Chapter 717: A Defeated Star Falls

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Su Shengxiang simply felt that Strength Star Jade Qilin’s luck was unbelievably good. The Devil Star Palace, Three Ruans Water Fort, the Nine Dragons Palace, and the Purple Thunder Monster’s woman had come to either save or kill her, but the latter three surprisingly all played the role of Star Master, protecting her. If she herself wanted to kill, stopping her from obtaining the Strength Star’s Star Energy would have been enough, but Shi Jinglun even activated all of her Nine Dragon Tattoos. That Purple Thunder Monster was so close, yet she did nothing to the Strength Star. Finally, the Ruan Jin’er whose Earth Rank seized a decisive advantage could settle everything, but all three women chose to protect her.

This was unimaginable. As the strongest martial general, to not kill her right now, could they be waiting for her to mature? Su Shengxiang felt they were either insane or perhaps they had fallen under the peculiar influence of the Purple Thunder Monster. Otherwise, Su Shengxiang honestly could not find a reason for them to let Lu Xiao off.

As for their so-called sisterly sentiments, Su Shengxiang would never naively believe this was the reason.

Seeing Lu Xiao had already awakened from her Heavenly Book Dream and that the Devil Star Palace had thoroughly lost, Su Shengxiang knew they had already lost their momentum. She grabbed the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, withdrawing without a second thought. Although Ruan Jin’er and Shi Jinglun wanted to kill her, those Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords were not so easy to handle. They could only give up. Lu Xiao did not give chase either. In actuality, she had only just awakened from her Heavenly Book Dream. This awakening was like emerging from nearly drowning. In the last trial, Shi Wengong’s Earth Rank “Absolute End” left Lu Xiao without any strength to retaliate. She used her last bit of consciousness to finally obtain her Heavenly Book, but she did not have much energy to pursue. If Su Shengxiang and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon were to come back and kill her this instant, Lu Xiao could only flee.

“Sisters, many thanks for your assistance. Xiao’er is grateful.” Lu Xiao cupped her fist to everyone.

This incident was somewhat mysterious. She was sure that the place she found ought to have been undetectable. The present gathering of everyone perhaps was not so simple as a coincidence. However, Lu Xiao was loathe to think about it. Right now, she only wanted to find a place to refine the very first Former Volume Heavenly Book of the Strength Star in history. She would worry later about what the future held.

“Elder Sister Lu Xiao, as long as you are alright.” Shi Jinglun said with concern.

Zang Jingzhi also interjected: “The Queen even activated her nine Dragon Tattoos for Elder Sister’s sake. Elder Sister, we but truly care about you.”

“Thank you, Xiao’er will never forget this.” Lu Xiao smiled, also thanking Ruan Jin’er.

“Since we are Sisters, this much is nothing. But that Star Master, she is harboring an ulterior motive. I ask Elder Sister worry about herself a bit more.” Ruan Jin’er indicated.

Everyone’s gazes fell onto Xi Yue.

According to common sense, this was supposed to be the perfect moment for the Uprising team to fight a Star Master. Sword Star Ruan Jin’er ought to immediately take action to at least shoo Xi Yue off, but the girl’s status was honestly very special. She was somewhat friendly with Gu Tong, so Shi Jinglun could not easily make a move. An when Ruan Jin’er saw that Lu Xiao was also very friendly to Xi Yue, she retracted her murderous intent for the time being.

Lu Xiao did not want to refute her words at all either. She said to Xi Yue: “He didn’t come?”

“Sir did not come.” Xi Yue at first wanted to remind Lu Xiao that this incident was somewhat odd. Her whereabouts had only been leaked over just these past few days, but the dissemination was extremely fast, spreading through the Endless Sea, the Black Turtle Sea, the Nine Dragons Sea, etc., practically the entire Black Turtle Territory. The Black Turtle Territory’s information network was not as developed as the Azure Dragon’s. The seas, mountains, and islands were all obstructions, each practically separate from one another, but the diffusion of information was flawless. No one was creating any impediments at all.

