Chapter 715: Battle For The Qilin (IV) Ten Thousand Souls Parasol

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Yan Wudao’s expression was one of crushing defeat. He immediately sensed the tyrannical Earth Rank of Li Xiangfei, the number one general upon the seas. He did not dare face it and could only watch helplessly as he was so close to Lu Xiao yet unable to kill her – if he killed her, he himself would end up dying as well. Yan Wudao could not take this risk. Zhang Biluo’s Star Beast Green Bird used its Gods Appear Devils Vanish.

But it was too late.

After an enormous crash.

The entire island was already devoured and leveled by the ocean. Lu Xiao’s Star River Dragon horse was killed by the water, and Zhuang Biluo was unable to evade, being struck down into the Star Nest. This smart and proud Featherless Arrow had still been able to display her formidable concealed weapons ability to dominate everyone present before being defeated like this. Fortunately, Yan Wudao’s escape techniques were high-level, but he still received some effect to his magic energy. His chest hurt terribly, and he vomited blood.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon saw Li Xiangfei use Fury Of The Ocean and was elated.

Everyone only thought that Li Xiangfei had killed Lu Xiao, with secret regret in their hearts. Xi Yue was even more incomparably pale. But when the wind and waves passed, they nevertheless discovered Lu Xiao to be unscathed. The Strength Star sat atop a hill, in a state of deep dreams that was unaffected by external disturbance. Xi Yue originally thought that Chai Ling had used her final Red Ink Iron Certificate to save Lu Xiao, but upon careful inspection, this was not the case.

There was a shield above Lu Xiao. It emitted Earthly Qi that surrounded Lu Xiao. That unparalleled Earth Magic was surprisingly not devoured. Li Xiangfei did not dare believe this as she looked to Shi Jinglun.

This was Shi Jinglun’s Star Weapon Earth Dragon Shield.

Dark Rank.

Lofty Five Sacred Mountains.

Generall speaking, even if Shi Jinglun’s Earth Dragon Shield was Four Star, her Dark Rank could not possibly stop Li Xiangfei’s strongest Fury Of The Ocean, but Shi Jinglun was currently activating all nine of her crimson dragon tattoos. Unexpectedly, all nine dragon tattoos were completely displayed. Her Realm and Star Energy had astonishingly rose to True Phoenix Fourth or Fifth Stage. This little Dark Rank naturally could then be blocked.

“Your surprisingly do such a thing.” Li Xiangfei did not dare believe that Nine Tattooed Dragons was unexpectedly damage her own Realm and Star Energy to use the Nine Tattooed Dragons’ Innate Skill.

Even Xi Yue was quite astonished.

It appeared this Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons truly wanted to save Lu Xiao.

The time that Shi Jinglun could use her Innate Skill was very short. After she blocked this Earth Rank, she left no gaps. The Minute Star’s expression was ice-cold, a plan already in her mind. She had already activated her Nine Tattooed Dragons Innate Skill. Surely, that Jade Qilin Lu Xiao was a logical person and would believe in her sincerity in saving her. Even if Su Xing’s wife was present, this favor was still greatest to her, the Nine Tattooed Dragons.

Shi Jinglun swung her staff, smashing LI Xiangfei in the stomach.

Li Xiangfei beckoned with her hand, commanding Dragonling Kiss to attack. During Fury Of The Ocean, Shi Jinglun’s Star Beast had been entangled by Dragonling Kiss and was unable to avoid misfortune. Even if the first Earth Rank did not succeed, she would not be so lucky the second time.

Seeing Lu Xiao’s defense break, the situation was even more precarious.

Suddenly at this moment, five strange summoning circles appeared around the ocean.

These purple magic circles changed, and then a Star Beast appeared from each one.


Star River Qilin.

Dragonling Kiss.

Guanghan Red Hare.

Turbid Seas Dragon King.

Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

Five of the strongest Star Beasts each appeared from an array, making everyone who had been shocked before choke once again. Far away, Huangfu Youyun finally blew into her flute, awakening the slumbering Star Beasts.

Li Xiangfei’s heart suddenly sank, and she glared at Shi Jinglun with an increasingly unsightly expression.

