Chapter 716: Battle For The Qilin

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The originally weak Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang worked together, one using the Boundless Bell and the other using the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol. The two super magic weapons suddenly turned the situation around.

Xi Yue unleashed all of her magic energy, shielding herself with the Coiling Dragon Wall.

On the other side, Shi Jinglun’s Star Generals were out of luck.  The tens of thousands of ghosts attacked endlessly. Li Shuangfei, Sun Xinyue, Gu Tong and the others could barely resist with their Star Weapons, but this Ten Thousand Souls Parasol’s revenants were honestly formidable. Caught in the middle of devil-qi, their bodies were being corroded bit by bit, their Star Energy continuously draining.

Su Shengxiang’s expression concentrated, again urging on her sword chant.

Tens of thousands of swords twisted towards Lu Xiao.

Just at this moment, countless black butterflies flew out from empty space. These butterflies were completely black in color, even more dim than the Ten Thousand Souls devil-qi. Those butterflies shook with sword-light. Astonishingly, each and every one of them was formed from a Flying Sword. These Flying Swords clashed with the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords. The black butterflies fluttered, surprisingly stopping them.

This sudden change once again shocked everyone.

Great Saint Starkiller recognized these swords.

“Hell Fantasy Death Butterfly Flying Swords.” These Flying Swords were originally Ming Die’s Flying Swords.

“To take the Jade Qilin, how could Your Servant miss such a good thing.” A cold woman intruded into this devil-qi world of the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol. Her golden palace dress and silken clothes fluttered. Who else could she be.

Sword Star, Ruan Jin’er.

Ruan Jin’er sneered. Her hand then beckoned, and the space behind her suddenly revealed a myriad of tens of thousands of Flying Swords.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

The Flying Swords behind Ruan Jin’er were every kind of Flying Sword that the Three Ruans Water Fort had collected. Her Innate Skill was Sword Chant, allowing her to control Flying Swords with greater ease than a cultivator could. The ten thousand Flying Swords became a boundless sword array in her hands. That biting cold sword-qi directly gave them chills all over.

“Ruan Jin’er, protect Lu Xiao.” Shi Jinglun sternly shouted, fearing that this deranged Sword Star would want to kill Lu Xiao for her Star Energy. It had to be said that even if these Star Generals that were without Star Masters were to obtain the Strength Star’s Star Energy, it would not prove very useful to them. After all, this generation had the outrageous Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. He already could not be faced directly.

To seize victory, the only way was to obtain Lu Xiao’s help.

Although the Three Ruans Water Fort were continually stubborn in not joining the Uprising, but Shi Jinglun was already confident they would inevitably stand with Qingci. With Ruan Ping’er’s death, they had lost one of the three sisters. Their only chance to resurrect her was to scale Maiden Mountain and make a wish. Shi Jinglun did not believe that Ruan Jin’er would be so stupid as to sabotage her own escape route.

As expected, Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground Ruan Jin’er coldly glared at her, but she nevertheless used her thousands of Devil Swords to defend Lu Xiao.

“The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords?” Ruan Jin’er abruptly spotted Great Saint Starkiller’s Flying Swords. Her heart immediately flared with rage. Ruan Ping’er’s death made Ruan Jin’er hate the Devil Star Palace to the bone. Now, upon encountering the Devil Star Palace today, the Swords Star would show no mercy.


Ruan Jin’er flung her Azure Sea Green Duckweed.

She used Duckweed Are Broken.

Green light twisted towards him.

Great Saint Starkiller was surprised, but Ruan Jin’er’s Azure Sea Green Duckweed was Five Star. She also had her Heavenly Book, and her Realm was close to True Phoenix. This Dark Technique had ample might.

The green rainbow descended before Great Saint Starkiller in but an instant.

Green light flowed.

It tore off Fiend Star’s black mantle. As expected, Great Saint Starkiller’s handsome face was revealed. Great Saint Starkiller’s expression changed. Although he was one of the Four Great Law Protectors with cultivation at Supervoid Middle Stage, he did not have protective magics, which was a serious problem. In a panic, Great Saint Starkiller gathered the Changing Holy Swords, finally barely resisting this Dark Technique.

