Chapter 714: Battle For The Qilin (III) Fierce Battle

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When Xi Yue arrived at the island Lu Xiao was on, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Shi Jinglun had already begun battle. Both of them were significant powers in the Black Turtle Territory. Xi Yue was naturally very aware of that. Seeing Shi Jinglun was surprisingly protecting Strength Star Lu Xiao, she was a bit relieved.

However, she had no intentions at all of helping either.

The reason was very simple. Xi Yue was also planning to act at the end, to first allow the two to engage each other in mortal combat. She knew of Qingci’s uprising, and she also knew that they were the greatest enemy to Su Xing in the coming Star Duels. She did not care to give them protection.

But Female Tiger Gu Tong was somewhat worried. Seeing her companions from the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, she was briefly excited, but seeing the Devil Star Palace’s formation, she was also secretly nervous.

“We cannot go out right now. If you go, you will hurt yourself as well as hurt us.” Xi Yue said.

“Don’t tell me we are not going to save Elder Sister?” Gu Tong said with concern.

After Su Shengxiang suddenly used her Great Heavenly Cycle Dark Star Flying Swords, Gu Tong was even more nervous. The situation was already completely leaning towards the Devil Star Palace.

“What Xi Yue said is very true. We cannot go out right now.” Chai Ling nonchalantly said from her position of safety. She stroke Xing’er, the corner of her lips curling into a smile.

Gu Tong was even more confused.

Chai Ling’s eyes rolled about: “Right now, everyone in the Black Turtle Territory knows that Xi Yue is the Purple Thunder Monster’s wife. If she steps out, she will inevitably draw attention, which will instead make the Devil Star Palace and Nine Dragons Palace unite to face her.”

Hearing Chai Ling call her a wife, Xi Yue was somewhat elated and nodded.

True as that may be, when they saw Su Shengxiang surprisingly break through those Earth Rank to reach Lu Xiao, XI Yue was also stunned. Without time for another thought, she hastily activated the Dual Modes Ruler.

Green light flashed, and the Dual Modes Ruler descended before Lu Xiao, becoming two projections.

Shielding her.

Su Shengxiang’s palm struck the Dual Modes Ruler. Her magic energy was reflected, shaking her back, vomiting blood.

The Dual Modes Ruler’s appearance once again shocked everyone.

Xi Yue and Gu Tong were forced to take the stage at this time.

“Water Illusion Fairy.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was shocked and furious.

“How are you here? Can it be the Purple Thunder Monster has also come.” As Xi Yue had expected, the moment she appeared, Shi Jinglun and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon both gave up on their battle, each looking at Xi Yue with trepidation.

Xi Yue’s renown as the Purple Thunder Monster’s wife was not only known throughout the Black Turtle Territory, but also across Liangshan Continent as well.

Seeing her Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation, everyone could not help but draw in a breath.

This Purple Thunder Monster indeed had significant background. That trifling Water Illusion Fairy followed him and surprisingly already reached Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation. This was the number one cultivation in three territories.

“Queen, Su Xing is not here, we are helping Elder Sister. Let us repel this Devil Star Palace together.” Gu Tong shouted out loud, afraid that Shi Jinglun would ally with the Devil Star Palace.

She was the proprietress of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion. Li Shuangfei and Sun Xinyue naturally believed her, to say nothing of the fact that even if Su Xing was present, he may not necessarily raise his hand. However, Shi Jinglun was indeterminate. Her plan was originally to obtain the Jade Qilin’s favor. If she allowed Su Xing’s people to interfere, then this would be failure at the last moment. Killing intent secretly arose in her heart, but seeing Li Shuangfei and the others, she forcibly suppressed it.

She could only make an alliance for the time being then think of a solution later.

“Law protectors, quickly take care of them.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted.

Fiend Star, Elder Dried Bone, Corpse Demon Ruthlessness, and a new law protector known as Ancestor Four Evils immediately advanced. The four great Supervoid Cultivators attacked, an awe-inspiring force. Thousands of Flying Swords emerged.

Fiend Star was especially resentful of Xi Yue, as if to the bone. He swung his hand and activated a Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Flying Sword Array.