When Yan Wudao saw this, he muttered to himself that the Nine Dragons Palace’s master was sinister and cunning indeed, to have surprisingly waited until after Li Xiangfei used her Earth Rank to allow the summon of these Star Beasts. If it was done before, they would have completely been destroyed by Fury Of The Ocean.

However, to summon so many Star Beasts, this was quite overkill.

While Yan Wudao operated his Flying Swords he searched for a way to handle Lu Xiao. This Strength Star’s Star Energy was honestly too valuable to lose. 

“Ah.” Ancestor Four Evils was killed by Xi Yue’s Clinging Fire. Xi Yue naturally was completely able to handle this Supervoid Early Stage cultivator. The remaining three Great Law Protectors, other than Fiend Star, were cunning old foxes. Upon seeing the situation become so chaotic, they thought to themselves that this was troublesome.

“Su Shengxiang, there is still time if we hurry and use the Yin Yang Strange Qi right now.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was very worried.

Seeing the situation deteriorate, he hastily called out to Su Shengxiang, but with a far better manner. This woman hid so deeply, he would bother her when they returned, but for now, they needed to unite.

“Lord Husband, Your Servant has a solution, please be careful.” Su Shengxiang smiled and said.

She was in no mood to use some Yin Yang Strange Qi. The girl’s Divine Intent moved. No longer heeding him, she opened the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol.

A black parasol appeared in the girl’s palm. The moment Su Shengxiang’s rosy hands took hold of the parasol’s grip, devil-qi erupted. The girl opened the parasol, and suddenly, ten thousand ghosts roared out. In a split second, the area sunk into extreme darkness. Surprisingly, it was impossible to even see one’s hand.

“Ah, what is this.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted in fright.

Even Li Xiangfei was stunned.

“Just what is this girl’s background?” Shi Jinglun had never been so grim. The Nine Dragons Palace had actually investigated Su Shengxiang. The information she obtained was the same as the Devil Star Palace knew. She was a Scattered Cultivator of only average strength.

But she never imagined in this battle for the qilin, this woman would use shocking abilities again and again. These tricks that emerged in succession was in the style of the Purple Thunder Monster. If Xi Yue was not present, Shi Jinglun and the others would have wondered whether or not she was the Purple Thunder Monster’s woman.

Ten thousand ghosts and thousands of rays of black qi blanketed the entire area.

The five great Star Beasts were practically entangled by the black qi without resistance. More black qi attacked the rest of them. “Careful, this is the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol.” Liu Tianya’s complexion was pale.

“How does this Su Shengxiang have the magic weapon that Old Monster Dark Rebirth was so proud of.” Elder Dried Bone was astonished.

The Ten Thousand Souls Parasol was forged using ten thousand souls. When the demonic parasol emerged, it created a shocking world of demonic qi that could blot out the sun. In this world of demonic qi, all magic weapons in the vicinity would be corroded, and the spirits that rushed out would attack without any openings, killing without pause.

If it was not for this battle to take the Jade Qilin, everyone would have been deceived by this seductive woman.

While the outsiders were fighting in intense chaos, Lu Xiao was…

Lu Xiao was fighting a great battle against Shi Wengong in her dream.

Although she already sensed the danger on the outside, with Lin’er falling into her Star Nest, she could only grit her teeth for the sake of this Former Volume Heavenly Book. The previous Heavenly Stars never obtained it. So long as she had even a bit of hope, Lu Xiao did not want to give up.

But looking at the overbearing woman in front of her, she truly felt powerless.

The golden helmet on her head reflected brilliant sunlight while her body was clad in armor that surpassed snow.

The woman stood coldly atop a palace, he bow and arrow in her hand having already become a Sky Piercer. Although she had finally succeeded in making Shi Wengong give up of that powerful archery of hers, she never imagined that this Sky Piercer would be so formidable.

Lu Xiao was already gasping for breath. If she had not ingested the Thousand Year Tears, there was no way she could have lasted so long. Now, she finally somewhat understood why the Jade Qilins of the past were unable to comprehend the Former Volume Heavenly Books, why they perished comprehending the Middle Volume. To take such a long time to comprehend, she would long have been detected by some Star Master.

Even if Xiao’er died, she must obtain this Heavenly Book at all costs.

Lu Xiao knew that if she did not obtain the Former Volume Heavenly Book for these Star Duels, the Jade Qilin would have no room to stand on. Carrying a mentality that death was preferable to dishonor, Lu Xiao was determined to not leave.