Great Saint Starkiller promptly planned to flee upon seeing the unfavorable situation. Without Guan Ying, he was already no longer that Great Saint Starkiller who inspired fear.

Ruan Jin’er would never let him escape.

The Azure Sea Green Duckweed once again attacked, striking Great Saint Starkiller’s body. The green light pierced through, and Great Saint Starkiller screamed in pain. He immediately used his Flying Swords to attack.

Xi Yue knew that he was Su Xing’s nemesis. At this moment, she also wanted to be rid of him so as to avoid him becoming a problem. The girl’s Clinging Fire surged once more. The Divine Bird Vermilion Jian manifested behind her, its spiritual power fully displayed.

The girl turned into a ray of magnificent red light that shot towards Great Saint Starkiller.

The girl’s palm was like a flame, a fluttering spirit bird. This was the Vermilion Bird Clinging Fire’s technique, “Vermilion Bird Palm.” She pushed the Vermilion Bird Palm outwards, and a Vermilion Bird burst out of her body, fiercely launching itself towards Great Saint Starkiller. He hastily activated devil-light to protect his body. The two of them were similar in cultivation. Great Saint Starkiller’s devil-light and the Vermilion Bird Clinging Fire clashed surprisingly on even footing.

But Great Saint Starkiller did not face only Xi Yue. There was also the Ruan Jin’er who despised him. The Sword Star threw another Azure Sea Green Duckweed. Green light twisted and entangled Great Saint Starkiller. He struggled with all his might, but in the end, Zhang Feiyu thrust her sword into him. He powerlessly returned to the heavens.

“How can this be, how did This Great Saint…” Great Saint Starkiller looked at the saber that had cut into his body, not daring to believe this. Worthy of his title as the Black Turtle Territory’s famous Fiend Star, he firmly grasped Zhang Feiyu’s blade and twisted his gaze towards the girl. Those red, gemlike eyes suddenly brought him back to a bygone memory: “Ying’er…Ying’er…”

He shouted, full of regret.

“If you think that we are your tools, then you must pay the price.” Zhang Feiyu sneered. A Fire Tree Silver Flower killed Great Saint Starkiller. The insufferably arrogant Star Master’s life finally ended in such a sorry manner.

The Devil Star Palace’s remaining two Great Law Protectors Elder Dried Bone and Corpse Demon Ruthlessness both changed expressions. With the Sword Star and Xi Yue acting at once, they had no way to protect Great Saint Starkiller’s life. They stared helplessly as Great Saint Starkiller died, only able to be concerned with themselves for now.

Without Brave Star Guan Ying, this Great Saint Starkiller was practically a cripple. He ought to have fallen like this. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon inwardly sneered, not in the slightest bit distressed. In fact, he long wanted to kill Great Saint Starkiller. To think this guy had once been overbearing to him, and then to die like this, this was a disservice to him.

“We must leave now.”

Corpse Demon Ruthlessness and Elder Dried Bone called out at this time, not hesitating to use their abilities in preparation of fleeing.

The Sword Star and Shi Jinglun snorted. This battle for the qilin was considered a complete defeat. Su Shengxiang nevertheless was not reconciled to this, as was the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. To be so close to being able to kill Lu Xiao, his heart was endlessly resentful.

“Devil Star Palace, you will all die here.” RUan Jin’er laughed.

Ten thousand Flying Swords attacked all at once.

Sword-intent that flooded the heavens froze everything.

“Sword Star, do not be arrogant.” Elder Dried Bone shouted. His White Bone Flying Swords formed into white bone stakes. Amidst the devil-qi, they released chilling lights.

Corpse Demon Ruthlessness also summoned four “Flying Heavenly Corpse Demons.” These Corpse Demons were refined by Corpse Demon Ruthlessness using Supervoid Cultivators. Their power was incomparably surly, impervious to spear and blade. Any action they took was with immense force.

The Four Great Flying Heavenly Corpse Demons emerged and wildly attacked the Sword Star’s Flying Swords.

