched into that Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure. Her long hair had been blown into disarray. Taking a few steps, Fan Ming could not avoid vomiting blood.

“The Devil Star Palace has treated you quite well. That is a Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure.” Shi Jinglun nodded. If it was not for this treasure, that series of attacks just now would perhaps already have caused Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming to Starfall.

Gazing at Shi Jinglun, a smile of hatred spread across Fan Ming’s face. Her pitch-black eyes burned with tumultuous flames.

“Dammit. Do you think just the few of you can handle us?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted. Although he had been utterly defeated by the Purple Thunder Monster, shattering his confidence, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon honestly did not fear anyone else.

The Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Swords activated.

The demonic light of the Demon Swords was unparalleled, their evil power surging. Sky Soaring Great Sage Li Shuangfei used her Dark Technique Fingers Linked To Heart, but the Four Star Dead Leaves Darts had barely touched the Demon Swords when they were devoured. This man’s sword chant was not the average sort of terrifying, but Li Shuangfei still had other options. She then immediately took out the Southern Barbarian Sword and Autumn Wind Shield.

Earth Rank Sword Technique: Breaking Through The Sky.

That sword directly pierced the heavens and knocked away the Demon Swords. Li Shuangfei at this time swung her sword.

Li Xiangfei also took action at this time. The woman’s hands spread apart. The ocean waves and winds seemed to suck her into a river shaped like a palm.

“Finish this quickly.” Shi Jinglun knew the River Dragon’s might. This island location was completely to her advantage.

Without any hesitation, Shi Jinglun suddenly put force to her legs. The ground quaked, and the earth instantly erupted. An enormous recoil made the air shake. In the smoke, the woman’s figure had already swiftly appeared in front of Li Xiangfei.

Her body leaned, striking with her staff at full power.

Seeing the Yellow Dragon Staff’s six stars, everyone’s expression became serious.

The staff was wrapped in a whirling hurricane. Surprisingly, it appeared to be entwined with a cyclone, ripping apart the air with a whistle so shrill it made everyone unable to help but cover their ears. Everyone knew that Shi Jinglun’s attack was definitely full of power.

Li Xiangfei gently grunted. Her body floated, surprisingly pulling back more than a zhang away in an instant, as if she was completely unaffected by time or space. Showing a strange aura, Shi Jinglun’s staff merely struck futilely at empty space.

Soon after, the noble woman and the great ocean became one. A tidal wave that reached the skies roared towards Shi Jinglun, “Hè.” Shi Jinglun then swung her staff, breaking that water magic attack.

Li Xiangfei became a martial general in the water, gripping her White Night Dragon Carving Sword and slashing. Each of the River Dragon’s swordstrokes made the sea’s waves surge violently, putting even the Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors on shaky ground. They could only admire the power of a martial general on water.

Li Xiangfei used her Innate Skill to overturn the seas. Each of her attacks was very mighty, surprisingly fighting evenly against Shi Jinglun’s Six Star Yellow Dragon Staff.

A white dragon and a yellow dragon intertwined, clashing.

The two of them carried out an offensive at high speed. The first to stop would be the first to fall. Their figures practically could not be seen at all. Only indistinct shadows could be seen flitting about space.

The air continuously let out a series of explosions. At random times there would be the sudden appearance of a yellow dragon fighting a white dragon, occasionally releasing a wave like the heavens, occasionally releasing pervasive yellow qi.

The entire island filled with killing intent, creating even greater momentum.

Not only this, but Li Xiangfei’s Dragonling Kiss and Shi Jinglun’s Single Horned Pixiu Beast also started a Star Beast battle on the seas.

Making the others watch, awestruck.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was not in the mood to fight Shi Jinglun. Although killing Nine Tattooed Dragons was fine, the most important goal right now was still to take the Jade Qilin’s Star Energy. Seeing that she unexpectedly was comprehending her Heavenly Book for so long, the concentration of the Star Energy flowing in the surroundings surely signified her Star Energy was not low.

However, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was being occupied by Li Shuangfei. The Sky Soaring Great Sage’s three Star Weapons could not be dismissed so easily. A Southern Barbarian Sword, an Autumn Breeze Shield, and a Dead Leaves Dart, the lowest being Four Star gave the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon a severe headache.

However, this gave Su Shengxiang a chance.

“Wife, help This Great Saint stall this woman.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon promptly used Sound Transmission. Star Energy could not compare to magic energy, but there was no way he could share. Fearing that Su Shengxiang would take it, he hastily ordered her.

“Wife shall take the Qilin first, then turn her over to Lord Husband.” Su Shengxiang did not want to let go of such a good opportunity. With a charming smile on her lips, she flew out.

Currently, the only ones guarding Lu Xiao were Living Goddess of Lightning Wang Jingzhi and Little Yuzhi Sun Xinyue. The two of them were Star Generals ranked over 100. Su Shengxiang felt she could handle them. Even if she had to use the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol and expose her final trump card, she felt this was unnecessary to use.

Su Shengxiang’s “Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords” were summoned.

A hundred Flying Swords arranged into a large circle, forming a widespread array. Sword-light flashed.

“Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star.” Each of the Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors were startled. Elder Dried Bone’s lightless eyes glowed.

These Flying Swords were considerably famous Immemorial Sword Chants, the signature skill of the Dark Star Palace. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether practiced precisely this sword chant. Its might was far more formidable than Great Saint Starkiller’s Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Flying Swords. They had originally thought that Su Shengxiang’s Flying Swords ought to have been so-so, but no one imagined this ordinarily compliant young woman would surprisingly retain such a trump card.

“I truly would never have imagined.” Fiend Star sneered.

“What do we do now?” Corpse Devil Ruthlessness said in a low voice. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was the Devil Star Palace’s chosen Star Master. Now, upon seeing Su Shengxiang go to take the Jade Qilin, he did not know what to do.

“Let us watch for now. For the Jade Qilin to die at her hand is not a loss. The Devil Ancestor only wants the Heavenly Book. He has no interest in anything else.”


When the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon saw Su Shengxiang go to kill Lu Xiao, he was about to shout curses at her, but upon seeing Su Shengxiang’s Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords, he was immediately struck dumb.

Pitch-black sword-light shone in the heavens. The hundred Flying Swords glittered and split apart, becoming tens of thousands of twinkling stars around Lu Xiao. This was a sure-kill sword array.

Even Nine Tattooed Dragon Shi Jinglun did not foresee this girl would surprisingly pose the greatest trouble. She had calculated the Devil Star Palace would dispatch people. If she was against the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, she had some chance of victory. As for the Four Great Law Protectors, Liu Tianya and the other girls could face them, but Su Shengxiang’s actions immediately changed the situation.

The expression of the giggling Wang Jingzhi concentrated into something unsightly. She snapped her fingers.

Not hesitating to use her Earth Rank.

Empty Void!!!2

Sun Xinyue also immediately used her Earth Rank Saber Technique to intercept.

Destruction Of Celestial Objects!!3

Su Shengxiang did not fear their Earth Ranks’ powers. The only thing on her mind was taking the Jade Qilin. Du Yunxiang sensed her master’s boldness and also used her Earth Rank “Summoning Gods And Demons.” The name of this technique was very aggressive, but it was not a formidable technique at all. It only guided the powers of gods and demons to protect Su Shengxiang. By doing so, she could greatly reduce the power of the incoming Earth Ranks.

Life and death passed in a mere instant.

Su Shengxiang broke through the Earth Ranks and immediately arrived in front of Lu Xiao.

This was bad.

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  1. 夜星辟塵甲
  2. 虛空
  3. 天象一絕

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