Shi Wengong walked with heavy footsteps, cracking the palace’s blue rooftiles as she stepped. She was like a god, her domineering baleful aura swift and severe under the sunlight. Lu Xiao grit her teeth and charged with Golden Qilin Lance in hand. The lance crossed the Sky Piercer halberd, and a heavy force nearly shattered Lu Xiao’s arm. The girl flew upwards.

The Golden Qilin Lance released a ray of golden light.

The pebbles along the ground soared upwards with the Jade Qilin’s tyrannical killing intent, falling like sparks. But Shi Wengong flicked her Sky Piercer, letting out silvery-white killing intent, reducing all of Lu Xiao’s attacks to nothing.

She strode forward, a seemingly leisurely pace, yet she arrived in front of Lu Xiao in a single step.

Lu Xiao only felt that this was very fast and hastily used her elbow to strike.

The girl’s reactions were swift. Although the intense battle was exhausting, she had significantly increased her Realm. Jade Qilin stepped on Shi Wengong’s arm, and then using it as a fulcrum, she leapt into the air, the Golden Qilin Lance once again descending.

Shi Wengong raised her own weapon to catch it.

Dazzling sparks flew from the collision of the weapons, instantly already trading a hundred blows.


A horizontal slash passed, and Lu Xiao was too late to avoid it, being sent flying by this attack.

The girl’s step was swift as the wind. She raised the Sky Piercer and brandished an attack, her heavy aura bearing down like Mount Tai. Rebellious killing intent firmly pinned the Jade Qilin.

How could she possibly concede defeat in this place.

Lu Xiao bit her lip and rolled along the ground.


The Sky Piercer’s might lifted the girl from the ground. Shi Wengong once again hacked, sending Lu Xiao flying again. The wounds on her body were already unable to be bore by Lu Xiao’s consciousness. Her lucidity was already a matter of time. “If you insist on not leaving, you will be killed by someone.” The woman spoke, coldly warning. “Just not me.”

“I will die?” Lu Xiao smiled.

“That man has become so strong. If Lu Xiao does not become stronger, this simply cannot do.” Lu Xiao took a deep breath. Her Star Energy was already depleted. Even so, she would use every last bit of power she had. Even if she was unable to obtain the Heavenly Book, even one more second of combat training in the Heavenly Book Dream was well worth it.

That man?

Shi Wengong wrinkled her brow. “Your Star Master?”

“Star Master, huh, forget about it.” Lu Xiao was disappointed and frustrated.

The girl nodded, stiffly saying: “It has already been a very long time. I am also weary. Since this is so, if you can survive my next strike, Earth Rank ‘Absolute End,’ then you can take this Heavenly Book.”

“Bring it on.” Lu Xiao once again tightened her grip on the lance.

Thus, after Shi Jinglun’s careful planning, the Devil Star Palace was already mostly spent. The Four Great Law Protectors could not possibly handle the Nine Dragons Palace. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was somewhat unreconciled and was prepared to flee, but just at this moment, no one expected that Su Shengxiang would open the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol.

Yan Wudao used his Jade Pendant to flee without a second thought.

Li Shuangfei, Sun Xinyue and the other girls were already entangled by the Ten Thousand Souls. Even Shi Jinglun’s expression changed. The situation was in a crisis. Xi Yue used her Clinging Fire to thoroughly protect herself. She continuously urged the Clinging Fire to flow through Lu Xiao’s surroundings, slaying the ghosts. The Jade Qilin Lu Xiao that others wanted nothing more than to kill was protected by XI Yue, who could easily kill her right now. This made the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang endlessly shocked.

“Lord Husband.” Su Shengxiang said.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was very unreconciled, yet he understood tacitly. He raised the Boundless Bell. 

Xi Yue saw that this was bad.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered: “Even if we cannot kill Lu Xiao, we can kill you first.”

The bell rang.

The Clinging Fire was extinguished.

The Ten Thousand Souls attacked.

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    1. Realistically speaking? She is very, very wary of him. He is like a good business partner, but she won’t hesitate to throw him under the bus if it benefits her. Lu Xiao simply respects Su Xing for his martial prowess and cunning, but these same strengths also push her away from making a contract with him.

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