The ten thousand Flying Swords were surprisingly clawed to pieces.

When Corpse Demon Ruthlessness saw they still had a chance, he was inwardly overjoyed. He immediately activated the “Ruthless Corpse Chant.” His body swelled, and magic energy gathered all over his body. Corpse Demon Ruthlessness raised a pale white bell. This little bell was called the “Corpse Bell.” He rang it, and the bodies of those Four Great Flying Heavenly Corpse Demons shook. Their hollow eyes immediately glowed with frightening light, as if each and every one of them had come to life.

And the dead cultivators also emerged from their rigor mortis.

Their powers became even stronger, clawing at Ruan Jin’er without any delay.

But Ruan Jin’er still had her Earth Rank. Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground disdainfully smiled and pointed her hand. That Azure Sea Green Duckweed drew countless rays of green qi that immediately scattered. Corpse Demon Ruthlessness’ expression changed. Those rays of qi approached suddenly, instantly wrapping around the bodies of the Four Great Corpse Demons, and subsequently destroying the summoned jiangshi. The bodies of the Four Great Corpse Demons released green leaves, suddenly stiffened into immobility. Corpse Demon Ruthlessness immediately wanted to flee, but it was too late.

All of the released green qi gathered onto Corpse Demon Ruthlessness’ body, like endless duckweed encroaching his whole body. This man only felt his powerful defensive “Body of Corpse Qi” was completely unable to resist. His skin was covered in duckweed, and he was instantly covered from head to toe. Then, he disappeared along with the green duckweed.

Corpse Demon Ruthlessness was suddenly destroyed, leaving no trace behind.

Earth Rank.

“Showy In A Flash!”1

Ruan Jin’er killed Corpse Demon Ruthlessness and wanted to kill Elder Dried Bone as well, but at this time, the old man had already very shrewdly left this area. Ruan Jin’er sneered but did not give chase, as if she felt that Elder Dried Bone had already become a pile of white bones.

“Young Master, please go.”

The Li Xiangfei who had used her Earth Rank could not bear Shi Jinglun’s continuous assault, shouting.

“Xiangfei, cover me.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s expression twisted, rushing dauntless towards Lu Xiao, prepared to kill her. Li Xiangfei understood and immediately used her body as a shield. She wielded her White Night Dragon Carving Sword to block all attacks.

Not long after, Li Xiangfei was killed into the Star Nest.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon relied on Li Xiangfei’s protection to finally once again reach Lu Xiao. Already, there was no one who could stop him. When Su Shengxiang saw, she gathered the souls of the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol to protect the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, seemingly to help him kill Jade Qilin.

Seeing that he could not be stopped, Xi Yue and Shi Jinglun panicked.

Not good.

Su Shengxiang suddenly shouted: “Look out.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon already had enough of caution, mistakes, mishaps, and surprises today. Seeing the Jade Qilin in front of him, he would absolutely kill her today. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did not heed Su Shengxiang’s warning, making the girl inwardly curse.

“Heavenly Demon Claw!!”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon swung his palm down on Lu Xiao’s head.

When this attack landed, Jade Qilin’s figure nevertheless strangely vanished from his view. “What?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was astonished. Suddenly, he sensed enormous power.

Lifting his head to look, Jade Qilin Lu Xiao had already awakened. THose eyes gave the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon chills.

“Hè.” Lu Xiao thrust out her lance.

The speed of her blow was instantaneous, not something the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon could blocked. Having been stabbed by the lance, the Holy Lord of Draconic screamed. Then, he was flung away by Lu Xiao. “Xiao’er never thought this place could be discovered. Wonder whether the Devil Star Palace’s eyes are too numerous or Xiao’er’s luck is too bad.”

The Lu Xiao who awakened from her Heavenly Book was like a divine soldier, full of a formidable might.

Shi Jinglun finally sighed in relief, the corner of her lips curling into a smile.

“Heh, heh, Jade Qilin, your luck is honestly too good. Shengxiang is truly impressed.” Su Shengxiang slightly smiled and answered her.

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