Elder Dried Bone used his “White Bone Rotting Gas” while Corpse Demon Ruthlessness swung his arms and pounced. Ancestor Four Evils was only Supervoid Early Stage, a lower cultivation, but he had inherited the position of True Lord Heavenly Commandment and was not lacking in power. His “Demon God Evil Fiend Flying Swords” formed the faces of demons and launched.

Xi Yue activated the spirit flames of the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian. Bright and beautiful flames illuminated the world.

“This is the Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire?” Elder Dried Bone was shocked.

The Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire immediately burned away his White Bone Rotting Gas. Elder Dried Bone then activated a magic weapon “Dried Bone Stake” to attack. Zhang Feiyu at this time laughed: “You cultivators dare to impudent before me.”

The girl bounded over, her Flaming Fish King Saber unleashing an Earth Rank.

A trail of burning saber-light broke out, accompanying Xi Yue’s Clinging Fire tyrannically. The thousand Flying Swords could not resist.

The Four Great Law Protectors’ actions were surprisingly suppressed, making them infuriated.

Xi Yue snapped her fingers, and then her Flying Swords also attacked. However, while she had Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation, her powers were nevertheless very feeble. If she actually was compared to these Law Protectors, she was completely outmatched. Still, she fortunately had Immemorial-level powers like the Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire. This was doable.

“Did the Purple Thunder Monster not come? Then you can just die.” Fiend Star shouted.

Xi Yue felt he was somewhat familiar. When she saw those Flying Swords, she exclaimed: “Could you be Great Saint Starkiller?”

The man sneered.

The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords were ferocious, immediately trapping Xi Yue in a sword array.

Sword-light simultaneously twisted.

“No wonder. The Devil Star Palace cultivated you so meticulously, they naturally would never let you die.” Xi Yue said. Facing the sword array, she was not flustered. She activated the Coiling Dragon Plate. The defensive magic weapon of True Lord Heavenly Commandment was indeed very formidable. A dragon’s specter coiled around her and blocked the incoming sword array attack.

The feathers on Xi Yue’s magnificent clothes fluttered, releasing Clinging Fire.

Meanwhile, when Su Shengxiang saw that the Lu Xiao that was just within her reach had been blocked off by the Dual Modes Ruler, she was endlessly resentful. She raised the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords to handle Li Shuangfei, Sun Xinyue, and Gu Tong. In her mind, she prepared for a chance to activate the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol. For the sake of the Strength Star’s Star Energy, there was no choice in exposing her trump card.

Just at this moment, Du Yunxiang suddenly moaned. Several green lights intruded.

Su Shengxiang immediately withdrew.

Those green lights flew quickly and attacked Li Shuangfei’s group. Li Shuangfei used her throwing darts to counter, but they were surprisingly unable to stop them.

“You had better turn Elder Sister over to Biluo.”

A green figure appeared. The girl revealed a charming smile, and at the same time, a man also appeared.

“Agile Star.”

Everyone was stunned, exclaiming.

The newcomer was none other than Yan Wudao and Zhang Biluo.

Yan Wudao up until now had not given up on his chase to kill Chai Ling. After coming to the Black Turtle Territory, he heard the information about Lu Xiao. Only then did he stop his rush, but it seemed he had caught up anyways.

Zhang Biluo’s eyes glowed when she saw the Lu Xiao that was in her Heavenly BOok Dream. She and Yan Wudao had perfect coordination. Yan Wudao used his Six Paths Plate to first deal with the Dual Modes Ruler while Zhang Biluo instantly used her Earth Rank.

No Life Under Heaven!!

Countless concealed weapons shot in all directions. Nobody dared to face this, only retreating and withdrawing, already having lost the initiative. That No Life Under Heaven’s concealed weapons pounded the Dual Modes Ruler to the point of collapse, and then when Yan Wudao’s Six Paths Plate struck it, the Dual Modes Ruler dissipated. Yan Wudao’s Flying Swords directly attacked.

But just at this moment, there was a change upon the sea.

Li Xiangfei saw that the situation was very grim. This time, she activated her Earth Rank magic – Fury Of The Ocean. She was even prepared to level the entire island that Jade Qilin Lu Xiao was on. She would first kill Jade Qilin then worry about the rest. But Shi Jinglun would not give her the chance to do so. Nine Tattooed Dragons activated her Innate Skill. A dragon tattoo appeared on her back, red as a branding iron.