However, believing that Lu Xiao was smart, she would return, carefully ponder, and be able to understand the truth of the matter. And there was no meaning in speaking about this. On the contrary, she would make her feel repulsed. After all, whether it was the Nine Dragons Palace or the Three Ruans Water Fort, they indeed sincerely wanted to protect Lu Xiao. She was unable to refute this.

“The Devil Star Palace has lost three of its Great Law Protectors. A pity we were unable to have all four of them die here.” Shi Jinglun said regretfully.

Ruan Jin’er sneered: “Jinglun, no need for you feel regret. Mei’er will naturally take care of that Elder Dried Bone.”

“Never thought that Fort Master Jin’er already had a backup plan.”

“Today, the Devil Star Palace will lose its Four Great Law Protectors. In the future, they will perhaps make things difficult for the Nine Dragons Palace and the Water Fort. It would be better for us to directly assault the Devil Star Palace together, to level the Devil Star Palace today.” Ruan Jin’er cupped her first towards Shi Jinglun and Lu Xiao, earnestly speaking.

Shi Jinglun thought for a moment. What Ruan Jin’er said was somewhat sensible. The current Devil Star Palace had drastically decreased power. This was the most opportune time to get rid of the scourge. But that Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was unfathomable. Reportedly, he was already at Transforming Star of Annihilation, a cultivation that honestly made Nine Tattooed Dragons somewhat fearful.

Lu Xiao rolled her eyes. Right now, she was in no mood to join either of the two powers. Just as the Jade Qilin was about to decline, all of a sudden, Xi Yue’s expression changed. She gazed in the direction Elder Dried Bone ran in.

“That Devil Ancestor has already left seclusion.”


Elder Dried Bone endlessly used the “White Bone Escape Technique.” He turned his head back to look and finally could no longer see those Star Generals. The old man was greatly relieved, sinisterly smiling: “Shi Jin, Ruan Xiao’er. Just wait until you climb Maiden Mountain, I will avenge this humiliation. Hmph.”

Just as he thought this, he suddenly spotted a girl standing on the sea up ahead. Her hands flipped through a picture book, her gaze not turning away from it, as if she had forgotten her surroundings.

Living King Yama Ruan Xiaoqi.

Elder Dried Bone recognized the identity of this girl. The old man hesitated on what he should do when he saw the little girl’s expression as she earnestly read her book. Kill her for revenge, or wisely let her go to save his own skin? Before Elder Dried Bone’s hesitance could end in a decision, the little girl nevertheless took action as if she had already been waiting a long time.

More than three hundred Three Ruans Water Fort cultivators jumped out of the ocean, a banner waving in each of their hands.

A large formation immediately appeared.

Then, Flying Swords, magic weapons, and artifacts all furiously attacked.

Elder Dried Bone immediately released his Supervoid Middle Stage power, shaking loose these feeble abilities. Instantly, he decided on revenge, but in one move, the Three Ruans Water Fort’s cultivators had already assembled an array. A water chain rose from the ocean, shackling Elder Dried Bones’ hands and legs.

Stupid tricks.

Elder Dried Bone was infuriated.

Suddenly, he saw Ruan Mei’er had set down her picture book. She raised her hand, and a cold light immediately enlarged before his eyes. Elder Dried Bone screamed in his heart, promptly struggling to break free, but this was nevertheless Ruan Mei’er’s Earth Rank “Overlooking View Of Hell.”

That light drilled into Elder Dried BOnes’ chest, his protective abilities surprisingly unable to stop it.

Elder Dried Bone immediately activated the “Dried Heart Art,” but at this moment, his eyes were dazzled. The Defeat Star was already in front of him. The girl was still expressionless, the Dragon King Club in her hand stabbing into Elder Dried Bones’ heart.

A Yellow Rank “Dragon King Roar” fired at the same time.

Elder Dried Bone only felt a storm tear through his chest. The old man looked in shock at this apathetic girl. He was killed without so much as being able to say a word.

After killing the Devil Star Palace’s last Law Protector, Ruan Mei’er continued to read her picture book. At this moment, she spotted Ruan Jin’er, Shi Jinglun, and the others flying towards her. Just as Ruan Mei’er was about to go meet them.

A sudden change occurred.