When Li Xiangfei saw this, her expression immediately changed.

Nine Tattooed Dragons’ Innate Skill Dragon Tattoo would temporarily increase her Realm and Star Energy for each tattoo activated, at most nine activations. But this Innate Skill’s aftereffect was a severe decrease in Realm and Star Energy. This was not very good overall. Activating two dragon tattoos was a bearable decrease, but any more would be trouble.

But seeing that Shi Jinglun surprisingly used her Innate Skill, Li Xiangfei knew Shi Jinglun’s intentions.

The two powerful women once again battled without so much as uttering a word.

Li Xiangfei suddenly roared. Her sword shattered Shi Jinglun’s defenses, and the sea struck her body. The power was like a surging river. Instnatly, the White Night Dragon Carving Sword shook her several hundred times. Shi Jinglun’s Six Star Destined Weapon Yellow Dragon Staff blocked and missed.

This was the Dark Technique White Dragon Enters Dream.

Shi Jinglun sneered. She resolutely endured the pain of that attack. Let alone this was just a mere sword, that attack instantly split apart many of the defenses she had already weakened. That kind of frightening might could ferociously pour into her body, ravaging her organ systems and nerves. Seeing that the wound was not large, yet still hurt terribly, this made Shi Jinglun taste suffering for the first time.

Li Xiangfei did not want to tussle with her for too long. She only wanted to find a chance to charge her Earth Rank.

But Shi Jinglun already activated her second dragon tattoo. The Yellow Dragon Staff swept past empty space, a chill brushing over Li Xiangfei’s skin.

At some point in time, the ocean winds that had vanished instantly were released.

Staff-shadows filled the skies, slamming heavily downwards.

Just as they were about to strike Li Xiangfei, a shadow suddenly appeared and used itself as a shield for the River Dragon. “Xiangfei, let them see properly see your might.” The one who intervened was none other than the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. He used the Eight Desolations Heavenly Demon Body, focusing all of his body’s power to block Shi Jinglun’s strike.

If this was before, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon would never have dared to contend against a powerful Star General, but after listening to Li Xiangfei’s lecture, he seemed to have come to a realization. He made the prompt decision to allow Li Xiangfei the chance for her Earth Rank. So long as they could kill Lu Xiao, this would all be worth it.

Li Xiangfei nodded.

Shi Jinglun sneered. The staff technique in her hand changed, using her Earth Rank.

Dragon Battle Upon Plains!!

The Yellow Dragon Staff froze, its power shooting in all directions. Its powerful killing intent made the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s complexion turn pale. His knees quivered, and he wanted to flee. “Sister Xiangfei, the rest is up to you.” Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming rushed over to shield the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. Master and servant were very coordinated, displaying the teamwork of the Black Turtle Territory’s first-rate Star Master.

Demon King of Chaos similarly countered with an Earth Rank.

But the Six Star Earth Rank was far stronger.

Fan Ming did not last too long against the Yellow Dragon Staff. That Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure “Night Star Dust Repelling Armor” split apart. Her chest hurt, and she was killed into the Star Nest. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon controlled his Flying Swords, barely defending.

At this time, Li Xiangfei’s Fury Of The Ocean finally ended.

A matchlessly majestic power roared out of the seas. The Devil Star Palaces Four Great Law Protectors could only retreat. “Run away, now.” Wang Jingzhi pulled Li Shuangfei and Gu Tong, using her teleportation.

The entire vicinity’s endless sea area became a terrifying giant beast about to swallow everything and everyone on the seas. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had stalled long enough to allow the River Dragon this chance to use her Earth Rank with unprecedented power. Even Xi Yue sensed that the Dual Modes Ruler was unexpectedly unable to stop this.

Not good.

Xi Yue’s expression changed. She hastily activated her Vermilion Jian for protection evading the water. The others also complied one after another. Though Li Xiangfei’s goal was only Lu Xiao, the endless seas bounded up, like a beast unleashed. On the contrary, the Yan Wudao who was closes to Lu Xiao was pale in the face.

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