A terrifying aura came from behind her. Ruan Mei’er whirled around, her mask-like face showing surprise. “Look out!!!” Ruan Jin’er’s voice came over.

Ruan Mei’er promptly brought out her Dragon King Stake.

A golden light attacked her. That golden light was incomparably strange, falling onto Ruan Mei’er. The girl felt a brief moment of heaviness preventing her from moving. This was shockingly First Magnetic Divine Light. That First Magnetic Divine Light firmly pinned Ruan Mei’er the moment it fell. Then, countless sword-lights that were like dim stars appeared around the girl.

Ruan Mei’er was valiant, defending with all her might.

A shadow appeared next to Mei’er, and a black sword-light attacked. The body techniques of the Ruan Mei’er who was surrounded by the First Magnetic Divine Light were incomparably sluggish, completely unable to resist. She stared helplessly as the sword stabbed into her chest.

Ruan Mei’er showed a bit of surprise.

Then, that shadowy man pulled out his sword, following with a slash. “Elder Sister…” Ruan Mei’er could not fight back at all. The picture book fell to the ground.

“Mei’er!!!” Ruan Jin’er screamed as she flung the Azure Sea Green Duckweed. A green rainbow appeared.

That man raised his hand, firing a ray of First Magnetic Divine Light that surprisingly froze the Five Star Azure Sea Green Duckweed in place. Ruan Jin’er immediately used her ten thousand sword chant, finally breaking away from this man, but when she rescued Ruan Mei’er, the girl was already gone. What she held was merely a wisp of her spirit.

Defeat Star Living King Yama had Starfallen.

“You want to destroy my Devil Star Palace, then This Ancestor shall destroy you all first.” The black qi subsided, revealing a cool and demonic man. His eyes were like swords, completely chilling. He enjoyed Ruan Mei’er’s Star Energy and coldly spoke.

The aura on that man’s body was so reserved, it was practically undetectable, but the more this was the case, the more it instead felt heavy to everyone.

This was already beyond Supervoid peak.

Transforming Star of Annihilation???

He was none other than Devil Ancestor Dark Nether.

Ice Soul Valley.

At the same time a stunning and breathtaking war was put on display, the Overlord Hu Banzhuang of unprecedented might used her powerful martial arts to show the twin titles of prettiest and strongest. Then, she defeated Su Xing’s numerous wives, and Lu Shaqing finally emerged from her Heavenly Book.

Double sabers and Lu Shaqing’s staff traded blows, each dazzling. Lu Shaqing’s every strike was clade in Buddhist light, her power formidable beyond compare. She had Monster Strength, using her Arhat Punch from time to time. Hu Banzhuang, who was already at the end of her rope, was completely unable to counter, barely defending.

At this time, Zhang Yuqi, Shi Yuan, An Suwen and Tang Lianxin also rushed out. Although their martial force was not strong, they had plenty of tricks, each stalling Hu Banzhuang after another.

“Weaving Passion.”

Hu Banzhuang used the These Feelings Are Endless Lasso to bind Lu Shaqing’s wrists, to first contain her Monster Strength, then seize and opportunity to kill.

Lu Shaqing suddenly stuck her staff into the ground, striking with Dark Rank “Mercy.”

The red rope broke, and Hu Banzhuang was sent flying.

Then, Lu Shaqing’s hand raised the Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan Staff. The girl’s eyes were calm as a well. With a great stride forward, as if she walked on air. Her Dark Rank Mercy could repel the target, and at the same time, it could also instantly heal an extent of her injuries. It could be said to be a beautiful combination. Lu Shaqing’s Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan technique swept forth, about to take Hu Banzhuang down.

At this time, Hu Banzhuang had been cornered.

But the girl did not despair at all. As the Seventh, the most stunning, Overlord, it could be said that she was the strongest Overlord in history to scale Maiden Mountain. Hu Banzhuang had one last surprise to give Su Xing.The girl somersaulted in midair, her beautiful figure spry and lively, like flowing water.

A Star Crest appeared on her forehead.

Her originally weakened aura once again erupted.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill?” Su Xing was taken aback.

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      1. I agree. The next chapter explains that hers is an exception, but it seems more like a last minute asspull.

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